Reincarnated As a Fox With System
165 Chapter 165: Clash of Elementals!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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165 Chapter 165: Clash of Elementals!

Zi Hua frowned deeper when she did not find any trace of that 'thing' from Mei Lan and the dead body using her [Eyes of See Through].

'This is strange. Why is this place so messy? It looks as if there are several beasts that evolve together here before! Vortex, water, sun, and two moons... Come to think of it, these phenomenon's elementals did not match with each other!' Zi Hua inspected the rooftop surrounding carefully.

'Did Councillor Junjie and his daughter experiment with that 'thing' first before they dared to use it on themselves? Possibly! I cannot make them wary of me and make them guess that I know about that 'thing' in their possession for now! I will pacify them for now and think about my next move later after I went back!' Zi Hua thought carefully.

"Sigh... It's such a pity. Zi Hua conveys her condolence to Councillor Junjie and Miss Mei Lan. Please take this little gift as my apologies for forcibly barging here at the wrong time." Zi Hua handed a wooden box to Councillor Junjie before gave her salute to him and excused herself from there.

However, Councillor Junjie did not realize that before Zi Hua went away from there, her eyes glinted cold light as she sneered full of ruthlessness and craftiness.

After Zi Hua went away from the education building's rooftop, Councillor Junjie's gentle smile vanished as he snorted coldly and threw Zi Hua's wooden box carelessly into his space pouch.

Councillor Junjie walked toward where his daughter sat on the ground while holding the cold dead body of Tang Li Xue in her arms in a daze.

Councillor Junjie tried to comfort Mei Lan, but he did not have any experience in this so he did not know what to say in this situation. In the end, he only stood silently behind Mei Lan without saying anything.

"This is my fault. I should take care of her more and make more preparation carefully. I underestimated her and what happened now is the result of my negligence." Mei Lan shook her head in regret.

Everyone thought Mei Lan as a cruel instructor because the mortality rate of her students was so high, but the reality was actually far from that.

She only wanted all of her students to grow quickly under her tutelage so they could survive at the cruel human world outside later.

Myriad Foxes Academy was not a charity organization after all. All the foxes in the Myriad Foxes Academy would need to carry out many dangerous missions outside at some point.

But in the end, many of her students still died in the hands of humans when they carried their mission outside the Myriad Foxes Academy.

Actually, Tang Li Xue was Mei Lan's first student that died inside the Myriad Foxes Academy in front of her own eyes.

This was why the impact of Tang Li Xue's death was quite a big blow to Mei Lan's heart.

"Eh... This is strange. Lan'er, look at the skies! Why is the phenomenon not over yet?!" Councillor Junjie widened his eyes in surprise and shouted to notify Mei Lan.

"WHAT?!" Mei Lan looked upward to the skies and dropped her jaw in surprise.

Then she checked Tang Li Xue's cold body once again but the result still the same. Tang Li Xue has already died, and her breath has already completely stopped.

"How could it be?! What is exactly happening here?" Mei Lan screamed in shock and disbelief.




Mei Lan did not realize at all that Tang Li Xue, Yaya, and Blue Flame Phoenix did not die, but they had already stealthy teleported to another place several tens of miles away from the education building by her [Substitute Doll] before it shattered to dust.

Probably Tang Li Xue also did not know that her [Substitute Doll] could camouflage her death so perfectly, and it did not only fake her death but also Yaya and Blue Flame Phoenix.

The [Substitute Doll] also teleported the three of them to the safest place randomly.

Fortunately, they did not get teleported into the crowded public area, or they would certainly create a large commotion there.

Currently, Tang Li Xue and the others were teleported into an empty courtyard full of beautiful flowers and plants. There was a small pond full of rainbow-colored fishes in the middle of the courtyard.

But Tang Li Xue and the others did not have any free time to enjoy the beautiful scenery here since they were currently facing the most dangerous and critical phase of their evolution!

'AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH~!!! So painful! So itch!' Tang Li Xue was writhing her body as her body emitting out the red smoke because her blood was evaporated by intense heat coming from inside her body.

The source of intense heat was coming from the Yang Sun energies from the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] inside Tang Li Xue's dantian. This [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] was also the one that made the sun phenomenon on the skies to suppress the overbearing twin moons.

While her silver-white fur and skin were covered by a layer of frost from Yin Moon energy absorbed from the twin moons on the skies!

Two polar opposite elementals fought fiercely using Tang Li Xue's body as the medium, while her system kept using the energies of these two polar opposite elementals to condense the beast core for her!

The pain and itchiness she was feeling right now could not even be compared with what she felt when she was at the education building's rooftop! It was many times more intense than before!

She did not even have any spare energy or time to use another [Substitute Doll] in her system inventory.


The huge eye of the vortex on the skies spun faster and faster then it started to descend slowly toward where Yaya was!

Yaya's tiny body was floating upward by itself and started to greedily devour the huge eye of the vortex or its violent wind energies contained in there to be exact.

While all the liquid from all over the Myriad Foxes Academy were congregating in the sky, and it flew towards Tang Li Xue's martial soul at once. All of that liquid covered Tang Li Xue's martial soul like a cocoon!

At first, the cocoon was only as big as a soccer ball and covered the palm-sized Flying Golden Fish's ethereal body perfectly but the cocoon's size started to grow bigger and bigger until it was several tens of meters tall in size!

The dark gold sun flame kept entering Deep Blue Flame Phoenix, and it was already forming the dark gold-colored veins and meridians inside Deep Blue Phoenix's flame body!

The scorching deep blue flame from its body also started to mix with the powerful dark gold sun flame while the crimson-colored flame in its body began to fade and almost vanish as if it was devoured by the dark gold flame as its tribute!

Tang Li Xue's breathes and heartbeats were getting weaker and weaker. Even the vitality and life aura in her body almost extinct.

She used her last strength to extend her trembling limp paws and take out her last [Substitute Doll] from her system inventory but the [Substitute Doll] slipped out from her weak grasp and fell beside her.

She did not have any more energy to move any of her feeble limbs anymore. Her eyelid was also getting heavier and heavier.

Despite knowing that if she died, she would also drag down the Deep Blue Flame Phoenix and her martial soul with her.

She also did not know what will happen to Yaya if she died but it should not be something good to know.

But she could not help it at all!

She was too exhausted!

'I am sorry everyone... This is all my fault for being so weak... I promise to repay all of you in my next life... Goodbye...'

Yaya was the first to realize Tang Li Xue's critical condition, and she opened her emerald green eyes in an instant!

Yaya turned herself into a green light and entered Tang Li Xue's forehead!

[Divine Possession]!

Although Yaya was also currently facing the most important part of her evolution, she still decided to enter [Divine Possession] mode with Tang Li Xue to prolong Tang Li Xue's life even for just a little bit!

The cocoon made from the countless galloon of liquid also flew toward Tang Li Xue and swallowed her feeble furry figure into it!

Tang Li Xue's martial soul, [Flying Golden Fish] also decided to enter back into her mind in the split moment, in order to decrease Tang Li Xue's head-splitting pain and allow her to regain her ability to think for a few moments!

Moreover, its rich water elemental was the perfect counter for the raging Yang Sun energies in Tang Li Xue's body, and it has the ability to decrease all cold or ice elemental damage by more than 50%! Although, it was not enough to completely suppress the intense heat and freezing coldness, but it was enough to reduce her pain considerably!

The Deep Blue Phoenix also snorted coldly in displeasure and annoyance, but it flew back into Tang Li Xue's body.


The Deep Blue Phoenix assimilated back with Tang Li Xue increased her resistance to heat by a large amount!

All the damage Tang Li Xue currently received right now was decreased to only a few hundred and it completely countered by her [Regeneration] skill.

Tang Li Xue was still feeling a lot of pain, but it was not unbearable as before. she also still assaulted by unbearable itchiness on all over her fleshes thanks to her body that still growing bigger and bigger now.

However, all of this did not mean that Tang Li Xue and the others already passed the critical moment of their evolution!

They only decided to face it together instead of face it separately like before!

The huge eye of the vortex changed the direction of its descent towards the cocoon of liquid. The liquid also kept absorbed into Tang Li Xue's every pore made her extremely suffocating, but it alleviated the extreme heat inside her body.

 The dark gold flame also instantly burst out from the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] inside Tang Li Xue's dantian as if it was provoked by the Deep Blue Flame Phoenix that was currently assimilated with Tang Li Xue!

As if all of those were not enough yet, the twin moons and one sun on the skies fell down like three gigantic meteorites and their target was also Tang Li Xue herself!

'Holysh*t! This is insane! For God's Sake, I only evolve into [Uncommon] grade and not into spirit beast grade! Why the hell is the difficulty so high?!' Tang Li Xue cursed in her heart, but her mind was still thinking so hard trying to find the way out from this critical life-threatening situation.

Although these twin moons and one sun were not the real ones and only the phenomenon created by the moon energies in Tang Li Xue's body, the Crystal Moon Gem, and the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl], but the lethality of these three was not a mere illusion!

If they really hit Tang Li Xue's tiny fragile body, she would certainly evaporate into nothingness!

 Tang Li Xue looked around trying to find her last [Substitute Doll], but unfortunately, it has thrown off quite far away from her because of the violent vortex, and she currently could not move out from the cocoon of liquid!

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth as her topaz blue eyes shone with intense determination to live.

'Hopefully, this really works! The [Talisman of Invulnerability] activate!' Tang Li Xue took out a golden talisman from her system inventory with her paws and tapped it onto her furry body.

The faint golden light covered Tang Li Xue's entire body from inside out, protecting every corner of her body, mind, soul, and internal organs along with Yaya, Deep Blue Flame Phoenix, and her martial soul that was currently assimilating with her!


The four deadly phenomenons exploded out at the same time destroying the beautiful courtyard along with everything around it!

The violent rolling shockwave swept everything on its way, blowing all the dust and dry sand away!

 The earth-shattering explosion rocked the entire north education area made every fox there felt scared and wary.

The beautiful courtyard along with the area around it was already evaporated to nothingness, only leaving a huge deep hole. There was only a single pillar that stood at the center deep hole, and a giant hardened white cocoon lied on the top of that pillar.

The giant white cocoon's surface was so smooth just like a giant white crystal egg.

It fact, this white cocoon was condensed from the crystallization of the elementals' pure energies after the explosion phenomenon.

The giant white cocoon kept shrinking at the unbelievable fast pace as if something inside it kept devouring it.


[The Sun and Moon Beast Core already formed!]

[Congratulation! The host successfully evolved into Imperial Sun and Moon Fox!]

[Detecting Imperial Moon Fox Bloodline in the host body...]

[Congratulation! The host has awakened the Royal Bloodline inheritance: Regalia of Moon!]

[Detecting Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline in the host body...]

[Congratulation! The host has awakened the Royal Bloodline inheritance: Regalia of Sun!]

[Regalia of Sun and Regalia of Moon has been fused...]

[Congratulation! The host has awakened the variant Royal Bloodline inheritance: Regalia of Eclipse!]

[Detecting the host current strength is too low to use the Regalia of Eclipse!]

[Initializing the Chain side-quest (I): The quest for Power!]


[Chain Side-Quest (I): The Quest for Power]

[Quest: Consume 3 Human's High-Rank Golden Cores/ High-level [Rare] grade beast cores (0/3)]

[Reward: Regalia of Eclipse 1st Power!]


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