Reincarnated As a Fox With System
159 Chapter 159: Heavenly Sound, Demonic Tune!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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159 Chapter 159: Heavenly Sound, Demonic Tune!

Li Jing used her most powerful immobilizing spell, and usually, the stronger the spell, the greater the backlash the user would receive if it failed.

Li Jing already fell unconscious the moment when her spell was failed to bind Instructor Mei Lan, and she even assaulted by a powerful sound attack that made her condition worsened.

Just like yesterday, only Tang Li Xue and Hei Yinghao could still stand up and continue to fight.

Hei Yinghao has a tough body. All of his divine abilities were specialized for close combat battle so it increased his tenaciousness. The damage he received from Instructor Mei Lan's attack was also the least among everyone.

As for Tang Li Xue, if she did not activate her [Golden Body] protection at the last moment before the powerful sound attack blasted her away, her condition would probably the same as Huang Hao and Bing Yi now.

"Hei, Silly Fox! Do like what you did yesterday! I will cover your back!" Tang Li Xue used her [Telepathy] to tell Hei Yinghao.

Hei Yinghao only nodded to Tang Li Xue then he activated his power boost type divine ability. His dark green eyes turned crimson red, and his momentum kept climbing up higher and higher.


Hei Yinghao pounced to Instructor Mei Lan with the lightning speed that could not be seen with naked eyes.

He traded countless moves with Instructor Mei Lan in only a few seconds. The terrible shockwave from their fighting was spreading around the colosseum. It was even destroying the solid floor and nearby pillars.

Tang Li Xue's mouth twitched a bit when she saw Hei Yinghao and Instructor Mei Lan fighting in close range combat.

Although, she said something cool like 'I will cover your back!' but how could she cover him when they were fighting at this insane speed.

This also made Tang Li Xue realize how impressive her [Divine Possession] with Yaya was.

She was even a bit faster than both of them yesterday after she entered her [Divine Possession] mode with Yaya!

However, it also reminded her that she could not become dependent on Yaya's power. She needs to improve herself more so she could become a worthy person for Yaya.


Hei Yinghao's body was blasted away by Instructor Mei Lan's powerful kick.

Hei Yinghao flipped his body on the mid-air and readied his big move the [Destruction Force] while at it.

The destructive force capable of destroying everything it touched kept accumulating on Hei Yinghao's palm.

The moment he landed on the ground, Hei Yinghao hurled the black giant ball compressed from the destructive force toward Instructor Mei Lan.

Instructor Mei Lan only smiled gently as always and put on her snapping finger motion.


A deafening sound of finger-snapping was spreading through the entire colosseum carrying the frightening destructive vibration along with it!

Tang Li Xue already stood closer to Instructor Mei Lan compared with Hei Yinghao, who had already been shoved several tens of meters away by Instructor Mei Lan's powerful kick before, so she only needs to raise both of her hands and...


Clapped both of her palms as strong as she could while at the same time activated the [Demonic Tune] divine ability, which she copied from Instructor Mei Lan before!

Two powerful vibrations were spreading through the air and clashing violently like the sound of thunder striking on each other!

Surprisingly, the two powerful vibrations actually canceled each other after clashing!

'It works! Go, silly fox! Defeat her!' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes brightened like a pair of beautiful blue stars, and she immediately took a clapping hands stance once more.

If Instructor Mei Lan snapped her finger once more, she planned to cancel the intense vibration from it once again with clapping her hands like before.

Instructor Mei Lan did not panic at all. She giggled in satisfaction while staring at Tang Li Xue with appreciation in her obsidian black eyes.

When Hei Yinghao's [Destruction Force] only a few inches from touching Instructor Mei Lan's body, she raised both of her hands and both of them took the snapping finger motion.


The first snapping finger's sound shattered Hei Yinghao's [Destruction Force] easily. It was like the black ball compressed from the destructive force was just a black balloon when it met with Instructor Mei Lan's sound attack.

Tang Li Xue clapped her hands while activating the [Demonic Tune] to attack Instructor Mei Lan's with the destructive vibration from the sound attack, but it canceled by Instructor Mei Lan's second finger snapping.

Instructor Mei Lan's slender figure vanished from where she stood before, and she appeared right in front of Tang Li Xue in the next moment.

"The way you use your copy type divine ability is only a half correct. There are many ways to use our divine abilities. According to how you use it and the situation when you use it, our divine abilities can bring us a nice surprise. For example when I use my divine ability like this!" Instructor Mei Lan threw her palm strike toward Tang Li Xue.

But Hei Yinghao already stood in front of Tang Li Xue to protect her from Instructor Mei Lan's palm strike!

He even threw his right fist using all of his strength to meet with Instructor Mei Lan's palm strike.


The sound when their strike met each other was abnormally earth-shattering deafening, and it created far more powerful vibration than when Instructor Mei Lan used her finger-snapping before.

The super powerful vibration shattered Hei Yinghao's right fist and all of the bones in his body.

It even struck Tang Li Xue that stood behind Hei Yinghao and blasted many of her vital organs.

'F*ck it! She can even use it like this?! Then why she needs to snap her fingers and clapping her hands before?!' Tang Li Xue's mind and consciousness faded away before she could even finish her cursing.

Tang Li Xue and Hei Yinghao both passed out almost at the same time because of their fatal injuries.




Tang Li Xue's long eyelashes fluttered slightly and she slowly opened her eyes.

Unsurprisingly, she found herself lied down on the soft bed in the medical ward just like yesterday along with Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others.

Yaya was still fallen asleep comfortably beside her pillow.

"Stealth-type divine ability which made you able to pass through any object and copy-type divine ability which can copy any kind of divine ability. It is hard to believe that you are still a savage beast but you already have two powerful divine abilities." Instructor Mei Lan's sweet gentle voices entered Tang Li Xue's ears.

Tang Li Xue tilted her head to her right side and saw Instructor Mei Lan sit with her legs crossed beside the bed.

"I am really curious about how strong you will become after you evolved into a demonic beast and what kind of divine ability you will get later!" Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently, while kept staring at Tang Li Xue full of curiosity.

"Instructor Lan, would we definitely get a stronger divine ability each time we evolve into a higher grade?" Tang Li Xue asked.

"Of course! For example are my divine abilities. When I evolve into a demonic beast, I got a divine ability called [Heavenly Sound], which can amplify the volume of the sound by many folds. When I evolve into a Beast Lord, I got the divine ability called [Demonic Tune], which can amplify the vibration from the sound by many folds. What will happen if I use both of them at once?" Instructor Mei Lan explained to Tang Li Xue patiently.

Tang Li Xue's body shuddered slightly when she heard Instructor Mei Lan's words.

'So this is why her divine ability was so horrifying! She used two divine abilities that can superimpose each other at once!' Tang Li Xue thought carefully.

She always thought that divine ability's strength and OP-ness was heavily depending on the grade and tier like what she read from the [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] before.

But she realized now that she needs to fix her way of thinking. There were so many ways to improve how she used her divine ability.

Tang Li Xue also started to ponder whether she will tell Instructor Mei Lan about her evolution 1 week from now or not.

However, she decided to tell Instructor Mei Lan now because she needs an open place under the moonlight where no one can track her since she planned to open the black tiny box on that day too.

"You can evolve into a demonic beast one week from now?!" Instructor Mei Lan raise her eyebrows and asked Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue nodded her head to answer Instructor Men Lan's question.

"No problem. I will reserve an evolution altar for you next week. Do you any requirements for it?" Instructor Men Lan's obsidian black eyes shone brighter and asked Tang Li Xue excitedly.

"Instructor Lan, I want an evolution altar in the open space under the moonlight, and I also want it to be covered by the protection formation to prevent it from being detected from outside. Can you please find that kind of place for me? Please~~" Tang Li Xue begged Instructor Mei Lan with a spoiled tone.

Because she had no other choice, only Instructor Mei Lan could help her find it or set this kind of place for her.

"Okay, that's not a problem. But I have to be there to observe you because no one will know what kind of danger you will face when you evolve later. If I am there, I can help to protect you and prevent any mistake from happening." Instructor Mei Lan thought for a while and agreed with Tang Li Xue's request.

Tang Li Xue frowned and thought about it carefully when she heard Instructor Mei Lan's condition. She had too many secrets and she did not want Instructor Mei Lan to saw it.

Instructor Mei Lan knew why Tang Li Xue was hesitating.

 Which individual did not have their secrets?

Moreover, for Tang Li Xue to have two powerful divine abilities while she was still in her savage beast level, she must have a big secret behind it, and she did not want Instructor Mei Lan to find out about it.

Instructor Mei Lan understood that very well, but she still did not want to take any risk and put her student in danger because of it.

"I, [Heavenly Sound Fox], Mei Lan swear in the name of Beast God to never have any bad intention toward all of my students! I swear to protect my student, Tang Li Xue with my life when she evolves seven days from now and will never let anything bad happen to her, or I will be struck to death by lightning and never be able to reincarnate! How about it? Is this enough to make you believe me?" Instructor Mei Lan giggled leisurely and asked Tang Li Xue with a teasing tone.

Tang Li Xue was very moved by Instructor Mei Lan's vow. She never thought Instructor Mei Lan would do that for her.

If Instructor Mei Lan has any bad intention toward Tang Li Xue, she could do it anytime. She could even secretly detained Tang Li Xue and tortured Tang Li Xue to tell her everything.

Instructor Mei Lan also did not need to help Tang Li Xue at all. She could also angry at Tang Li Xue and refused to help Tang Li Xue.

But Instructor Mei Lan did not do any of that. She even said the cruel vow to herself like that only to make Tang Li Xue believe in her!

All of these just so she could protect Tang Li Xue so Tang Li Xue could evolve safely later!

The people Tang Li Xue fully trusted were limited.

She only trusted her Big Brother in her previous life.

In this current world, she only fully trusted the fake dragon and Yaya.

However, right now, Instructor Mei Lan officially became the fourth person Tang Li Xue trust the most!


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