Reincarnated As a Fox With System
139 Chapter 139: Entering the True “Foxes Home“!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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139 Chapter 139: Entering the True “Foxes Home“!




The black-haired examiner, Mei Lan flew directly to the end of the Bridge of Sincerity and waited patiently for her student candidates to pass this last trial.

She had a special badge from Foxes Home, so the illusion from the Bridge of Sincerity would never be able to affect her.

However, a deep frown appeared on her beautiful gentle face from time to time.

It was true that this last trial was quite easy and not life-threatening at all but its difficulty level actually differs for every fox since this last trial examined the participants' overall attitude.

The first phase of the illusion made by the Bridge of Sincerity was to test the participants' attitude after they became strong enough.

If they were still too meek and timid by then they would fail.

If they became arrogant and lawless then became more insolent until they rebelled in the end, they would fail too.

The second phase of the last trial was when the participants were forced out of the Foxes Home to gain more experience outside.

If they held no ambition and only dilly dally around enjoying their life without any intention to get stronger, they would fail.

But if they held too much ambition and completely forgot about the Foxes Home later, they would fail too in the end!

The last phase of the last trial was especially important!

It tested the participants' willingness to sacrifice for the Foxes Home if the Foxes Home was encountering a perilous situation where it almost extinct.

Any superpower faction like every kingdom or sect including Foxes Home would never want to accept any people that would backstab their back anytime especially when they were facing the critical situation, right?!

Every faction only wanted to accept and nurture the people who could be loyal to their faction and defend their faction until the last drop of their blood if it was facing some great dangers later.

So if the participants chose to run away with their tail between their legs before they even fought, they would certainly fail.

Let alone if they chose to join the Foxes Home's enemies in the end! The examiner would probably execute them on the spot if they really chose to do that!

Of course, the participants did not need to sacrifice their life until the end like what Tang Li Xue did. The examiner only needs to see if all the participants had enough guts to fight for their home.

They could run away at the last moment after the Foxes Home collapsed later but at least they must dare to fight all the traitors and human invaders first before that happen!

The black-haired examiner, Mei Lan glanced at the green fairy who hovering anxiously near the Bridge of Sincerity.

Mei Lan really never thought the first one that successfully passed the Bridge of Sincerity's trial was not coming from the fox race but actually this green fairy.

Actually, the green fairy, Yaya did not even encounter any trial or illusion along her way at all.

With her [Wind God's Endowment], Yaya also received the protection from Wind God made her immune to all illusion and mind-control type abilities or skills.

If Tang Li Xue entered [Divine Possession] with Yaya first before she walked onto the Bridge of Sincerity, she would gain this immunity too but unfortunately, she did not know any about this immunity nor about the illusion trial in the Bridge of Sincerity.




Tang Li Xue's body was still lying in the middle of the Bridge of Sincerity but she suddenly opened her topaz blue eyes and jumped to her feet.

She coughed violently nonstop and puked her saliva out while holding her furry neck with her right paw.

'Holysh*t! Is that really an illusion?! It really hurts like hell! I truly feel like my neck has been chopped and my head flies away from my body!' Tang Li Xue thought while her tears started to flow out from her eyes.

The feeling Tang Li Xue got from dying in the illusion was so real. She almost thought that she had been sent to meet Grandma Meng again in the netherworld.

Tang Li Xue calmed down a lot after ten minutes or so, she also realized Yaya kept sending messages to her through the connection in their mind.

'Oh, Yaya? Okay, calm down... I am alright! Eh... you already came out first?! Just stay there and wait for me! I will come to where you are right now!' Tang Li Xue used their connection to answer back to Yaya.

Tang Li Xue walked carefully since she still could not see anything inside this thick white fog so she could only trace Yaya's location via her mind connection with Yaya and follow it so she could head toward where Yaya was right now.

After Tang Li Xue walked for who knows how long since she already lost her sense of time since a long time ago, she finally saw the scene in front of her eyes got clearer and clearer.

When Tang Li Xue could see everything around her very clearly, she realized that already stepped out from the shabby wooden bridge.

Yaya immediately dashed toward Tang Li Xue while bawling out loud and hugged her furry neck.

Tang Li Xue patted Yaya's head gently with her right paw to calm her down. She also kept coaxing Yaya with her words using their mind connection.

"Good job, kid! You are the third one to pass this last trial. Not bad at all!" The black-haired examiner, Mei Lan smiled full of gentleness and praised Tang Li Xue a bit.


Tang Li Xue glanced at the two-tailed purple fox sitting behind Mei Lan and instantly understood.

Yaya already said to Tang Li Xue before that she was the first one so this two-tailed purple fox with mind-control type divine ability should be the second one to pass the last trial.

Mei Lan took out a bag of dried meat and gave it to Tang Li Xue while saying: "You can eat this first while we are waiting for the other to pass their trial."

Tang Li Xue did not refuse it, she took a few pieces of dried meat and gave the rest to Yaya.

[EXP gained!]

[EXP gained!]

[EXP gained!]

'Good stuff!' Tang Li Xue shouted in her mind when she felt a large amount of EXP surged inside her body the moment she ate the dried meat and her starvation also reduced by a lot.

The lovely Yaya was still sobbing, she did not want to be separated from Tang Li Xue yet so she kept hugging Tang Li Xue's neck.

Tang Li Xue did not have any choice other than tore the dried meat little by little to feed Yaya.

Not long after that, the two-tailed white fox with freezing divine ability also walked out from the shabby wooden bridge.

Its pair of white-colored eyes flushed red as if it had just finished crying.

Tang Li Xue nodded her head in understanding, she also cried when she woke up from the illusion after her head got lopped by that bast*rd leader in the end.

But Tang Li Xue never thought that this two-tailed white fox would run toward her the moment it saw her and bawling out loud.

'Wha... Eeeeehhhhh... what the hell is happening in this fox's illusion?! We are not that close, aren't we?!'

Tang Li Xue felt as if she was struck by lightning out of nowhere!

She was too shocked and dumbfounded so she just stood there silently and let the two-tailed white fox embraced her.

Yaya was the first one to feel annoyed. She stared coldly at the two-tailed white fox full of hostility and she immediately shooting an [Air Bullet] toward it to separate it from Tang Li Xue.

The two-tailed white fox jumped backward to dodge Yaya's attack and Yaya's [Air Bullet] only hit the empty ground in front of Tang Li Xue.

The two-tailed white fox and Yaya were staring at each other coldly and the pressure emitted out from their bodies started to clash on.

Tang Li Xue started to have a great headache when she saw how these two acted. She did not even understand why the two-tailed white fox acted so chummy like this to her and why they started to hostile toward each other like this.

Fortunately, they did not fight when Tang Li Xue stepped between them.

After a few hours of waiting, the last fox, the two-tailed yellow thief fox finally passed this Bridge of Sincerity trail too!

Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue when she saw the two-tailed yellow thief fox haggard and pale expression.

Tang Li Xue already underwent that last trial herself so she knew how difficult that trial was.

In fact, Tang Li Xue herself did not have any confidence to pass the test of attitude from the last trial if she did not know that all of those were only an illusion from her system and the [Huang Family Heirloom Ring] she had.

So Tang Li Xue was quite surprised when she saw this the two-tailed yellow thief fox with its doubtful horrible attitude could pass this last trial too.

"Congratulation, all of you passed all the trials! I know all of you are already very exhausted but please bear with it a bit longer. I will bring you all to enter our Foxes Home now and you all will need to undergo the baptism first before you can rest." The black-haired examiner, Mei Lan giggled and congratulate all the foxes.

Mei Lan turned her slender body and her long black silky hair fluttered slightly under the wind. She waved her hand signaled all the foxes to follow her.

After walking for a few minutes, they arrived at the misty forest but Mei Lan stopped her step and she did not enter into the forest.

She silently took out a white jade badge from her space pouch and raise it as if she was showing that white jade badge to the forest.


The ground below them started to shake violently and the misty forest scene in front of them began to split in two!

That misty forest was actually not really split in two but the space in front of them was the one split in two to be exact!

Tang Li Xue, Yaya, and the other three foxes were stunned silly the moment they saw the new scene in front of them.

"Come in quick! The space gate will be closed a few seconds later!" Mei Lan urged them with her sweet voice and entered the space gate in front of them first.

Tang Li Xue, Yaya, and the other three foxes woke up from their daze and quickly followed their black-haired examiner.

A few seconds after all of them entered the space gate, the misty forest scene rippled then it returned back to the usual misty forest like before as if nothing happened here at all.


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