Reincarnated As a Fox With System
138 Chapter 138: I Am Willing To Die To Be With You!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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138 Chapter 138: I Am Willing To Die To Be With You!

Tang Li Xue opened her cold eyes after she finished her prayers and her lithe figure instantly vanished from the backyard as she dashed toward the Foxes Home's entrance.

She took a look at the skies and saw a giant golden-colored dome-like barrier covered the entire Foxes Home.

Tang Li Xue guessed that this golden barrier was the protection formation activated to protect the entire Foxes Home from those invaders.

Not long after that, Tang Li Xue arrived at the Foxes Home's shabby wooden gate.

She saw many old instructors and fox elders already grabbed their weapons and readying themselves to fight with the traitors along with their treacherous human masters outside.

These old instructors and fox elders have a furry fox tail and a pair of furry fox ears too just like Instructor Lan and their current strength also more or less at the same level at Instructor Lan.

All the old instructors and elders nodded to Tang Li Xue when they saw her came. Their warm gaze was mixed with respect and admiration.

Tang Li Xue smiled and nodded back at them then she turned her attention toward the opponents in front of the Foxes Home's wooden gate, outside the protective barrier.

There were more than fifty people mounted on the top of the steed-sized two or three-tailed foxes.

Their momentum and aura were so menacing that even Tang Li Xue with her current strength felt threatened by their presence.

Tang Li Xue frowned deeply when she felt the pressure from the enemies.

She believed she can win with her strength if she only fought with three to five of them at once but if she fought with all fifty of them at once, she would certainly lose.

As for these old instructors and fox elders from Foxes Home... to be honest these old instructors would never be able to win even if five of them fought against anyone of those powerful humans outside so they would not be able to help her much.

"We heard one of your powerful students come back today so we deliberately come here earlier than usual to greet her! Let her come out to meet us or we will kill more fox cubs today!" One of the humans walked forward and spoke in a threatening manner.

Tang Li Xue observed the one that spoke and found his aura was more refined and sharp than the other. It was clear that this person was the leader of this group of vile humans.

Even Tang Li Xue with her current powerful strength only had like thirty to forty percent chance of winning if she fought one on one with this leader.

"I am Tang Li Xue, Instructor Mei Lan's student! I don't care who you all are, I only want to ask which one of you that dare to hurt my teacher?!" Tang Li Xue shouted back.

Her voice was trembling a bit because she held so much hatred and anger toward all of these people. Even now, she could only barely contain her fury back from exploding.

The expression of the old instructors from the Foxes Home turned solemn when they heard the human leader words.

Since these vile humans were able to find out that Tang Li Xue came back today to the Foxes Home, it meant there were some traitors mixed among them who leaked the information to these outsiders.

"Oh, that beautiful old hag? So you are her student? No wonder you are also really beautiful just like her! This is going to be interesting hehehe..." The leader of the human group laughed lecherously while stared at Tang Li Xue's slender figure full of passion.

The leader waved his hand and his subordinate brought two creatures out from behind him.

"Xue! Help me! Release me from these people!" Green dress fairy shouted with her childish voice asking help from Tang Li Xue with teary eyes.

The green dress fairy was none other than Tang Li Xue's best friend, Yaya.

The adult Yaya's size was already as big as the usual teenage human girls, combined with her fair skin and smooth silky green long hair, she was absolutely far more stunning than any human girl.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth to hold down her urge to jump out and save the adult Yaya from these wicked people's dirty hands.

"Ooow... very heartwarming! I heard this cute fairy here is your best friend so I brought her back to you here personally." The leader held the bounded Yaya's slender waist with her right hand and leisurely said to Tang Li Xue.

"I even brought the traitor fox that previously crippled your beloved teacher here so you can exact your revenge with your own hands right away." The leader kicked the three-tailed fox in front of him like a piece of useless rag.

"Hmmm... How about it? Are you feeling touched by my kindness? Then come out! As long as you pledge your loyalty to me, I promise you to not only release your best friend, you can also exact your revenge. I will even make you my favorite concubine and dote on you every day!" The leader tried to tempt Tang Li Xue with his promise.

"...Then what will happen if I refuse?" Tang Li Xue's expression did not change as she asked the leader of the humans' group with a cold tone.

The leader's lecherous smile disappeared from his face when he heard Tang Li Xue's cold words and angrily answering: "Then I will kill your friend in front of your eyes right now and after I destroyed this shabby village, I will catch you alive and let all of my people and pets enjoy your body until the day you die!"

The leader unsheathed his sharp treasured sword and put it on Yaya's neck then shouting angrily: "Beauty, you better consider it slowly and choose carefully! I am surely not a patient guy so your best friend's head will surely fly away from her neck if you make me angry!"

"Xue! Please, help me! Just agree to his request for now! I have a way to bring the two of us away after he released me later! Both of us will go far away from here so these people will not be able to find us anymore!" Yaya sent some messages to Tang Li Xue's mind telepathically.

"I heard from the instructor before that you build your kingdom outside. We can go back there and build our strength slowly. I believe Xue will definitely be able to defeat all of these wicked humans a few years later!" Yaya kept sending messages to Tang Li Xue's mind telepathically.

Tang Li Xue's cherry lips twitched when she heard Yaya's message in her mind.

If Tang Li Xue did not know that all of these were only an illusion, she would probably already start to waver and hesitate by now.

'Now what? If I accepted this bast*rd's offer like what Yaya said, I probably would fail this last trial instantly.'

'But if I refused this vile leader's offer right away and he killed Yaya, does that mean I betrayed Yaya in this illusion?'

'So I have to choose between betraying Yaya or betraying the Foxes Home right now? Sigh... what cruel choices!'

Tang Li Xue coughed a bit to clear her throat after she made her choice then she shouted out to Yaya with a sad expression: "Yaya, I am sorry but I can't follow your suggestion... I already promise Instructor Lan before that I will defend the Foxes Home with all of my strength!"

"Xue... Why?" Yaya's tears started to dripping out from her emerald green eyes. Her eyes stared at Tang Li Xue full of disappointment, sadness, and despair.

"But you don't need to worry. I promise I will accompany you together to the netherworld so please wait for me for a while there... I owe Foxes Home and Instructor Lan my life for nurturing me until now but for you, I am willing to die to be with you!" Tang Li Xue gave her warmest last smile to Yaya.

Yaya was shocked and dumbfounded at first but then the beautiful smile started to bloom on her face as she mumbled with her quivering voice: "Idiot Xue... I prefer more if you stay alive for me..."

"Are you done saying your last farewell? Good then, goodbye!" The human group's leader asked in a cold voice then swung his sharp sword to Yaya's neck.

The leader sharp treasured sword chopped Yaya's neck and her head dropped down to the ground then rolled onto the leader's feet.

"Everyone get ready! We will slay all those treacherous humans who dare to invade our land!" Tang Li Xue was unfazed and she shouted out to encourage all the people on her side.

Actually, the reason she unfazed when she saw the human group's leader chopped Yaya's head was because she always convinced herself that all of these were an illusion.

Tang Li Xue led all the old instructors and fox elders out from the Foxes Home skillfully and charged toward the group of treacherous foxes and vile humans in a neat arrowhead formation.

Although their enemies have far more overwhelming strength but Tang Li Xue's group has more people about more than twice of their enemies' number!

Tang Li Xue knew that her group would never be able to win against the group of humans so she only planned to use them as a cover to push their enemies to the more advantageous ground for Tang Li Xue.

While Tang Li Xue herself did not hold any of her strength back and kept killing her enemies one by one swiftly to reduce the pressure on her group.

When they arrived at the narrow alley, almost all of the old instructors and fox elders from Tang Li Xue's group died but Tang Li Xue also managed to kill more than half of the humans including their traitorous fox mounts by herself.

The human group's leader roared as he slew the last elder from Tang Li Xue's group and charged toward Tang Li Xue with his sharp treasured sword on his hand.

Tang Li Xue pulled out the enemy spear that stuck in her abdomen after she smashed the enemy's head with her fist then she threw the spear toward the human group's leader that charged onto her.

'Arrrggghhh... Dammit! It hurts! It really hurts! Is this really an illusion?! How could I feel this much hurt in this fake illusion?!' Tang Li Xue grumbled in her mind but her current cold expression still did not change even a bit.

The human group's leader easily deflected the spear with his sword and he immediately thrust his sword to Tang Li Xue's neck.

Tang Li Xue jumped backward to dodge the leader's sword attack while counting her remaining enemies.

There were still nine of them alive including their strong leader!

But her body already wounded all over the place because she disregarded all of her defense in order to kill her enemies quicker. Moreover, she almost ran out of her stamina, and vitality energy also almost exhausted now.

Pitter... Patter... Pitter... Patter...

Tang Li Xue's blood kept flowing out from her body and dripping down to the ground.

Fortunately, she forced them to fight in this narrow alley so they could not besiege her from all directions.

They could only attack her from her front, behind, or above.

Tang Li Xue did not hesitate anymore and sprinting toward her enemies with all of her speed and her lithe figure completely vanished from everyone's view!

The nine people including the powerful leader raised their weapons and dashed toward Tang Li Xue too while roaring out loud.

The nine people including their leader would never think that Tang Li Xue did not dodge or defend from all of their attacks at all!

She only let all of their ruthless attacks landed onto her slender body while swinging the two swords she took from the humans she killed before. She hid the two swords inside both her sleeve until now.


"I will die... but I swear to bring you all with me!" Tang Li Xue's two swords chopped seven human heads in front of her swiftly.

"You b*tch! Go to hell now!" The leader shouted and swung his sharp treasured sword onto Tang Li Xue's neck.


Tang Li Xue's head flew away from her neck and her headless body slumped down onto the ground.

However, Tang Li Xue still managed to throw her two swords toward the leader's chest and the last person's neck at the last moment.

The human group's leader coughed out several mouthfuls of blood while staring menacingly at Tang Li Xue's headless body.

Then he dropped backward after breathing his last with his eyes kept opening.


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