Reincarnated As a Fox With System
147 Chapter 147: Crushing Defeat!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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147 Chapter 147: Crushing Defeat!

Instructor Mei Lan gave each of them a jade slip and told them to close their eyes then touched that jade slip onto their forehead.

The information in the jade slip appeared in their mind instantly when it touched their forehead.

'This... This is [Telepathy] technique! I thought [Telepathy] is some kind of skill you get naturally but it's actually a technique that everyone could learn! But why that cheap fake dragon did not teach me?' Tang Li Xue grumbled at the fake dragon inside her heart.

However, she immediately remembered the oath thingy with Rong Jie said something like 'They could not teach everything they learned at Myriad Foxes Academy without permission' and thought that fake dragon should be also under this kind of oath.

That was why it did not dare to teach its technique to Tang Li Xue and could only suggest Tang Li Xue to enter this Myriad Foxes Academy by herself and learned all of it here.

"We are still foxes after all. Transfiguration only makes us looks like a human but it doesn't mean we become a human. We don't have a vocal-cord like them so we cannot talk like a human but we can use this [Telepathy] to cover it. Don't forget to move your lips every time you use [Telepathy] and synchronize your lips movement so it will look as if you are really speaking with your mouth." Instructor Mei Lan reminded them.

'Tsk... So we only pretend to talk?! But to use this [Telepathy] as a substitute for our voices is really amazing! What a smart way!' Tang Li Xue nodded in amazement.

Like usual Tang Li Xue did not understand any of this gibberish method like 'circulate the energy of heaven and earth in our body then connect it directly into our mind' and it was not like she could use cable or wire as a substitute so she simply sent her thought to her system and...


[Do you want to comprehend Telepathy with cost 10 Deity Coins? Yes/No]

'Woah, it's so cheap! Only 10 Deity Coins! Hehehe... Yes!' Tang Li Xue covered her pinkish lips and giggled.

As if the fog inside her mind has been cleared, Tang Li Xue could understand all of the words in this [Telepathy] jade slip from the start to finish easily.


[You have gained skill (Telepathy)]

[Telepathy (Lv1) and Enhanced Sense of Taste (Lv5) can be combined into Divine Ability [Converse] with cost 6 Skill Points. Do you want to combine it now?]

'Oh? It can be combined with [Enhanced Sense of Taste]? But [Converse] sounds useless... It seems like a divine ability to communicate with other people or... other beings. Okay, it sounds useful but I like that [Five Senses Enhancement] divine ability more! So... Nope.' Tang Li Xue rejected the idea to combine it instantly.

Instructor Mei Lan started to guide the other foxes step by step and mentioned a few crucial things about this [Telepathy] for them to remember and comprehend slowly.

 Tang Li Xue did not bother about it as she opened her pink lips and tried to use her [Telepathy] at the same time: "Test... Test... one, two, three, four, five..."

A childish but sweet voice entered everyone's mind and they looked around for a while before their gaze fell to Tang Li Xue.

"That voice... is that you Tang Li Xue? Try to speak once more to me." Instructor Mei Lan's eyes brightened as she stared at Tang Li Xue.

"It's me, Instructor Mei Lan! I... I can speak now! Hehe..." Tang Li Xue tried it again and laughed proudly after that.

"Good! You have a really high comprehension ability! Reward one hundred credits!" Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently and took out her white jade badge and a tiny white light shot out towards Tang Li Xue's bronze badge.

The number shown in Tang Li Xue's bronze badge increased from twenty to one hundred and twenty now!

Tang Li Xue smiled brightly when she saw that and quickly thanked Instructor Mei Lan for the reward.

Instructor Mei Lan told Tang Li Xue to help her teach the other foxes about this [Telepathy]. All of these [Uncommon] grade foxes really smart and they already could use this [Telepathy] after a few hours albeit still very clumsy.

Unknowingly their lesson for today has ended and Instructor Mei Lan stood in front of their class again.

"Okay kids, today's lesson is over! All of you can take this outer robe and remember that you must always wear it when you enter this education building." Instructor Mei Lan gave one azure blue outer robe to each of them.

"The one wearing the blue robe is Inspector Class student. The one wearing the crimson-red robe is Executor Class student. While the one wearing the black robe is an Elite Class student so never provoke the black-robed one but you can... no, you must provoke the one wearing the red robe!" Instructor Mei Lan chuckled softly as she told them.

Tang Li Xue and the others dumbfounded for a moment when they tried to wear their azure blue outer robe after they heard Instructor Mei Lan's words.

"Also... after you wear that robe, I want all of you to divide into two groups. Three foxes each group." Instructor Mei Lan said to them.

It did not take them long to form two groups.

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao were in one group. Whereas Li Jing, Gan Aomiao, and Huang Hao were in another group.

Tang Li Xue felt really guilty to Fox Sith since she forgot about him completely when he helped her gain her [Art of Concealment] so she invited him into her team personally.

The Fox Sith, Hei Yinghao was so happy when Tang Li Xue called him to join her group.

He was really moved to tears and ran towards Tang Li Xue wanted to hug her again but he immediately blocked by Bing Yi and Yaya, their face was so cold as if they would really tear him to pieces if he dares to take one step closer.

"Not a bad team composition. Let's do sparring to see what you all are capable of!" Instructor Mei Lan waved her white slender hand and an invisible cover enveloped them all so they would not ruin the classroom when sparring.

"Little one, come here. You cannot join their sparring this time. Just let your master fight alone this time." Instructor Mei Lan waved her palm to Yaya.

Yaya looked at Tang Li Xue to ask her approval and Tang Li Xue nodded to Yaya.

Yaya pouted. She moved away from Tang Li Xue full of unwillingness and hovering beside Instructor Mei Lan.

"Are all of you ready? Begin!" Instructor Mei Lan gave her signal.

At first, all of them were still too shocked with Instructor Mei Lan's sudden command but they immediately sobered up and charged towards each other.

Tang Li Xue wanted to activate her [Ethereal Form] and ambushed her foe from behind but before she could do that Gan Aomiao's mind control divine ability already locked onto her.

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone with purple light and her body could no longer move. She even gradually lost control of her own body.

'Dammit! I... I cannot move! I started losing control of my own body!' Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and tried to shake her body to break free from Gan Aomiao's control but she utterly failed, she could not even move a single finger of her now.

Tang Li Xue even started to swing her fist around targeting her own teammate under Gan Aomiao's control.

The Fox Sith, Hei Yinghao dashed with his lightning speed to knock out Gan Aomiao as fast as he can so he could release Tang Li Xue from the mind control ability swiftly.

However, he was blocked by Li Jing before he could even get close to Gan Aomiao.

"Amitabha! I am really sorry Almsgiver Hei but you cannot move further from here." Li Jing put her hands together and said to Hei Yinghao.

Li Jing was truly worthy of being a genius that almost entered the Elite Class. She was the second one to perfectly mastered the [Telepathy] skill after Tang Li Xue without any aid like system.

The reason Li Jing refused to enter Elite Class was that she refused to kill any living being in any situation.

Li Jing's species was Avalokitesvara Companion Fox (Two-Tailed). As a fox with a close relationship with Buddism, how could she kill wantonly like the other foxes?

But although she could not kill any living creature, it did not mean she could not immobilize them!

In fact, Li Jing's divine ability was specialized to seal her opponent's mind and body!

Li Jing started to chanting some Buddhist Mantras the moment the Fox Sith, Hei Yinghao ignored her and passed through swiftly from her left side to targeting Gan Aomiao.

Suddenly, Hei Yinghao's body got heavier and heavier as if his body weight increased by hundreds of times.

He gritted his teeth and tried his best to drag his heavy body but the more Li Jing chanting her Buddhist Mantras, the heavier his body had become.

After a few seconds, he could no longer support his own body weight and fell forward. He could no longer stand up as if there was a gigantic mountain that was pressing down on the top of his body.

The thief fox, Huang Hao activated his [Shadow Clones] divine ability, and his handsome figure divided into ten!

Huang Hao immediately joined the controlled Tang Li Xue that kept attacking Bing Yi with her fist and surrounded Bing Yi along with his nine shadow clones.

Actually, Bing Yi could activate her freezing domain to destroy all Huang Hao's shadow clones and even froze his real body but Tang Li Xue was so close with her right now and if she activated her freezing domain now, it would also hurt Tang Li Xue.

Gan Aomiao could control many huge birds and giant crocodiles at once in the first trials and make them slaughter each other before so why she could not do the same now?! Her purple eyes shone once again as she tried to control Bing Yi too this time!

Bing Yi could feel her mind turned fuzzy and her body was also getting harder to move as she kept dodging Tang Li Xue and Huang Hao relentless attacks.

"That's enough! Li Jing's team is the winner!" Instructor Mei Lan shook her head in disappointment.

Li Jing stopped chanting her Buddhist Mantras and Hei Yinghao could move his body again like usual.

Gan Aomiao also stopped casting her mind control divine ability so Tang Li Xue regained back the control of her body and Huang Hao also stopped his attack.

"Li Jing's team plus thirty credits as the reward! Tang Li Xue's team minus thirty credits as punishment!" Instructor Mei Lan declared as she raised her white jade badge.

The white light flew away from Tang Li Xue's team bronze badge and entered the Li Jing's team bronze badge.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth in anger to useless herself. The frustration and disappointment flooded her heart.

There was no need for anyone to tell her. This sparring ended in utterly crushing defeat because of her!

But she also kept reminding herself: 'Be patient! Less than ten days! I only need less than ten days to evolve into [Uncommon] grade like them! I will surely become more than twice stronger after I evolve later!'

The reason why Tang Li Xue could fell under Gan Aomiao's mind control divine ability easily was that her soul or spirit was the weakest one among everyone here.

She could cover her weakness in strength and agility with her human cultivation in her Dantian that granted her a huge boost in her stats but her spirit was still at that [Uncommon] grade level after all.

Her current spirit strength was far too weak!


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