Reincarnated As a Fox With System
155 Chapter 155: Fighting Lesson!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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155 Chapter 155: Fighting Lesson!

In the end, Tang Li Xue decided to give the [Rare] grade beast core she got yesterday to the glutton egg.

The glutton egg ate the [Rare] grade beast core happily with a loud crunching sound as if it was eating delicious potato chips.

While Tang Li Xue's heart aches so much when she heard the loud crunching sound coming out from the glutton egg as if what she heard was the sound of her heartbreaking.

The pressure and aura emitted out from the glutton egg got more than twice stronger after it finished eating the [Rare] grade beast core.

Although Tang Li Xue felt a great heartache when she saw the glutton egg ate the [Rare] grade beast core and her ancient stone disc but she also knew that everything will be worth it if this glutton egg hatched into a super-strong pet later.

Tang Li Xue was very satisfied when she saw the glutton egg's magnificent growth each time it ate something precious to her... Okay, it was also super painful for her, especially her wallet.

Tang Li Xue also realized it now that the glutton egg needs to eat something nutritious every three days!

Tang Li Xue rubbed her forehead with her slender finger while thinking: 'What a headache! What kind of food should I give to this damn egg after three days later?'

'Oh well... Screw it! I can just give it that mid-tier spirit stone later if I still did not find any suitable food by then! Oh, damn egg, I already give my best to feed you until my wallet bleeding so much. I hope you can grow into a magnificent godly beast in the end and help me fight all of my enemies together with me later!' Tang Li Xue patted the egg gently for a few moments before tossed it back into her system inventory.

Tang Li Xue continued her routine of practicing [Art of Concealment] and the dance moves for a few hours.

After she felt exhausted, she sat on lotus position and continued her cultivation by consuming several low-tier spirit stones that were produced daily by her martial soul, the Flying Golden Fish.

The Flying Golden Fish could now produce several tens of low-tier spirit stones every day. So Tang Li Xue could still save some of it for her expense later when she went out to the human city later even if she was using most of it for her cultivation every day.

Yaya was still a child so she already fell asleep first before Tang Li Xue even finished her cultivation.

Tang Li Xue stopped her cultivation at midnight and went to sleep with Yaya.


Tang Li Xue woke up earlier the next morning and she gave one of the [Talisman of Flexibility +1] to Bing Yi first before giving the last two talismans to Li Jing and her team.

Tang Li Xue did not know how they decided it, but Li Jing and Gan Aomiao was the one that got a hold on the [Talisman of Flexibility +1]. While Huang Hao could only cry alone and prepared himself to get punished today if he could not perform that dance moves.

They went to the education building together and pasted the talisman onto their body before they entered the class.

The talisman vanished in instant and they could feel that their body becomes a lot lighter and easier to control.


[Talisman of Flexibility +2 has been activated!]

[Flexibility +42%, Strength -10%. Duration: 00:30:00.]

'Tsk! It increased my flexibility by 42%! No matter how much I see it, I still find it so incredible. Moreover, the negative buff like the strength -10% did not increase along with it! What a powerful cheating buff!' Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue in amazement.

They greeted Instructor Mei Lan politely like usual after entered their class, and they sat on their respective seat.

Not long after that, the class lesson has started, and they began to perform the high difficulty dance moves in front of Instructor Mei Lan.

But different from usual, Tang Li Xue, Li Jing, Bing Yi, and Gan Aomiao movement was so smooth and elegant like a celestial goddess drifting on the cloud.

Instructor Mei Lan frowned a bit when she was observing each of their movement, but she sneered at them after a while.

In the end, only Huang Hao still stuck at the dance moves' lesson among them while the others already moved on to the new lesson.

Instructor Mei Lan gave each of them a new jade slip and they touched the jade slip onto their forehead.

However, Tang Li Xue and the others' expression turned even weirder after they read the content of the jade slip.

Because their third lesson was actually singing a song!

Yes, the jade slip's content was actually a song!

"Instructor, I joined this Myriad Foxes Academy to become stronger! Not to learn this dance crap or sing a song! Instructor, I started to suspect that you did not want to make us stronger than you! You are afraid that we will become stronger than you, right?" Huang Hao was the first one to blow his fuse and scolded Instructor Mei Lan.

Tang Li Xue was worried that Instructor Mei Lan would get angry because of Huang Hao's offending words. She did not know why but she detected a glint of excitement in the deepest part of Instructor Mei Lan's eyes after she heard Huang Hao's words.

It was as if she already waited for those words a long time ago!

Tang Li Xue felt doubtful. Perhaps it was only her imagination that ran wild.

However, she had a really bad feeling about this. Even her intuition kept giving danger warning to her.

"Okay, I understand. So all of you want to start your fighting lesson today, don't you?" Instructor Mei Lan asked while looking at them all.

All of them nodded to answer Instructor Mei Lan's question. The firm fierce light burning in their eyes as their spirit rose to the maximum.

Only Tang Li Xue shook her head furiously like a tattle drum. She got an even more intense bad feeling when she saw Instructor Mei Lan's smile turned much gentler than usual.

"All right! We will change our location then! Let's go to the sparring arena on the second floor now!" Instructor Mei Lan ignored Tang Li Xue's rejection as if she did not see Tang Li Xue's figure at all.

Tang Li Xue has no other choice. She could only sigh and submit to the current circumstance.

'Hopefully, this bad feeling of mine is only a false alarm... I only have one talisman of healing after all! I can only choose to heal one between Hei Yinghao or Bing Yi if both of them are critically injured later.' Tang Li Xue put her finger on her chin and started to ponder it carefully.


Instructor Mei Lan brought all of them onto the second floor.

The second floor was divided into many rooms and inside that room, there was a big arena for them to spar against each other.

There were even several medical squads on this second floor that running around to treat the injured ones.

This was the first time for Tang Li Xue and the others to set their foot on this second floor. So they looked around with curiosity and excitement in their eyes.

Several other instructors and their students were staring at Tang Li Xue and the others with disdain in their eyes. But when they saw Instructor Mei Lan among them, their expression immediately turned pale, and they swiftly avoid their group as if they were a deadly plague.

When their group wanted to enter one of the rooms, they met with the red-haired instructor, Zhiruo, and her students that came out from the room beside them.

"You... why are all of you here? The Inspector Class is supposed to have one month of basic lessons in class, right? It's not even a week yet!" Zhiruo pointed at Tang Li Xue and the others while looked at Instructor Mei Lan in puzzlement.

"I can't help it. They asked for the fighting lesson from me. So I decided to fulfill their request and bring them here." Instructor Mei Lan answered Zhiruo's question and shrugged.

Zhiruo widened her eyes in surprise when she heard Mei Lan's answer. The index finger she pointed at Tang Li Xue and the others started to tremble violently.

"You... you all asked for the fighting lesson from this dem... cough... your instructor?! I suggest you all to think about it carefully! There is no need for you all to be that anxious to suici... cough... to get strong. One month is not that long. At least you all can stay alive peacefully for that period of time or save some credits for your medical fee later." Zhiruo tried to give Tang Li Xue and the others some hints.

Tang Li Xue wanted to show her agreement about Instructor Zhiruo's words since she also started to feel that they just made a big mistake because of their rashness.

Even Li Jing and the others also felt something was not right when they heard Zhiruo's words.

Tang Li Xue wanted to persuade Li Jing and the others to cancel this idea and went back to their class but before she could do that...

"It's already too late now. How could we go back after we already reached here! Let's enter!" Instructor Mei Lan did not give them any chance for them to going back on their words and bring all of her students into the room.


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