Reincarnated As a Fox With System
160 Chapter 160: Preparation before Evolution!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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160 Chapter 160: Preparation before Evolution!

"Instructor Mei Lan... I... I am so sorry! I..." Tang Li Xue tried to apologize to Instructor Mei Lan with teary eyes, but Instructor Mei Lan interrupted before she could finish it.

"Ssshhh... You do not need to apologize to me. You are not my first student and certainly will not be the last. It is already every instructor and teacher's job to always protect their students until they are matured." Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently like always as she wiped Tang Li Xue's tears with her slender fingers.

After comforted Tang Li Xue for a few minutes, Instructor Mei Lan dismissed their class for today and gave Tang Li Xue 10,000 credits so Tang Li Xue could buy everything she needs as the preparation for her evolution seven days later.

Li Jing, Huang Hao, and the others' eyes were green with envy when they watched Instructor Mei Lan transferred 10,000 credits to Tang Li Xue.

However, Instructor Mei Lan comforted them too by saying they will get more than that when they evolve into Beast Lord Rank in the future.

Tang Li Xue woke Yaya up and brought her back with the others to the residential building. They took their lunch at the luxurious restaurant on the first floor as usual.

Of course, Tang Li Xue treated them all for lunch since she had so many credits in her bronze card today.

After eating their lunch until they were full, Tang Li Xue and Yaya went back to their room while Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others went to the mission hall to take some E-grade missions.

Tang Li Xue entered her study room as usual to inscribe some talismans, but today she wanted to try something different.

Tang Li Xue remembered very clearly the unbearable itchiness she felt when she evolved from the [Fox Cub] into [Moon Fox] before, and she certainly did not want to feel it anymore later.

Tang Li Xue closed her eyes and searching for the rune that can relieve the itchiness or pain in her mind, so she did not need to feel any pain or itchiness later when she evolves!

After a few minutes, Tang Li Xue opened her topaz blue eyes and she managed to find one rune that fit her criteria.

[Rune of Numbness]: Numbing the sense of pain, -50% agility, -50% perception.

Tang Li Xue nodded in satisfaction. This rune was very suitable for her to use when she evolves later since it did not make her completely immobilized like the [Rune of Paralyze] or the [Rune of Stun].

Who knows that her luck was really bad today!

She still failed to inscribe even one talisman with [Rune of Numbness] even after she used all of her 18 tries for today.

Tang Li Xue decided to go out with Yaya to the Inscription Shop and bought many blank talisman papers for her supply.

She also bought several bottles of different [Rare] grade demonic beast's blood so she could try them one by one to make the [Talisman of Numbness] tomorrow.

Tang Li Xue used more than 1,000 credits to buy everything she needed in the Inscription Shop.

She went back to her room at the residential building and started her usual routine of dripping her blood onto the glutton egg, practicing the [Art of Concealment], and consuming several low-tier spirit stones to increase her cultivation before going to sleep with Yaya at midnight.




The six black-cloaked men stood inside the dark alley in the middle of the night.

Any people who see them would certainly guess that they were up to no good.

"How about it? Did you all manage to find some clues about its whereabouts?" One of the black-cloaked men asked with the hoarse voices.

"I already sneaked into the Investigation Office and stole the document about it, but there was nothing useful written inside it. It only said that the envoy was missing for a few days, and its whereabouts were still unknown until now." The second one answered while shaking his head.

"I find something suspicious, but I don't know whether it's related to that 'thing' or not." The third black-cloaked man mumbled with uncertainty tone.

"Just quickly and tell us about it! At least we still have some clues to search even if we still do not know that clue is correct or not. This is very annoying. We cannot track it even with our most powerful ability. We also cannot move around freely, and we do not have any single clue related to that 'thing'! This is absurd! How could that 'thing' just vanished as if it evaporated into thin air?!" The fourth black-cloaked man complained using an angry tone.

"There was someone from the residential building who went to the residential building that day too." The third black-cloaked man tried to explain.

"So what?! There are several thousands of foxes live in the residential building! How many hundreds of them went to the auction house on the same day and time as that envoy?! Do you want us to check them one by one?! This is stupid!" The fourth black-cloaked man scolded angrily.

"But what if we narrow our searching scope to the Inscriptionist Master who went out from the auction at the same time as that envoy?" The third black-cloaked man said while laughed.

"Smart! This idea is good! And only Inscription Master from the residential building will go to the auction house to sell their goods! Let's disperse again and search for any information about the Inscriptionist Masters who attended the auction house that day!" The first black-cloaked man ordered.

Any distinguished Inscription Master in this Myriad Foxes Academy would have their own store, and they did not need to go to the auction house to sell their goods such as talismans, amulets, etc.

Only the Inscription Master who was not famous yet would go to the auction house to sell their goods, and all of these Inscription Masters were certainly still live in the residential building to accumulate some credits and fame before opening their own store.

Moreover, only the Inscription Master could crack the array and entered that sealed space to steal that 'thing' before the Investigation Officer or Punishment Officer came to check it that day!

Although they would never believe that someone could have high enough attainment in Inscription to crack their Honorable One's array, but they could only blindly search for it since they did not have any other clue for now.




One week has passed without realizing it.

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and the others attended Instructor Mei Lan's fighting lesson every day, and their combat ability has grown by leap and bounds.

Their teamwork also became even more flawless than before.

They could understand what they need to do and their respective role without being told.

Of course, Instructor Mei Lan still managed to beat them to half-dead easily every day despite their astounding growth.

Especially, Tang Li Xue with her [Ethereal Form] divine ability! She moved around the arena freely without anyone could detect her since her [Art of Concealment] already reached a quite high attainment, and she harassed Instructor Mei Lan nonstop with her [Mirror of the Moon] that copied the other foxes' divine ability.

It was as if she had many different kinds of divine abilities at her disposal!

Tang Li Xue also inscribed several new talismans in this week.


[Talisman of Numbness +2]

[ Effect: Numbing the sense of pain, -50% agility, -50% perception for 10 minutes.]

[+1 Effect: Reduced the negative buff effect by 30%. Duration +5 minutes.]

[+2 Effect: Reduced the negative buff effect by 50%. Duration +10 minutes.]


After failed so many times using several different kinds of [Rare] grade demonic beast's blood, Tang Li Xue managed to create only one of this [Talisman of Numbness] after one week and it surprisingly has +2 effects too!


[Talisman of Giant Strength +1]

[ Effect: Strength stats +20%, Lethality +15% for 10 minutes.]

[+1 Effect: Strength stats +10%, Lethality +5%. Duration +5 minutes.]


[Talisman of Lightning Speed +1]

[ Effect: Agility stats +20%, Movement Speed +30% for 10 minutes.]

[+1 Effect: Agility stats +10%, Movement Speed +15%. Duration +5 minutes.]


[Talisman of Iron Skin +1]

[ Effect: Toughness stats +20%, Damage Reduction +15% for 10 minutes.]

[+1 Effect: Toughness stats +10%. Damage Reduction +5%. Duration +5 minutes.]


These three talismans were made from the higher grade runes than runes of strength, speed, and toughness.

It was incredibly hard to make and Tang Li Xue wasted many tries in this one week just to inscribe one each of these three talismans.

However, those four talismans were not the most amazing creation she made this week!


[Talisman of Regeneration +2]

[Effect: Activated Regeneration skill. (Heal 1% of maximum HP every 5 seconds for 180 seconds.)]

[+1 Effect: Heal +0.5% of maximum HP every 5 seconds. Duration +60 seconds.]

[+2 Effect: Heal +1% of maximum HP every 5 seconds. Duration +120 seconds.]


This super precious talisman made from the crystallization of Tang Li Xue's one-week effort after she failed countless times. It can heal 180% of maximum HP in 6 minutes!

Even though this [Talisman of Regeneration +2] could not be used at the same time as [Talisman of healing +2] but it could superimpose with her own [Regeneration] ability!

There was no doubt that Tang Li Xue would become even more indomitable than the most tenacious cockroach if she used this [Talisman of Regeneration +2]!

With all of these higher grade basic talismans in her hands, she did not believe she would meet with any mishap like what happen when that damned Blue Phoenix brought that [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] into her Dantian again!

Unfortunately, sometimes any living creatures can only make preparations, but it would still not enough to face God's mischievousness. Moreover, the greater the fortunes, the higher the danger you have to face to acquire it.


The night skies were full of glittering stars, and there was even a beautiful full moon hung above them tonight.

Tang Li Xue smiled full of confidence while she followed Instructor Mei Lan from behind, and they entered the education building together.

Both of them rode the hovering disc, and it brought them to the rooftop of the education building.

The rooftop of the education building was many times bigger than the baseball stadium, and there was also the transparent barrier covered the entire rooftop!

If Tang Li Xue did not have any attainment in the inscription, she would never notice this transparent barrier at all.

Tang Li Xue did not know how many floors this education building has, but when she stood on this rooftop, she felt the moon was so close to her that she could touch it if she reached her hands.

"All right, kid! You can start now! I personally reserved this entire rooftop for you to evolve so you can keep your secrets safe. So if your secrets are not as great as what I expected, I will make sure to teach you even harder in tomorrow's fighting lesson." Instructor Mei Lan giggled when teased Tang Li Xue and pinched her soft cheeks until they turned red.


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