Reincarnated As a Fox With System
148 Chapter 148: We Are Broke!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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148 Chapter 148: We Are Broke!

Tang Li Xue also realized that after her registration in this education building, her bronze badge and her bronze card were connected.

There were still ninety credits left in Tang Li Xue's bronze card after the white light flew away from her bronze badge and entered the Li Jing's team bronze badge.

Tang Li Xue knew that these credits were the currency in the Myriad Foxes Academy but the others did not know about it yet.

After Instructor Mei Lan dismissed the class, Tang Li Xue and the other went back into their tall residential building.

They all were starving so they decided to look for the place to eat in that residential building and they managed to find a big restaurant on the first floor.

Among them all, only Tang Li Xue and Li Jing could use their [Telepathy] skill proficiently so the two of them were like the leader in their respective team right now.

But Tang Li Xue was instantly shocked when she opened the menu book on their table.

South Turtle Soup: 5 Credits

Firebird Stew: 7 Credits

Two-Headed Python Meatball: 9 Credits

 Winged Tiger Ribs with Barbeque Sauce: 15 Credits

Sweet and Sour Three Horned Boar: 17 Credits


Tang Li Xue and her group gasped in shock as they stared at the foods in the menu book one by one.

'Very expensive! Is this a scam or something?!' Tang Li Xue screamed in her mind. Tang Li Xue has the most credits among them all and even she felt these foods were very expensive.

She herself was a big glutton so she would need at least three servings to fill her stomach.

She must feed the other big glutton, Yaya too! Yaya would at least need five to six servings to fill her stomach but she would need at least twelve servings to make her barely felt full.

Moreover, Bing Yi has minus ten credits because their team lost to Li Jing's team. Tang Li Xue felt really guilty about it since her team lost because of her so she decided to treat her today.

Fortunately, the Fox Sith, Hei Yinghao still has twenty credits in his bronze card so he could pay for his own food today if not, Tang Li Xue's credit definitely would completely be depleted in this lunch.

Li Jing has eighty credits in her bronze card so she did not have any problem. While her two teammates, Gan Aomiao and Huang Hao have fifty credits in their bronze card.

All the foods were delivered to their tables by a waiter the few moments after they put their order.

Tang Li Xue and the other quietly and slowly savored the extremely delicious delicacies in front of them with a blissful expression.

They could only admit it that all the foods here were extremely worth the price.

All the meats were cooked with the special seasoning made from the mix of several precious herbs.

They almost swallowed their tongue because of the foods' deliciousness.

"Li Jing, I thought you are a nun. So you are eating meat too!" Tang Li Xue chuckled when she saw Li Jing's blissful expression when she tasted the delicious meat dish in front of her.

" Amitabha! Almsgiver Tang, I am a fox too after all. Of course, I can eat meat too. I can also kill living beings if I want to. It's just that I choose not to do it. Eating meat is okay but the moment we took any life, unconsciously our karma will also be bounded to the one we kill. So it is better if we try to avoid killing anyone as much as we could." Li Jing answered Tang Li Xue and smiled at her while giving some advice to her.

'Our karma will also be bounded to the one we kill... huh.' Tang Li Xue thought for a moment and smiled as she casually nodded to Li Jing.

Thunder King Fiery Hawk's Egg Omelette Rice: 4999 Credits

Tang Li Xue peeked at the most expensive food in the menu book and vowed to eat it with Yaya to their heart content someday.

After treating Yaya and Bing Yi for this lunch, her ninety credits had shrunk to twenty-three credits.

However, they still have not realized the true horror they will be facing later.

They only realized it after they came back to their respective room and found out that some of them could not activate their room even after they inserted their bronze card into the black tiny box behind the door!

What did it mean if they could not activate their room with their bronze card? It means they could only live in that dark closet-sized room, not in the special space with a two-story house like before!

Foxes that still have credits in their bronze cards like Tang Li Xue and Li Jing did not know but the other foxes in their group were panicked. They thought their bronze card has broken.

Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao knocked Tang Li Xue's door a few times and told her everything after she came out from her room.

Tang Li Xue brought them together with her to the first floor and helped them ask the front desk staff about it, only to find out that they need to pay ten credits every day to activate the special space with that two-story house.

They could even upgrade the special space and make the house in that space become more luxurious if they wanted to but the payment would also increase to hundreds or even thousands of credits.

Not long after, Li Jing also brought her teammates to the first floor to ask but Tang Li Xue told Li Jing first about it before Li Jing could ask the front desk staff.

"The conclusion is we are really broke now..." Tang Li Xue rubbed her forehead to think about what they will do next.

The other foxes almost cried when Tang Li Xue stated the fact in front of their face.

The first thing that came in Tang Li Xue's mind was to exchange her hundreds of low-tier spirit stones in her space pouch for credits. She got tens of low-tier spirit stones from her martial soul every day anyway.

But the front desk staff only stared at Tang Li Xue weirdly for a moment when Tang Li Xue asked them about it and they patiently explained to her that the demonic beast could not use any spirit stones to advance and evolve further.

It was a common sense that only the human race could use spirit stones for their cultivation while the beast race could use vitality stones to advance their strength.

For the beast race, all the spirit stones were no more than a bunch of worthless shiny stones.

Tang Li Xue could only grit her teeth in anger and disappointment when she heard that. She already made some efforts to collect all of these low-tier spirit stones every day from her martial soul but she could not exchange any of it in this Myriad Foxes Academy now.

Of course, she could still use all of these low-tier spirit stones to get EXP for herself every day but she still hesitated to do that since she could exchange these low-tier spirit stones with many precious things later in the human city, especially right now after she gained her human transfiguration form and she could use it to sneak into any human city later.

Li Jing's golden eyes shone with determination and she went to the front desk staff to ask how they could gain more credits.

There were only three ways to get more credits.

The first way was from the education department and gained the credits through their achievement just like what they did today.

The second way was from the Battle Arena. They could battle the other foxes there or put their credits and bet which fighter would win in the end. But they must have at least silver card or badge to enter the Battle Arena so they could not enter that place for now.

The last way was through completing any mission from the Mission Hall.

Where was the Mission Hall? It was the cathedral-like majestic building which they entered first after they came into this Myriad Foxes Academy. The place where they met with Rong Jie before!

Tang Li Xue and Li Jing thanked the front desk staff for their information and ran towards the Mission Hall with all of their teammates as soon as possible.

They entered the majestic Mission Hall's building together and walked to the reception desk. All of them somewhat sighed in relief when they found out that the one in today's shift was not Rong Jie this time.

The reception desk's staff was smiling kindly and explained patiently to them.

All the missions in this Mission Hall were divided into several grades from high to low: S, A, B, C, D, and E was the lowest.

Bronze badge holders like them could only take E grade mission.

While the one with a silver badge could take the D grade mission, a gold badge holder could take the C grade mission, a platinum badge holder could take the B grade mission, and a jade badge holder could take the A grade mission.

The S grade mission was special and usually tens of jade badge holders must cooperate to complete it together but it was too early and too far for them to think about the mission at this grade for now.

Tang Li Xue and the other asked the staff impatiently where they could see the list of the E grade missions, they could take today.

The staff pointed at one of the rooms with her finger then Tang Li Xue and the other dashed to that room and saw the long list of the E grade missions pasted on the wall.

Cleaning the floor of the residential area: 20 credits/floor. (The payment would be canceled if the floors are still not clean enough!)

Pulling all the wild grasses on the side of the road: 15 credits/road. (The payment would be canceled if there is even one grass left in that road!)

Lifting the heavy building materials at the construction site: 20 credits/hour (The payment would be canceled if there supervisor said you are lazy!)


Tang Li Xue's mouth twitched violently when she saw the missions listed in this E grade mission.

She already did all of these labors in her previous life until she was died from overworking and there was no way she would agree to do this again in her current life!

'For God's sake, I already reincarnated in this Immortal World with super OP system from The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal himself! Why the hell I must work like this again?! No! Just no!' Tang Li Xue screamed in her heart.

While Li Jing and the others busied themselves choosing which E-grade mission they would take on, Tang Li Xue had already given up on taking any E-grade missions.

Tang Li Xue stood behind the others silently. She thought really long and hard about what she would do to gain credits faster.

After a few minutes, Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes glittered brighter as a light bulb in her head lit up when she remembered something she got from her system.

The [Sub-Profession Package]!

She was hesitated in choosing between Alchemist and Inscriptionist before but now she had already made her choice firmly.

To become an expert in Alchemist, she would need to use many precious herbs to concoct pills and there was a high chance she would fail so many times before she could successfully concoct one of the pills.

The reality was vastly different from the novel where the main character could find many precious herbs at the roadside then concoct any pills with 100% chances of success and the main character became an expert in Alchemist in only a few days.

Later the main character will become somewhat popular and sold his pills with sky-high price but somehow many people will still scramble to buy it at all costs and even invited the main character to join their faction.

In reality, even the smartest prodigy would need several months of countless trial and error in concocting pills to become an expert in Alchemist.

Who knows in that several months just how many precious herbs that prodigy would need to waste in order to become an Alchemist expert!

 The alchemist was always the money burning profession!

It was impossible for the current poor Tang Li Xue to became an Alchemist expert even with this [Sub-Profession Package]'s help since she did not have any credits to buy any ingredient like a few stalks of the precious herbs to concoct the pill.

Of course, she could choose to use her last [Greater Lucky Sticker] to raise her luck to maximum and find many precious herbs at the roadside just like what happened when she used her [Lucky Sticker] to find some stalks of [Seven-Colored Star Grass] to help someone back then.

However, Tang Li Xue would never do that since she already firmly decided to use her [Greater Lucky Sticker] ten days later before she evolves to the next grade.

'Come to think of it, who is the lucky guy I save back then with [Seven-Colored Star Grass]? How can I not remember anything about that person? This is strange... I, Tang Li Xue usually would always remember anyone that owed me before!' Tang Li Xue frowned slightly when she tried to remember that incident once more in her mind.

Tang Li Xue thought for a moment but she shook her head when she still could not remember anything about that lucky guy. She decided to forget about it for now and focused on the matter in front of her seriously.

'I already decided it. I will choose Inscriptionist as my first sub-profession!'

'Beside that, I still have all of those books and notes left behind by that whatever Alchemist from Asura Demon Sect in his spatial ring that I stole before. With all of the knowledge like pill recipes and concocting guides, I am pretty sure that I can become an alchemist later even without this [Sub-Profession Package] help!'

Tang Li Xue grasped her fist tightly as her eyes shone with determination. She left the Mission hall alone with Yaya and went into Inscriptionist Shop.


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