Reincarnated As a Fox With System
163 Chapter 163: The Quadruple Evolution Phenomenon!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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163 Chapter 163: The Quadruple Evolution Phenomenon!

"Little Xue... You know, even someone as kind and patient as me are starting to lose my patience now, and I am sure you don't want to know what I am going to do to you if that happens. So you better hurry and start to evolve now!" Instructor Mei Lan's expression turned completely dark and gloomy.

 It was clear what she felt after she saw Tang Li Xue was playing around while laughing by herself like an insane person, took out the giant white stone then ate the mushroom greedily, and now Tang Li Xue stood there while touching the giant white stone with her left palm with a nervous expression.

Tang Li Xue's face turned pale like a piece of white paper, and she did not know what to do right now either.

After waiting for ten minutes or so and there was no more response or notification from her system, Tang Li Xue was ready to give up, so she turned her petite body and tried to apologize to Instructor Mei Lan with teary eyes.

"Instructor Lan I..."

But before Tang Li Xue could finish her words...


The blinding white and golden lights were shining from the skies above them.

Instructor Mei Lan and Tang Li Xue quickly covered their eyes from the blinding lights with their palm.

Instructor Mei Lan peeked through the gap between her fingers to look at what exactly was those lights coming from.

"Oh... my... this... this is impossible!!! How can it be?!" Instructor Mei Lan's slender body trembled violently, and she kept mumbling in disbelief.

It was natural for her to be so shocked because currently there were two moons and one sun on the skies!

Even Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in shock. She took a few steps backward and wanted to lean on the giant [Crystal Moon Gem] but the gem was already completely vanished and could no longer be found anywhere now.

[Establishing the connection with the source of the rich Yang Sun energies...]

[The connection with the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] has been successfully established!]

[Stabilizing the amount of Yang Sun energies and Yin Moon energies...]

[The balance between Yang Sun energies and Yin Moon energies has been met!]

[Warning! The evolution path suitable for the current host cannot be found!]

[Building the personal variant evolution path suitable for the current host using the Imperial Moon Fox template as the base!]

[Reconstruction of personal variant evolution path for the current host has succeeded!]

[Initiate the personal variant evolution path: Imperial Sun and Moon Fox!]

'Woah?! Is this something more amazing than the hidden previous one?! I mean it has 'Sun' in its name now! So it must be something more amazing! Definitely... Probably... Possibly... Maybe... Oh well, I don't care! At the very least I am really glad that I can still evolve into [Uncommon] grade demonic beast now!'

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief, and her [Transfiguration: Human Form] automatically canceled when she started undergoing her evolution process. So currently, Tang Li Xue's form has returned to her moon fox form.

Tang Li Xue took out her [Talisman of Numbness +2] from her space pouch and held it tightly with her paws.

'Come on! I am ready for this!' Tang Li Xue squinted her topaz blue eyes and licked her lips in excitement.

However, once again something shocking happened beyond Tang Li Xue's prediction! 


The dormant Deep Blue Phoenix in its majestic cocoon jumped out from Tang Li Xue's dantian and begun to devouring the rich Yang Sun energies from the sun imitation on the current night skies!


The cocoon made from the compression of the deep blue flame and dark gold flame started to fill with cracks!

'Oh? Is it already the time for this lazy bum to...' Tang Li Xue stared at the Blue Phoenix's cocoon curiously but before she could finish her thinking, something surprising has happened again for the third time!


Tang Li Xue's martial soul, the [Flying Golden Fish] summoned out by itself without Tang Li Xue's will it!

The [Flying Golden Fish] began to crazily absorb the essence of the sun and moon. Countless tiny white and gold energy particles like fireflies entered its tiny golden body.

Its magnificent golden body started to fill with cracks too just like the Blue Phoenix's cocoon, and Tang Li Xue could feel an intense stinging pain assaulting her mind because of it.

'Dammit! What the hell is happening here? Don't tell me these two will also evolve tonight like...' Tang Li Xue frowned deeply, but for the fourth time, Tang Li Xue's thinking was interrupted by something.

This time was actually Yaya's talked to her, asking for her help.

Yaya said to Tang Li Xue that she was in great pain and her body felt very uncomfortable.

Tang Li Xue herself also started to feel the great itchiness spreading through her entire body and her mind was still assaulted by the intense stinging pain because her martial soul that crumbling apart.

But she still decided to grit her teeth and withstood everything then ran toward where Yaya was to check her current condition!

The surrounding air on the rooftop turned chaotic, and even the surrounding wind was raging in an erratic manner, while Yaya lied down on the ground and writhing in pain.

That's right! Yaya already ate so many foods this month, after she entered Myriad Foxes Academy and since Tang Li Xue got so many credits from inscribed the talismans for sale.

It was also true that Yaya already reached level 21 this week, and she was ready to evolve, but Tang Li Xue never thought that Yaya would also evolve on the same day and at the same time as her!

'Holysh*t! This is really impossible! How could this happen at the same time?!' Tang Li Xue started to get more anxious and panic.

It was clear that her martial soul, the Deep Blue Phoenix, and Yaya was currently evolving on the same day and at the same time as her!

When Tang Li Xue was almost lost all of her wits and mind in this peril situation...

"LITTLE XUE!!! Calm down yourself first, you little idiot!"

 Tang Li Xue heard Instructor Mei Lan's shout, but her tone was exceptionally fierce today.

"Remember! You cannot solve anything if your mind is not calm. Your heart can get angry, regret, panic, or anxious, but your mind must always stay clear so you can take the best choice at the right time in any kind of situation without any regret!" Instructor Mei Lan's told Tang Li Xue her advice calmly from afar.

But Tang Li Xue did not know that although Instructor Mei Lan looked really calm on the surface, she was actually very surprised inside by all of Tang Li Xue's secrets!

Just that Deep Blue Flame Phoenix inside Tang Li Xue's body was already very shocking, but who knows that Tang Li Xue actually has a martial soul just like a human! 

However, it was common knowledge for all beasts that only a newly evolved spirit beast could get a martial soul when their beast form remained dormant for some time until their human cultivation reached a certain threshold.

Instructor Mei Lan shook her head, and she decided to ask Tang Li Xue after all of this was over later.


Tang Li Xue inhaled deeply as her topaz blue eyes cleared from all confusion and anxiousness after she heard Instructor Mei Lan's words.

Tang Li Xue thought for a while before she tossed the [Talisman of Numbness +2] to Yaya. She even added [Talisman of Healing +2] to make sure Yaya will be alright, and Yaya could pass the evolution process safely.


The Deep Blue Flame Phoenix smashed its cocoon to pieces and soar out to the night skies!

Or so what it really wanted to do but it dropped down to the rooftop again before it could fly too high...

Right now, it was jolting around in pain as its deep blue flame body was burned by the extremely lethal dark gold flame!

Tang Li Xue: '.....'

She really did not know what to think about this stupid bird anymore now. This little blue rascal fell asleep after almost killed her before when it brought the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] into her dantian, and it only woke up tonight at this time to ask for her help?!

'The hell is wrong with this flame?! The most vicious flames, the seven earthly flames of desire? My a*s! What kind of pathetic flame can get burned by the other flame?! Tsk! I really almost angered to death by it tonight!' Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth in anger and annoyance but she still admitted that this flame already helped her so much before.

Moreover, if this Deep Blue Phoenix managed to evolve even stronger then it means her deep-blue flame will also get far stronger than before. Added with her strength after she evolved later, her combat prowess would definitely soar to an imaginable level!

Of course, she and this blue rascal needed to pass tonight tribulation first before they could become stronger!

Tang Li Xue hesitated for a while before she took out her precious [Talisman of Regeneration +2] and [Talisman of Iron Skin +1] then threw it toward the burning Deep Blue Phoenix.

With the [Talisman of Iron Skin +1] 20% damage reduction and [Talisman of Regeneration +2] unbelievable healing power, this Deep Blue Phoenix should be able to pass its evolution process safely.

She already made many preparations in this one week before her evolution day, but who knows that she needed to use all of her safety cards to assist Deep Blue Phoenix and Yaya evolution rather than her own evolution.

 Now Tang Li Xue could only depend on herself to pass her own evolution phase and her martial soul's evolution phase.

The two moons and one sun on the skies got brighter and brighter. At first, it only looked ethereal like an illusion, but now it was getting more and more the real!

Even all the foxes in Myriad Foxes Academy could feel the sun's scorching temperature and the two moons' freezing temperatures at once.

The commotion started to burst. Many crowds of foxes were heading to the education building to witness the phenomenon clearer and find the source of that phenomenon.

The sun in the middle while the two moons were at the sun's right and left side.

But the two moons were moving closer and closer to the sun in the middle at the snail pace!

Especially such a grand phenomenon only came from Tang Li Xue's evolution alone!

While the other three, Yaya, Deep Blue Phoenix, and the [Flying Golden Fish] also started to trigger their own evolution phenomenon!

The wind, air, and the cloud on the Myriad Foxes Academy's surrounding and on the skies above it began to swirl violently making the colossal eye of a giant vortex!

The deep blue flames with its high temperature and the dark gold flames with its power to annihilate everything was raging violently on the rooftop and the skies above it, destroying everything they touched including any particle of dust, wind, and air!

Deep Blue Phoenix used its tiny flame body as the medium to merge these two overbearing flames. The process was quite slow, but it did it very carefully without any mistakes.

Its tiny flame body kept being destroyed by the resisting dark gold flame, but it also kept getting healed thanks to Tang Li Xue's two talismans. Deep Blue Phoenix could handle it with ease now, and its resistance against the dark gold flame was also getting higher and higher the longer the time passed.

As for Tang Li Xue's martial soul, the [Flying Golden Fish], it was clear that Tang Li Xue's Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline has a large impact on her martial soul's evolution path.

It started to shed its brittle skins, and its fish form was slowly changed bit by bit!

Only the pair of golden angel wings on its back did not change, but it was shining with even more brilliance. Its body also got longer and longer.

If Tang Li Xue saw her martial soul's form right now, she would certainly drop her jaw in a silly manner by it. She could definitely recognize it immediately as its form got more identical with the dragon in the legend!

It was a different kind from the western dragon form like the [Red Eyes Winged Lizard], but it was more identical to the Chinese dragon but with an additional pair of brilliance golden wings on its back.

Moreover, all kinds of liquid in the entire Myriad Foxes Academy including any water, tea in the cup or teapot, and medicine solution started to get restless because they were attracted by its power.

All of the slowly flew upward on its own and their destination was the rooftop of the education building!

The quadruple evolution phenomenon at the rooftop of the education building was even starting to draw the attention of the superior at the Myriad Foxes Academy.


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