Reincarnated As a Fox With System
181 Chapter 181: Tang Li Xue“s Request!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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181 Chapter 181: Tang Li Xue“s Request!

It means this [Talisman of Regeneration +3] heal 4% of maximum HP every 5 seconds for 540 seconds!

In the other words, this [Talisman of Regeneration +3] will heal 432% of maximum HP in 540 seconds!

Tang Li Xue started to hesitate if she should give this super precious talisman to get checked by the examiner, or maybe she should just inscribe a new one and save this one for herself.

'What if that staff take this [Talisman of Regeneration +3] from me? I will probably cry a bucket of tears if that really happens! Okay, let's inscribe a new one, and I will stealthily keep this one for myself!' Tang Li Xue licked her pinkish lips and took another blank talisman from the stack while secretly kept the [Talisman of Regeneration +3] under her sleeve.

But how could what she did escape from the supervision of two Master Rank Inscriptionist like Zi Yan and Teacher Li Wei?!

"Wait! What are you hiding under your sleeve just then?! Show it to me!" Zi Yan shouted to Tang Li Xue with an unpleasant tone.

Tang Li Xue's face grimaced a bit under her mask, and she looked at Teacher Li Wei with pleading eyes.

Teacher Li Wei approached Tang Li Xue and said something reassuring to her: "It's okay! I see what happen clearly before. You are not cheating but only secretly tuck away a talisman you make under your sleeve. You don't need to worry about the bad quality. Even if you make the worst quality Rank 1 Talisman, you will still qualify to join Inscriptionist Association as Beginner Inscriptionist."

Tang Li Xue rolled her topaz blue eyes at Teacher Li Wei and grumbled in her heart: 'Duh! Who the hell will care about the worst quality talisman?! I hide it obviously because my talisman is too amazing for you all to see!'

However, she still has no choice other than giving the [Talisman of Regeneration +3] under her sleeve to Teacher Li Wei since, among all people here, she believed in Teacher Li Wei the most.

Teacher Li Wei almost laughed out loud when he saw Tang Li Xue gave the talisman under her sleeve full of hesitation to him, and she kept staring at him with intense unwillingness in her eyes.

But Teacher Li Wei's smiling expression immediately changed into an extremely shocked expression as he shouted: "Enhanced Talisman! It even Rank-2 Talisman!"

'Enhanced Talisman? Rank 2 Talisman? What is this rank anyway? In the knowledge I got from the system, all of those runes are the same, only in the basic grade. It seems the grade and rank in my system are different from this Immortal World again like the grading system of the beast.' Tang Li Xue thought silently.

"Impossible! How can it be?! You must be cheating! You must have replaced your talisman with this one secretly, right?! Check her sleeves carefully! I am sure there will be another talisman!" Zi Yan shouted hysterically in disbelief.

Teacher Li Wei frowned, and he glanced at the female staff. He did not want Tang Li Xue to get accused by Zi Yan, so he will let the female staff checked Tang Li Xue's sleeve to clear her name.

"There is no need for that. Just give me back my talisman, and I will inscribe a new one!" Tang Li Xue raised her suggestion while her hand wanted to take back her [Talisman of Regeneration +3] from Teacher Li Wei's grasp.

"Nope! You can't!" Teacher Li Wei immediately withdrew the hand which held Tang Li Xue's talisman before Tang Li Xue could grab it.

Tang Li Xue stared at Teacher Li Wei resentfully, but she had no other choice other than letting the female staff inspected both of her empty sleeves.

After a few minutes, the female staff finally confirmed that Tang Li Xue did not cheat since she did not find anything, and the talisman in Teacher Li Wei's hand was truly inscribed by Tang Li Xue.

Not long after that, Bing Shui also succeeded in inscribing a talisman after failed for seven times, but the quality was only average at best and far from what Tang Li Xue had made.

The female staff recorded Tang Li Xue and Bing Shui as Beginner Inscriptionist, but their rank was different from one another.

Bing Shui's rank was only at Rank 1 Beginner Inscriptionist, while Tang Li Xue was directly promoted to Rank 2 Beginner Inscriptionist.

Zi Yan could only gnash her teeth in anger and hatred, but nothing she could do now since Inscriptionist Association did not belong to her, and it has its own set of rules.

Teacher Li Wei frowned a bit while kept replaying Tang Li Xue's posture when she inscribed her Enhanced Talisman.

Zi Yan was blinded by her hatred, anger, and jealously so she did not pay any attention to Tang Li Xue at that time because she felt disdain toward Tang Li Xue and felt Tang Li Xue did not worth for her attention.

Unlike Zi Yan, Teacher Li Wei was an objective person... err... fox. Moreover, he was one of Tang Li Xue's teachers in the Education Department, so he felt he must give Tang Li Xue some pointers later so she could fix it later and became a better Inscriptionist.

Teacher Li Wei already carefully observed Tang Li Xue's every movement from her body posture, hand movement, the way she held the Inscription Pen, until the way she used her spirit energies to inscribe the rune on the blank talisman.

Honestly, everything she did was so awful. Teacher Li Wei even started to suspect if Tang Li Xue never had any experience in inscribing a talisman before today.

Teacher Li Wei even dared to bet all of his money that Tang Li Xue will fail one hundred times in one hundred tries!

However, she succeeded in inscribing one! And it was an Enhanced Talisman on the top of that, which even the Master Rank Inscriptionist like himself and Zi Yan have a small chance of success in inscribing it!

'It is as if the Inscription Pen in her grasp is guiding her hand and writing the rune on the blank talisman by itself...' Teacher Li Wei mumbled in his mind, but he immediately laughed at himself while kept shaking his head. He felt his IQ keep decreasing after he met with this girl.

After finished with their business, Tang Li Xue and Teacher Li Wei went out of Inscriptionist Association together while Zi Yan could only stare at them full of envy and jealousy from behind.


Teacher Li Wei walked several meters in front of Tang Li Xue, while Tang Li Xue kept following him until a few kilometers away from Inscriptionist Association.

Teacher Li Wei frowned as he turned around and asked Tang Li Xue: "Why are you kept following me? You can go back to your place."

Tang Li Xue giggled softly from behind her mask but there was a hint of anger shone in the deepest part of her topaz blue eyes and said: "Teacher Li, is this how you always use your student? Kicked them away after you use them?"

Teacher Li Wei fell silent for a moment and asked in an oblivious manner: "Oh? What do you mean?"

"Teacher Li, do you think I am that stupid? I am not a naive little girl who will think something brainless like my teacher fell in love with me at the first sight, so he helped me to get my heart. You used me as your shield to keep that jealous woman away from you, right?" Tang Li Xue stopped giggling and asked with a cold tone.

"Oh, really? Continue... I want to hear since when you realized it?" Teacher Li Wei chuckled and asked Tang Li Xue in curiosity.

"Of course, since the very first time when you approached me from behind on the Inscriptionist Association's entrance. Teacher Li should already realize that jealous woman is already waiting for you inside the Inscriptionist Association before entering, and when you saw me for the first time, you already planned to use me as your shield to keep that woman away from you." Tang Li Xue calmly explained her deduction.

Actually, Tang Li Xue had lied to Teacher Li Wei. She only realized all of these after she raised her Spirit stat value to 250 in the Exam Room before she inscribed her [Talisman of Regeneration +3].

When she raised her Spirit stat at that time, she felt some fog in her mind has been cleared out, and she realized many things which she did not realize before.

"Interesting! But everything has already happened, and it's too late to regret it now. Or you really want me to become your real mate?" Teacher Li Wei laughed while asked in a teasing tone.

Tang Li Xue did not answer Teacher Li Wei's question. She only stared at him as with clear contempt inside her eyes.

"Cough, cough, Okay. Since you are wearing a mask, are your face got disfigured? As you know, I have the healing-type divine ability. I am pretty sure I can cure it for you as compensation. Even if your face is not disfigured but ugly, I can modify it and make it more beautiful." Teacher Li Wei coughed in embarrassment and asked in a polite and serious manner this time.

'Modify? What kind of power is that? Is it truly the healing-type divine ability? Isn't it a bit strange? It sounds like plastic Surgery!' Tang Li Xue thought for a moment in surprise before shaking her head to refuse Teacher Li Wei's offer.

"I see... so you are the same as me. Alright, you can say what you want to me! Of course, I will consider it first if I will really fulfill it or not later." Teacher Li Wei laughed while waved his hand, signaled Tang Li Xue to say what she wanted from him.

"Okay! First, give me back my talisman!" Tang Li Xue stretched out her hand toward Teacher Li Wei.

"Denied! Ask for something else!" Teacher Li Wei shook his head in an instant.

Tang Li Xue stomped her feet in anger and dissatisfaction. She wanted to punch this Teacher Li Wei's smug face so badly.

Teacher Li Wei laughed again and felt the way this student's act was very cute.

No one knows, but this Teacher Li Wei was actually a very cold person inside despite his voice seemed so gentle and kind, but Tang Li Xue still managed to make him laugh so many times today.

Tang Li Xue took a deep breath to calm down her raging emotion, and she said to Teacher Li Wei: "I want to ask you to become my Inscription Teacher from now on! If you still cannot fulfill this, then forget it. It's not like I can force you to do it. But I will keep remember you as the most shameless and vulgar teacher in the entire Education Department from now on!"

"Alright, I agree! I will wait for you tomorrow at the Education building's entrance after your class is over!" Teacher Li Wei agreed immediately and turned around without waiting for Tang Li Xue's reaction.

Tang Li Xue still stood there dumbfoundedly in shock and disbelief after she heard Teacher Li Wei's agreement.

She thought Teacher Li Wei will argue with her at first and set the time limit such as he will only agree to teach her once a week in only one month. Who knows he agreed with her request so quickly.

Teacher Li Wei was a renowned Master Rank Inscriptionist after all, and he must be extremely busy every day, so Tang Li Xue will understand if he only taught her for a short time.

Tang Li Xue went back to the residential building while kept skipping happily in excitement. She could barely wait for tomorrow.

After she entered the residential building, Tang Li Xue summoned out Yaya back from her system storage.

Tang Li Xue was afraid, Yaya will angrily attack the armed guards on the entrance when they did not let Tang Li Xue entered before, so she silently stored Yaya into her system back then.

Fortunately, Tang Li Xue stored Yaya before they met with the jealous girl, Zi Yan or Tang Li Xue would never be able to imagine what kind of bloody scene will happen!

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief and brought Yaya to the luxurious restaurant on the first floor of the residential building.

After eating many delicious foods until full, Yaya immediately forgot about all of her grievances. She hugged Tang Li Xue and accidentally fell asleep in Tang Li Xue's soft embrace.

Tang Li Xue went back to her room and put the sleeping Yaya on her bed, but Tang Li Xue herself did not sleep.

She activated her [Twin Moons] divine ability and summoned out her perfect copy.

Tang Li Xue took out the golden [Inscription Pen] from her system inventory and gave it to her perfect copy.

She told her perfect copy to keep inscribing some talismans while she did her daily routine of practicing her [Art of Concealment] and cultivation.


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