Reincarnated As a Fox With System
178 Chapter 178: Inscriptionist Association!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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178 Chapter 178: Inscriptionist Association!

Tang Li Xue was a bit disappointed when she found the quest given by the system was still not completed yet.

'Oh, come on! I have already defeated 3 teams from Executor Class so far! Why this quest is still not completed yet even now!' Tang Li Xue frowned while grumbled in her heart.

'Urgh, but I must admit it that I win the previous 3 battles quite easily while the [Hard] level difficulty quest has never been easy before. It seems I need to fight some Executor Class teams again for a few more days before I can complete this quest.' Tang Li Xue sighed in disappointment.

The faceless referee gave all the total of 25,000 credits to Tang Li Xue and vanished back into the formation inside the sparring room. 

15,000 credits were Tang Li Xue's own credits so Tang Li Xue won 10,000 credits in today's battle!

Tang Li Xue tried to give 3,500 credits each to Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao, but they refused Tang Li Xue's offer immediately.

Under Tang Li Xue's insistence, Both Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao finally agreed to accept 3,000 credits each while Tang Li Xue got 4,000 credits.

All of them decided to go back to the residential building and ate their lunch at the luxurious restaurant on the first floor.

Yaya also pouted at Tang Li Xue at first because Tang Li Xue did not allow her to participate in any battle, but she immediately forgot all of her grievances after Tang Li Xue bought it a lot of delicious foods.

'It's such a pity if I cannot let Yaya gain more battle experience here in this Myriad Foxes Academy. I will ask Instructor Lan to find us a good sparring teacher with strong wind elemental divine ability after she came back later.' Tang Li Xue made some plans in her mind while eating the delicious delicacies in front of her.

'Not only Yaya can learn how to use her wind elemental power from that teacher, but Yaya can also learn the wind elemental divine ability from that teacher! Hehehehe... I am so smart as usual!' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone in excitement.

After eating their fill, Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others were heading together to the mission hall to accept some daily missions while Tang Li Xue took Yaya and walking towards the Inscriptionist Association's building.




Walking on the bustling street in midday, Tang Li Xue recalled the shock and reference that appeared on the residential building staff's face when Tang Li Xue was inquiring about the location of the Inscriptionist Association.

She secretly found out that Inscriptionist Master was one of the most respectable professions in the Myriad Foxes Academy and quietly sighed while mumbled softly: "It seems I really did not make a wrong choice in choosing Inscriptionist as my first profession."

It looked like the noble identity that Inscriptionist had was something that was entrenched into the heart of everyone in the Myriad Foxes Academy. Otherwise, these people would not display the expression of reverence when talking about Inscriptionist Association.

Following the direction that the residential building staff had told her, Tang Li Xue slowly passed by a couple of very long bustling streets. She roamed for quite a while with Yaya, who sat on her right shoulder and kept looking around their surrounding buildings and stores with her glittering green emerald eyes, which filled with intense curiosity.

Tang Li Xue slowed her footsteps to a stop and raised her head. She and Yaya gazed at the tall majestic building that had appeared in front of her eyes.

This building was also uniquely designed like the other important buildings, such as education building, residential building, mission hall, etc. Looking from the outline from outside, it appeared like a gigantic white obelisk. There were four floating giant black obelisks which continuously orbiting slowly around the gigantic white obelisk.

Tang Li Xue's gaze fell onto a pale purple-colored metal inscription board outside of the building. There were two words in an ancient-looking script that appeared slightly blurry in a flickering gold faint glow.


Tang Li Xue turned her head and took a glance around the giant gate of the Inscriptionist Association. She realized that most of those who passed by this majestic building would throw a suspicious gaze toward Tang Li Xue, who was standing foolishly in awe outside the Inscriptionist Association.

Tang Li Xue also realized that all of those people wore a pin badge on their right chest, but each of them wore a different color pin badge.

'Interesting! That pin should be a symbol of status like our badge indicating their Inscriptionist level.' Tang Li Xue concluded in her heart.

Ignoring the surrounding suspicious gazes, Tang Li Xue brought Yaya and striding into the Inscriptionist Association.

When she entered the building, two fully armed guards that had already noticed her for a while extended their hands to block her. In a slightly hoarse unclear voice, one of them asked: "Little girl, this is Inscriptionist Association. You must make an appointment first with an Inscriptionist Master before you can enter and place your order."

"Eh? I don't want to meet with any Inscriptionist Master or place any order. I only want to join the Inscriptionist Association as a new member." Tang Li Xue tried to explain.

"Oh? So you are an Inscriptionist too?! But you look like a young freshman student!" One of the fully armed guards asked with disbelief tone.

"I am a freshman student, but I am also a beginner Inscriptionist. I want to join Inscriptionist Association to deepen my knowledge about runes and Inscriptions, so I can advance further." Tang Li Xue nodded to the armed guard.

The two fully armed guards looked at Tang Li Xue full of awe and reverence.

Both of them were already guarding the entrance of the Inscriptionist Association for a long time, so they knew how hard it was to become an Inscriptionist.

If it was that easy to become an Inscriptionist, both of them would already choose to become an Inscriptionist rather than become a mere entrance guard.

Moreover, Tang Li Xue was a young freshman student who entered the Myriad Foxes Academy just recently!

Her potential was surely limitless!

Who knows if this little freshman student will become a big shot in Inscriptionist Association in the future!

"Do you have a recommendation letter from your Inscription teacher?" The fully armed guard asked Tang Li Xue again but with a more polite and respectable tone this time.

"Uh? Recommendation letter? I also must have a recommendation from my teacher to enter?" Hearing this, Tang Li Xue's heart stopped for a beat. In her mind, she doubtfully complained: 'What the hell is this recommendation letter thingy?! I don't even have an Inscription teacher! Where can I ask for this recommendation letter?!'

Tang Li Xue helplessly shook her head. Just as Tang Li Xue was worrying about what to do, a nice smelling wind suddenly blew from behind her.

"Eh? It's you? What are you doing here?"

Tang Li Xue frowned slightly when she felt a warm breath blew on her left ear. The gentle sound came from behind her also seemed very familiar, so she turned around to look.

A familiar masked figure stood so close behind her. They were so close that the fox mask on Tang Li Xue's face and that man's face almost touched when Tang Li Xue turned around.

Tang Li Xue rolled her topaz blue eyes in displeased and took a few steps backward while grumbled silently in her heard: 'Is there any need to stand so close behind me?'

But her topaz blue eyes immediately lit up when she realized the familiar masked figure's identity.

He was actually Teacher Li Wei who taught today's class about Evolution!

He also wore a purple-colored pin badge on his right chest. Tang Li Xue did not know what it means, but it seems this male teacher has a quite high ranking position in this Inscriptionist Association.

Both of the fully armed guards even lowered their heads and respectfully saluted him when they saw this Teacher Li Wei.

"Teacher Li! I... I want to join Inscriptionist Association, but I don't have any Recommendation letter with me now." Tang Li Xue scratched her head in embarrassment.

Tang Li Xue wanted to ask Teacher Li's help, but she did not know if he will help her or not since Teacher Li was not Tang Li Xue's Instructor, so he did not have any obligation on helping her at all.

"Oh, that is not a problem. I will help you, but what you will do to repay me?" Teacher Li answered back with a teasing tone.

"I... I can pay some credits to Teacher Li... But I don't have much with me now. How about I owe it first? I promise I will definitely repay it soon." Tang Li Xue became really nervous.

All Inscriptionists were rich people, so paying a few tens of thousands of credits would not enough to fill their appetite.

Teacher Li chuckled softly when he saw Tang Li Xue's anxious expression and said: "I am only joking. Am I seem like that kind of cheap person to you? Let's go! I will bring you inside to sign up as a new member!"

Hearing this, Tang Li Xue sighed in relief. She followed Teacher Li closely from behind and quickly walked toward the inside of the building.

Entering the building, a faint floral scent drifted into Tang Li Xue's nose, giving her a refreshed feeling.

The interior of the hall did not have many people, with only a few people quietly performing their inscription work in front of their clients. Appearing to have heard the sound of footsteps, some of them lifted their head and swept gazes toward Teacher Li and Tang Li Xue, but they immediately saluted at Teacher Li respectfully.

Teacher Li waved his right hand, and they all began to once again bury themselves in their works while Teacher Li brought Tang Li Xue to the front desk of the Inscriptionist Association Building.

Looked at the current situation, Tang Li Xue guessed that this Teacher Li definitely has a high position in this Inscriptionist Association.

She was so sure that everything will go on smoothly with this Teacher Li's help but...

"Li Wei! I have not seen you for a few months, where have you been?" A cheerful girl ran towards Teacher Li, but she immediately stopped and stared at Tang Li Xue in an unfriendly manner.

"Who is this woman? Why she also wore a mask like you?" The cheerful girl's mood turned sour and asked Teacher Li as if he cheated on her.

The girl's age was around twenty. She had a delicate and pretty face that was enchanting. Her figure was a little petite, but her body was shockingly well developed. On her extremely matured delicate body, she wore a purple colored dress which perfectly matched with the purple pin badge on her right chest.

It was the first time Tang Li Xue saw this girl, but she could already smell a pungent smell of jealousy and trouble oozing out from this purple dressed girl.


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