Reincarnated As a Fox With System
186 Chapter 186: The True Power of Shadow Clone !
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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186 Chapter 186: The True Power of Shadow Clone !

Hei Yinghao dashed as fast as he could towards the direction of the sound with an expression full of worry.

When the fog in front of Hei Yinghao's eyes cleared up slightly, he managed to see Tang Li Xue's silhouette weakly kneel on the grassy ground while holding her bloody stomach.

"Xue!" Hei Yinghao shouted anxiously as his figure flashed toward Tang Li Xue's side.

Hei Yinghao crouched down to check on Tang Li Xue's wound, but a male red-robed student jumped out from behind Hei Yinghao and swung his sharp claws down targeting Hei Yinghao's spine.

Hei Yinghao stepped aside and easily dodged the male red-robed student's sneak attack, but the male red-robed student immediately activated his stealth-type divine ability and turned invisible again before Hei Yinghao could counterattack him.

"Xue, don't worry! I will protect you!" Hei Yinghao whispered softly and stood in front of Tang Li Xue full of vigilance to protect her from any sneak attack.

Tang Li Xue's lips slowly curved upward behind her fox mask formed a chilling cold smile as she stepped closer and closer to Hei Yinghao from behind.

But who knows that Hei Yinghao would suddenly turn around and swiftly put his palm on Tang Li Xue's chest.

"Hei Yinghao, what are you..." Tang Li Xue tried to ask in confusion, but before she could finish her words, Hei Yinghao already interrupted her words halfway.

"Xue never call me by my full name." Hei Yinghao said with a cold and unfeeling tone.


Hei Yinghao shot out the [Destruction Force] from his palm and blew away the fake Tang Li Xue's body for several tens of meters!

Hei Yinghao's [Destruction Force] was truly powerful, and it was surely more than enough to destroy the fake Tang Li Xue's body if he did not hold most of his strength back.

No one noticed, but the real Tang Li Xue actually stood near them and ready to help Hei Yinghao if he was really tricked by them.

'Good! It seems this silly fox is not as silly as I thought! As I expected from my teammate!' Tang Li Xue giggled, but she frowned a bit after that.

'Wait a minute! Did he just touch my fake's breast?! Tsk, what a pervert silly fox! I will teach him a lesson after this match is over!' Tang Li Xue complained in her mind.

For an unknown reason, Hei Yinghao's body started to shudder a bit, and he also felt cold.

Hei Yinghao tilted his head in puzzlement, but he immediately decided to forget it.

The real Tang Li Xue approached the unconscious fake Tang Li Xue to check for her current condition.

The true form of the fake Tang Li Xue was actually the grey fox with bones and muscles changing-type divine ability, which they met in the entry trial before entering Myriad Foxes Academy before!

'Tsk, Tsk, Tsk! He can change his bones, muscles, height, weight, even his voices?! What an interesting divine ability! It seems he can even make a pair of wings before? I wonder if he could also change his gender and his... reproductive organ down there?!' Tang Li Xue started to consider whether she will copy this grey fox's divine ability or not in her mind.

In the end, she decided not to copy it since his divine ability seems a bit risky.

Like, what if she copied the other divine ability after she already changed her physique with this divine ability?

Did it mean she could not change her physique back after the divine ability got replaced?

Tang Li Xue shook her head and immediately rejected the idea to copy this divine ability.

Although the grey fox could change his bones and muscles, but it seems he could not mend the broken bones and the tore muscles, so he certainly could no longer continue to fight in this battle.

The number of people who dropped out of the match between the two teams was the same now.

Li Jing, Gan Aomiao, the orange-haired girl, and the grey-haired man were the ones who already dropped out of the match.

So it was the match of 4 on 4 right now!

Unfortunately, the result has already been decided the moment they failed to take down Tang Li Xue in one sweep since Tang Li Xue has her [Twin Moons] divine ability, so this match was actually 5 on 4.

'Sigh... But the rest of them have a really annoying divine ability! And... I have an appointment with Teacher Li Wei today so I must finish this match quickly!' Tang Li Xue thought for a moment and frowned slightly.

The brown-haired girl with earth-type divine ability could dive under the ground.

The male red-robed student with blue hair has an undetectable stealth-type divine ability.

The one with barrier-type divine ability could use its divine ability to make a fortress to protect itself.

The last one was the easiest to deal with, the user of illusion-type divine ability. At least for Tang Li Xue who immune to any illusion with the [Huang Family Heirloom Ring] on her neck, this kind of opponent was the easiest one.

Tang Li Xue could easily defeat them all alone but finding them one by one was truly time-consuming, and Tang Li Xue did not have enough patience to play hide and seek with them in the fogged environment like this.

While Tang Li Xue still thought deeply about how to find all of their locations at once, Huang Hao ran passing in front of Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue did not know clearly if the Huang Hao who run passed her was the real one or only one of the [Shadow Clones], but Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes immediately brightened up, and she activated her [Mirror of the Moon] in an instant.

Copy Start!

Name: Shadow Clones

Type: Divine Ability

Copy Completed!

'I can use my [Shadow Clones] to help me find those people! Hehehe... Let's see how many [Shadow Clones] I can create this time!' Tang Li Xue giggled happily and activated the [Shadow Clones].


Tang Li Xue's slender figure instantly split into twenty-four identical figures!

Tang Li Xue could only make six [shadow clones] before she evolved into [Uncommon] grade but now, she could make four times of that number!

'Not yet! My perfect copy can use it too!' Tang Li Xue sent her thought to her perfect copy, and she also used the [Shadow Clones].


With this, Tang Li Xue has forty-eight [Shadow Clones] right now!

Different from Tang Li Xue's [Twin Moons], these [Shadow Clones] could not use any divine ability and barely have enough fighting prowess, so it could only be used as distraction and decoy to confuse the enemies.

However, it was more than enough since Tang Li Xue only needs to use them to find all of her enemies' locations!

Tang Li Xue's forty-eight [Shadow Clones] scattered to different directions, and it only took them a few seconds to find the illusion-type divine ability user and Barrier-type divine ability user, because both of them did not have any way to hide like the earth-type divine ability user or stealth-type divine ability user!

Tang Li Xue immediately went to finish the Barrier-type divine ability user, while her perfect copy was chasing after the illusion-type divine ability user!

The Barrier-type divine ability user was a teenage girl with short black-colored hair. She was quite a beauty if placed among human girls but could only be described as below average if placed among the gorgeous fox girls.

On contrary to Tang Li Xue's expectation, this short-haired girl did not panic or anxious at all even after she saw more than ten Tang Li Xue's [Shadow Clones] charged towards her.

Tang Li Xue saw Huang Hao lied unconscious beneath the short-haired girl's feet and immediately raised her vigilance to the maximum.

It was clear this short-haired girl was not a pushover even though her divine ability was only to create some barriers!

"I see. Since you are here, it means our little puppy's plan is failed. But this is good for me too because I can compare my current prowess with the strongest one!" The short-haired girl said to Tang Li Xue with a calm tone full of confidence.

For some reason, Tang Li Xue started to think that this short-haired girl in front of her might be the strongest one among all of Zhiruo's students!


The illusion-type divine ability user was a fragile-looking girl with cyan-colored long hair.

The illusion of this cyan-haired girl was so strong since it could affect all of Tang Li Xue's team even though their distance from each other was quite far, maybe about a few hundreds of meters away.

Unfortunately, this cyan-haired girl was the same type as Gan Aomiao. Both of them have powerful mental abilities but their direct combat prowess was truly pathetic.

Moreover, Tang Li Xue's perfect copy also immune to any illusion just like the real one so she defeated this cyan-haired girl almost in an instant without any difficulty at all.

After the cyan-haired girl had been defeated by Tang Li Xue, the effect of her illusion which confusing Hei Yinghao and Bing Yi have also dispersed, and they could see and sense everything around them clearly as usual again.

Bing Yi immediately dashed towards Hei Yinghao who currently fighting with both the blue-haired man with the stealth-type divine ability and the curly brown-haired girl with the earth-type divine ability.

"This is bad! Watch out, everyone! They broke out from the illusion!" The curly brown-haired girl frowned and shouted to warn her teammates.

"It is impossible for them to suddenly break out of our illusion. Something bad must have happened to our little sis! There is a big high chance that someone from their team has already taken out our little sis!" The blue-haired man whispered softly to the curly brown-haired girl with his hoarse voice.

"Sigh... You are right. I lost contact with 3 of our people while we already defeated 3 of their people too. It seems we are back to square one." The curly brown-haired girl sighed in regret and grumbled for a moment.

"I will take care of that icy sister while you can play with that black-haired brother for a while. Just kept stalling for more time until I defeat that icy sister, and we can take him down together later!" The curly brown-haired girl told the blue-haired man before the ground under her feet moved on its own and brought her toward Bing Yi.

The curly brown-haired girl knew that Hei Yinghao has frightening battle prowess since both of them could not defeat him even with the illusion's help before, which was why she only told the blue-haired man to only stalling for more time.

With this, their match has finally entered their final phase.

Tang Li Xue was currently fighting against the black short-haired girl with the barrier-type divine ability.

Bing Yi will fight against the curly brown-haired girl with the earth-type divine ability.

Hei Yinghao was also facing against the blue-haired man with the undetectable stealth-type divine ability.


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