Reincarnated As a Fox With System
164 Chapter 164: Mishap!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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164 Chapter 164: Mishap!




A fair-skinned beautiful woman was currently hovering on the top of Myriad Foxes Academy, while kept staring at the rooftop of the education building where Tang Li Xue undergoing her evolution process right now.

The woman wore a loose white dress. It was extremely revealing, and fully revealed her voluptuous curves that were sexy and charming.

With such a charming and gorgeous appearance coupled with a hot and sexy figure, the woman's entirety emanated charm and temptation that would drive men mad.

Her eyes seemed to hold pools of spring water, and it caused her to reveal natural charm as her eyes moved about.

However, there were four tails condensed from the purple flames fluttering behind her along with her long hair.

The beautiful woman frowned, and her figure suddenly vanished from where she was currently hovering before.

"Greetings to the beautiful President of the Inscriptionist Association, Miss Zi Hua. May I ask why your distinguished self came to my humble Education Department?" A masculine voice with gentle tones entered the beautiful woman's ear.

A handsome black-haired man appeared right in front of the beautiful woman, Zi Hua, and greet her politely with a gentle smile on his face, but it was clear that the man intended to stop Zi Hua from approaching the education building's rooftop.

As the most beautiful race, it could be said that no one in the entire fox race has an ugly human form. All of the foxes' human forms were extremely exquisite whether it was male or female.

Moreover, almost all the beasts have a far longer lifespan compared to the human race, so the beasts in their human form will always look so youthful.

"President of the Inscriptionist Association, Zi Hua greets Education Councillor Junjie. I only want to know who is the one evolving into a spirit beast tonight and make the commotion this big so I come here to check." Zi Hua bowed her head a bit and smiled while saluting the man in front of her politely.

Congratulation to Councillor Junjie on having another powerful subordinate! But can you allow me to witness your subordinate evolution process?" Zi Hua asked for permission while trying to probe some information from Councillor Junjie with her congratulation.

"Oh? I am sorry President Zi Hua, but my education building's rooftop is off limit for tonight. I hope President Zi Hua can understand my predicament. On the one side, I really want to help the beautiful President Zi Hua, but on the other side, I must protect my education department's interest. Sigh... this is really a thorny problem for me." Councillor Junjie sighed in regret, and even his expression was showing how regretful he was.

But who knows that Councillor Junjie laughed mockingly at Zi Hua in his heart while cursing someone in anger: 'Pffft... Powerful subordinate? How the hell I don't know what are you talking about?! But I will lose my face if I say I don't know anything about what happened in MY own building, so I am forced to admit it! Tsk... that daughter of mine is really cannot stop making trouble for me! I am almost dying from anger tonight! I will make sure to teach that troublesome daughter of mine an unforgettable lesson later!'

Councillor Junjie's expression did not change at all from outside. He was still smiled gently and every of his movement exuded elegance.

If Tang Li Xue, Bing, Yi, Li Jing, and the others saw this Councillor Junjie, they would find all of his gestures were quite identical with their teacher, the Instructor Mei Lan.

'Is that 'thing' really fell into this Councillor Junjie's hands? No, if this Councillor Junjie really has that 'thing' in his hands, he will never lend something so important even to his confidant! But maybe he lends it to his family member to assist them in their evolution?' Zi Hua's thought spun quickly while she kept staring at the Councillor Junjie's expression to judge if he really had that 'thing' in his possession or not.

'The timing of that 'thing' is missing and this fox evolution is too close. I doubt that all of this is just a coincidence!' Zi Hua's face darkened when she deduced everything in her mind.

'No matter what happens I must see who is the one evolving now first before deciding what to do! I can even use my talisman to use a technique that allows me to check if that 'thing' is really there later!' Zi Hua's eyes glinted coldly as she what she needs to do.

"Then Zi Hua apologizes to Councillor Junjie first for my impoliteness. But this one is really curious to death so this one wants to personally see the fox that evolves tonight from close." After Zi Hua said her apologies, the purple flame started to burst out violently from her voluptuous body.

"Sigh... Miss Zi Hua, why a distinguished person such as yourself need to be so pushy? Isn't better if we drink some good wine under the plum tree tonight while enjoying the beautiful starry skies rather than watching this boring process of evolution?" Councillor Junjie sighed again in regret but four of grayish tails appeared behind him as his powerful aura also instantly exploded out from his robust body to greet Zi Hua's purple flame.


The earth-shattering battle between the two [Epic] grade spirit beasts has broken out on the night skies above the Myriad Foxes Academy tonight.




While Yaya, Deep Blue Flame Phoenix, Tang Li Xue, and her martial soul was still remained oblivious about it and busily facing their own difficult evolution process on the education building's rooftop.

Especially Tang Li Xue!

The evolution from the savage beast to the demonic beast was completely on a different scale from [Poor] grade to [Common] grade or [Uncommon] to [Rare]. It was a true major breakthrough, the same as when the demonic beast evolved into a spirit beast.

When the beast from the [Poor] grade evolving into [Common] grade savage beast, they only felt unbearable itchiness on their body because it means their body has grown stronger so quickly but when the savage beast evolving into a demonic beast, they need to form a beast core inside their body!

That beast core would be the source of their life and power! The place where they will accumulate their vitality energy just like a dantian for humans!

Currently, Tang Li Xue's Greater Lucky Sticker Buff duration has already long been up, and she even met with a great life-threatening mishap.

She was still gritting her teeth to withstand the unbearable itchiness on her every flesh and the unimaginable pain from inside her body.

-4978, -4137, -4843, -4126, -4723.....

The damages she received were already reduced more than half by her [Golden Body] but it was still decreasing so fiercely.

+1644, +1644, +1644, +1644, +1644.....

The health regeneration bonus from her [Golden Body] plus her [Regeneration] skill could not keep up with the speed of her HP decreasing!

She did not even have any energy to spare for cursing and howling like when she evolved from the [Fox Cub] to the [Moon Fox] before.

The unbearable itchiness on her every flesh means that her body kept getting stronger by leaps and bounds nonstop right now.

The unimaginable pain from inside her body means that the beast core was currently still in the forming process.

However, her beast core was clearly vastly different from the normal beast core!

It was forming from the compression of the Yang Sun energy and the Yin Moon energy!

Moreover, the amount of Yang Sun energy and Yin Moon energy must be always the same to keep its balance!

If one of them was only a little bit more than the other, it would create the violent chain reaction of failure and then... BAAAMMM!

The beast core would explode and Tang Li Xue would definitely die from the huge explosion coming from within her own body.

Of course, it was impossible for anyone to keep these two insanely powerful opposite powers in balance while withstanding unbearable itchiness on their flesh and unimaginable pain from the inside of their body and soul.

Fortunately, Tang Li Xue has the OP system that did it automatically for her!

The disadvantage was the OP system always attached the utmost importance in the result and regard Tang Li Xue's safety as the lower priority.

This was the main reason why Tang Li Xue fell into this predicament!

Because if her system did not chase for the optimum result, then she did not need to feel this unbearable pain coming from inside her body.

But it was already too late for her to regret it now. What she could do right now was only to resist the unbearable itchiness on her flesh and unimaginable pain inside her body until her beast's core was fully formed, and her evolution process was finally over without passing out.

This process should be easy for her if she used her [Talisman of Numbness +2] and her [Talisman of Regeneration +2] to herself at this moment but unfortunately, she already used the two of them to Yaya and Blue Flame Phoenix before.

Furthermore, she also needed to resist the mind-breaking pain that kept assaulting her mind because of her martial soul's evolution right now.

It could be said Tang Li Xue was almost out of luck, and she was destined to die tonight.


Luckily, she made the most correct choice when she decided to use the [Greater Lucky Sticker] tonight!

However, all of these happened were not because of Tang Li Xue's fault at all since the [Greater Lucky Sticker] brought this dangerous evolution path process to her but it also gave her the solution for it!

Tang Li Xue pulled out the [Substitute Doll] from her inventory system and swiftly inserted her silver-white fur into it.


[Successfully bind the Substitute Doll with the owner. From now on any damage or lethal damage the owner takes would be transferred to Substitute Doll.]

-4794, -4756, -4294, -4903, -4389.... (Taken by [Substitute Doll])

+1644, +1644, +1644, +1644, +1644.....

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief when she looked her HP started to regenerate steadily.

At the very least the torturous pain from inside her body and mind was received by the [Substitute Doll] for now, although she still must keep withstanding the unbearable itchiness on her every flesh.

Tang Li Xue thought she would be safe with [Substitute Doll]'s protection but who knows that the [Substitute Doll] in her paws started to crumble bit by bit after more than one minute!

'Holysh*t! For God's sake, I only evolve from the [Common] grade to [Uncommon] grade! Is there any need for this to be so dangerous and difficult?!' Tang Li Xue grimaced and groaned.

After the [Substitute Doll] in Tang Li Xue's paws crumbled half, the inside of her body and her mind began to be attacked by the unbearable pain once again.

Her blood kept dripping down from her every pore soaking the floor below her feet with crimson color.

Tang Li Xue's eyes turned fuzzy, and her blood-soaked body dropped down limply on the floor.

Instructor Mei Lan could no longer watch quietly from afar!

Her slender body vanished from where she stood before and appeared right beside Tang Li Xue.

Instructor Mei Lan retrieved out a wooden box from her space pouch. She hastily opened the wooden box and took out a green pill from inside it.

With a single glance, anyone could tell that this green pill was extremely precious from how exquisite the wooden box was.

Tang Li Xue shook her head weakly as she tried to refuse Instructor Mei Lan's precious pill.

She already used the [Substitute Doll] after all, and she would not die even if she was killed. So eating this precious pill would only wasting a precious resource.

"Little Xue! Please, be good and eat this! This Green Dew Pill is an extremely precious healing pill. It can recover anyone to their most healthy state as long as that one still breathing! If you eat this..." Instructor Mei Lan tried to force the green pill into Tang Li Xue's mouth while explaining the pill's effect, but before Tang Li Xue could eat it...


Tang Li Xue's eyes were closed, and she stopped breathing completely.

"Little Xue? Please stop joking with me! LITTLE XUE!" Instructor Mei Lan was still in a daze and shouted at Tang Li Xue's body desperately in disbelief.

She kept shaking Tang Li Xue's cold body full of anxiousness and sorrow.

The protection array on the education building's rooftop started to crack bit by bit. The cracks kept spreading wider and wider to the entire protection array for a few minutes before finally...


The transparent protection array shattered completely into countless tiny pieces like a glass wall, and two people landed gracefully on the education building's rooftop.

These two people were, of course, Councillor Junjie and Zi Hua.

However, they temporarily stopped their fighting when they saw Mei Lan held a dead body in her arms.

Zi Hua silently used her [Talisman of See Through] under her sleeve, and her eyes were shining with a strange dim blue glow as she scanned Mei Lan and the dead body in her arms.


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