Reincarnated As a Fox With System
179 Chapter 179: Doubt!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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179 Chapter 179: Doubt!

"Good day to you, Miss Zi Yan." Teacher Li Wei held his fist and saluted to the purple dressed girl.

"This little lass is one of the students in my class. She is a beginner inscriptionist, and she wants to join Inscriptionist Association today. Her name is... What is your name?" Teacher Li Wei tried to introduce Tang Li Xue to Zi Yan, but he immediately realized that he also did not know Tang Li Xue's name yet, so he turned his head and asked her.

"Greeting to Miss Zi Yan. This student's name is Tang Li Xue." Tang Li Xue held her fist like Teacher Li Wei and saluted to the purple dressed girl too. She introduced herself with a respectful tone.

Tang Li Xue surely did not want to get into any dispute with one of the big shots in this Inscriptionist Association like this purple dressed girl before she even joined the Association, which was why she tried to be as polite as possible to this beautiful purple dressed girl.

Unfortunately, this purple dressed girl took Tang Li Xue's hold fist salute as a provocation since Tang Li Xue tried to imitate Li Wei's movement again, so she obviously did not plan to let Tang Li Xue off so easily.

"Oh, so you are only Brother Li Wei's student. But why do you need to wear a fox mask like him? I really hate it when a lowly student tries to imitate my Brother Li Wei. Take it off now!" Zi Yan reprimanded Tang Li Xue harshly with a disrespectful tone.

Tang Li Xue's heart sank when she heard Zi Yan's harsh words and grumbled in her heart: 'Sigh, how the hell I can get caught in this kind of horrible situation?! I don't even do anything! For God's sake, I just want to join Inscriptionist Association peacefully like everyone else!'

Tang Li Xue could see clearly that this Zi Yan held intense romantic feelings for Teacher Li Wei, but unfortunately, Teacher Li Wei did not have any romantic feelings for Zi Yan.

But no matter what happened between Teacher Li Wei and Zi Yan, it should not have any relation with Tang Li Xue at all. She only met Teacher Li Wei in the mixed class today after all!

Tang Li Xue started to regret it very much for asking Teacher Li Wei's help at the Inscriptionist Association's entrance before.

'Sigh... I should have wait for Instructor Lan to come back and ask her to make a Recommendation Letter for me. It's already too late for me to regret it. What should I do now? But his girl will surely become even more pissed off if I refuse to listen to her words. It seems I have no other choice.' Tang Li Xue sighed in resignation.

She held her white fox mask tightly with her slender hand. She decided to obey Zi Yan's words and take off her mask.

It was not like her face was disfigured or ugly anyway. There was nothing to shame about her current mesmerizing peerless looks. She just did not want to pick any unnecessary trouble because of it, but who knows she still managed to make Zi Yan jealous even after she was wearing a mask to cover her face like now.

'Girl, just don't regret it later if your Dear Brother Li fell head over heels with me after he saw my true appearance!' Tang Li Xue said in her heart.

However, before Tang Li Xue could pull her fox mask off from her face, a masculine hand immediately held her slender hand and stopped her from doing so.

"Zi Yan, she is my student, so please don't make things hard for her. Let's go, Little Xue!" Teacher Li Wei pulled Tang Li Xue's slender hand, and they were heading toward the front desk together in hand.

Tang Li Xue frowned, and she reflexively wanted to pull her hand away from Teacher Li Wei's grasp, but he gripped her hand so tightly that Tang Li Xue could not do anything with her current strength.

Zi Yan gritted her teeth in hatred and anger when she saw Li Wei intimately held Tang Li Xue's hand, and she decided to follow them closely from behind. If stares could kill someone, Zi Yan's murderous stare from behind would already kill Tang Li Xue more than a hundred times.

"Good day, Master Li, is there anything I can help you with?" The female front desk staff smiled gently while greeted Teacher Li Wei and asked politely.

"Good day, I want to register my student as Inscriptionist Association's new member. Please help me with the procedure." Teacher Li Wei told the female front desk staff while pulled Tang Li Xue closer to him.

"Oh? This lady here is very young but has already become a beginner Inscriptionist? Congratulations to Master Li for getting a young and talented disciple!" The female front desk staff giggled and congratulated Teacher Li Wei.

"She is not my disciple, only one of the students in the class I am teaching today." Teacher Li Wei explained truthfully.

"Eh? This Miss is not Master Li's disciple?! It's such a pity. Then miss, please tell me your name, fox species, and your teacher's name to me. I need to register it for you." The female front desk staff took out a pale yellow ancient-looking parchment made of unknown beast skin.

"Tang Li Xue, Imperial Moon Fox, as for teacher... I don't have any Inscriptionist Teacher. I am self-taught." Tang Li Xue answered earnestly.

As for why she said her fox species was [Imperial Moon Fox] and not [Imperial Sun and Moon Fox], it was because the [Imperial Sun and Moon Fox] species was a variant species created by the system solely to solve Tang Li Xue's predicament before. So no one could find any [Imperial Sun and Moon Fox] other than Tang Li Xue!

"Little missy, please don't joke around. Species with 'Imperial' and 'Royal' bloodline have the highest status among the other species. You are lucky we are in the Myriad Foxes Academy of Lightwind Continent's branch. You will certainly be executed on the spot if you are in the Myriad Foxes Academy of Central Continent." The female staff frowned deeply and patiently warned Tang Li Xue.

'Eh? So any species with 'Imperial' and 'Royal' are really special?! Hehehe... it seems I am really lucky to choose this! Isn't that mean I am like an Imperial Princess in the human world?' Tang Li Xue grinned widely behind her fox mask.

She did not know the huge problem she will encounter in the future because of this or she will probably regret it very much.

"Errr... then Spirit Moon Fox." Tang Li Xue thought for a while and decided to tell everyone that she belongs to the [Spirit Moon Fox] species in the future.

"Okay, Spirit Moon Fox and... you don't have any Inscriptionist Teacher?! Self-taught?!" The female staff recorded Tang Li Xue species, but she jumped in surprise once again. Her mouth even opened so widely, and she forgot to close it until now.

Teacher Li Wei has already stunned since long ago when Tang Li Xue mentioned it for the first time.

Tang Li Xue did not know, but Inscription was already extremely hard to learn even when someone learns it from the proper teacher.

Self-taught in Inscription was almost impossible even if one has a book about the runes because everything such as the correct way to hold the inscription pen, how to use spirit energy in tandem when inscribing the rune onto the talisman, and many other important things will affect the success chance of the talisman creation.

In fact, it was impossible for Tang Li Xue to succeed without the system's help like complete knowledge from the [Sub-Profession Package] and the golden [Inscription Pen]!

 Even with a dedicated proper teacher to teach in 24/7, it would take more than ten years for a gifted person... or fox to reach beginner Inscriptionist!

But then again Tang Li Xue's system function was to speed up Tang Li Xue's growth, not only in terms of strength like evolutions, skills, and divine abilities but also knowledge like Deity Coins and this [Sub-Profession Package].

"Hahahaha... Reaching Beginner rank Inscriptionist by self-taught? What a big liar?!" Zi Yan deliberately shouted loudly. She wanted to attract everyone's attention to humiliate Tang Li Xue.

"Even once in thousand years prodigy still needs the guidance of a Teacher for more than ten years to reach Beginner rank Inscriptionist! Inscriptionist Association is the place where all the Inscriptionists in Myriad Fox Academy gathering but I never even see you here! And you must be a freshman since you still attending classes in Education Building, so how could you learn about Inscription?!" Zi Yan sneered mockingly at Tang Li Xue.

 Tang Li Xue started to get annoyed by Zi Yan, but her mind still as clear as spring. Her brain spun faster and faster to find some ways out from this situation without offending this big shot for too much.

"Of course, I learn it from outside of Myriad Fox Academy. My previous diseased master is an Inscriptionist Master from the Human Race. He lived in seclusion on the deepest part of the mountain. He did not teach anything to me and treat me as his pet, but I kept on listening to everything he taught to his personal disciple before he died, so I got all of my knowledge about Inscription from him." Tang Li Xue did not have any other choice other than using a cliché excuse from almost all MC novels she read before.

'Where does my knowledge come from? My dead master of course!'

'Where is he now? Buried deep in his grave! What? You want to look for him?!'

It was a cliché excuse but it was surely effective to cover her trail. Especially since she could not tell them that she got her knowledge from her system.

'What? You need to learn for more than ten years to reach the Beginner Inscriptionist level? Okay then, no problem, I will follow you!'

"I learn everything from him for almost twenty years before he died, and I came to this Myriad Foxes Academy, after that I self-taught for a few months in this Myriad Foxes Academy." Tang Li Xue continued to tell her lies without flinching. She even put a sad gesture as if she was sniffing sadly behind her mask.

Teacher Li Wei nodded his head in understanding and said to Tang Li Xue: "Just tell her the name of your teacher. It is nothing important, only to record your current personal information."

Tang Li Xue nodded to Teacher Li Wei and turned back to female staff: "My human's Inscription teacher name is Tang Sanzang."

'It is not like you will know about my Uncle Sun's master name anyway!'

"Stop! Wait a minute!" Zi Yan once again stopped the female staff from recording Tang Li Xue's personal information.

"How can you all be so sure that this little girl is not lying about being a Beginner Inscriptionist?! Wouldn't it be better if we tested her skill in inscription first before recording her name as a Beginner Inscriptionist?! Who knows if this little girl lied about being a Beginner Inscriptionist!" Zi Yan stared at Tang Li Xue full of suspicion.

"Miss Zi Yan, could you please stop slandering my student?" Teacher Li Wei started to lose his temper and warned Zi Yan in displeasure.

"I am not slandering her. I just want to make sure so she will not tarnish my Inscriptionist Association's name later. By the way, I also bring my new student here to register her as a new member. How about we test their skill together?" Zi Yan sneered provocatively at Tang Li Xue.

Teacher Li Wei glanced at Tang Li Xue to ask for her opinion.

Tang Li Xue did not have any problem with testing her skill in Inscription, but the problem was her golden [Inscription Pen] could not be seen or detected by the others other than her.

She also did not have enough confidence in inscribing a talisman using another Inscription Pen.


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