Reincarnated As a Fox With System
149 Chapter 149: The Beginner Inscriptionist!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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149 Chapter 149: The Beginner Inscriptionist!

There were many kinds of items in the Inscription shop such as formation plates, inscription pens, Inscription guide books, etc.

However, the most purchased items in the Inscription shop were many different kinds of demonic beasts' blood especially beast lord rank or Tang Li Xue's system called it [Rare] grade demonic beasts.

The higher the beast blood rank used for inscription, the higher the success rate in creating it, and the more potent the effect of that inscription.

Tang Li Xue was so broke right now so she could not buy anything other than talisman paper.

As for the demonic beast's blood used for inscribing the rune on the talisman paper? She planned to use her own blood for that.

She believed that whatever Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline in her vein should be able to help her a bit when she inscribed some runes later.

One talisman paper only cost two credits but as a starter, Tang Li Xue was fated to fail so many times at first so she decided to use her remaining thirteen credits to buy six talisman papers at one go, only leaving one credit in her bronze card in the end.

'Hopefully, it's really working! If not, I and Yaya would probably need to skip our dinner tonight... and if I can't get more credits in tomorrow's class then... No, no, no! it should work! Hopefully, it will really work!' Tang Li Xue put her hands together and prayed in her heart.

Tang Li Xue ran back to her room in the residential building with Yaya, inserted her bronze card into the black tiny box, and went into her house.

After entering her bedroom, Tang Li Xue took out the [Sub-Profession Package] in her system inventory.

Tang Li Xue inhaled deeply as she tried to open the [Sub-Profession Package]'s box in front of her.


[Please choose your Sub-Profession before opening the Sub-Profession Package! What Sub-Profession did you choose?]

"Inscriptionist!" Tang Li Xue whispered firmly with her childish voice.

[The Sub-Profession Package for Inscriptionist job has been given! You can open the package now!]

The moment Tang Li Xue opened the [Sub-Profession Package]'s box in front of her, all the basic level Inscriptionist knowledge was flowing into her mind.


[Sub-Profession's parameter has been opened! The Inscriptionist level is set to level 1 (beginner).]

[Congratulation! You got an Inscription Pen from the Sub-Profession Package!]

The [Sub-Profession Package]'s box instantly vanished after Tang Li Xue opened it and there was a beautiful gold fountain pen in front of her.

Tang Li Xue carefully took it with her slender fingers and scanned it with her basic [All Knowing Eyes].

[Inscription Pen]

[Description: Inscription Pen made from Divine Dragon's claw. Extremely sharp, can be used as a secret weapon! But be really careful not to lose it, this pen is priceless!]

[Effect 1: success rate in making Inscription +20%]

[Effect 2: Inscription making speed +30%]

[Effect 3: Inscription Effect +30%]

[Effect 4: Inscription's Duration of Activation +30%]

[Effect 5: Inscription Stamina Cost -50%]

[Effect 6: Penetration (Can penetrate any kind of hard surface or carve any inscription in any kind of surface)]

[Effect 7: Invulnerable Object (Cannot be broken by any kind of powers or tools)]

Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in surprise and her petite body shuddered violently in shock. She almost dropped the gold [Inscription Pen] in her hands after she read all of the seven effects.

'Godly! This Inscription pen is a godly item with seven effects!' Tang Li Xue's eyes reddened in greed when she thought about the credits she would get from her inscription later she started to drool and it almost dripped onto her own bed.

"Ufufufu... Muahahahahaha! With this golden pen, the world shall become mine! Oops, wrong... I mean all the credits in the world shall become mine! Muahahaha..." Tang Li Xue raised her gold [Inscription Pen] and started to laugh maniacally, totally unfit with current her loli sized body.

It took more than ten minutes to calm down her mood. Tang Li Xue went out of her bedroom and headed to the study room.

Tang Li Xue also told Yaya to not bother her while she was in the study room since she wanted to start inscribing a rune onto the talisman paper with her golden [Inscription Pen] and she needs to fully focused to do that.

Tang Li Xue sat on the chair in the study room. She pulled out all six talisman papers from her space pouch and put it onto the desk in front of her.

Tang Li Xue closed her eyes and inhaled deeply and digesting the basic Inscription knowledge in her mind.

The most basic inscription form was known as a rune. They could write this rune onto talisman paper or amulet that could grant some temporary buff or ability to the one using it. In our language, these runes were the same as alphabets or letters like A, B, C, D, etc.

The string of runes will form an inscription. Inscriptionist's true power will be shown only after they could make an inscription. They could also start to carve their inscription onto the surface of some items like a normal sword and turn it into a spiritual flying sword! In our language, this inscription was the same as the word formed from several letters.

Several inscriptions could form an array. This array was like a sentence formed from several words in our language. The power of the array did not need to be questioned. The teleportation array and super strong barrier at Asura Demon Sect was the final product of array made by a renowned Inscriptionist.

She opened back her eyes after she determined which rune she would be inscribed into the talisman papers in front of her.

[Rune of Strength] Effect: Strength +10%.

'Hum... I will choose this [Rune of Strength] then. This is the easiest basic buff rune. With this golden [Inscription Pen] I should be able to succeed at least once or twice in six tries!' Tang Li Xue nodded to herself after she decided it.

 Tang Li Xue expression turned serious as she gripped the golden [Inscription Pen] tightly in her right hand, and she punctured her left thumb with the pen.

The golden [Inscription Pen] absorbed some blood from Tang Li Xue's left thumb for a while then she started to write the [Rune of Strength] on the talisman paper using her own blood.

When the tip of the [Inscription Pen] touched the talisman paper surface, the sharp golden pen immediately penetrated through it without any resistance, and it even made a hole in the desk.

Tang Li Xue once again shocked by how sharp this [Inscription Pen] was and she would never think her first failure was because of how sharp her pen was.

Tang Li Xue crumpled the first talisman paper and threw it away beside her desk then she took the second one.

The second tries, she did not puncture the desk with her [Inscription Pen] but the pen managed to cut the talisman paper to pieces as if she was trying to write with an extremely sharp dagger.

After two more tries, she finally could inscribe the [Rune of Strength] steadily on the talisman paper without ruining it but... BOFF!

The talisman paper turned into dust. For some unknown reasons, she had failed again.

She took her fifth talisman paper and imagined the [Rune of Strength] in her mind so vividly then started to inscribe it onto the talisman paper.

Tang Li Xue felt really good this time and she inscribed the [Rune of Strength] so perfectly. It was impossible for her to...


fail this time... Okay forget it.

Tang Li Xue was fuming in rage. She stood up from her chair and raised the golden pen in her right-hand highly. She really wanted to throw this scam pen so badly onto the ground now.

However, she decided not to do it in the end. Not because she was afraid the golden pen will break or damaged since it has [Invulnerable Object] effect but because she was afraid that the staff would ask her for compensation if this golden pen damaged the floor after she smashed it down later.

Tang Li Xue only has one last talisman paper left now if she failed again then there would be really no dinner for her, Bing Yi, and Yaya tonight.

Tang Li Xue calmed down herself again and closed her eyes to revise all of her knowledge about the basic inscription in the next hour.

'Weird... I should have succeeded that last time but I failed in the end. Why? How could I fail after everything is already so perfect?!'

'Wait a minute... is it because I use my blood? Because I am still a [Common] grade savage beast so the success rate is so low to almost negligible?! Sigh...'

But Tang Li Xue's eyes immediately brightened when she peeked on the demonic beast blood part which was used for inscribing in her mind.

Demonic beast blood used for inscribing was also a very important element in the inscription. For example, if you used the blood from the lightning elemental demonic beast to inscribe the lightning element runes, the success rate will certainly increase.

On the contrary, if you used the blood from the fire elemental demonic beast to inscribe the water element runes, the success rate will plummet to almost impossible.

Tang Li Xue licked her pinkish lips while thinking: 'What if I try to inscribe one of my skills onto the talisman paper? My success rate will certainly increase! Let's see...'

Inscribing her divine ability onto the talisman paper was impossible with her current level for now so she could only pick one of her first skills before it upgraded like [jump] or [Night Vision].

Her most useful first skills before it upgraded were [Dash] and [Self-Healing].

Tang Li Xue decided to inscribe [Dash] for now and searched the correct rune in her mind. She managed to find it after a few minutes.

Tang Li Xue's expression turned solemn as she started to carefully inscribe [Dash] rune onto the talisman paper with her golden [Inscription Pen] earnestly.

The rune like [Dash], [Jump], etc were known as skill type basic rune and it was far harder to make compared with the buff type basic rune like the [Rune of Strength].

But Tang Li Xue did not care about that and still decided to try to make it.


[Host successfully inscribed the Talisman of Dash +1!]

[Inscriptionist's proficiency has increased!]

[Inscriptionist's proficiency has leveled up to level 2 (Beginner)!]

'SUCCESS!!! Uwohooooo~~! I wonder how many credits I can get from this talisman if I sell it?!' Tang Li Xue jumped around happily around the study room with a silly happy smile plastered on her amazingly beautiful face.

Tang Li Xue activated her basic [All Knowing Eyes] to identify the talisman's effect in her hands.

[Talisman of Dash +1]

[Effect: Activated Dash skill. (Movement speed +100% for 30 seconds.)]

[+1 Effect: Movement speed+30%. Duration +10 seconds.]

This talisman effect was so good that even Tang Li Xue started to feel reluctant to sell it but she has no other choice right now since she did not have any more credits to buy another talisman paper or food.

'Oh well... I can buy some talisman papers later with the money I got from selling this [Talisman of Dash +1].' Tang Li Xue smiled happily from ear to ear.


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