Reincarnated As a Fox With System
146 Chapter 146: First Time Attending the Class!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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146 Chapter 146: First Time Attending the Class!

Instructor Mei Lan brought Tang Li Xue and the others into the magnificent building.

This magnificent building looked more like a gigantic landmark from outside since the architecture identical with the ancient palace but more massive and all the materials used to build it also far more luxurious.

In front of the entrance, there was a gargantuan statue of the nine-tailed fox with pale azure color made from an unknown material. The gargantuan statue seems so real and lifelike that Tang Li Xue, Yaya, and the others kept staring at it for a few minutes in shock and awe.

They could even faintly felt the terrifying aura and immense pressure emitted out from the gargantuan statue of the nine-tailed fox that made their heart trembling slightly in fear and reverence.

Tang Li Xue and the others awoke from their daze after Instructor Mei Lan called them and they quickly followed after Instructor Mei Lan from behind.

Even the front hall of this building was so big that it would have no problem accommodating more than a thousand people here. Although there were quite many foxes in their human form that came in and out from this front hall but it still felt so empty inside it.

Tang Li Xue could only click her tongue while mumbled in her heart: 'What a waste of building material and space!'

Not long after they followed Instructor Mei Lan, They arrived at the front desk and Instructor Mei Lan talked with the front desk staff for a while before asking Tang Li Xue and the others to give their bronze card and bronze badge to the front desk staff.

The front desk staff took their bronze card and bronze badge then put both of them on the top of the black stone that looked like a giant ink grinder.

Tang Li Xue stared at the black stone full of curiosity and realized that the bronze card and bronze badge shone with a dim brown-colored light.

It only took a few moments for them to finished registering their identity and the front desk staff gave the bronze card and bronze badge back to each of them.

"All of you are supposed to receive fifty credits today as your monthly allowance this month but I will deduct thirty credits from each of you as your punishment for being late today." Instructor Mei Lan shook her white jade badge and several white-colored dim lights as big as fireflies flew out from it.

Each of the white-colored dim light from Instructor Mei Lan's white jade badge entered Tang Li Xue and the others' bronze card.

Tang Li Xue held her bronze card with both of her furry paws and she could see 'twenty' number appeared at the surface of her bronze card.

'So I currently only have 20 credits? It sounds so little! And this ruthless instructor even took 60% out of 50 credits from us as our punishment?! Isn't it too cruel?!' Tang Li Xue stared at Instructor Mei Lan in disbelief but she was helpless to do anything.

Bing Yi, Huang Hao, and Gan Aomiao looked at the Instructor Mei Lan pitifully with a teary pair of eyes in their fox form but Instructor Mei Lan only giggled while kept looking at their sad expression in blissful.

Never be fooled by the gentle appearance of the beautiful black-haired girl, Mei Lan. Any sophomore students or other instructors would know that this Instructor Mei Lan was an extremely sadistic instructor among all.

The more you put pitiful, begging, and sad expression in front of her, the more she would torture you!

This was also why the mortality rate of her students was the highest among all the instructors and the real reason why the red-haired instructor, Zhiruo felt pity for all of Mei Lan's students this year.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot to remind you all. When you attend any class later, you must present in your human form! Remember this well or you will get punished again later!" Instructor Mei Lan ignored Tang Li Xue and the others pitiful expression and reminded them.

'In human form? But... why? Aren't all beasts hate humans? Then why we must use our human form so often? It's as if they expect us to learn to be like a human?! This is clearly strange, right?!' There were many questions in Tang Li Xue's mind but she could only stare at Instructor Mei Lan quizzically.

"You all don't have to feel so confused. All of you will stay here for a long time anyway and all of you can learn everything step by step so there is no need for you all to be in a hurry to understand everything. All of your questions would be answered eventually sooner or later." Instructor Mei Lan explained to them patiently.

Tang Li Xue and the other decided to activate their [Transfiguration: Human Form] again and transformed into their human form.

Instructor Mei Lan did not wait for them to complete their transformation, she led them all to enter deeper into the palace-like building and they followed her from behind as she was walked on the long corridor.

"All the classes here are divided into two: Private Class and Mixed Class. Private Class means I as your Instructor will teach you personally in the class. While Mixed Class means all of you need to attend the lesson from other instructors." Instructor Mei Lan's expression turned solemn this time and she explained it with a stern tone.

Instructor Mei Lan stopped her step and turned around her slender body facing Tang Li Xue and the other with a serious expression.

"In Mixed Class, you will attend the class with many students under the tutelage of the other instructors. While the fierce rivalry between Executor Class and our Inspector Class is common knowledge here so you understand what I mean, right?" Instructor Mei Lan stared at them with a serious expression.

This was the first time for Tang Li Xue and the others to see their gentle Instructor Mei Lan warned them seriously like this.

'I understand. So we should try our best to restrain ourselves and ignore them all. It would be bad if we fall for their provocation and make a commotion in front of the other instructors. It will ruin our reputation and Instructor Mei Lan's reputation in front of the other instructors.' Tang Li Xue nodded her head in understanding.

"It's good if you all understand. I want you all to slap their smug face each time they provoke you and teach them some harsh lessons if they dare to insult our Inspector class name. You can even cripple some of their limbs if they dare to speak badly about me. I will surely reward all of you generously every time you do all of that." Instructor Mei Lan smiled full of gentleness and her sweet voice was really intoxicating but all of her words were far from gentle.

Tang Li Xue: '.....'

Yaya: '....'

The other foxes: '.....'

"Hm... But it will take too long for you guys to wait for them to provoke you all first so I give all of you permission to provoke them first then beat them all half to death. I will double your reward if you provoke them first before you beat them all half to death. How about that? I am so generous to all of you, right?" Instructor Mei Lan smiled even wider in excitement.

The gentle aura oozing out from Mei Lan right now did not lose to the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin but all of her words were enough to make everyone that heard it shudder in terror.

Every instructor in this Myriad Foxes Academy including the red-haired instructor, Zhiruo already knew that this Mei Lan was like this. She was not the incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy but the true avatar of the Goddess of Chaos. 


[Quest: (Tyrannical) Follow your instructor's teaching and teach the students from the Executor Class a lesson they will never forget in their entire life!]

[Difficulty: Hard]

[Reward: Level +3(+1), Stat Point+45(+11), Skill Point+9(+2), 150(+38) Deity Coins]

Tang Li Xue almost fainted from the shock and frustration when she read the new quest log from her system.

'SYSTEM?! Why? Why? Why the hell are you listening to this psycho instructor rather than my words? When I asking you for the quest like hunting some beasts you did not respond to me at all and now you immediately respond to her words without even asking for my approval!' Tang Li Xue really wanted to cry so badly right now but there were no tears came out.

"But remember if you all lose to those students from Executor Class, I will punish you all by deducting the triple amount of that reward. So be really careful and be sure to not lose!" Instructor Mei Lan dropped another big surprise for Tang Li Xue and her group.

Now not only Tang Li Xue alone but all of the foxes in her group wanted to cry so badly after they heard Instructor Mei Lan's last warning.

Mei Lan turned her slender body again and led in front of them again with a gentle smile full of excitement plastered on her face as if she could not wait for her students to obey her words and make some troubles to the students from Executor Class.

Tang Li Xue and the other foxes followed behind Mei Lan again dispiritedly. They could already see that their future did not look bright at all with a troublemaker instructor like Mei Lan as their teacher.

After a few minutes of walking and passing through several long corridors with countless doors to the other classroom, they finally arrived at their own classroom.

There were already two other foxes inside the classroom that already waited for Instructor Mei Lan and Tang Li Xue's group to arrive.

The first one was a stunning girl with long golden hair and she also has a pair of glittering golden eyes. When the golden-haired girl saw Tang Li Xue and her group, she smiled at them, and put her hands together then bowed a bit to them politely.

Tang Li Xue could see the brilliant golden light enveloping this golden-haired girl's figure from behind.

Tang Li Xue could also faintly hear the Buddhist Hymn whispered into her mind every time she looked at this beautiful golden-haired girl.

Instructor Mei Lan was a gentle beauty that each of her movements exuded elegance, Bing Yi was a cold beauty that enticed any males reverence and possessive nature, Gan Aomiao was a timid beauty that made all the males wanted to protect her from all harm.

Then this golden-haired girl was an innocent beauty that kept radiating the blinding holy aura capable of purifying all earthly desire of everyone who saw her.

The second one was of course Tang Li Xue's old friend, the poor forgotten Fox Sith.

He already turned back into his human form now and kept staring at Tang Li Xue after she entered their classroom with wronged expression.

Fox Sith's human form was really handsome. It could be said he fulfilled all the criteria to be called 'ikemen*'. Unfortunately, his childish behavior every time he appeared in front of Tang Li Xue ruined all of it.

"Okay, you all can sit now! I will introduce these two to you all." Instructor Mei Lan clapped her hands and ordered all of them to sit on their own seat.

Their classroom was really huge and there were hundreds of empty seats there while there were only six of them so they could choose any seat they want.

Instructor Mei Lan only introduced the two foxes briefly and said if they wanted to know more they could ask those two personally after the class.

The golden-haired girl named Li Jing (Li the same as Li in Li Xue: Beautiful; Jing: Quiet, gentle, clear, Spirit).

While the Fox Sith named himself Hei Yinghao (Hei the same as Hei in Xiao Hei: Black; Yinghao = Hero, Outstanding person).

'Black Hero, huh... What a narcissistic guy!' Tang Li Xue smiled gently while taking a peek on the Fox Sith from the corner of her eyes.

For some reason, Tang Li Xue felt a lot closer to the Fox Sith now after she heard 'Hei' in his name.

Hei Yinghao and Li Jing were supposed to join Elite Class directly but for some reason, they refused it and decided to join their Inspector Class in the end.

"All right kids! Today I will teach you all how to speak first so you all can communicate with everyone in Myriad Foxes Academy easier." Instructor Mei Lan sat on the teacher seat in front of them all. She tapped the teacher's desk with her slender finger and explained calmly.

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes started to glitter brightly in excitement. She already tried to speak so many times yesterday but no matter what she did, she still could not utter a single word correctly at all.

*(Ikemen: Reference good looking men featured in Japanese pop culture, typically characterized as being sharply dressed individuals with slanted, intelligent eyes, husky voices, slender wrists and fingers, a manly build, an unruffled appearance, pale skin, and clean smelling with an air of mystery around them.) 


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