Reincarnated As a Fox With System
157 Chapter 157: Hell Level Fighting Lesson with the Demon Herself!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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157 Chapter 157: Hell Level Fighting Lesson with the Demon Herself!




Tang Li Xue slowly opened her eyes, but she immediately felt nauseous and dizzy.

She even puked out several times when she tried to get up.

Tang Li Xue realized after she looked at the ground below her that what she puked out was her blood not the food in her stomach.

"Oh, you are the first one to regain your consciousness. It seems you have regeneration type ability. That's good. I can get rougher with you then."

Tang Li Xue raised her head to look at where that sound came from and her gaze met with Instructor Mei Lan that was still smiling gently like always.

Tang Li Xue looked around her only to find that Bing Yi, Li Jing, Yaya, and the others fell unconscious with a pale face.

Instructor Mei Lan stepped closer to Tang Li Xue and threw a heavy punch onto her cute childish face.

Tang Li Xue bit her tongue to clear her dizziness and she immediately activated her [Ethereal Form].

Her petite figure vanished into thin air, and Instructor Mei Lan's fist passed through her head like punching a cloud.

Instructor Mei Lan widened her eyes in surprise. She never thought Tang Li Xue's stealth-type divine ability was so powerful that it could allow her to pass through any solid object like this.

The most surprising fact was that she got this powerful divine ability at savage beast level!

It made Instructor Mei Lan felt curious and excited to see what divine ability that she would get when she evolved onto a demonic beast later.

It was common knowledge for all the beasts that every time they evolve, they would certainly get more powerful divine ability than the last.

Of course, that only applied if they got the divine ability since not all evolved beasts will certainly get a new divine ability.

Instructor Mei Lan admired Tang Li Xue's divine ability but it did not mean she would hold back her attack.

Instructor Mei Lan's fist turned back onto snapping fingers motion and she snapped her fingers again.


Tang Li Xue felt her eardrum rattled violently. Her mind was blown away, and her brain turned into mush.

She was forced out from her [Ethereal Form] by this ear-shattering sound, and her body limply fell slowly forward.

Instructor Mei Lan did not let Tang Li Xue fell unconscious just like that, she used a flying knee and smashed Tang Li Xue's beautiful face until her petite body spun several times on mid-air.

Tang Li Xue woke up again, and her mind cleared up in an instant because of the intense pain she felt from her face.

Instructor Mei Lan kicked Tang Li Xue again with her other foot before Tang Li Xue's body could even land on the ground.


Hei Yinghao jumped in front of Tang Li Xue on time and defended Instructor Mei Lan's kick with both of his arms.

Hei Yinghao took several steps backward and he almost crashed onto Tang Li Xue. His hands went numb from Instructor Mei Lan's powerful kick.

"I will not let you hurt Little Xue as long as I am still alive!" Hei Yinghao declared bravely and his aura started to increase sharply.

His dark green eyes also turned into crimson red.

"Really? Then I want to see if you can still say the same after I pounded your handsome face over and over again later!" Instructor Mei Lan said leisurely while laughing at Hei Yinghao's resolve.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth in anger and she shouted in mind: 'Yaya! Divine Possession!'

The nearby Yaya was still unconscious but her tiny body turned into a green light and flew toward Tang Li Xue.

When a green light entered Tang Li Xue's forehead, her topaz blue eyes turned into emerald green.

Two pairs of beautiful rainbow-colored crystal-like fairy wings sprouted from her back.

Before Tang Li Xue made her move, Hei Yinghao already started to attack Instructor Mei Lan's first.

It was clear that Hei Yinghao used his hidden divine ability to boost his overall stats by many folds.

However, Tang Li Xue in her Divine Possession with Yaya was not a pushover either!

Especially, with the boost from the [Wind God's Endowment] that released her from all kinds of speed limitation!

Tang Li Xue activated her [Wind Barrier], [Gale Step], and her [Golden Body] at the same time to get maximum protection and speed!

Then she activated her [Ethereal Form] and her body vanished into thin air.

Hei Yinghao was still busy exchanging moves with Instructor Mei Lan right now. His current speed, strength, and reflexes reached an unimaginable level.

His speed alone was almost equal with Tang Li Xue's speed when she was in her Divine Possession mode with Yaya.

Tang Li Xue appeared behind Instructor Mei Lan out of nowhere like a ghost and the twelve [Wind Swords] that hovering above her head slashed several times in succession at once!

Hei Yinghao attacked from the front while Tang Li Xue attacked from behind. Their teamwork and combination were so perfect that they leave no room for Instructor Mei Lan to run or dodge!

Both of them were so sure that they could defeat Instructor Mei Lan this time... or at least, they thought so.

Unfortunately, the reality was far from what they imagined.


An ear-splitting sound of finger-snapping shattered their eardrum and rattled their internal organs. It also repelled both of them away along with Tang Li Xue's twelve [Wind Swords]!

It was as if a solid barrier of sound crashed onto them and pushed both of them away.

'This is impossible! How could she control her sound type divine ability to that level?!' Tang Li Xue screamed in disbelief inside her mind.

Tang Li Xue and Hei Yinghao coughed out several mouthfuls of blood again after being pushed several meters backward.

Tang Li Xue looked at Hei Yinghao and nodded toward him.

Tang Li Xue did not know if Hei Yinghao understood her hints or not. But in short, she wanted to use one big move to finish this battle as quickly as possible.

Instructor Mei Lan's sound-type divine ability was too unpredictable and dangerous. It was completely unblockable too.

The problem was not about their sharp sense of hearing. Even if they shut their sense of hearing, Instructor Mei Lan's sound-type divine ability could still attack and destroy their internal organs.

The key was the intense vibration created by her sound-type divine ability!

Tang Li Xue never thought that she was smart enough to think about a way to counter Instructor Mei Lan's sound-type divine ability so she planned to defeat her in one single big move!

Tang Li Xue raised her right hand high and swung it down forcefully.

[Cyclone Slash]!

A giant tall tornado condensed from countless [Wind Blades] shot forward bringing the great destruction on its wake!

Hei Yinghao also used his strongest move in tandem with Tang Li Xue.

[Destruction Force]!

Hei Yinghao released a black giant ball condensed from all of his strength.

It looked simple, but the black giant ball destroyed everything it touched into nothingness! Even the solid ground or stone pillar it touched was also not spared by it.

Once again, Tang Li Xue felt they were overdoing it again this time. What if they accidentally killed Instructor Mei Lan for real this time?

Tang Li Xue started to frown deeper and feel extremely worried about Instructor Mei Lan's safety.

"Hmm... Really not bad! No, it's quite good this time. This kind of attack will probably enough to critically injure an Elite student from Elite Class. What a pity..." Instructor Mei Lan's chuckled while raising both of her hands in front of her chest.


Yes, she did not snap her fingers this time. She clapped her hands!


The earth-shattering sound from her clapped her hands this time were many times louder and lethal than when she was snapping her fingers before!

Hei Yinghao's [Destruction Force] and Tang Li Xue's [Cyclone Slash] exploded the moment it met with the destructive vibration from Instructor Mei Lan's sound-type divine ability!

Hei Yinghao and Tang Li Xue's body collided violently with the destructive vibration, and almost all the bones in their bodies shattered because of it.

That vibration force even ripped their veins and severely injured their internal organs.

Both of them flew backward like a cannon bullet and crashed onto many stone pillars before they smashed onto the colosseum's wall and their body embedded deeply into it.

Their injuries were too fatal this time and they fell unconscious in an instant.




Tang Li Xue jumped up and took her battle stance immediately the moment she opened her eyes.

However, she found herself no longer in the arena anymore but inside some sort of medical ward, and currently, she stood on the top of her bed.

The surrounding people... or rather the surrounding foxes stared at her with a weird expression.

 Tang Li Xue blushed in embarrassment, and she lied down back on her bed.

A few minutes after that, Hei Yinghao also did what she does before. He jumped up the moment he opened his eyes and took his battle stance on the top of his bed. He looked around in confusion for a few moments and blushed in embarrassment too just like her before.

Tang Li Xue did not know what this medical department did to them but they completely recovered in a few hours after the deathly sparring.

"It's good that all of you are still alive. But you all don't need to worry. We will continue to do this tomorrow too... or EVERY DAY to be more precise! Today's class is over. All of you can go home now." Instructor Mei Lan giggled at them and left them alone.

Tang Li Xue and the others were completely dumbfounded when they heard Instructor Mei Lan's words.

Then they locked their fierce stare onto Huang Hao. Their stare was full of resentment and fury.

"How about we have one more round before we are going home? It will be us versus an idiot stupid arrogant yellow fox!" It was hard to believe that these words came from the gentle and noble, Li Jing.

"AGREEED!!!" All of them answered at the same time. Only Huang Hao was still looking at them stupidly as if he still did not get it why we are angry at him.


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