Reincarnated As a Fox With System
134 Chapter 134: The Last Trial!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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134 Chapter 134: The Last Trial!

'There is still another trial?! I thought we already passed all the trials since we already choose our respective class!'

The gentle black-haired girl, Mei Lan chucked when she saw Tang Li Xue and the other foxes dumbfounded expression.

"All of you do not need to worry too much about this last trial. This last trial is only to test your heart and each class has a different trial. The one who chooses to join Inspector Class please follow me!" Mei Lan waved her slender fingers with a gentle smile on her face and some foxes including Tang Li Xue started to follow her closely from behind.

Surprisingly, the two-tailed purple fox with mind-control divine ability, the two-tailed yellow thief fox with shadow clones divine ability, and the two-tailed white fox with ice-type divine ability joined the same class as Tang Li Xue, the Inspector Class.

While, the two-tailed brown fox with earth type divine ability, the two-tailed squirrel-sized grey fox with muscles and bones changing divine ability, the two-tailed Chihuahua-sized orange fox with the orange flame divine ability and the last one was the two-tailed tiger-sized blue fox with unknown divine ability joined the red-haired girl's class, the Executor Class.

Among the eleven foxes who participated in the second trial, only eight of them managed to survive until the end.

Tang Li Xue stared at the two-tailed blue fox for a moment.

Tang Li Xue was very sure she had already seen all the foxes that participate in the previous two trials but this was the first time she saw this two-tailed blue fox. She was quite curious about what this blue fox's true divine ability was.

Tang Li Xue wanted to check the two-tailed blue fox's species with her basic [All Knowing Eyes] but the blue fox vanished completely in front of her eyes before she could do so.

'Stealth-type divine ability?! Woah! It has the same type as my divine ability!'

Mei Lan brought the four of them to the remote place at the forest periphery and threw a yellow talisman to the ground.

When the yellow talisman touched the ground the large azure circle consist of the countless runes shone once again below their feet.

After they all waited for a few seconds, all of them including the black-haired examiner, Mei Lan transported back to the place where the thick white fog was.

"Follow me closely so you don't get lost here!" Mei Lan warned them all once again with the stern tone.

Tang Li Xue also did not dare to relax here since the white fog here was too thick so she could only barely see what in front of her.

Tang Li Xue quickened her pace and follow behind Mei Lan closely while warned Yaya softly with her mind.

'Yaya, sit tight and do not wander around or you will get lost later!'

Yaya nodded her head obediently to Tang Li Xue and sat quietly on the top of Tang Li Xue's head.

Fortunately, the black-haired girl, Mei Lan was only walking slowly and did not run like in the first trial or they would certainly lose her track this time since the white fog here was far thicker than when they were in the first trial.

After all the foxes followed closely behind Mei Lan for almost an hour, they finally arrived at the location where the third and last trial would be held. 

The black-haired examiner, Mei Lan turned her slender body facing Tang Li Xue and the other foxes, her long silky black hair swayed slightly under the breeze.

Mei Lan observed all of their tense expressions and laughed with her sweet voice.

"There is no need for you all to put that grumpy expression. This last trial is quite easy and not life-threatening at all." Mei Lan put her finger on her chin and explained with an amusement mixed in her serious tone.

But all the foxes including Tang Li Xue was still staring at the black-haired examiner in front of them skeptically.

"The wooden bridge in front of us is called the Bridge of Sincerity. This wooden bridge is your last trial! After all of you manage to cross this wooden bridge, you will directly enter the Foxes Home." Mei Lan pointed her finger at the wooden bridge in front of them and explained.

Tang Li Xue's lips twitched violently when she saw the dilapidated wooden bridge connected with rotten root in front of them.

The extra-thick white fog made them could not see what exactly below the wooden bridge so Tang Li Xue took a tiny stone near her and threw it to the ravine below the wooden bridge with her paws.

Like what she expected, the tiny stone did not make any noise after it plunged into the ravine so it means the ravine was extremely deep!

Tang Li Xue stared at the black-haired examiner angrily with the urge to curse her loudly using many profanities.

'How dare she say this last trial is not dangerous at all?! I am 100 percent sure that the fragile wooden bridge can break any time! Our death would be really sealed if we could not fly here!'

However, Tang Li Xue quickly calmed down when she remembered that she still has Yaya with her.

She was really sure that the two of them could easily pass this last trial with their [Divine Possession] mode.

"This Bridge of Sincerity has been here since the first time the Foxes Home was founded. You all do not need to worry if this Bridge of Sincerity breaks when you cross halfway since your strength has not reached that level yet." Mei Lan sneered at them all mockingly.

All the foxes here including Tang Li Xue felt a bit offended by her words. They found it hard to believe if their strength was not enough to break this brittle dilapidated wooden bridge.

Mei Lan did not care about their disbelief since they could try to break that bridge later if they did not believe her words so she continued her explanation.

"Like its name, this wooden bridge's purpose is to test your sincerity. So you don't need to be so afraid of it. Of course, if you have some bad intentions toward the Foxes Home then this Bridge of Sincerity will make sure you never reach until the end!" Mei Lan said to them with her assuring tone but it also had a hidden threat within it.

All of the foxes relaxed their guard and sighed in relief after they heard Mei Lan's explanation.

"Or... if you changed your mind, I can take you to where the Executor Class trial will be held. If you want to join Executor Class, you must cross the Bridge of Carnage. The bridge is made from pure gold but the bridge's color is not gold, it's bright red. Do you all want to know why?" Mei Lan smiled. She asked them all with her alluring voice and teasing tone.

Tang Li Xue suddenly felt glad that she did not tempt by the red-haired examiner and join the Executor Class.

Just hearing the 'Bridge of Carnage' name was already enough for all the foxes here to feel like their class choice was right.

Mei Lan laughed out loud with her sweet voice when she saw Tang Li Xue and the other foxes made repulsive expression after they heard the 'Bridge of Carnage' name.

"You all can go now! ...Good luck..... I will wait for you all on the other side of this Bridge of Sincerity!" The black-haired girl, Mei Lan waved her palm to bid her farewell to all of her student candidates.

 But Tang Li Xue could somehow detect a hint of hesitation mixed in her words. It looked like this black-haired examiner wanted to say some hints to them but decided against it in the end.

Tang Li Xue followed the other foxes and walked onto the dilapidated wooden bridge with them while kept staring at the black-haired examiner with doubt.

Tang Li Xue decided to raise her vigilance to the maximum and proceed carefully.

The black-haired girl, Mei Lan frowned deeply after all the foxes walked on the Bridge of Sincerity and mumbled: "I hope all of you can keep your sincerity until the end and cross the bridge safely."




The two-tailed purple fox and the two-tailed yellow thief fox did not have enough patience to proceed carefully like Tang Li Xue so they decided to run as fast as they can so they could pass this last trial as soon as possible.

Of course, they were not stupid enough to proceed recklessly without any insurance!

The two-tailed yellow thief fox used its nine shadow clones to scout the road ahead of it. While the two-tailed purple fox followed the two-tailed yellow thief fox from behind but its purple eyes were shining with mysterious purple light.

Tang Li Xue also activated her [Ethereal Form] and summoned out her martial soul, the [Flying Golden Fish] to scout the way ahead of her.

In fact, Tang Li Xue did not need to activate her [Ethereal Form] since there was no danger here but she must activate it if she wanted to summon out her martial soul to cover it from everyone else's eyes.

 Tang Li Xue could also order Yaya to scout ahead but she decided against it because she did not know what kind of danger they would face later.

That scene where Yaya almost died because of her etched deeply into Tang Li Xue's mind so Tang Li Xue did not dare to ask Yaya to do anything recklessly anymore.

Tang Li Xue only warned Yaya to follow her closely from behind.

Yaya already protested to Tang Li Xue about this since they walked on this wooden bridge but Tang Li Xue only reprimanded Yaya back so Yaya could only pout her lips in unhappiness.

The two-tailed white fox was walking one meter away from Tang Li Xue. It did have any scouting type divine ability like the two-tailed yellow thief fox so it could only proceed more carefully than Tang Li Xue.

The white fog was getting thicker and thicker on their way until Tang Li Xue could no longer even see her own paw anymore. She could not even see her snout anymore!

Fortunately, Tang Li Xue and Yaya could still sense each other's location from their connection otherwise they would have been already separated since a long time ago.

There was no sound along their way, only extreme silence.

Tang Li Xue tried to bark loudly but she still failed to make any noise.

Tang Li Xue decided to unsummon her martial soul and canceled her [Ethereal Form] divine ability to conserve her stamina since she also could not see anything through her martial soul's eyes.

Tang Li Xue did now know how long she had been walking but it was surely very very long.

Maybe tens of hours, maybe several days... she did not know since she already lost her concept of time here.

Fortunately, she managed to see some lights in front of her in the end.

Tang Li Xue used her [Blink] skill repeatedly and dashed as fast as she could toward the lights.

At long last, after facing so many hardships... she finally arrived at this place!


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