Reincarnated As a Fox With System
150 Chapter 150: Auctioning the Talisman!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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150 Chapter 150: Auctioning the Talisman!

Tang Li Xue did not realize it was almost night outside when she was so focused on inscribing the rune onto the talisman paper in her study room.

Tang Li Xue took Yaya with her and both of them went out from the tall residential building hastily.

Actually, Tang Li Xue could sell her [Talisman of Dash +1] at any Inscription shop on the side of the street but she still did not know how much her talisman worth right now.

She was afraid of being scammed by those shady shop owners so she decided to go directly to the auction house in the western trading area.

Although, the auction house would take 20% of the total selling price after they successfully sold the item but at least she will not get scammed since her talisman would be auctioned directly in front of so many potential buyers.

Tang Li Xue entered the gigantic auction house and found that there were many other foxes whether in their real form or human form.

They were currently selling many different kinds of items here like talismans, armors, weapons, pills, beast cores, etc.

The scene here reminded her of the giant shopping mall in her previous life.

"Come and look here, please! This Scaled Crocodile Armor can withstand the attack from the human at the Foundation Establishment Stage! Only 20,000 credits!"

"The Beast Lord's Core of the [Twin-Horned Tiger Shark]! 59,000 credits! Price is still negotiable!"

"Selling several kinds of the [Talisman of Protection Barrier]! Cheap prices are guaranteed!"

Tang Li Xue never entered the shopping mall in her previous life before but she already watched it often from the TV so she finds it quite normal but this was the first time for Yaya to look at this scene so her emerald green eyes were shining full of curiosity and she kept looking around from the top of Tang Li Xue's head.

Tang Li Xue tried to ask the front desk staff about how many credits she would need to rent the empty spot in this shopping mall... err... I mean the auction house.

The front desk staff answered Tang Li Xue's question politely that she needs to pay several thousands of credits every day and the price can be high or low according to the spot she wanted to rent.

If the place she wanted to rent was at a remote area at the corner of the auction house then the price would be cheaper, but if she wanted to rent the place at the core area of the auction house where the people crowded around then the price would be more expensive.

Tang Li Xue's pinkish lips twitched slightly when she heard 'several thousands of credits'. She did not even have several tens of credits in her bronze card right now!

Tang Li Xue took out the [Talisman of Dash +1] from her space pouch and gave it to the auction staff so they could auction it.

The auction staff also recorded the [Talisman of Dash +1]'s effect from Tang Li Xue's statement and she must add her fingerprint... or her paw print to be exact at the end of her statement as warranty.

The auction staff also asked Tang Li Xue to how much the starting price of her talisman and how long her item would be auctioned off. Tang Li Xue asked the auction staff about the market price for the basic talisman.

Tang Li Xue found out from the auction staff that the basic buff talisman price was ranged from 50 to 200 credits but the basic skill talisman price was a bit higher than that, it was ranged from 100 to 300 credits. 

In the end, she decided to take the middle of that price range and set the starting price to 200 credits for her talisman. She auctioned it from now for three hours.

A few moments later, the auction staff posted Tang Li Xue's talisman in their auction items' catalog.

Anyone could buy the communication talisman from the auction staff and they could see the auction items' catalog from that communication talisman anytime anywhere as long as they were still in this Myriad Foxes Academy area.

They could raise their bid on any the item they wanted to buy using that communication talisman and they did not even need to come to the auction house.

After they bought any items they want from the auction house, they could even ask the auction staff to deliver it straight onto their place but of course, they need to pay for that delivery service.

The price of the communication talisman from the auction house was not that expensive at all, only 500 credits but unfortunately, that price was very expensive for the current Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya kept staring at the large screen above the front desk. There were hundreds of items listed in that catalog and some of the items' prices also kept increasing.

Tang Li Xue's [Talisman of Dash +1] also listed there and the price increased to 280 credits in a few seconds.

 Tang Li Xue became even more excited when she saw the price of her talisman continue to soar.

250 credit...

300 credits...

320 credits...

350 credits...

The reason Tang Li Xue's talisman price could surpass the common [Talisman of Dash] by almost twice was because it has its +1 effect.

Imagine what the result if one person pursuit the other person and both of them have the same speed and both of them also used [Talisman of Dash]? They probably entered a stalemate and they must depend on their own endurance in the end.

Then what if one of them used the common [Talisman of Dash] while the other one used Tang Li Xue's [Talisman of Dash +1]?

Moreover, if you used the same talisman twice, it did not mean the effect would be doubled! The effect would stay the same, only the duration would be refreshed back.

For example, if someone activated the [Talisman of Dash] for the second time when the duration only 10 seconds left, the effect would stay the same but the duration would refresh back to 30 seconds.

After waiting for 3 hours until the skies turned dark, Tang Li Xue's [Talisman of Dash +1] was bought by someone for 580 credits.

In the end, Tang Li Xue got 465 credits from the auction house after they cut 20% from 580 credits as their fee.

Tang Li Xue happily exited from the auction house and went into the Inscription Shop again to buy some blank talisman papers.

This time she bought fifty talisman papers at once for 100 credits before returning back to her residential building.

Tang Li Xue knocked on Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao's room for a few minutes. She still felt really guilty for the two of them since their team lost because of her so she wanted to treat these two for a dinner tonight to make up for that.

Unfortunately, Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao did not answer at all.

It looked like the two of them still had not come back to their own room so she could only bring Yaya alone to the luxurious restaurant on the first floor and the two of them happily ate to their heart content this time.

Of course, Tang Li Xue did not dare to order the expensive delicacies, only some cheap ones but at least they could eat it until they were really full tonight.

The credits in Tang Li Xue's bronze card have shrunk to 190 credits but she did not think too much about it since she could get more from selling her talisman later.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya went straight to their room after eating to their heart content. Both of them went straight into the bedroom to sleep.

Tang Li Xue kissed Yaya's forehead before she closed her eyes to sleep and Yaya also kissed Tang Li Xue's forehead back before she slept.

They slept together in the same bed as usual but today for the first time, Tang Li Xue could finally fell asleep so tightly without any worry. She even started to look forward to the next day.




The next morning, Yaya woke up early like usual and she tried to wake Tang Li Xue up just like yesterday.

Fortunately, Tang Li Xue could wake up early this time and she even knocked on Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao's room for more than ten minutes but they still no responded at all.

Tang Li Xue thought maybe these two already woke up before her and already arrived at the education building first before her so she decided to go to the education building too.

Tang Li Xue already knew where their classroom was since Instructor Mei Lan already showed them where yesterday.

Surprisingly, Tang Li Xue was the first one to arrive in the classroom after Instructor Mei Lan.

Tang Li Xue's pinkish lips twitched a bit while Instructor Mei Lan stared at her strangely.

"I am really surprised that you can come on time today." Instructor Mei Lan said to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue was flabbergasted by Instructor Mei Lan's response.

'What the hell with that response?! You should ask me where all the other students first, right? Why is it seems like you are really surprised that I don't come late today?! Oh well, it's not like I know where they are now anyway even if you ask me... but... but... urgh...' Tang Li Xue grumbled in her mind.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled when she saw Tang Li Xue weird expression and she kindly explained: "Normally, the first day some of the students will definitely come late and on the second day, all of the students will definitely come late. This is also the common knowledge in this Myriad Foxes Academy."

"This happened because everyone will desperately need some credits to live in this Myriad Foxes Academy. They will start working overnight once they find out that they can earn credits from completing the F grade mission from Mission Hall. But looking at your condition right now, it seems like you did not do any mission yesterday." Instructor Mei Lan said while looking at Tang Li Xue from head to toe.

"Looking at... my condition?" Tang Li Xue tilted her head and stared quizzically at Instructor Mei Lan. She looked really cute right now so Instructor Mei Lan could not hold it anymore and pinched her squishy cheeks a few times.

"You find out about it later. You can sit first. We will wait for them before we start our lesson for today." Instructor Mei Lan told Tang Li Xue to sit after she was satisfied pinching Tang Li Xue's soft cheek.

 Tang Li Xue could only stare at Instructor Mei Lan resentfully with her swollen cheeks before she sat at her seat.

Li Jing and her team including Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao finally came into the class together after more than one hour have passed.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya almost fell asleep on their seat from the boredom when they were waiting for all of them.

But now, Tang Li Xue and Yaya kept staring at Li Jing and the others dumbfoundedly.

Since Li Jing and the others' condition looked really bad. Their faces were pale and there were black bags under their eyes.

Even the prim and proper Li Jing lost her noble and holy aura right now. She looked like an abused teenage girl.

Tang Li Xue really wanted to laugh at them but she also pitied them, it was really a complicated feeling.

'I am really curious now... What exactly were they doing last night? Their condition would not be this bad if they were only sweeping the street or pulling some grasses overnight yesterday, right? They are very strong after all! It should be no problem for them to sweep every street for a few days nonstop!' Tang Li Xue touched her chin with her slender fingers while thinking curiously.


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