Reincarnated As a Fox With System
145 Chapter 145: Battle In front Of the Door!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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145 Chapter 145: Battle In front Of the Door!

Tang Li Xue completely dumbfounded when the black-haired man embraced her so suddenly but she awoke from her daze after a few moments and pushed him away.

The black-haired man took several steps back after Tang Li Xue pushed him and looked at Tang Li Xue quizzically.

'What's wrong with this dude?! Tsk... Is he really a true lolicon who is eyeing for my body?!' Tang Li Xue stared at the black-haired man fiercely full of vigilance and disgust as if she was looking at a pervert.

However, Yaya and Bing Yi were not as reasonable as Tang Li Xue, both of them charged toward the black-haired man immediately after Tang Li Xue pushed him away.

Yaya swung her tiny arm down and several sharp [Wind Blades] flew down swiftly from above the black-haired man.

The black-haired man agilely tilted his body a few times to dodge all of the Yaya's sharp [Wind Blades] easily.

His leisure yet precise movements made Tang Li Xue realized that this black-haired man was actually very strong.

Bing Yi did not let the black-haired man had any chance to breathe, she dashed toward him and activated her freezing power in an instant!

The frightening freezing aura burst out from her slender well-proportioned body!

The black-haired man only took a few steps to his left side and Bing Yi's freezing aura stopped a few centimeters from his feet.

Tang Li Xue frowned deeper when she saw that. This black-haired man actually managed to step out from Bing Yi's freezing aura range with only a few steps so accurately!

'Fortunately, this pervert... cough... I mean this handsome man doesn't have any intention to retaliate or hurt us. If not, I doubt we can win even if the three of us join hands to fight him!'

Tang Li Xue decided not to join attacking the black-haired man with Yaya and Bing Yi for now. She chose to observe him for a bit longer and she would stop the battle later since she did not feel any bad intention from him.

In fact, the handsome man started to panic after Yaya, and Bing Yi kept attacking him together. He even glanced at Tang Li Xue with his pitiful teary green eyes like asking for her mercy.

Tang Li Xue raised her eyebrows. Somehow she began to feel this handsome black-haired man's teary green eyes looked really familiar to her but she still could not remember where she saw it before.

'I swear I really never meet with someone like him in this Myriad Foxes Academy yesterday! In fact, I only meet with the three foxes that pass the last trial, Instructor Mei Lan, and that Rong Jie yesterday! I swear I never meet anyone besides them!' Tang Li Xue pursed her lips and rubbed her forehead with her fingers while trying to remember.

Yaya gathered all of her strength while Bing Yi kept the black-haired man busy for a few seconds. She was ready to use her strongest move, the [Cyclone Slash]!

However, before she could fire it towards the black-haired man...


The immense pressure descended down pressed them all down, locking all of them in the place where they stood, and prevent them from moving.

Tang Li Xue, Yaya, Bing Yi, and the black-haired man were even forced to drop down on their knee because of that immense pressure.

"It's forbidden to fight in the Myriad Foxes Academy! This is your first and your last warning! If you want to fight, you all can go to Fighting Arena in the west area. You can fight to your content there!" A majestic yet stern voice resounded in their mind.

After the voice disappeared, the pressure on their body had also been lifted and they could move their body again like usual.

Tang Li Xue and the other sighed in relief after they could move their body and they did not dare to start the fight again.

Yaya ran back to Tang Li Xue and hugged her arm apologetically. Tang Li Xue smiled gently and patted Yaya's tiny head while saying it was not her fault through the connection in their mind.

Bing Yi also approached Tang Li Xue with her head lowered as if she was apologizing to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue also nodded and smiled gently to Bing Yi but because of their height difference, Tang Li Xue must raise her hand as high as she could to pat Bing Yi's head a few times.

Yaya and Bing Yi showed their blissful and satisfied expression that made Tang Li Xue giggled at their behavior.

Then the black-haired handsome man also approached Tang Li Xue and tried to imitate Bing Yi. He lowered his head apologetically to Tang Li Xue too only to meet with Tang Li Xue's cold disdainful stare.

The black-haired handsome man was bursting into tears when he saw Tang Li Xue's alienating glare toward him.

Unconsciously, he turned back into his fox form and ran away from Tang Li Xue.

His true form was a black colored two-tailed fox that was slightly bigger than Tang Li Xue's fox form.

Only now that Tang Li Xue recognized this two-tailed black fox... He was actually Tang Li Xue's traveling companion before she entered this place, the Fox Sith!

Tang Li Xue: '.....'

Now Tang Li Xue started to feel really guilty for treating him like a stranger.

'Wait a minute! This is certainly not my fault, okay?! He always wears a red scarf and straw hat before so how could I recognize him properly now! Hum... That's right! So it's all his own fault then!' Tang Li Xue decided to push all of her faults back to the Fox Sith.

However, Tang Li Xue recalled that Instructor Mei Lan said something like the red-haired instructor only tried to tempt her to join the Executor Class because of her boyfriend or something.

'Three elite foxes that entered here without any need to pass any trials should be able to join the Elite Class directly like what Instructor Mei Lan explained to us before.' Tang Li Xue stood there silently for a moment and think.

Yaya and Bing Yi wanted to remind Tang Li Xue that they would be late if they dilly dally for too long here but they decided to wait for her patiently in the end since Tang Li Xue seems like thinking about something important.

'So the reason for that red-haired instructor tried to tempt me to join her Executor Class before is because of that Fox Sith will also decide to join whatever class I am in?' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes got brighter after she connected all the clues together.

' Tsk... So does it mean I got this [Art of Concealment] from Instructor Mei Lan before because of him? Sigh... Now I am starting to feel even more guilty! I should apologize to him personally later when I meet with him again...' Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue while tapped her forehead with her slender finger in guilt.

While Tang Li Xue was thinking deeply, the two-tailed yellow thieving fox, Huang Hao, and the two-tailed purple fox, Gan Aomiao hastily came out from their room in their human form.

They stared strangely at Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi for a moment before they were sprinting as fast as they could toward the hovering disc so they could go out from this tall building and heading to the majestic building in the north area.

'Eh? Where are they go... Oh, crap! I almost forget about it! We will be late! Let's go, Yaya!' Tang Li Xue followed Huang Hao and Gan Aomiao hastily from behind. She dashed swiftly to the hovering disc too with Bing Yi.

After riding on the hovering disc and descended from the 32nd floor back to the 1st floor, Tang Li Xue and her group jumped down from it then they hurriedly dashed out from their luxurious tall hotel.

Tang Li Xue and her group only had their incomplete [Transfiguration: Human Form] divine ability yesterday so they were still not quite familiar with their human form.

They stumbled many times when they were sprinting towards the most magnificent building in the north area and almost planting their face onto the ground a few times. Fortunately, all of them have rich battle experience and quick reflex so that did not happen... only almost happen.

They even crashed into a few passersby on their way and received a few curses from them as a gift.

Again... fortunately, all of those passersby have a great temper if not they would already start to make the commotion out of it and ask for compensation from Tang Li Xue and her group. This was something like all the scammers in Tang Li Xue's previous world would do to extort their targets.

In the end, all of them including Tang Li Xue decided to cancel their [Transfiguration: Human Form] and return to their fox form.

Now their speed instantly exploded and they could dash three times faster towards the place where they were heading to without stumbling around or crashing onto others! The reason was that they could use their full speed now rather than a third of their overall stats in their human form before.

All of them including Tang Li Xue only realized now that this Myriad Foxes Academy was actually really vast than they imagined it before.

The majestic building in the north area seemed so near for them but who knows they would need to run for more than twenty minutes with their full speed to reach there.

Moreover, they still needed to search around to find where the building entrance really was after they arrived at that magnificent building so they were fated to be late today since the very start.

Tang Li Xue and the others looked haggard and exhausted the moment they arrived in front of Instructor Mei Lan.

"All of you are late. When I said you all have to come here early, it means you all must arrive earlier than me! Minus thirty credits for you all!" Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently like always but her tone was clearly not gentle at all as she scolded all of them harshly.

Tang Li Xue and the others were too exhausted to care about Instructor Mei Lan's words now so they simply let her words enter from their right ear and came out from their left ear.

Instructor Mei Lan closed her mouth with her long-sleeve and giggled silently.

If it were the sophomore students that heard her words, they would instantly cry and beg for her to lighten their punishment but all of these new students did not react at all when they heard it.

This was why she really liked to bully the new students the most and gave them a harsh punishment. It was because she really loved the funny faces they would make once they found out how valuable those credits would be later.


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