Reincarnated As a Fox With System
185 Chapter 185: Perfect Teamwork!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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185 Chapter 185: Perfect Teamwork!

"Yaya, be good and wait for me outside the arena. I promise I will buy you some delicious snacks later." Tang Li Xue said and pushed Yaya away from the arena gently.

Yaya could only puff her cheek and pouted a bit. She also really wanted to fight and test her new divine abilities too just like Tang Li Xue, but Tang Li Xue kept preventing her from joining the fight.

However, Yaya also understood that she could not join the fight among the students, so she could only want patiently on the corner of the room.

'Good Yaya, please be patient and wait for Instructor Lan to come back first, okay? I will ask Instructor Lan about how to let you fight or train your abilities later.' Tang Li Xue promised to Yaya using their mind connection.

While Tang Li Xue still trying to comfort Yaya, their surrounding scene already distorted and the scene around them changed into the fogged forest.

The thick white fog blocked their vision made them hard to look at what was in front of them. They could only see some vague shadow of trees.

This scene was identical to the fogged forest where their trial was being held before.

"Ready!" The faceless referee's hoarse sound echoed through the entire fogged forest.


"Plan A Start!" The petite orange-haired girl shouted to her team.

Tang Li Xue's team raised their vigilance and put their battle stance, while Tang Li Xue herself activated her [Ethereal Form] and vanished into thin air.

However, the place where Tang Li Xue stood immediately covered by the high-temperature orange flame from all directions.

'So they intend to take me down first?! Interesting!' Tang Li Xue did not have any fear. On contrary, she only felt more excited.

"Watch out! They are all aiming at our Little Xue! Help Little Xue defend from their attacks!" Li Jing shouted at them.

"No need! Just focus on dealing with them! Try to take one or two of them out!" Tang Li Xue rejected Li Jing's idea.

It was not because she was overconfident but because she has 100% confidence to defend against their attacks!

Any physical attacks or earth-elemental attacks were completely useless, while Tang Li Xue was still in her [Ethereal Form]. Her fire elemental resistance was also extremely high that these orange flames could only deal some superficial damages to her even when she was still in her [Ethereal Form].

But it was enough to force Tang Li Xue's out from her [Ethereal Form]!

(Tang Li Xue received double damage from any elemental attack when she was in [Ethereal form] and it will also automatically cancel her [Ethereal form]. But only ethereal elemental attack such as flame, lightning, wind, and ice could hit her while physical elemental attack like water and earth still could not touch her.)

The orange flame did not even weaken in the slightest, but countless sharp earth spikes already tried to stab her from below!

Tang Li Xue immediately used the [Moon Splitter] skill from her Imperial Moon Dancer battle style.

She crossed both of her hands and swung it forcefully!

Tang Li Xue executed the cross chop with both of her palms, and shooting out two sharp silver light slashes like two silver crescent-moons and sliced all the sharp earth spikes neatly!

In front of Tang Li Xue's eyes, Bing Yi, Li Jing, and the others tried to kill her with their respective divine abilities as if they were controlled by the enemies!

'Illusion? So he tried to make me fall into his illusion before finishing me in one sweep! Not a bad plan! But unfortunately, I am immune to any illusion as long as I have this [Huang Family Heirloom Ring]!' Tang Li Xue laughed at their failed plan.

[Effect 1: Illusion Immunity (The wearer can feel it when they fall under the illusion effect and they can break out from it anytime they want)]

[Huang Family Heirloom Ring] kept shining with dim azure light on Tang Li Xue's chest. Tang Li Xue always wore this ring and her space pouch on her neck.

"Bad news! It seems my illusion doesn't work on her! She can still see everything!" One of Tang Li Xue's opponents shouted to his team after he felt that Tang Li Xue broke out from his illusion effortlessly.

"Sigh... Looks like we have no other choice! Switch to Plan B now!" the petite orange-haired girl shouted again but her tone contained some regret now.

'Oh? There is even plan B? Tsk, Tsk, Tsk... So this is how to fight in the team! They should already analyze how my team moves from our previous match with the other teams and concluded that I am the core of the team. So they come up with several plans to finish me first before the others!' Tang Li Xue nodded her head in admiration.

However, admiration was different from submission! Tang Li Xue would never give up on defeating them just because she admired their teamwork.

Tang Li Xue used her [Blink] skill and her slender figure flashed toward the petite orange-haired girl!

The thick white fog did not hinder Tang Li Xue to detect the location of the petite orange-haired girl with her sharp senses!

But who knows the petite orange-haired girl already used her orange flame explosion to propelling her petite body forward and approached Tang Li Xue with lightning speed!

"What are you..." Tang Li Xue widened her topaz blue eyes in shock and asked with a surprised tone but before she could finish her words, the petite orange-haired girl already hugged her body so tightly.

The crystal blue barrier encased Tang Li Xue and the petite orange-haired girl as if they were locked up in the big crystal blue box.

"I caught you~~!!!" The petite orange-haired girl giggled mischievously while her petite body burst out with fierce orange flames!


No one in Tang Li Xue's team, including Tang Li Xue herself, could predict that the petite orange-haired girl would self-destruct herself to bring down Tang Li Xue with her!

This explosion was extremely devastating that it was more than enough to take down even someone from [Rare] grade beast!

Even though it was not enough to kill Tang Li Xue if she activated her [Golden Body], but she would still certainly fall into a coma for one or two hours if that tremendous explosion managed to hit her.

Yes... if it managed to hit her!

But unfortunately for the petite orange-haired girl, Tang Li Xue used the equipment skill from her [Shadow Striders] at the last moment to slip out from the orange-haired girl's grasp and the crystal blue box's entrapment.

Equipment Skill: Shadow Flash (Teleport to any shadow up to 100 meters away in an instant. Cooldown: 10 minutes.)

Tang Li Xue used the [Shadow Flash] and teleported to the shadow under the nearby tree.

'Phew... what a close call?! Is this crazy little girl really planning to die with me or something?! What a reckless plan! I wonder if that little girl is still alive now?! I will feel bad if she died just like that...' Tang Li Xue wiped the cold sweat on her forehead and grumbled in her heart.

Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal form] again to stealthy check the orange-haired girl's current condition.

She found out that was a thin layer of the barrier which protected the orange-haired girl's burned body.

This petite orange-haired girl should be planning to win the 10,000 credits from Tang Li Xue's team so she could pay 1,000 credits to heal herself at the medical ward later.

Now Tang Li Xue was starting to feel really bad... since if she won later, did it mean this petite orange-haired girl would not have any more credits to even pay for her own healing fee?

'Sigh... So her sacrifice will be futile because of me? My condolence to you, little one!' Tang Li Xue sighed in sadness, but she still planned to win anyway because she was also in dire need of credits right now.

The petite orange-haired girl's team did not have any leisure time to check the orange-haired girl or Tang Li Xue's current condition since they still locked in the fierce battle with Tang Li Xue's teammates, so they could only assume that Tang Li Xue already passed out with the orange-haired girl.

Tang Li Xue activated her [Twin Moons] divine ability too and summoned her perfect copy out.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy also activated her [Ethereal Form] and her slender figure turned transparent just like the real Tang Li Xue.

Both Tang Li Xue stared at each other for a few moments and both of them sneered mischievously before ran in different directions.

Different from Tang Li Xue's team which focused on individual strength, all of Zhiruo's students were really good at team battle, and they took down Tang Li Xue's people one by one together so efficiently while trapped all of them in illusion!

So far, they already took Gan Aomiao and Li Jing down!

Huang Hao used the [Shadow Clone] divine ability, and his figure split into ten! All of them also ran into different directions, make Zhiruo's students confused about which one they should aim first.

Bing Yi kept activating her [Freezing Field], and no one dared to enter her freezing domain, for now, so they decided to wait until she exhausted herself before knocking her out later.

In the end, they decided to aim for the last one, Hei Yinghao!

Unfortunately, Hei Yinghao was also not an easy target to chew!

He has a lightning-fast reflex and high sensitivity to danger!

Every time they tried to ambush Hei Yinghao, he could easily get away and even counterattacked!

Zhiruo's students were very sure that Hei Yinghao still trapped in the illusion, so how could he dodge their sneak attacks as if he already broke out from the illusion?!

This thing completely baffled them, but they have no other choice other than ganging up on him, again and again, to take him down as fast as possible!

Everyone even the hero surely has a weakness... and what was Hei Yinghao's weakness? Of course, his passion for Tang Li Xue!

Zhiruo's students already collected all information about Tang Li Xue's team yesterday so they also know about this.

This time, they even tried to use this to bring down Hei Yinghao!

"Hei Yinghao, Help me! I... I can't take it anymore! They are too strong! Help!" Tang Li Xue's sweet voice drifted into Hei Yinghao's ear, but this time it sounded a bit hoarse.

However, even her current sweet luscious voice was enough to even melt the coldest person's heart.

"Little Xue! Wait for me! I will help you now!" Hei Yinghao shouted back with an anxious tone.

'Tsk... Who the hell dares to use my voice?! But this is quite interesting as well! Let's see if that silly fox will fall to this trick!' Tang Li Xue giggled behind her fox mask and approached at the direction where the sound came from.


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