Reincarnated As a Fox With System
162 Chapter 162: 2nd Evolution! START!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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162 Chapter 162: 2nd Evolution! START!

[Congratulation! You got unique-tier [Energy Manipulation] divine ability from the wheel of power!]

'Woah... Energy Manipulation? Unique-tier divine ability?' Tang Li Xue stared quizzically at the system log.

[Energy Manipulation]: The divine ability that allows the user to manipulate any kind of energies in the user's body such as spirit power, Qi, or Vitality Energy to form something according to the user will like shields, swords, arrows, etc.

'Owh My Gawd! This [Energy Manipulation] is godly divine ability!' Tang Li Xue screamed in her mind excitedly, while grinning with a silly face.

This was her first offensive type divine ability other than [Mirror of the Moon] that capable of copying any divine ability.

Of course, that was if she did not count the [Sun Dragon Claws] and the [Sun Dragon Fangs] she obtained from the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl].

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth as she resisted the urge to search about Unique-tier divine ability in her [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] and took out the giant [Crystal Moon Gem] from her space pouch.

She put the giant [Crystal Moon Gem] that looked like a giant white granite rock in front of her.

'Hmm? What the hell is this crystal mushroom? Let's see if my basic [All Knowing Eyes] can see its function!' Tang Li Xue activated her basic [All Knowing Eyes] and looked at the crystal mushroom that was growing under the [Crystal Moon Gem].

[Moonlight Mushroom]

[Description: The special mushroom grew on the Crystal Moon Gem and absorb moonlight energy every day for 100 years. Beware! It will wither after one day of being plucked from the Crystal Moon Gem.]

[Function: Each mushroom contains 100 energies of the moon. (1 energy of moon = 1 night of moonlight bath)]

Tang Li Xue: 'WHUUUUUUT?!'

Tang Li Xue wanted to cough out a mouthful of blood after she read the mushroom's function, and she almost fainted in regret and anger.

She waited patiently for three months, but the answer to her trouble was actually already in front of her eyes since the very start!

Tang Li Xue started to ponder for a while, she must use this [Crystal Moon Gem] for her evolution but this [Moonlight Mushroom] will wither after one day of being plucked from the Crystal Moon Gem.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth as her topaz blue eyes shone with determination and thought: 'It will be a great waste to not use this [Moonlight Mushroom]! I still have Greater Lucky Sticker Buff anyway! Hopefully, eating this [Moonlight Mushroom] will bring me extra benefit when I evolve later!'

Tang Li Xue plucked the [Moonlight Mushroom] one by one and stuffed it into her mouth greedily.

It was not because these [Moonlight Mushroom] were delicious or something but because her Greater Lucky Sticker Buff was still ticking off every second and duration kept decreasing.

'Damn! Who knows that these ugly looking mushrooms are really super-duper delicious?!' Tang Li Xue thought while kept stuffing the [Moonlight Mushroom] into her mouth with a delightful expression.

Okay, maybe the deliciousness also one of the factors she ate it greedily like that...

[Moonlight energy increased by 100!]

[Moonlight energy increased by 100!]

[Moonlight energy increased by 100!]


Instructor Mei Lan's expression turned darker and darker when she saw Tang Li Xue took out the giant white stone and even started to eat the crystal mushrooms which grow on it.

Tang Li Xue did not know how many credits Instructor Mei Lan had spent and how many of her superior she needs to threaten... cough... cough... I mean plead to reserve this entire rooftop of the education building.

"If this little scoundrel dares to pull my legs, I will certainly make sure she regrets being born into this world tomorrow!" Instructor Mei Lan mumbled softly as a wisp of ruthlessness shone from the deepest of her obsidian black eyes.

It was natural that Instructor Mei Lan felt as if she was being cheated by Tang Li Xue because, among all of her students before, there was no one did what Tang Li Xue do right now.

"Okay, this is the time! Yaya, can you retreat a bit for me?" Tang Li Xue said to Yaya that sat quietly on the top of her right shoulder.

Yaya looked at Tang Li Xue full of worry but Tang Li Xue only rubbed Yaya's tiny head gently and said: "There is no need for you to worry. This is a common process for a beast! I will only evolve into higher grade beast and become stronger then we will go home like usual after that, okay?!"

Yaya reluctantly nodded to Tang Li Xue and she flew away a few meters from Tang Li Xue.

'Oh yeah... I almost forgot about that tiny black box!' Tang Li Xue slapped her forehead lightly and took out the tiny black box she got from the dying fox body before from the ancient cauldron full of cracks in her spatial ring.

 Tang Li Xue tried to open it tiny black box in her hands but it was clearly locked by complicated tiny runes. It would probably take her a few months to a few years to crack it.

Tang Li Xue almost abandoned this tiny black box and threw it back into her spatial ring but a flash of inspiration appeared in her mind before she could do that.

She took out her golden [Inscription Pen] from her system inventory.

With the incredibly powerful [Penetration] effect and the golden [Inscription Pen] ruined the countless tiny locking runes along with the tiny keyhole.

Tang Li Xue carefully opened the tiny black box upward since she did not know what kind of trap has been set inside it.

There was a very beautiful rainbow-colored tiny gem as big as a marble inside the tiny black box.

Honestly, Tang Li Xue was really disappointed when she saw the content of this tiny black box since she guessed there was something like a spatial ring inside it at first and there were countless priceless treasures stored inside that spatial ring.

Tang Li Xue activated her basic [All Knowing Eyes] to peek at the rainbow-colored tiny gem's stats and function.


[Awakening Gem]

[Description: The priceless miracle stone made from the compressed pure energy and law of heaven and earth.]

[Effect: Lowered all the requirements of the evolution by 25% (Level, requirement items, energy, etc).]



Tang Li Xue forcefully closed the tiny black box with her trembling little hands. Even her breathes and her heartbeats became erratic after she saw the rainbow-colored gem's effect.

It was not exaggerating at all to say that this [Awakening Gem] was the priceless miracle stone!

For example, Tang Li Xue needed to reach level 41 to evolve into [Rare] grade demonic beast but with this [Awakening Gem], she could evolve at level 31 in the future.

If Tang Li Xue needed to reach level 81 to evolve into [Epic] grade spirit beast later but with this [Awakening Gem]'s help, she could evolve at level 61!

Even the 'Overpowered' word was not enough to describe this [Awakening Gem]'s super awesome effect!

Tang Li Xue did not know how to use this [Awakening Gem], so she simply put it in front of her and touched the [Crystal Moon Gem] with her left hand while using her right hand to open her evolution window in her system.

[Royal Moon Fox] [Req: Strength=200; Agility=300; Toughness=200; take moonlight bath for 99 days; need to hold a crystal moon gem to evolve]

Tang Li Xue closed her eyes for a moment to drive away all distracting thoughts then chose the [Royal Moon Fox] option in the evolution list.


[Awakening Gem has been detected!]

[Merging it with the host!]

The rainbow-colored tiny gem flew onto Tang Li Xue's forehead and entered into it.

[Merging successful!]

[All evolutions' requirements will be reduced by 25% from now on!]

'This is super awesome! System, I want to kiss you so badly!' Tang Li Xue laughed happily when she read the system log.

[Crystal Moon Gem has been detected! The evolution item requirement has been met!]

[Checking total moonlight energies...]

[Detecting the current total of the moon energies are more than 999!]

[The moon energies requirement has surpassed the Royal Moon Fox's requirement by more than ten times!]

[Detecting the host has absorbed the huge amount of mystic fog!]

[Detecting the host has spirit-related divine ability!]

[Upgrading the Royal Moon Fox's evolution path to offset the host's current requirement...]

[Congratulation! The host is currently triggering the hidden evolution path: The Imperial Moon Fox!]

Tang Li Xue's mind was buzzing and she felt dizzy by the system's continuous notification.

However, Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes widened in shock and disbelief when she saw the last line of the system notification.

'HIDDEN EVOLUTION PATH?! Ufufufu... Muahahaha... It looks like my choice to use [Greater Lucky Sticker] for my evolution has finally paid off! Imperial Moon Fox... here I come!' Tang Li Xue laughed happily while grasped her tiny fist tightly full of determination.

But unfortunately, the surprise for Tang Li Xue was still far from over... 

[Detecting the rich Yang Sun Energies in the host body!]

[The rich Yang Sun Energies has countered the Yin Moon energies in the host body!]

[The host hidden evolution path's progress has been successfully obstructed by the rich Yang Sun Energies!]

[Cancelling the hidden evolution path: The Imperial Moon Fox...]

'What? What the hell is happening here?! Rich Yang Sun energies? Don't tell me that these Yang Sun energies came from that [Sun Dragon King's Pearl]?! Dammit!!! What to do now?! Oh God... Please, don't tell me that my evolution will be failed and I will be stuck in the [Common] grade forever?!' Tang Li Xue almost fainted in disappointment, anger, and regret when she saw the notification from the system. 

Tang Li Xue started to get really anxious, and she kept staring at her system log without blinking.

Her heartbeat was pounding so fast, and it almost jumped out from her mouth when she was waiting for her system next notification, and each second felt like a century-long.


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