Reincarnated As a Fox With System
135 Chapter 135: Foxes Home!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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135 Chapter 135: Foxes Home!

It was just that this place was not quite the same as what she imagined before.

This Foxes Home was protected by wood fences and gate but they were so shabby.

Even Tang Li Xue started to doubt if this small village was truly the paradise of all fox species, the Foxes Home.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya could clearly saw all the buildings stood inside the wooden fence were also really shabby.

The shabby wooden gate slowly opened and the black-haired examiner, Mei Lan let Tang Li Xue in.

Tang Li Xue stared at the two-tailed white fox, the two-tailed purple fox, and the two-tailed yellow thief fox behind Mei Lan.

It looked like they all already arrived first before her.

"Congratulation, you all already passed the last trial! Welcome to the Foxes Home! You all follow me now! I will show you where our Inspector Class would be held every day." Mei Lan waved her palm and walked deeper into the shabby village.

Tang Li Xue, Yaya, and the other foxes followed behind Mei Lan and walked on the small while observing the village.

 There were many fox cubs running around and playing while their fox parents kept an eye on their children with a warm gaze in their eyes.

Some old foxes held a smoking pipe with their paws and smoking with a satisfied face in front of their huts.

The atmosphere in this Foxes Home was really warm, peaceful, and comfortable.

Tang Li Xue immediately felt as if she returned home even though she was sure that she never set her foot here.

The black-haired examiner, Mei Lan showed where they would live from now on and where they will attend their class from morning until noon every day.

"Remember, my name is Mei Lan and you all can call me Instructor Lan! But you all still cannot talk yet so... oh you can forget for now hehe... You all can go back to your house now! Do not forget to attend the class in the early morning tomorrow or you will get punished!" Mei Lan giggled after teasing them for a while then drove them back to their houses.

Actually, rather than a house, it was more appropriate to call it a dilapidated hut.

Tang Li Xue was a bit disappointed but she did not complain since she already lived in poverty too in her previous life so as long as she still has delicious warm food to eat everyday then she will never complain.

One of the foxes from this village delivered some roasted meats and warm soup to their room at noon for lunch and at night for dinner.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya shared the food equally between them every time but Tang Li Xue secretly gave Yaya more from her portion since she could use her low-tier spirit stones produced by her martial soul for her cultivation and reduce her hunger.

The next morning, Tang Li Xue woke Yaya early in the morning and took Yaya to attend the Inspector Class with the other foxes after finished their breakfast.

The black-haired beauty instructor, Mei Lan already waited for them all in their class and the class immediately begin after they entered the class.

At first, all the foxes including Tang Li Xue had a hard time understanding any of Mei Lan's lessons due to a lack of communication since all the foxes could not talk.

Fortunately, they slowly adapted after a few days and Mei Lan taught them patiently again and again.

Tang Li Xue wanted to reprimand Yaya because Yaya kept falling asleep in the class but Instructor Lan stopped her.

Instructor Lan said Yaya was still a baby and she need to sleep and eat a lot to grow up.

Tang Li Xue's mouth twitched when she heard that and wanted to protest: 'I am only two months old in this world! I am a baby too! I want to sleep in the class too like Yaya!'

But she did not dare to say it out loud to Instructor Lan so she could only swallow her words back.

However, overall Tang Li Xue was quite satisfied with her current lifestyle in this Foxes Home.

She was getting closer and closer to all the local residents here. It was really peaceful and she could feel their warmness too.

Yaya also occasionally played happily with several cute fox cubs here.

Under Instructor Lan's strict guidance, Tang Li Xue and the other foxes were sparring every day in the afternoon.

Without anyone noticed, one month had already passed and it was time for Tang Li Xue to evolve into a demonic beast!

Tang Li Xue hesitated for a while whether she should tell Instructor Lan about her evolution or not but she decided to tell her in the end.

Instructor Lan was very surprised when she heard Tang Li Xue already on the verge of her next evolution so she brought Tang Li Xue to an old altar at the center of the village.

Tang Li Xue immediately evolved into Royal Moon Fox the moment she stepped onto the old altar.

The process was really quick and she did not feel any itchiness or pain at all.

Due to her timely evolution, Tang Li Xue became the strongest in her class the next day and she managed to defeat all of her classmates alone!

Instructor Lan took more time to instruct her made Tang Li Xue got stronger at a faster pace every day.

A few months passed after Tang Li Xue evolved into Royal Moon Fox and Instructor Lan finally did not have any more things to teach to Tang Li Xue.

Instructor Lan recommended Tang Li Xue to enter Elite Class but several Elite Instructors still held some doubts in Tang Li Xue's ability.

In the end, they decided to give Tang Li Xue a chance then set a match between her and someone from Elite Class.

If Tang Li Xue could defeat the student from Elite Class then they would allow her to join Elite Class.

Who knows that Tang Li Xue's opponent was actually her previous admirer, the silly fox, Fox Sith.

Fox Sith decided to give up after they stepped onto the stage but before they fought and Tang Li Xue officially join Elite Class from now on.

After entering Elite Class, Tang Li Xue was like a fish entering back into the water.

She improved even faster than before with all the resources she got from Elite Class.

After a few years, she finally managed to evolve into a spirit beast!

Moreover, since she already had Dantian before and began her cultivation like a human earlier, she instantly skipped the stages where her beast power sealed for a while and jumped to the matured spirit beast stage in one single step!

Not only she regained her human form, but she also awakened a very powerful divine ability, Moon Goddess Strength!

Yaya also got matured more and more, her current appearance now was almost identical to her mother and her wind power also became even more powerful than before.

However, the current Tang Li Xue did not need to use Yaya's power and entered [Divine Possession] anymore since her current strength was already far surpassed all the instructors, even Instructor Lan was no longer her opponent!

Tang Li Xue could hardly find any fox of equal strength to her for her sparring partner in this Foxes Home right now, so she decided to ask permission to leave for a few months from Foxes Home.

All the elder foxes in Foxes Home approved her request almost immediately.

They said that she needs to broaden her horizon and travel to many places in order to get stronger and evolve further.

Tang Li Xue wanted to take Yaya with her but unfortunately, she refused it.

Yaya was already really attached to this Foxes Home and she also had many friends here so she could not bear to leave here for a few months with Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue could only helplessly bid her farewell to Yaya and warned Yaya to take care of herself better when she was gone for a few months later.

The first stop Tang Li Xue visited after she left the Foxes Home was the place where she was born, the Moonlight Forest.

Tang Li Xue was quite surprised when she scanned the entire Moonlight Forest with her divine sense.

She discovered that there were six high-rank spirit beasts residing in this Moonlight Forest.

Tang Li Xue did not waste any more time. She magnified her voice with her Qi and challenged all of them at once!

The six high-rank spirit beasts felt offended because of Tang Li Xue's insolent behavior so they immediately flew toward her and scolded her harshly.

Tang Li Xue was not smart enough to win the scold battle with them using her mouth so she decided to attack them all at once.

The six high-rank spirit beasts in this Moonlight Forest were very powerful. They were more powerful than the elder foxes from the Foxes home.

Tang Li Xue fought with them for twelve days and twelve nights nonstop before she barely managed to defeat them all.

However, Tang Li Xue spared all the six high-rank spirit beasts' lives in the end since she really never had any intention to kill them all since the very start.

The six high-rank spirit beasts felt really grateful for Tang Li Xue's kindness and they swear their fealty to always follow her order from now on.

After resting for a few months in Moonlight Forest, all the six high-rank spirit beasts' wounds and Tang Li Xue's wounds finally cured completely.

Tang Li Xue left the Moonlight Forest and heading to her next stop, the Asura Demon Sect with all of her new subordinate, the powerful six high-rank spirit beasts.


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