Reincarnated As a Fox With System
172 Chapter 172: Sparring Battle With Executor Class Students!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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172 Chapter 172: Sparring Battle With Executor Class Students!

"Why are those five of your classmates here too? You all do not plan on going back on your words and gang up on us, aren't you?" One of the three red-robed students asked with a half-mocking tone.

"Of course not! You all don't need to worry about that. They are only here to watch our sparring. By the way, sparring without betting anything is not fun. What do you all think?" Tang Li Xue asked them with a cold tone.

"You still want to bet even when you fight against the three of us alone!? Pffft... Bwahahaha... This is the first time I meet with someone so stupid like you! It looks like you really want to give us your credits so badly. Alright, we will gladly accept it! You can determine how much credits we will bet!" The female red-robed student laughed at Tang Li Xue as if she heard something so funny.

"Ok, then I will bet 5,000 credits in this fight! Do you dare to accept it?!" Tang Li Xue crossed her arms and said with a leisure tone.

Actually, Tang Li Xue has more credits in her bronze card, but she really doubted these three Executor Class students have that much in their pocket too so she decided to only bet 5,000 credits.

On one side 5,000 credits were quite a large sum for one student, but these three could pool their money together to reach that sum.

On the other side, they would not wary of her too since 5,000 credits were still in their acceptable range. If she proposed any higher sum than that, these Executor Class students would certainly become suspicious of her, and it would not be strange for them to rejected Tang Li Xue's betting challenge.

"5,000 credits?!" The three red-robed students started to frowned and hesitate.

"What? Are you scared? Tsk... And here I always hear that all the Executor Class students are cruel and ruthless but valiant... What a group of cowards?! You all should change your class name from Executor Class to Chicken Class!" Tang Li Xue did not let them hesitate for too long and kept provoking them with her mocking words.

"How dare you?! Ok, we will accept it! I hope you don't cry and beg your friends for help when we teach you a lesson later!" The female red-robed student screamed at Tang Li Xue with a shrill voice like a banshee.

Tang Li Xue chuckled and went towards where Bing Yin and Hei Yinghao stood.

"You two have more experience in this than me, how far we can hurt each other in the sparring battle like this?" Tang Li Xue whispered to Bing Yin and Hei Yinghao with a soft voice.

"How far? Umm, everything is allowed as long as no one dies. Demonic beasts like us have strong regeneration thanks to the vitality energy in our beast core, so we can even grow our limbs back even if they are severed, but it will take a quite long time without medical assistance from the medical squad." Bing Yi explained patiently because she knew Tang Li Xue did not know this fact yet, since she evolved into a demonic beast just recently.

Tang Li Xue nodded in understanding and thought: 'Woah! So amazing? Now I know why all beasts always feel they are more superior to human...'

Tang Li Xue went back to the center of the arena, and the three red-robed students shouted at her impatiently: "Okay! We are ready! Let's be quick! We are so busy you know, and our time is so precious! Since we are three and you are alone, we will allow you to choose which arena you prefer."

Tang Li Xue also did not want to waste any more time and shouted: "Sparring Room Number 2833, choosing arena: Colosseum." 

Their surrounding scene distorted and changed from the closed arena into open colosseum!

"Let's begin!" One of the three red-robed students already rushed towards Tang Li Xue and shouted.

"As warm-up let's try this... 'Binding Rope'!" Tang Li Xue giggled mischievously when the male red-robed student only one meter from her.

 Tang Li Xue used her [Energy Manipulation] to condense white rope around the male red-robed student body to bind his body.

"Wha...?!" The male red-robed student was too surprised and he did not have any time to dodge, so the white rope coiled around his body and restricted his movement.

The male red-robed student tripped down and fell on his face first.

He rolled on the ground for some time before arrived near Tang Li Xue's feet.

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone brighter when she found out that anything she created from her [Energy Manipulation] could form almost in an instant made it applicable even in frontal battle such as now.

Tang Li Xue's sense felt something as she waved her right hand as if she wanted to catch something reflexively, and her right hand actually really managed to catch something invisible that flying at her in her palm.


It was actually an invisible sharp arrow!

If Tang Li Xue did not manage to catch it, this invisible sharp arrow would certainly hit her chest!

Although it definitely could not hurt her fatally with her current Toughness stat, but at least, it would be enough to break her skin and made her bleed a bit.

Tang Li Xue stared at where the invisible sharp arrow came from and saw the female red-robed student stood there with a shocked expression.

"Impossible! How can you catch my [Stealth Arrow] with only your bare hand? And how can you see my invisible [Stealth Arrow]?" The female red-robed student shouted in disbelief.

Actually, Tang Li Xue also did not know why. She only felt something dangerous was coming toward her and reflexively moved her right hand just like when you see a mosquito flew in front of your eyes, and you intentionally waved your hand.

However, Tang Li Xue could guess that this feeling was somehow related to her 'Spirit' stat.

'I should ask Instructor Lan about this later after she came back.' Tang Li Xue thought while the female red-robed student shot several [Stealth Arrow] toward her once again.

Tang Li Xue condensed a white shield in front of her with the [Energy Manipulation] divine ability.


All the [Stealth Arrows] collided with Tang Li Xue's white shield, but it only managed to leave a few scratches on the white shield's surface.

'I only use a few percentages of my total energies, but this white shield is already so hard. I wonder how strong it will become if I used all of my energies to create it!' Tang Li Xue exclaimed in her mind.

The third red-robed student was also a male. He has both the wind type and flight type divine abilities like Yaya. Currently, he flew above Tang Li Xue's head and planned to ambush her from above.

'Hm... Should I summon Yaya out from my system storage to play around with him for a bit?' Tang Li Xue smiled in amusement.

Before Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao got angry in the classroom before, Yaya was actually the first one to blow her fuse and almost attacked these three Executor Class Students.

So Tang Li Xue had no other choice other than stealthy store her into her system storage without anyone knowing it before she could make some troubles in the classroom.

"RRRAAAAGGGHHHH~!!!" The male red-robed student that still bounded on the ground shouted as his body turned into stone, his muscles also bulging out, and made Tang Li Xue's white rope broke.

The male red-robed student pounced at Tang Li Xue from the ground while swinging his large stone fist toward Tang Li Xue's fragile figure.

The third red-robed student already waited for this timing, and plunge down from the sky with the speed faster than sound.

The decisive attacks from below and above, the other students would certainly fell into panic if they were in this kind of dangerous situation.

The female red-robed student was also kept shooting her [Stealth Arrows] toward Tang Li Xue, but the white shield which hovering on Tang Li Xue's right side kept blocking her invisible arrows. So Tang Li Xue could not move the white shield to defend herself from the other two attacks.

But Tang Li Xue only chuckled softly from behind her fox mask.

She activated her [Ethereal Form] at the last moment when both of their attacks almost touched her slender body.


The two male red-robed students' attacks collided violently against each other, and both of them flew several meters away.

Tang Li Xue sighed in disappointment. She did not even do anything to them yet, but the two of them were already injured.

Especially the third red-robed student with wind type divine ability. His head collided so hard with the stone guy's powerful body blow, and many bones in his body broke.

This poor third red-robed student would certainly not be able to continue sparring with Tang Li Xue under that critical condition.

'Aiya... I don't even test any of my equipment or divine abilities but this guy is already down. I should tone it down a bit this time, so the last two can last longer for me to test several of my divine abilities.' Tang Li Xue shook her head while thinking.

Tang Li Xue did not cancel her [Ethereal Form], but she activated her [Twin Moons] divine ability instead.

Her perfect copy appeared right in front of her invisible self.

Her perfect copy also wore a white dress and a white fox mask. It even wore the [Critical Strikers] on his hands and the [Shadow Striders] on her feet.

'Oh? It's also wearing my equipment? Let's give it a try then!' Tang Li Xue giggled softly while giving the order to her copy to charge toward the female red-robed student with her mind.

Tang Li Xue's copy figure turned blur as she used her [Blink] skill to dash towards the female red-robed student.

The female red-robed student became anxious and shot her [Stealth Arrows] continuously toward Tang Li Xue's copy, only to be blocked by the white shield that hovering in front of Tang Li Xue's copy.

Tang Li Xue's copy waved her palm, and several white daggers condensed from her [Energy Manipulation].

All of the white daggers flew toward the female red-robed student with an unbelievable speed that almost could not be seen with naked eyes.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!!" The female red-robed student screamed with a shrill voice when several white daggers pierced deeply into both of her wrists, arms, and shoulders.

 Tang Li Xue's copy stopped right in front of the female red-robed student.

Their face was only a few inches away from each other made the female red-robed student's scalp went numb, and she quickly jumped back to create some distance for herself from Tang Li Xue's copy but unfortunately, it was already too late.

Tang Li Xue's copy slender hand caught the female red-robed student's fragile neck made the female red-robed student felt suffocating.

She could move both of her arms anymore, so she could only flail her feet around wildly.

"Release her, you b*tch!" The male red-robed student with a burly stone body charged toward Tang Li Xue once again.

Tang Li Xue's copy did not even plan to dodge or hide from the male red-robed student's heavy attack.

The male red-robed student released all of the strength in his body and swung his powerful heavy fist to Tang Li Xue's copy.

Actually, under this circumstance, Tang Li Xue's copy could use the female red-robed student as a shield, so the male red-robed student would definitely stop his powerful heavy fist before it hit her.

But she did not do that!

Because Tang Li Xue planned to test if her copy could also use the equipment skill!

So instead of using the female red-robed student as a shield or dodging with her [Ethereal Form], she attacked back with her [Critical Strikers]'s weapon skill!

[Final Strike]!



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