Reincarnated As a Fox With System
174 Chapter 174: Proclamation of War!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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174 Chapter 174: Proclamation of War!

When the skies turned dark, Tang Li Xue tried to tell her copy to go to the auction house and sell all of the talismans she made before.

However, Tang Li Xue's copy vanished on its own after she walked for more than a hundred meters away from the original Tang Li Xue.

'So my copy can only separate for about one hundred and sixty meters away from me? Wait a minute... My current Spirit stat's value is at 163. Don't tell me the distance is related to my spirit stats too?! Tsk, tsk, tsk... just how many functions this spirit stat truly have?!' Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue when she realized several marvelous effects of the Spirit stat.

Since her copy from [Twin Moons] divine ability could not go too far away from the original Tang Li Xue, she has no other choice other than going to the auction house by herself.

Tang Li Xue took Yaya with her and went to the auction house to sell all of the talismans.

Tang Li Xue's copy successfully inscribed fourteen [Talisman of Regeneration +1] today.

She did not know why but her copy's success rate was astounding high to create fourteen [Talisman of Regeneration +1] in forty-two tries while she could only successfully create one [Talisman of Regeneration +1] in eight tries before if she was lucky.

Many of Tang Li Xue's abilities and skills were enhanced so greatly after she evolved into [Uncommon] grade demonic beast, so she did not know the exact reason why her success rate in creating talismans increased so highly.

But she still guessed it also related to her Spirit stat because when her Spirit stat increased, she could sense everything more clearly because of it. As if she could see through the law and mystery of the world. Although it was just a tiny weeny bit part of it, like peeking the world through the tiny keyhole, but the effect was tremendous.

After arrived at the auction house, Tang Li Xue managed to sell each of her [Talisman of Regeneration +1] for 1,600 - 1,800 credits, so she sold all fourteen [Talisman of Regeneration +1] for 23,900 credits in total.

This was the reason why Tang Li Xue decided to make [Talisman of Regeneration +1] to sell. The healing type talisman like the [Talisman of Regeneration +1] could be sold at a higher price than buff type or skill type talisman.

In the end, Tang Li Xue got 19,120 credits after the auction house cut 20% as their fee.

After added this with the credit in her previous saving, the credit she got from Instructor Mei Lan for her evolution, and the credit she got from winning the bet with the three Executor Class students, Tang Li Xue only has a bit more than 35,000 credits in her bronze card currently.

'Sigh... I need twice this amount to buy one High-level [Rare] grade beast core.' Tang Li Xue shook her head in disappointment and went back to her room with Yaya.

After cultivate until midnight like usual, Tang Li Xue fell asleep on the bed with Yaya.




Yaya woke up Tang Li Xue early, and she went to the education building with Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the other.

According to Li Jing and the others, their lesson today in the class would be about evolution to Spirit Beast.

The lesson's topic was piquing Tang Li Xue's interest. Although she still needs to evolve twice to reach the spirit beast rank, but it did not change the fact that she would reach that level sooner or later, and it would not hurt to learn about it earlier.

However, the moment Tang Li Xue and the others stepped into their mixed classroom for today, every red-robed student in the classroom stared at them with red eyes full of dissatisfaction and anger.

Tang Li Xue frowned a bit and decided to ignore all of them. She, Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the other were walking to the several empty seats in the middle of the classroom, but she was once again blocked by several red-robed students.

'Sigh... Not again! Is this the ritual of all Executor Class students or something? Why does this always happen every time I get into the mixed classroom?!' Tang Li Xue rolled her topaz blue eyes behind her fox mask in annoyance.

"You ugly b*tch! Did you know that you almost killed our three classmates yesterday?! You even dare to rob their credits away! They are still lying on the medical ward until now! Give all of their credits back right now so they can pay their medical treatment or we will make you lying there even longer than them!" Another female red-robed student shouted at Tang Li Xue full of rage.

Yaya that currently sat on the top of Tang Li Xue's right shoulder has frowned deeper as murderous intent emitting out from her tiny body.

But Tang Li Xue already warned Yaya yesterday that it was forbidden for anyone to fight in the education building other than in the sparring room on the second floor or they would be punished heavily.

So Yaya could only suppress her thick killing intent and act as if she did not hear anything like Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue could clearly felt what Yaya thought via their mind connection.

Tang Li Xue lowered her head and felt very guilty because she felt that she did not educate Yaya properly about how precious all life was.

Tang Li Xue decided she should try to educate Yaya bit by bit about this from now on, so Yaya would not kill everyone she did not like in the future like a mad murder.

The red-robed female student became even more daring when she saw Tang Li Xue lowered her head as if she felt really guilty to the red-robed female student.

"That's right! As long as you give all of your credits to me as compensation, I will bring you to them to apologize! If you kowtow sincerely to all of us from the Executor Class students, we will not make it hard for you! But if you refuse to do it, we will make sure to make you regret being born into this world!" The red-robed female student said with a threatening tone.

But when the red-robed female student looked at Tang Li Xue's cold piercing gaze, she subconsciously took a few steps backward in dread.

"Are you done?" Tang Li Xue asked the red-robed female student with a freezing tone while kept staring at her with her cold piercing gaze.

Then Tang Li Xue shifted her cold piercing gaze to the other red-robed students from the Executor Class and shouted loudly: "Are you all done?"

"I am starting to get bored with your pathetic boring habit of challenging me every time I get into the classroom, so I will challenge all of you instead! I, Tang Li Xue from Inspector Class challenge the entire Executor Class students!" Tang Li Xue shouted once again before the Executor Class student could say anything.

Tang Li Xue's voice was still as sweet as honey like a melodious beautiful song, but her tone was unusually cold and unfeeling.

"But I will not challenge any beggar, so we will bet 5,000 credits every time we fight. If you win, I will even pay three times from that amount to you! How about that? Chickens from Executor Class, if you dare to accept my challenge, then I will wait for all of you every day after the lesson in the class is over!" Tang Li Xue shouted with a taunting tone.

All the students in the classroom including Hei Yinghao, Bing Yi, Li Jing, and the other stunned silly by Tang Li Xue's challenge.

No, this was no longer a challenge but a proclamation of war with the entire Executor Class Students!

"F*ck you ugly bit*ch! How dare you challenge us like that?! Are you tired of living?!"

"Ugly bit*ch, I want to see if you can still flapping your tongue after I pull it out from your mouth later!"

"I will make sure to cut all your limbs until you beg me for mercy today, you ugly bit*ch!"


After saying everything she wanted, Tang Li Xue sat on the empty seat and ignored all the angry screams and yells from all the Executor Class students.

No one knew that Tang Li Xue was actually giggling mischievously behind her fox mask now and thought: 'With this, I can earn more credits faster to buy High-level [Rare] grade beast core while experimenting with my new equipment skills and new divine abilities! I am really so smart! Hehehehe...'

Although it was quite risky since she could attract attention from that [Demonic Blood Fox]'s big brother, but she also really wanted to test her limit by facing strong enemies like him so badly.

Moreover, it was forbidden to kill inside the Myriad Foxes Academy, and it was especially so inside this education building!

Rather than become overconfident and overestimating her limit, then got killed outside the Myriad Foxes Academy later, Tang Li Xue prefer if she got defeated and humiliated inside this Myriad Foxes Academy!

Not long after Tang Li Xue said her proclamation of war, the mixed class instructor for today walked into the classroom.

Strangely, today's mixed class instructor was actually a male who wore a fox mask on his face just like Tang Li Xue.

"Good morning to you all. I am your mixed class instructor for today, Li Wei. You all can call me Teacher Li. Today I will teach you about the process of evolution to become Spirit Beast. This lesson is very important and can affect your future so please pay attention carefully." Teacher Li said with his masculine voice, but his tone was really gentle like Instructor Mei Lan.

Among the other students, only Tang Li Xue and the others from Instructor Mei Lan's Inspector Class knew the true horror behind that gentle tone, so they did not dare to act carelessly or look down upon this Teacher Li.

Teacher Li has beautiful white hair, white pair of fox ear on the top of his head, and a white furry tail behind him like Bing Yi.

Tang Li Xue's smooth fur and silky hair were silvery-white, and it was glittering with gorgeous silver light. It was different from Teacher Li and Bing Yi since Tang Li Xue looked more magnificent and noble.

For an unknown reason, Tang Li Xue's gaze met with Teacher Li, and she somewhat knew that this Teacher Li was actually smiled toward her from behind his fox mask, maybe because he realized that Tang Li Xue was also wearing the fox mask like him.

After a few moments of looking at Tang Li Xue, Teacher Li switched his attention back towards all the students in the class.

But Hei Yinghao that sat beside Tang Li Xue also felt this Teacher Li was staring at Tang Li Xue for a few moments and mumbled in dissatisfaction: "What a pervert! You already so old but still dare to flirt with the female student using your eyes! Tsk!"

Tang Li Xue could hear Hei Yinghao's displeased words with her sharp ears, but before she could ask what he was talking about, Teacher Li's lesson already began so she decided to forget it and put her focus back on Teacher Li's lesson.

"Everyone here should already know you all will be given two choices after you reach Spirit Beast Rank to stay in your beast form or gain human form. But did you all know the meaning behind these two choices?" Teacher Li asked all the students to pique their interest.

Like what Teacher Li wished, all the students in the class became even more curious about his lesson, and they paid more attention now.

"I know many of you think that all of you already have incomplete divine ability to transform into human form, so you all think that you no longer need to choose to 'gain human form'. But I will let you all know that choosing to 'stay in your beast form' would be the most stupid choice you will ever make in your entire life!" Teacher Li's words were still gentle, but it was very unpleasant to everyone's ear.


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