Reincarnated As a Fox With System
184 Chapter 184: Drunken Battle Style - Formless!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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184 Chapter 184: Drunken Battle Style - Formless!

Tang Li Xue widened her eyes in surprise. She put a quizzical look and thought: '[Spirit Perception]? What is that?'

Teacher Bai Wuchen released the female red-robed student's neck and only slapped her face in the end, made her fall onto the floor, and rolled several meters away.

Several more students thrust the spears in their hands to Teacher Bai Wuchen, but Teacher Bai Wuchen's flexible body bent in a tricky angle to dodge all of them.

Teacher Bai Wuchen held all the spears in his armpit, and when the several students tried to pull their spears from him, Teacher Bai Wuchen jumped toward them instead.

Teacher Bai Wuchen grabbed two students' faces with his palms and slammed the back of their heads onto the ground forcefully.

"Hic... There are many moves in spear such as sweeping, lifting, and many more, but the move you all must wary of is stabbing... Hic... But you can hold the shaft to prevent it from moving around... Hic..." Teacher Bai Wuchen explained to all students while moved unsteadily to the right and left dodging the incoming sword slash from behind him.

'[Spirit Perception] is the ability you get when your soul strengthened to some extent, but not everyone with the strong soul can comprehend this [Spirit Perception]. Only a handful of creatures can comprehend it.'

'It's a very mysterious ability which allows one to perceive many things such as the dangers, your opponent's weakness, the other creature's character, and many more. Although, you just barely touch upon its gate for now, but it means you are also a chosen one who possessed the [Spirit Perception]. You only need to sharpen it further like me.'

Tang Li Xue was completely stunned silly and kept staring at Teacher Bai Wuchen as if he was a monster.

Teacher Bai Wuchen currently kept dodging countless sharp weapons' attacks leisurely while explaining the topic about human weapons to all students, but he was also explaining about this [Spirit Perception] with his [Telepathy] to Tang Li Xue's mind.

Basically, Teacher Bai Wuchen was doing three things at once effortlessly, just like how the student tried to solve the math problems, history problems, and geography problems at once.

'Is this also the effect of [Spirit Perception]?' Tang Li Xue thought doubtfully.

Different from Instructor Mei Lan's forceful speed-type battle style, the Teacher Bai Wuchen movement was not fast at all. It fact, it was even a bit too slow, but it was very hard to discern.

When you thought he will hit your face and raise your hand to parry it, he will kick your stomach.

When you thought he will hit your chest and cross your hands to defend, he will slap your face.

In short, it was completely unpredictable! Added his unsteady way of moving, all of his movement became even more unfathomable.

While Teacher Bai Wuchen himself kept moving as if he could see all of their movement clearly. All the students even started to doubt if he has countless hidden eyes watching over each of their every movement.

In less than five minutes almost a third of one hundred students lied on the floor while groaning in pain.

Again this was a strange sight!

Beast Race and Human Race has different constitutions. All beasts have tenacious bodies and vitality thanks to the beast cores in their bodies so they should never keep lying down silently on the ground like this.

Normally, they would certainly more than capable to take the beating like this for hundred times and could still stand up again and again.

'The way he moves really feels a bit familiar... Umm... Wait a minute... Is this the drunken fist? Nope, the Drunken Fist is not like this! It seems mixed with Tai Chi and Aiki? But Teacher Bai Wuchen is a fox too so he should never learn any martial arts!' Tang Li Xue still holding the thin sword in her hand, but she did not attack recklessly like the others.

The more Tang Li Xue observed how Teacher Bai Wuchen moved, the more impressed she would be.

Teacher Bai Wuchen completely used the enemies' strength and techniques against themselves.

It was true that all the students in the class were completely inexperienced in weapon battle. 

But Tang Li Xue believe the result would be even more horrible if they all knew how to use their weapons properly along with some martial arts because Teacher Bai Wuchen's battle style was especially targeting the experts.

"Teacher Bai, are you using martial art now? What kind of martial art are you using? Where did you learn that?" Tang Li Xue asked with a soft sweet voice with a curious tone.

Of course, Tang Li Xue could copy Teacher Bai Wuchen's technique with her [Mirror of the Moon] too but it seems Teacher Bai Wuchen's technique could only be used in drunken state so it was completely useless for Tang Li Xue.

In fact, Tang Li Xue did not even get it, how could Teacher Bai Wuchen stay sober in such intense drunken state like that!

'What martial art? Martial art is only for the weak creatures like the Human Race! This is the battle style in my bloodline, the Drunken Battle Style - Formless!' Teacher Bai Wuchen's voice resounded again in Tang Li Xue's mind.

'Battle style in the bloodline? So it is the same as my Imperial Moon Dancer!' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes brightened in realization.

'I only have [Moon Splitter] in my Imperial Moon Dancer Battle Style right now... Does it mean I must train it more often to get more skills like this Teacher Bai Wuchen? Sigh... so many things for me to do! Learn how to improve my [Spirit Perception], learn about Inscription, train my [Art of Concealment], improve my cultivation, earn more credits to feed the glutton egg, and now I must train my Moon Dancer Battle Style further too!' Tang Li Xue shook her head.

After Tang Li Xue woke from her daze, all of the students other than her already lied down limply on the cold floor including Li Jing, Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, and the others.

Tang Li Xue told Yaya to stay away from her for now, so Yaya flew toward the corner of the classroom, but she kept staring at Tang Li Xue with eyes full of worry.

Tang Li Xue also already taught Yaya repeatedly to never do anything rash without asking for her consent, or she will store Yaya back into her system storage like before, so Yaya became more obedient now.

Yaya also became smarter after she evolved further into [Rare] grade, so she also understood now that there were many rules inside this Myriad Foxes Academy, and she will only create more troubles for Tang Li Xue if she did everything rashly like before.

'Little girl, you think too much! That's not good. It will only make your movement become rigid, and your [Spirit Perception] becomes even duller! Empty your mind, be formless... let your body and spirit move freely, don't try to restrain them! But it doesn't mean you can't think anything, you can think about how to use your divine ability more efficiently to defeat your opponent!' Teacher Bai Wuchen gave Tang Li Xue some pointers with his [Telepathy].

Tang Li Xue and Teacher Bai Wuchen stood face to face right now.

When Teacher Bai Wuchen extended his hand, Tang Li Xue moved his sword almost immediately and stabbed it forward!

Tang Li Xue felt as if she could see Teacher Bai Wuchen next movement for one second ahead!

'This is...?! Prediction? I can predict my opponent's next attack with this [Spirit Perception]!' Tang Li Xue's heart jumped in excitement.

Teacher Bai Wuchen's dry lips curved upward a bit, then he rotated her wrist and caught Tang Li Xue's sword between his two fingers!

"Good job, little girl. Don't forget to keep sharpen it in the future!" Teacher Bai Wuchen mumbled softly, but Tang Li Xue could still hear his words clearly.

Tang Li Xue quickly released the sword in her hand and swiftly defended using both of her hands.


Tang Li Xue did not even know how she could get hit by Teacher Bai Wuchen. She could only feel the stinging pain on her right neck, and she dropped down powerlessly onto the cold floor like the other students.

Tang Li Xue could faintly predict the opponent's next movement, but Teacher Bai Wuchen could clearly predict several moves ahead of his opponent. The difference between them was still too far.

[You have been hit by Drunken Strike!]

[You have been paralyzed! Duration: 00:02:59.]

'Holysh*t! What the hell is this Drunken Strike?! So this is the main reason why everyone still lied down on the floor until now!' Tang Li Xue tried to move her body and talk, but she could only wiggling her body for a bit and groaning.

"Okay... Hic... Today's lesson is over. Any question, kid?" Teacher Bai Wuchen asked and drank a few sips of wine from his wine gourd.

But how could anyone ask since everyone still under the paralyzing effect of his [Drunken Strike] now?!

"So no question... Hic... Goodbye, all!" Teacher Bai Wuchen walked unsteadily and exited from the classroom while all the students in the classroom still lied down on the cold floor. They all wanted to cry so badly right now but no tears came out. They could only wait for the [Drunken Strike]'s paralyzing effect to wear off.

Tang Li Xue realized that she was the first one to recover from the [Drunken Strike]'s paralyzing effect. Tang Li Xue did not know why, but it was all actually thanks to one of her martial soul's passive skills, [Recovery Buff].

[Recovery Buff]: Increase overall recovery stats by 50%. (The effect would increase along with the martial soul's level)

Overall recovery stats did not only refer to something like her HP, stamina, Qi, vitality energy, or spirit energy but also recover from the negative effect such as paralyzed, poisoned, bleeding, fainted, etc.

The paralyzing effect of the [Drunken Strike] on the other students also started to wear off after five minutes or so, but their black and blue faces still clear to be seen.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya waited for Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others to recover first before all of them immediately heading to the second floor to meet with Instructor Zhiruo's students.

Unfortunately, Instructor Zhiruo's students still have their lesson in their class, so Tang Li Xue and the others need to wait for half an hour before they met with each other.

Why are all your face black and blue like that? Did you get beaten by someone today? Hei! Hei! Hei! Don't you all dare to use that as your excuse for losing to us later!" The grey-haired male student laughed while mocking at Tang Li Xue's team.

"Don't worry! We will never lose to you all!" Tang Li Xue answered with a firm tone.

"Then we will see the result later!" The orange-haired petite girl giggled.

They requested for the referee from the second-floor supervisor when they booked the sparring room and asked it to be set for the team battle: six versus six.

They all entered the sparring room and each of their team gave 10,000 credits to the faceless referee.

Do not think that 5,000 credits or 10,000 credits were the small amounts since all the students dare to bet with that amount! It was actually a really huge amount of credits!

They dared to bet that amount because they obviously have extreme confidence to win!

No one dared to challenge Tang Li Xue's team anymore after yesterday, because they did not have full confidence to win against Tang Li Xue's team after she defeated two Sophomore Students' teams in succession, and they were afraid that they will lose 5,000 credits for nothing!

In fact, Tang Li Xue did not hold any confidence in Li Jing's team since they never fought against the other team together like this before so who knows if their teamwork will be good or bad, but she has extreme confidence in herself!

"Who will choose the arena? Your team or my team?" the orange-haired petite girl asked with a smug face.

"You can choose what you like." Tang Li Xue said leisurely.

Actually, since Zhiruo's students were the challenger, Tang Li Xue's team should be the one to choose the arena, but she wanted to see what her opponent's up to, so she let them choose it.

"Sparring Room Number 2779, choosing arena: Foggy Forest." The orange-haired petite girl sneered craftily and said with her childish voice.


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