Reincarnated As a Fox With System
141 Chapter 141: Incomplete Divine Ability!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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141 Chapter 141: Incomplete Divine Ability!

Well, no one of them wanted to become the guinea pig so no one voluntarily entered the underground cave first.

After all, who knows if some demonic beasts were waiting to ambush them inside this dark underground cave later?

Tang Li Xue and the others already lost their trust to the examiner after they managed to pass the last trial.

But the voluptuous blonde beauty, Rong Jie lost her patience very quickly after only waiting them wavering for a few seconds and kicked the two-tailed yellow thieving fox into the dark underground cave.

"Remember, I will only give you five minutes... no, one minute to take a bath in the Ancestral Fox Pool! More than that and I will punish you!" Rong Jie warned them with a stern tone.

Tang Li Xue and the others glanced at the blonde beauty, Rong Jie for a moment but did not dare to say anything.

'One minute?! It's only enough for us to take a dip rather than take a bath!' Tang Li Xue complained in her mind.

Not long after, someone stepped out from the dark underground cave but it was not the two-tailed yellow thieving fox they knew!

A tall blonde handsome man with golden eyes stepped out from the underground cave.

He has one yellow fox tail behind him and a pair of yellow fox ears on the top of his head. His short blonde hair was damp as if he took a bath just now. He wore a clean set of white clothes like what Instructor Mei Lan wore.

There was also a bronze badge with 'Huang Hao' name engraved on it tucked his waist. (Huang = Yellow; Hao = Good)

Tang Li Xue, Yaya, and the other two foxes were stunned silly by the two-tailed yellow thieving fox's transformation.

Tang Li Xue almost could not believe this tall handsome blonde was the two-tailed yellow thieving fox!

She thought this person was a western who got lost here before she saw the bronze badge on his waist.

'Good Yellow? Pffft... He should name himself Yellow Thief instead!' Tang Li Xue mocked in her mind.

'But... damn! So this Fox Ancestral Pool can grant us human form?! So I don't need to reach Spirit Beast level anymore to have my human form back?! That's super awesome!' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes were glittering brighter in excitement.

"Don't dilly dally for too long! Next!" the blonde beauty, Rong Jie shouted impatiently.

The two-tailed white fox decided to enter the underground cave next after the two-tailed yellow thieving fox.

Fifty seconds after that, a stunning beauty wore a white long dress came out.

Her long straight white hair reached her back. Even though her hair was wet but it did not look messy at all. On the contrary, it looked so smooth and silky. 

Unfortunately, although she was a stunning beauty but her expression was too cold and her chilling aura isolated her from everyone as if she was a beautiful sculpture made from the eternal ice, can only be looked but should never be touched.

Moreover, that frigid stare from her pair of white crystal eyes was enough to make the people she saw felt as if they entered the blizzard field and drove them far away before they could even approach her.

But the furry white fox tail behind her and a pair of white fox ears on the top of her head decreased her cold chilling aura by a lot and made her look a bit cuter instead.

The bronze badge on her waist engraved with Bing Yi's name on it. (Bing = Ice; Yi = Righteousness, Justice, Decisive, Resolute, Firm)

'Bing Yi? What a good name!' Tang Li Xue thought when she read the two-tailed white fox name on the bronze badge on her waist.

Tang Li Xue could feel Bing Yi stared back at her full of affection but Yaya immediately hovering in front of Tang Li Xue and stared at Bing Yi full of hostility as if a mother bear that protecting its cub.

Tang Li Xue felt a headache and rubbed her forehead with her paw. She really did not know why this two-tailed white fox held that much affection for her after the last trial.

Tang Li Xue decided to throw it to the back of her mind for now.

She really wanted to enter the underground cave right now after the two-tailed white fox but her confidence started to waver after she saw the two-tailed white fox's stunning appearance.

What if her human form was hideous? She started to feel afraid... so she decided to be the last one to enter the underground cave.

The next one to enter the underground cave was the two-tailed purple fox.

Tang Li Xue did not need to wait for that long before the two-tailed purple fox walked back out from the dark underground cave.

Different from Bing Yi's cold beauty, this two-tailed purple fox was a petite beauty.

Her face was not as beautiful as Bing Yi and she was only 150cm tall but her hourglass hot figure was more stunning than Bing Yi.

Especially those extraordinarily huge breasts looked like they would burst out of her white dress. No men could probably resist this yellow-haired beauty's seductive body.

Moreover, her restless eyes and timid attitude would probably burn every man's passion to dominate her.

At first, Tang Li Xue thought this two-tailed purple fox has a cold personality like Bing Yi too but now she knew that this two-tailed purple fox was only shy and timid.

This two-tailed purple fox also has long bangs to cover her mesmerizing purple eyes and her long purple hair was longer than Bing Yi's white hair, it reached until her waist.

Like the others, this two-tailed purple fox also has a purple foxtail behind her, a pair of purple fox ears on the top of her head, and wore a white long dress.

Tang Li Xue took a peek at the bronze badge on her waist and read 'Gan Aomiao' name carved onto it. (Gan = Violet, Purple; Aomiao = Secret)

'Secret Purple? That name is really suitable for her! Hehehe... But it would be more suitable for her to be called Timid Purple.' Tang Li Xue nodded while in deep thought.

'Yaya, wait for me here, okay? I know... Don't worry about me. That cave is very safe and I will only enter there for a while.' Tang Li Xue said to Yaya in her mind. Yaya wanted to follow Tang Li Xue but Tang Li Xue immediately rejected her.

Tang Li Xue inhaled deeply to calm her worry and excitement then stepped into the underground cave.

Although the underground cave was very dark inside but Tang Li Xue could see everything very clearly with her [Night Vision] skill.

After walking for several meters deep into the underground cave, Tang Li Xue saw a clear pool filled with countless glittering colorful lights.

When Tang Li Xue stared at the clear pool, it was as if she was staring at the night skies full of colorful beautiful stars.

Tang Li Xue dipped her right paw to test if the water was safe for her first. Who knows if the water in this pool would act as poison for her?!

Tang Li Xue became more wary and cautious after she faced many enemies and dangerous situations for several years inside the last trial's illusion. The experience she got there made her a bit more matured than before.

After making sure that the pool water was safe for her and its warm temperature also comfortable for her, she jumped into the pool without any hesitation.


[Congratulation! You have gained incomplete Divine Ability (Transfiguration: Human Form) from bathing in the Fox Ancestral Pool!]

[Transfiguration: Human Form]: Transform into human form at the cost of stamina. (Beware! Your overall stats would be cut by two-third while you are at the human form.)

Tang Li Xue immediately tried to activate this [Transfiguration: Human Form] and her furry body instantly surrounded by the blinding white light.

A half-second later, all the fur on her body vanished and she completely changed into her human form.

She used the pool water as a mirror and looked at her current human form full of excitement.

The girl in the water reflection have the smooth skin as white as snow, her countenance was so stunning with eyebrows like jade feathers. Her lips were pinkish like a cherry blossom.

Her clear topaz blue eyes which seemed to flow like water as the world seemed to lose color before her beauty.

Her long straight glistening silver hair was so smooth and silky, it reached up until her knees.

Tang Li Xue raised her lily-white hand and gently touched her blushing cheek and the girl in the water reflection also followed her delicate movement.

The beautiful girl in the water reflection possessed a stunning beauty, the kind of celestial beauty that would shock one's heart and move one's soul, so beautiful that it was unreal, but, at the same time, it also caused one to feel a sense of being unattainable.

Even 'An exceptional beauty that can cause the entire kingdom ruined in a single glance' description was still underrated her current appearance's illustration.

However after Tang Li Xue paid attention closer, she realized that her current stunning appearance was actually still unripe.

She was only 120cm-130cm tall now and looked like thirteen years old immature girl. Her slender figure had not yet formed into an hourglass figure yet because her current chest was flat and only bulging a bit.

But the pair of silver fox ears on her head and silver foxtail behind her combined with her unripe figure increased her cuteness level to maximum.

"...Oh, great... so I am a loli now! I am the only one that doesn't have a mature appearance!' Tang Li Xue gnashed her teeth in anger and dissatisfaction.

Moreover, she also realized that this [Transfiguration: Human Form] kept consuming tons of her stamina every second.

She could probably use this [Transfiguration: Human Form] for only three hours and it would probably be even less if she was in the fierce battle.

Let alone she only has a third of her overall stats in this human form!

Tang Li Xue's judgment on this incomplete divine ability: 'Trash tier divine ability without any practical purpose other than disguising as human.'

Tang Li Xue took a peek at the bronze badge on her waist and finally knew this thing's true function.

This bronze badge actually automatically formed the white clothes for them to wear when they changed form into humans so they would not naked after they changed their form into humans.

Tang Li Xue shook her head in disappointment and jumped out from the pool then walked back out to underground cave entrance.


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