Reincarnated As a Fox With System
180 Chapter 180: Inscriptionist Test!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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180 Chapter 180: Inscriptionist Test!

In this kind of situation, even Teacher Li Wei could not refuse Zi Yan's suggestion so blatantly since she also volunteered to let her student to be tested as well.

Usually, under the recommendation from Master rank Inscriptionist like Teacher Li Wei or Zi Yan, both Tang Li Xue and Zi Yan's student did not need to be tested and could join Inscriptionist Association directly as new members.

But now Zi Yan suggested her own student to get tested along with Tang Li Xue too!

"Alright! I will accept the test!" Tang Li Xue said firmly with her sweet luscious voice.

Zi Yan's mocking smile became even brighter after she heard Tang Li Xue's agreement, but before she could say anything to provoke Tang Li Xue further...

"Cough... Okay..." Noticing that the smell of gunpowder was already becoming increasingly dense between the two Master rank Inscriptionists, even though it was only about registering new members of the Inscriptionist Association, the female staff could only helplessly shake her head.

After this, the female staff faced Tang Li Xue who was stood in front of the front desk: "Miss Tang, please wait for a moment. I will register Miss Zi Yan's student first before escorting you two to the test room."

Tang Li Xue stepped aside and stood behind Teacher Li Wei to let Zi Yan's student registering with the female staff first.

Tang Li Xue glanced at Zi Yan's new student and found her a bit familiar.

A lady in a white dress elegantly walked onto the front desk. A tall figure with transparent eyes like the cold clear spring on top of a snowy mountain, an exquisite face, and long eyebrows. On her tall and nimble body was a tight white colored dress.

The white-colored clothing and her pale white skin complemented each other, giving the girl a special icy beauty. What caused others to be most amazed about was that this girl in white dressed actually possessed long smooth white hair that extended to her waist.

"Bing Shui, White Glacial Frost Fox, my teacher is Master Zi Yan." The icy but lovely voice was like the clear sound of snow rocks on a snow mountain tapping on one another, unleashing an extremely moving sound.

'Bing... Shui? Did this girl have some relations with Bing Yi? And... White Glacial Frost Fox? Isn't that the species of the three-tailed [Rare] grade fox I met before participating in the entry trial of Myriad Foxes Academy?' Tang Li Xue tapped her chin while kept staring at Bing Shui and thinking deeply.

"Okay, I already recorded it. Miss Bing and Miss Tang, please follow me to the Examination Room!" The female staff smiled at both of them and escorted them deeper into Inscriptionist Association's building.

Tang Li Xue woke up from her daze and followed the female staff from behind. Zi Yan and Teacher Li Wei also followed them quietly.

But no one realized that Zi Yan stealthy sent a secret message through her communication talisman.

All of them entered the empty closed room where the other Inscriptionist usually did their work without being interrupted.

The room was not that big. It only has ten seats and tables, but it has everything Inscriptionists need to create talisman such as several standard inscription pens, many stacks of blank talisman, and several bottles contained blood from different kinds of demonic beasts.

Tang Li Xue and Bing Shui took one seat each and sat while waiting for the examiner to tell them about the rule of their exam.

"The basic requirement for a Beginner Inscriptionist is that you must be able to inscribe a rank 1 talisman. You can choose any kind of rank 1 talisman you want to inscribe, but please remember! You only have ten tries to create one rank 1 talisman, so be sure to choose the talisman you most familiar with, so you will have the highest chance of success in inscribing it. Any question?" The female staff asked with a gentle smile on her face.

Tang Li Xue raised her slender hand and asked: "I do not have to use any item or equipment from here, right? I want to use my own item and equipment."

"No, you can't. You must use the items and equipment from here. What if you are cheating with your item and equipment?" Zi Yan directly objected to Tang Li Xue's request with a harsh tone.

'Dammit! What's wrong with this fussy girl?! I already follow your request and participate in this test, but you still keep making things difficult for me! Tsk... Then I have no other choice other than lying again!' Tang Li Xue thought for a while and cleared her throat.

"But I can't inscribe with this kind of equipment or item from here. So does it mean I cannot join Inscriptionist Association?" Tang Li Xue said with an innocent and oblivious tone.

"What a liar! Just tell us honestly that you were just trying to stick on Brother Li Wei's thigh! You're only using 'joining the Inscriptionist Association' as your excuse, but your main goal is to climb over Brother Li Wei's bed, right?!" Zi Yan accused Tang Li Xue while sneered mockingly.

Teacher Li Wei ignored Zi Yan's accusation and asked Tang Li Xue: "Little Xue, can you bring out your equipment first? You can use your equipment, but we must examine it carefully first before that."

Tang Li Xue shook her head and raised her right index finger then said: "This is my equipment!"

Everyone: "......."

Teacher Li Wei, Zi Yan, Bing Shui, and the female staff kept staring at Tang Li Xue silently as if they were looking at an idiot.

Tang Li Xue rolled her topaz blue eyes at them and waving her right index finger around as if she was waving a magic wand while secretly channeling her [Energy Manipulation] at the same time.


A white spear was instantly created from Tang Li Xue's energies and flying around her for a while.

Teacher Li Wei's stare turned into awe after he saw what she did, and he asked: "Is that your divine ability? What is the name of this divine ability?"

"One Finger Create the World!" Tang Li Xue lied blatantly again. If she said her divine ability name was [Energy Manipulation], then everyone will know that Tang Li Xue actually could only create the exterior form. She could not create the item with its true function unless she knew the interior of that item and created it completely identical to the original one.

For example, she could instantly create a sniper rifle with her [Energy Manipulation], but that sniper rifle could not shot out any bullet since Tang Li Xue did not know the inside part of the sniper rifle so she could not create the interior part with her [Energy Manipulation]. It will be the same if she created a car or motorbike with her [Energy Manipulation] since she knew nothing about a car or motorbike engine.

'Anyway, I only need to make them believe in my divine ability for now! Then I will secretly use my golden [Inscription Pen] under the pretense of using my own divine ability to create it! Tsk... I am so smart! Uwehehehe...' Tang Li Xue licked her pinkish lips in excitement.

"So you planned to use the inscription pen made from your divine ability?" Teacher Li Wei stared at Tang Li Xue and confirming what Tang Li Xue will do.

Tang Li Xue only nodded her head to answer Teacher Li Wei's question.

"It's not a problem. You can use your divine ability since it's your own strength after all." The female staff agreed to let Tang Li Xue use her own divine ability to create her own inscription pen.

Tang Li Xue sneered victoriously. She secretly took out her golden [Inscription Pen] from her system inventory and used her [Energy Manipulation] to coated the golden [Inscription Pen] exterior with white energies but of course, she did not cover the tip of the golden [Inscription Pen].

Tang Li Xue pricked the tip of her left index finger with the golden [Inscription Pen] and let it sucked some of her blood from it for a while.

When Zi Yan saw that Tang Li Xue even used her own blood to inscribe the talisman and not the demonic beast's blood in the bottle on the table, she could only gnash her teeth in hatred and anger.

Zi Yan had stealthily ordered one of the staff to rigged all the inscription pens and the demonic beast's blood in this room with the defected one before. The seat where Bing Shui sat was the only exception, Zi Yan also already secretly told Bing Shui about this before they entered the room, but now all of her efforts turned futile.

While Zi Yan kept staring at Tang Li Xue and praying for her to fail, Tang Li Xue was still in deep thinking and choosing which rune she will inscribe onto the blank talisman in her mind carefully.

'The rune I most familiar with is the Rune of Dash, and I have high confidence in inscribing one in two or three tries, but that rune is too basic and so simple. I am afraid this fussy girl will pick on me again because of it later. It seems I must take some risks and try to inscribe my best rune, the Rune of Regeneration! I am sure it should be enough to shut this fussy girl's mouth later!' Tang Li Xue decided in her heart.

Tang Li Xue took one blank talisman from the stack. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

When she opened her topaz blue eyes back, her intense focus was solely locked at the inscription pen she held in her right hand and the blank talisman in front of her.

Even Teacher Li Wei nodded his head in praise when he saw Tang Li Xue's instant focus. Even Bing Shui still needs more than ten minutes to enter her focused condition, but Tang Li Xue only needed one breath.


After ten minutes or so, Tang Li Xue failed three times in a row, so she immediately took a break and calmed herself down.

'This is not looking good. Being seen by others like this makes me far more nervous and anxious than usual.' Tang Li Xue frowned a bit and thinking for a few moments.

Tang Li Xue peeked at her current Spirit stat value in her system's status window and found out that it was at 163.

'I already raised it to 163 since two days ago. It should be fine if I raise it a bit again this time, right? Let's try to raise it to 250 now! I hope the bad side effect is not too much.' Tang Li Xue swallowed the saliva in her mouth and silently raised her Spirit stat form 163 to 250 with her will.

Just like before, her mind was immediately attacked by a great headache, dizziness, and nausea. Except, it was even more intense than before!

Tang Li Xue felt everything in front of her eyes spinning, and it went dark after a few moments.

Teacher Li Wei already felt something was not right, so he immediately flashed to Tang Li Xue's side and caught her back before she could fell onto the floor.

"Little Xue!" Teacher Li Wei called Tang Li Xue while used his divine ability at the same time.

A milky white light seeped out from his palm and entered Tang Li Xue's slender body.

Tang Li Xue felt her great headache alleviated bit by bit by the milky white light, and it has vanished completely after a few minutes.

Surprisingly, Teacher Li Wei actually has a healing type of divine ability!

Tang Li Xue slowly opened her topaz blue eyes again after the headache completely vanished, and she quickly stood up by herself.

"Are you alright, Little Xue? If you feel sick, we can come back tomorrow or a few days later, after you feel better." Teacher Li Wei asked full of worry.

"Tsk... Brother Li Wei! Please open your eyes clearly! She is clearly only pretending to draw your attention! Don't get deceived by her trick!" Zi Yan said with a tone full of mockery and disdain, but her expression was cold, and she stared at Teacher Li Wei with disappointment.

Teacher Li Wei turned around with an angry expression and wanted to reprimand Zi Yan back harshly, but Tang Li Xue quickly stopped him from doing so.

"Sorry, Teacher Li Wei, but I am alright. I will continue the exam now." Tang Li Xue reassured Teacher Li Wei.

Tang Li Xue sat back on her seat and took the golden [Inscription Pen] back into her grasp.

'What a close call! I should raise this Spirit stat more carefully next time! The side effect is much worse than the last time too! Is it because I must raise it bit by bit, maybe I must take a break like a week or more before raising it again, or maybe the higher the value the more pain I will receive? Sigh... That is not important for now, so let's forget it and focus on what I must do now!' Tang Li Xue shook her head and started to inscribe the blank talisman in front of her again.


[Host successfully inscribed the Talisman of Regeneration +3!]

[Inscriptionist's proficiency has increased!]

[Inscriptionist's proficiency has leveled up to level 10 (Beginner)!]

Tang Li Xue: '???!!!'

'What the hell! Talisman with the +3 effect?! [Talisman of Regeneration +3]?!' Tang Li Xue was completely stunned silly in disbelief, and she kept staring at the talisman in front of her.

This was the first time for Tang Li Xue to successfully created a talisman with the +3 effect!

Tang Li Xue impatiently activated her basic [All Knowing Eyes] and checked all of the [Talisman of Regeneration +3] effect!


[Talisman of Regeneration +3]

[Effect: Activated Regeneration skill. (Heal 1% of maximum HP every 5 seconds for 180 seconds.)]

[+1 Effect: Heal +0.5% of maximum HP every 5 seconds. Duration +60 seconds.]

[+2 Effect: Heal +1% of maximum HP every 5 seconds. Duration +120 seconds.]

[+3 Effect: Heal +1.5% of maximum HP every 5 seconds. Duration +180 seconds.]


'Oh My Gawd! This talisman is super OP!' Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in shock.


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