Reincarnated As a Fox With System
177 Chapter 177: High-Temperature Battle!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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177 Chapter 177: High-Temperature Battle!

'It seems this is enough for this battle. Let's end this!' Tang Li Xue let her perfect copy canceled its [Shadow Bind], and the black male student could move again now.

The black male student swiftly dashed to Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao again to finish them as soon as possible so the three of them can deal with Tang Li Xue together later.

The black male student did not know that although Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao still could not move but both of them could still use their divine abilities!

Both Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao already waited for any foes to come near them so they could activate their divine abilities to escape from their immobilization state.

[Freezing Field]!

Bing Yi unleashed her divine ability the moment the black male student was about reached them.

The temperature around her dropped in an instant, and everything around her was covered by a thick layer of white frost!

The black male student and Hei Yinghao bodies also frozen solid by Bing Yi's [Freezing Field]!

However, Bing Yi did not worry about Hei Yinghao at all, because she already knew how strong he was.

While Tang Li Xue's perfect copy already stealthily stood behind the male red-robed student that used [Shadow Bind] on Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao, but he still did not sense Tang Li Xue's presence at all.

It seems Tang Li Xue's persistent daily training on [Art of Concealment] did not end up in vain.

Tang Li Xue's copy waved her slender hand and created a large white hammer using her [Energy Manipulation].

More than a two-meter tall giant white hammer instantly appeared in Tang Li Xue copy's hand.

She held it with both of her hands and swung it down forcefully onto the male red-robed student's head from behind.


The giant hammer crushed the male red-robed student along with the stone ground where he stood leaving a gaping hole and many giant cracks on the surrounding ground.

Tang Li Xue was really surprised by the giant hammer's power, and she also felt that controlling her copy's strength was actually a lot harder than controlling her own strength.

It was as if she had suddenly grown a new extra pair of hands and used it to hold a fragile egg without making it break.

'I should try to train my control over my perfect copy more if I have some spare time later.' Tang Li Xue thought for a while.

Tang Li Xue quickly urged her perfect copy to check the male red-robed student's condition. It would be a disaster if she accidentally killed him.

Tang Li Xue's copy raised her giant hammer and checked the male red-robed student's condition.

She immediately realized there was a thin layer of shield covering the unconscious male red-robed student.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief and stared at the faceless referee as she thought: 'So this is what this fake referee can do. Not bad! Now I don't need to worry about not being able to control my strength properly anymore!'

After being released from the [Shadow bind], Bing Yi approached the black male student and increased her [Freezing Field] output, made the thick frost layer covering the black male student's body gotten thicker and thicker.

While Hei Yinghao instantly flashed towards the female red-robed student who was already immobilized by Tang Li Xue's [Shadow Bind].


And he did not even hesitate at all to land a powerful kick on the female red-robed student's fairly beautiful face.

The female red-robed student flew backward several meters away and crashed hard onto the solid stone staircase until her body planted onto it.

All of the female red-robed student's Shadow Knights were scattered away in the darkness and turned back into shadow after the female red-robed student fell unconscious.

"Inspector Class Team wins!" The faceless referee spoke in a monotonous tone.

Tang Li Xue canceled her [Twin Moons] divine ability, and her perfect copy instantly vanished into thin air before the sparring room turned back from the Ancient Tomb into the normal Sparring Room.

The other two Executor Class teams started to hesitate when Tang Li Xue's team have won their first match pretty neatly.

"What? Don't tell me you are scared now?!" Bing Yi sneered mockingly at all of the Executor Class students after the previous Executor Class team carried by the medical squad.

"Scared? Hahaha... Don't get too cocky with just one win! Your team is only lucky because the previous team chose the dark arena!" One of the female Executor Class students sneered back and mocked Bing Yi.

All the Executor Class students thought Tang Li Xue has darkness type divine ability like [Shadow Bind] too that only usable in dark places, and that was the only reason Tang Li Xue's team could win so easily.

In other words, they thought Tang Li Xue's team was only winning the previous match because of luck and coincidence!

"Alright! This time you all can also choose the arena you like too." Hei Yinghao said to all the Executor Class students.

"Okay, we will choose then! Sparring Room Number 1476, choosing arena: Volcano Arena." The female executor class student shouted after she gave 5,000 credits to the faceless referee.

The scene in the sparring room instantly faded away, and their surrounding scene completely changed.

All of them were currently stood in the middle of the volcano!

There was the sea of lava everywhere, and they were stood at the only solid ground in the middle of the lava sea.

The temperature around here was also extremely high, enough to boil the cold water in a few minutes.

The expression of Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao turned solemn when they saw their surroundings.

Only Tang Li Xue stood there silently tried her hardest to resist her urge to laugh out loud.

'Playing with fire? With me? Bwahahaha... This match will be even easier than the previous one if I can use my Flame of Pride. Oh well, I will see first what they are up to.' Tang Li Xue grinned happily behind her fox mask.

Playing with fire in front of Tang Li Xue after she assimilated with Flame of Pride?

She was even currently cultivating the [Crimson Phoenix] chapter of the [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art]!

Furthermore, her current body was already tempered by [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] once, and she already had the [Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline] flowing in her veins!

Nobody could guess how high Tang Li Xue's fire resistance right now! Not even Tang Li Xue herself!

But if they could still hurt Tang Li Xue with ordinary flame or lava after all of these, Tang Li Xue would rather commit suicide with a block of tofu!

[Flame Giant]!

The first female red-robed student used her divine ability, and something big rose from inside the sea of lava.


Ten meters tall [Flame Giant] made from the scorching lava was roaring menacingly at Tang Li Xue's team.

'Oh, this divine ability is pretty good! Let's try it!' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone in excitement as she activated her divine ability.

[Mirror of the Moon]!

Copy Start!

Name: Flame Giant

Type: Divine Ability

Copy Completed!

The other female red-robed student also activated her divine ability at the same time.

[Blazing Firewall]!

The ten meters tall scorching firewall trapped Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao.

The third female red-robed student was laughing out loud at Tang Li Xue's team as she said: "Hahahaha... This is the end for all of you! Bye-bye! I hope all of you are strong enough to not die because of this!"

[Scorching Meteor Strike]!

The big flame meteor was summoned out from nothing and fell down from the sky with inconceivable speed toward where Tang Li Xue and the other stood!

There was ten meters tall high-temperature firewall surrounded them to prevent them from escaping.

 The only way for them to escape from this calamity was to forcefully breakthrough this scorching firewall and ran towards where the three female Executor Class students stood up now since the Scorching Meteor will not follow them and strike their own master or user!

But there was also a strong [Flame Giant] stood in front of the three girls from Executor Class, protecting them closely from any harm and foes.

If Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao dared to approach them carelessly, that [Flame Giant] would definitely strike them heavily!

"Rise! My flame giant!" Tang Li Xue chanted when the big Scorching Meteor almost hit her team.

The giant fist has shot out from the sea of lava behind Tang Li Xue!


The giant fist shattered the big Scorching Meteor into tiny pieces in one punch!

"W... Wha... What the hell is that?! NO! This is impossible! How could this be?!" One of the three female Executor Class students screamed in disbelief and horror.

More than twenty meters tall flame giant rose from the sea of lava!

Different from the female Executor Class student's [Flame Giant], the flame covered the entire body of this flame giant was deep blue. Its size also more than twice bigger than the female Executor Class student's [Flame Giant]!


Its roaring sound was also far louder and more intimidating than what Executor Class student has.

 The three female Executor Class students almost kneeled in fear and trepidation.

'Eh? Why my flame giant is bigger and stronger than theirs? Oh, I get it! It must be because all of my current stats are far higher than them after I evolved into [Uncommon] grade! Tsk, Tsk, Tsk... Let's see how powerful this giant truly is! Go, destroy them!' Tang Li Xue silently ordered in her mind.

Tang Li Xue's [Flame Giant] sprinted toward the Executor Class Student's [Flame Giant]!

The ground shook violently in each step it took, but it did not affect its speed at all! On contrary, Tang Li Xue's [Flame Giant] was quite fast for its huge size.

When Tang Li Xue's [Flame Giant] and Executor Class Student's [Flame Giant] stood face to face, it was as if a ten years old child facing an adult!


It only took a single powerful slap from Tang Li Xue's deep blue [Flame Giant] to turn the Executor Class Student's [Flame Giant] back into a pile of lava mud!

"Wa... Wait... Stop! Stop it! We... We are sur..." One of the female Executor Class Student shouted out in panic while raised her both of her hands.

But Tang Li Xue's deep blue [Flame Giant] already took a deep breath and...


Spouting out a huge amount of deep blue flame from its huge mouth toward the three female Executor Class Students.

"AAAAHHHHH!!!" The three female Executor Class Students screamed as the extremely high temperature deep blue flame scorched their clothes and bodies.

Fortunately, a thin layer of shield protected them at the right timing before the deep blue flame could touch their bodies and turned them into nothingness.

"Inspector Class Team wins!" The faceless referee shouted again in a monotonous tone.

Tang Li Xue canceled her [Flame Giant] divine ability after she heard that, and the deep blue [Flame Giant] lifelessly crumbled apart.

The medical squad hurriedly carried the three female Executor Class students since their burning wounds were quite severe this time.

"Okay, where is the next team?! Let's hurry and start! I have something important to do for after this!" Tang Li Xue urged the last Executor Class team.

Tang Li Xue planned to visit the Inscriptionist Association today after this so she could learn about the Inscription more detailed and find an experienced teacher to teach her the correct way to inscribe the higher rank talisman.

"Um... Eh, where are they?" Bing Yi looked around but she failed to find the last team from Executor Class.

"Eh... I ask where they want to go, and they said something like going to the toilet a minute ago." Li Jing answered innocently.

Tang Li Xue's lips twitched after she heard that. It was clear that the last team from Executor Class already ran away in fear after they witnessed Tang Li Xue's prowess.


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