Reincarnated As a Fox With System
168 Chapter 168: Two OP Divine Abilities!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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168 Chapter 168: Two OP Divine Abilities!

Tang Li Xue wanted to raise her Spirit stat even more, but she decided to put it on hold when she remembered that head-splitting headache she felt before.

'I should do it bit by bit later, rather than put my free stats at once like before to prevent any bad side effect from afflicting my soul.' Tang Li Xue thought for a while and decided to put off on increasing her Spirit stat for later.

Tang Li Xue felt a bit proud when she realized her current maximum HP already reached 99,999.

She should have more than that with her current Toughness stat but it seems 99,999 was already the maximum amount for the [Uncommon] grade demonic beast, and if she wanted to increase it even more, then she needs to evolve into [Rare] grade demonic beast first.

Actually, Tang Li Xue's total current stats already comparable with any [Rare] grade demonic beast since she had innate type divine abilities that tripled her Strength, Agility, and Toughness stats from 900 to 2,700!

Added another 1,900 stats she got from her human cultivation, all three of her stats already reached 4,600!

However, all of those were only the numbers in the end. Fighting in real life or death battle was completely different from fighting in the RPG game.

As long as Tang Li Xue could not use all of her skills and divine abilities proficiently to the fullest like how Instructor Mei Lan can, all of those were just empty numbers.

Tang Li Xue observed all of her divine abilities one by one and found two new divine abilities among them: [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] and [Twin Moons].

Just from the name, Tang Li Xue could tell that these two divine abilities must be really powerful.

Tang Li Xue already had [Sun Dragon Claw] and [Sun Dragon Fangs] before, so this [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] should be also the part of the Sun Dragon Inheritance.

Tang Li Xue took out a table from the house and put in the middle of the courtyard for the target of practice and withdrew for a few meters away from it.

[Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes]!

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue right eye was glowing with blazing golden light like a fiery sun and...


The table was engulfed by the deep blue flame and dark gold flame leaving nothing behind in an instant.

Tang Li Xue agape in shock and her heart started to palpitate in excitement.

'Hehehehe... Muahahahaha... At last, another OP divine ability at my disposal! With this divine ability, I, Tang Li Xue already take another step further into the road of invincibility!' Tang Li Xue laughed maniacally.

Tang Li Xue took out several other furniture from the house and test the [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes]'s power several times.

In short, [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes]'s ability was to combust any target in Tang Li Xue's right eye vision regardless even if that target was hiding behind the barrier or the shield, as long as that target still in Tang Li Xue's right eye vision, then that target will never be able to dodge, avoid, parry, or defend from her flame at all!

This [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] was far even more dangerous than the previous two: [Sun Dragon Claw] and [Sun Dragon Fangs] since it could even regard the range! As long as the target was still in Tang Li Xue's right eye vision, she could practically set it ablaze!

Moreover, its effect was instantaneous!

Of course, there were also several flaws in this [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] since there was no such thing as perfect divine abilities, only perfect divine abilities' user that ever exist.

The first flaw was this [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] could only lock on one target in Tang Li Xue's vision for now.

Yes, it was only for now! This [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] itself was super powerful, but Tang Li Xue was not able to fully control it yet so she could only lock on one target every time she used it.

The second flaw was it cost a lot of energies each time Tang Li Xue used it, so she could only use it for three to five times before all of her energies were completely dried.

The third flaw was that she could only lock the target she could see with her right eye, so if the target turned invisible she could no longer lock it with this [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] anymore.

Despite all of its flaws, Tang Li Xue was very satisfied with this [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] since the firepower of this divine ability was the highest amongst all of her current divine abilities.

'Tsk! With this divine ability, I can blast anyone I don't like to cinder! But I must not use it carelessly in training, this divine ability's firepower is really horrible after all. Who knows if I accidentally killed someone close to me if I am not careful...' Tang Li Xue nodded with a solemn expression.

She decided to seal this [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] along with [Sun Dragon Claw] and [Sun Dragon Fangs] while in Myriad Foxes Academy to not attract any old monsters with bad intention.

Tang Li Xue took out another furniture from the house to try her last new divine ability: the [Twin Moons].

Since the [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] was so powerful, Tang Li Xue believed that this [Twin Moons] should not be that weak compared to it.

[Twin Moons]!

When Tang Li Xue activated her [Twin Moons], her left topaz blue eye was glowing with mysterious silvery light.

But the furniture in front of her did not shatter or explode like what she had expected.

Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw, and she almost fainted when she saw the furry figure stood in front of her.

The furry figure was as big as a Siberian husky. It has smooth silver-colored beautiful fur. It also has two silver tails and one golden flame tail fluttering behind it.

Its slender furry figure was so heroic and majestic with the air of nobility emitting out from its body.

Well, that silver furry figure was completely identical to Tang Li Xue herself.

Tang Li Xue has almost fainted on the spot but not because she was too surprised or too shocked but because she was too disappointed with this [Twin Moons]'s effect.

'How useless! Even that thief fox's [shadow clone] divine ability can create six clones when I copied it before, and this [Twin Moons] can only create one clone! Come on! How could the original divine ability I got from my evolution be this trashy?!' Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth in annoyance and frustration.

She opened her status window to check the effect of this [Twin Moons] divine ability.



[Twin Moons]: Made one true copy of the user. The copy will have 100% of the user's stats, divine abilities, skills, martial arts, etc. The copy will be able to do everything the user can do.

(If the copy is destroyed, the user will need to take the moonlight bath for 9 nights to recover it.)


Additional abilities:

[Swap]: The user exchanged the position with the copy.

[Damage Transfer]: The user will be able to transfer any damage she received to the copy. (If the user received a sudden deadly blow, this skill will automatically activate and send the damage to the copy.)

[Shared Senses]: Any information the copy received from all of its senses will directly be transferred into the user's mind.

[Merge]: Merge the copy with the user's body. Doubled the user's status for 1 hour! (The copy needs to be sacrificed to activate this ability.)



'Oh My Gawd!!! 100% of all my stats?! It can even use all of my skills and divine abilities?! What the hell! Doesn't it mean this copy is as strong as the current me?!' Tang Li Xue widened her eyes in disbelief.

Tang Li Xue nervously sent her will to her copy. She ordered her copy to use the [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] to the furniture in front of her.

However, the copy only stood there looking blankly at the furniture without doing anything.

'Eh? What's wrong? Why it did not do anything? Is it short-circuiting or something? Oiiii... burn that furniture for me!' Tang Li Xue slapped her copy's furry head with her paw just like when she tried to fix the broken old TV but her copy still stood there without doing anything.

'Tsk! Let's try [Moon Splitter] then!' Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue impatiently.

The copy raised both of its paws and waved it with cross chop movement. It shot out two silver slashes out.


The furniture was cut into four parts in an instant.

'Oh? It can use it? Not bad! Not bad! Hehehe... Let's try to do [Ethereal Form] next!' Tang Li Xue giggled and sent another order with her mind.

Her clone's furry body instantly turned transparent and vanished from Tang Li Xue's view.

After using several hours to experiment with her [Twin Moons] divine ability until the skies outside turned dark, Tang Li Xue finally managed to grasp some crucial information about it.

For example, this copy could not use three divine abilities: [Sun Dragon Claw], [Sun Dragon Fangs], and [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes]. Because these three divine abilities were linked with the bloodline inheritance from [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] in her Dantian.

The copy could not use the deep blue Flame of Pride since only the original Tang Li Xue that assimilated with Deep Blue Phoenix of Pride.

The copy also could not enter [Divine Possession] with Yaya, only the original Tang Li Xue could do that.

The last one thing was the copy could not summon Tang Li Xue's martial soul, the [Golden Winged Serpent], only the original could summon it out.

Tang Li Xue was not really disappointed since the [Twin Moons] divine ability already super powerful even without these four things.

'Well, this divine ability would probably too broken if my copy can even do all of those things. Hehehehe... Imagine if it can even summon out another one of the [Golden Winged Serpent]? It would probably be a nightmare for my opponents.' Tang Li Xue sneered while shaking her head.

Apart from those four things, Tang Li Xue's copy could basically do everything Tang Li Xue could!

However, the most crucial thing about this copy of hers was its [Damage Transfer] skill! It was truly a life-saving skill that granted Tang Li Xue with another extra life!

That [Swap] skill was also nasty for her foes if she used it suddenly during an intense battle.

The [Merge] skill was the most practical one since it doubled all of her stats for one hour, but unfortunately, she will need to sacrifice her clone for that.

The copy could even use Tang Li Xue's other new divine ability, [Energy Manipulation]!

Speaking of this [Energy Manipulation], it was actually another OP divine ability!

However, it also had a huge flaw.

This [Energy Manipulation] was too dependent on how many energies the user spent to create something from it.

For example, if Tang Li Xue used a tiny bit of her vitality energy to create a sword. That sword would probably only become a fragile sword that will break in one attack.

However, if she poured her entire vitality energy in her beast core, all of Qi in her Dantian and all of the spirit power in her soul, the sword she created would probably enough to obliterate the strong high level [Rare] grade demonic beast in one attack!

In short, the amount of energies she used to create something with this [Energy Manipulation] will determine the durability, power, how long it lasted, sharpness, quality, and many other aspects.

Tang Li Xue guessed that she could even insert several abilities into the item she condensed with this [Energy Manipulation] later if she has enough energy in the future.

It was already midnight after Tang Li Xue finished with all of her new divine abilities, so she decided to go back to her bedroom and sleep together with Yaya like usual.




Yaya woke Tang Li Xue up very early as usual, and both of them took a bath together before prepared to leave their room to meet with everyone.

'Come to think of it, I have not checked my current human form yet after I evolved before. I wonder how I would look right now in my human form! Hopefully, I have graduated from my loli form and take the more mature form!' Tang Li Xue silently prayed in her heart while activated her [Transfiguration: Human Form].


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