Reincarnated As a Fox With System
144 Chapter 144: The Art of Concealment!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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144 Chapter 144: The Art of Concealment!

However, she immediately remembered a bit painful sensation when she bit her own finger before.

'This is reality? This is impossible, right? Let me try to pinch my cheek a bit first.'

Tang Li Xue felt a stinging pain on her cheek when she used her own fingers to pinch her own cheek and then she instantly realized that she was not in a dream at all!

Tang Li Xue jumped off from her bed in panic and swiftly held the big egg beside her bed.

'Dammit, you stupid gluttonous egg! Quickly give my ancient disc back to me, you as*hole! Vomit all of it back out now!' Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and fuming in rage while kept shaking the big egg in her hands violently.

But the big egg's answer to Tang Li Xue's rude action was only a loud gulping sound.

With this, Tang Li Xue's dream of using the OP formation from the ancient stone disc to turn all of her enemies into her punching bags had gone forever.

Tang Li Xue currently really wanted to throw away this impudent egg or smashed it as hard as she could into the cold hard floor but if this glutton egg shattered into pieces because of it then she would incur a double loss in the end so Tang Li Xue could only shove all of her anger back into her throat.

Who knows that the big egg started to undergo an earth-shattering change after it swallowed the ancient stone disc now!

Countless mysterious black runes appeared on the big egg's pure white surface.

The big egg also started to produce the dark-colored mist out. The dark mist covered the entire big egg made Tang Li Xue could no longer see any of the mysterious black runes on the big egg's surface.

The pressure and aura emitted out from the big egg were so powerful and suffocating that it even made Tang Li Xue hard to breathe. The cold sweat started to pour out from her forehead.

Yaya jumped out from the bed. She woke up in shock and panic because of it.

Yaya wanted to rush toward Tang Li Xue and saved Tang Li Xue from danger but she immediately realized that all of this happened because Tang Li Xue currently experimented about something.

Yaya could only fly as far as she could from the strange big egg. She started to shudder in fear at the farthest corner of Tang Li Xue's bedroom.

The sinister aura from the big egg was completely different from what Tang Li Xue had felt before. It was not demonic like what she felt from demonic cultivators at Asura Demon Sect.

The egg's aura felt so pure since it never did any sin before yet it felt so evil and sinister. The egg also was not cruel at all since the egg itself never killed any creatures before but the aura it emitted was so vicious and brutal.

Tang Li Xue hastily grabbed the big egg and threw it back into her system inventory.

Only then Tang Li Xue could sigh in relief after the immense pressure from the big egg has been lifted from her body.

Tang Li Xue wiped her cold sweat with her long-sleeve while she was still breathing heavily.

She sat back to her bed tiredly and told Yaya that everything was okay now so she could go to sleep again.

Yaya looked back at Tang Li Xue doubtfully but like usual, Yaya always trusted all Tang Li Xue's words so she fell asleep again almost immediately after she lied down on the soft comfortable bed beside Tang Li Xue.

'What the hell is wrong with that egg?! Its aura is so damn scary! What kind of terrifying creature will be born from this big egg?! It makes even me feel scared just a moment ago! And it's not even born yet!' Tang Li Xue still felt traumatized by the big egg's overwhelming pressure and wicked aura.

'Sigh... what to do now? Should I keep dripping my blood onto it tomorrow and hatch it soon or should I sealed it forever and let it rot in my system inventory?'

'But I become even more curious about what kind of creature will be born from this egg! But... but its aura feels so evil and vicious! What if it is a demon egg? Would it attacking me or backstabbing me later after it grown-up?'

Like usual, when Tang Li Xue met with a complicated problem that she could not decide or solve right now, she would throw it to the back of her mind and think about later.

'I still need to drip my blood onto that egg for another twenty-nine days anyway... I will think about it later when I have three or five more days left!'

Tang Li Xue pulled out the last item she obtained from her space pouch to inspect it.

It was a dilapidated book she got from Instructor Mei Lan after she decided to join her Inspector Class!

At first, Tang Li Xue did not expect too much from this Instructor Mei Lan's gift but who would have thought that this dilapidated book was actually the one she needed the most right now!

Tang Li Xue was stunned in shock. She kept flipping the pages of this dilapidated book one by one carefully to look for some gist of its contents.

Tang Li Xue was right. The content of this dilapidated book was not about martial art technique at all but it was more precious than that, especially for her!

This dilapidated book was divided into three parts.

The first part of this book was about [Vanishing Step]. It sounds like a body light technique but it was actually not.

The [Vanishing Step] part taught how the one made their presence undetected and vanished from everyone's sight regardless the one was currently locked in a battle or not.

Yes, this [Vanishing Step] could make the one using it vanished completely from everyone's sight and slip undetected anywhere without using any stealth skill to turn invisible!

However, Tang Li Xue already has the passive divine ability, [Conceal] and the OP stealth-type divine ability, [Ethereal Form] so she did not really need to learn this [Vanishing Step].

The second part of this book was about [Erasing Aura].

All experts or masters that already fought in several thousands of battles in any kind of dangerous situation would develop a keen sense to detect even the slightest intent or aura that approach them. This was the reason why the fatty uncle and Instructor Mei Lan could detect Tang Li Xue while she was still in her [Ethereal Form].

However, when one mastered this [Erasing Aura] part then one could erase all their intent, will, and aura! Made the one using it identical to pebble or stone on the street. One would become undetectable even when one stood right behind the experts or masters with keen sense detection.

This [Erasing Aura] part was what Tang Li Xue needed the most to master!

It would make her completely undetectable while she was in her [Ethereal Form]!

The last part of this book was even crazier. It was called [One with Nature].

When one mastered it, they could blend into one with nature. One could walk everywhere without being hindered and no one would notice them at all.

However, this last part was too profound and impossible for the current Tang Li Xue to master it so she could only put it aside for now.

'Woah... I never have thought that the content of this shabby book is so awesome! What a treasure! It looks like I should thank Instructor Lan again tomorrow...' Tang Li Xue closed the dilapidated book in her hands and sat for a while to calm down her shock and excitement.

Of course, Tang Li Xue still could not understand even a single thing about the content of this dilapidated book like usual.

She only got some gist about the content from its introduction page.

However, she did not worry at all since she still has her system!

Tang Li Xue sent her thought to her system that she wanted to learn the content in this book and tapped the surface of the dilapidated book gently.


[Do you want to comprehend The Art of Concealment with cost 120 Deity Coins? Yes/No]

'The Art of Concealment? Sounds cool! But 120 Deity Coins are a bit expensive since even my [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] cost 210 Deity Coins before. Oh, well... hopefully, I can quickly master it so I am not spending these Deity Coins in vain! YES!'

A massive amount of information from the dilapidated book was instantly transferred by the system into her mind.

Tang Li Xue felt an intense splitting headache on her head when the system injected the massive information into her brain.

The comprehending process only lasts for a few moments but Tang Li Xue herself felt that it was taking a long time.

Moreover, she was already so exhausted today so she fell asleep on her bed beside Yaya without noticing it after the pain has subsided.

After she fell asleep, her [Transfiguration: Human Form] also automatically canceled and she turned back into her silver moon fox form.




The next morning, the sunlight slipped into Tang Li Xue's bedroom through the tiny gap between windows.

Tang Li Xue still fast asleep so tightly but Yaya already woke up earlier and now Yaya was still trying to wake up Tang Li Xue since she remembered that they should gather at the north building's entrance early today.

Currently, Yaya was still busily shaking Tang Li Xue's furry body while kept making 'Yayayaya~~' cute voices as loud as she could to wake up Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue slowly opened her eyes. She immediately turned sober and jumped down from her bed.

'Oh, crap! We are almost late! Let's go, Yaya!'

Tang Li Xue brought Yaya to the bathroom and took a quick bath with Yaya then she activated her [Transfiguration: Human Form] again and transformed into her beautiful human form before went out from her house.

Tang Li Xue took her bronze card out from the black tiny box behind the door in front of her courtyard and her surrounding courtyard scene instantly faded away. It turned back into a dark closet-sized room.

She threw her bronze card into her space pouch and pushed open the door in front of her.

When she went out of her room, she met with Bing Yi that still waiting for her in front of the door patiently.

Bing Yi's cold chilling expression cracked as she smiled beautifully like a blooming orchid the moment she saw Tang Li Xue.

However, when Bing Yi wanted to approach and greet Tang Li Xue, someone already did it first before her.

The handsome man with long black silky hair came approaching Tang Li Xue with a silly gentle smile on his delicate face but his black-furred fox tail and his pair of black fox ears on his head made him looked somewhat cuter.

He wore a set of white clothes like Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi too. His deep green eyes also kept focusing on Tang Li Xue's alone since the very start.

Tang Li Xue must admit it that among all the handsome male foxes in their human form she saw after she entered this Myriad Foxes Academy yesterday, this one in front of her eyes right now was the most handsome.

Even Tang Li Xue has currently mesmerized a bit by his super handsome appearance.

But Tang Li Xue was really sure that she never saw this man or get in contact with him before, after she entered this Myriad Foxes Academy yesterday.

When Tang Li Xue, Yaya, and Bing Yi still felt doubtful with this handsome man's identity in front of them, that man rushed to Tang Li Xue and embraced her petite slender body out of nowhere.

This black-haired man's sudden action caught Tang Li Xue, Yaya, and Bing Yi completely off guard!

Tang Li Xue: '?!'

Bing Yi: '!!!'

Yaya: '!!!'

Bing Yi and Yaya's expression turned cold as the temperature in the entire corridor kept dropping in an instant.

Ice and wind started to brewing become a storm blizzard that covered the entire 11th area in thick frost.


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