Reincarnated As a Fox With System
133 Chapter 133: Choosing Class!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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133 Chapter 133: Choosing Class!

"All right, congratulations to all of you! You all officially passed the second trial now." The black-haired girl, Mei Lan was smiling gently and clapping her hands to congratulate all the second trial's participants.


[Quest Completed!]

[Gained: Level +3(+1), Stat Point +90(+23), Skill Point +18(+5), 150(+38) Deity Coins]

[Evaluation: Perfect] [Added Additional Reward: Companion Egg]


[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved the Rank 5 Qi Condensation Stage! All stats +200]

[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved the Rank 6 Qi Condensation Stage! All stats +200]

[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved the Rank 7 Qi Condensation Stage! All stats +200]

[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved the Rank 8 Qi Condensation Stage! All stats +200]

Tang Li Xue tensed muscles finally relaxed and she sighed in relief when she received the 'quest complete' notification from the system.

She developed a trauma from before when she managed to escape from the Asura Demon Sect together with the fake dragon but there was no 'quest complete' notification from the system after that and in the end, the fatty uncle chased after them from behind.

Since then Tang Li Xue instinctively never let her guard down until the last moment when she heard the 'quest complete' notification from her system like now.

'Fuuuuh... that is surely not easy but thanks to Yaya's help, I finally manage to complete it. And I got the Perfect evaluation again! Uwehehehe... Yay! I got an additional reward too!'

Tang Li Xue licked her lips and wiped out her drool with her paw.

She decided to check the additional reward she got from her system.

Of course, she did not dare to take it out from her system inventory in front of so many eyes like now but at least she could look at it from her inventory window.

'Eh... What the heck is this [Companion Egg]?! Don't tell me this is a pet egg?! Urgh... useless! I already have Yaya so I don't need it for now! Well, honestly it's not like I don't want it but I don't have enough time or money to keep feeding it even if I hatch it now. Moreover, if this pet is a big glutton like Yaya...'

Tang Li Xue decided to throw this [Companion Egg]'s matter to the back of her mind for now and listened carefully to what the black-haired examiner told to them.

The black-haired girl, Mei Lan explained more details about three classes: the Inspector Class, the Executor Class, and the Elite Class.

In the end, Mei Lan gave all the participants the opportunity to choose which class they want to join.

But of course, they could only choose to join between two classes: the Inspector Class and the Executor Class for now.

As for Elite Class, they will have their chance to be promoted into Elite Class later if they had some achievements and the recommendation from their class instructor.

Many of the foxes wanted to join the Executor Class since their mission sounds simpler and easier than the Inspector Class but the final decision was still in the two examiners' hands in the end since the one decided to accept or refuse the participants into their class was their future instructors... or in the other words, these two examiners.

"Hi, little cutie! Hurry, come here and join this big sister's class! Big sister will surely give you a special service later!" The red-haired girl, Zhiruo put a sexy pose and her oversized cleavage almost spilled out from her loose robe.

Any human men certainly had their blood boil if they saw this scene and they would definitely jump onto her embrace to fondle these red-haired girl's pair of soft giant meat buns.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue was completely unfazed. She was a girl after all and she was completely straight.

Well... actually, all the participants here were foxes including Tang Li Xue so this examiner's plan to seduce her was bound to fail since the very start.

Tang Li Xue stared at the red-haired examiner with a weird expression while her mouth kept twitching as if saying: 'Are you an idiot?'

Tang Li Xue was very sure that this red-haired examiner had a mental problem so she did not hesitate to walk toward the black-haired examiner.

 "Eeeeh... Wait... Wait a minute! Look at this delicious fruit! Join this big sister's class and this big sister will give this heavenly fruit! This is not a normal fruit! If you consume this fruit, you will certainly get a new strength enhancement divine ability!" The red-haired girl took out a purple apple-like fruit from her space pouch to tempt Tang Li Xue this time.

Tang Li Xue's eyes shone brighter with greed when she stared at the purple apple-like fruit in the red-haired girl's hand.

'Woah! I can get the strength enhancement divine ability if I eat that purple fruit?!'

All the other foxes stared at Tang Li Xue full of envy and jealousy. The fruit that could grant a divine ability to the one who ate it were incredibly rare after all!

Tang Li Xue stopped hesitating and ran toward the red-haired girl. Tang Li Xue was really afraid that the red-haired girl changed her mind later if she was too slow.

The black-haired girl, Mei Lan giggled and leisurely say with her usual gentle tone: "You will surely regret it if you choose to enter her Executor Class."

Tang Li Xue forcefully halted her step and looked back at the black-haired girl with a confused expression.

"She just wants your black fox boyfriend to join her class, not you. Besides that, I can see from your previous behavior that you are not used to killing. You only killed something to eat or when someone threatened your life before, right? In that case, you are not suitable to join the Executor Class." The black-haired girl slowly explained to Tang Li Xue with her sweet gentle voice.

Tang Li Xue started to waver when she heard the black-haired examiner's explanation.

"MEI LAN! YOU..." The red-haired girl, Zhiruo was fuming in rage when Mei Lan stopped Tang Li Xue but Mei Lan did not let Zhiruo interrupt her words halfway and continued.

"Moreover, your divine ability is not really the usual stealth-type, right? Without that little friend of yours, your offense is almost non-existent too. Are you really planning to always rely on that little friend of yours to assassinate all of your targets after joining Executor Class?" Mei Lan stared at Tang Li Xue with a solemn expression.

Although, Mei Lan was currently still wearing her fox mask but her clear obsidian black eyes and all of her questions struck right into Tang Li Xue's weak point.

However, Yaya that sat on the top of Tang Li Xue's furry head quietly all this time did not think so. She stared at the black-haired examiner full of anger and annoyance.

"Join my class and I will teach you how to fight properly without depending too much on your little friend! I promise to make you get stronger as fast as possible!" Mei Lan reached her smooth right hand and invited Tang Li Xue.

Mei Lan's firm tone was full of confidence made Tang Li Xue calmed down a lot.

What was the real purpose of Tang Li Xue coming here?

It was to get stronger as soon as possible!

And this black-haired examiner offered that right in front of her face!

There was no need for Tang Li Xue to hesitate anymore!

Tang Li Xue ran toward the black-haired examiner and grasped her smooth jade-like hand with her paw!

Mei Lan's smile was blooming beautifully when Tang Li Xue held her hand.

"Welcome to my Inspector Class, little one." Mei Lan pulled Tang Li Xue's tiny furry body and held Tang Li Xue in her arms.

The red-haired girl and Yaya were fuming with rage and resentment. The two of them could not wait to tear Mei Lan apart.

It was true that Tang Li Xue already decided her choice but she still felt a bit regretful because she could not get that purple fruit from the red-haired examiner.

Mei Lan giggled softly when she saw Tang Li Xue's regretful expression and she took out a dilapidated book from her space pouch and gave it to Tang Li Xue.

"I am not that shameless, okay! Since that seducer wanted to give you that fruit if you join her class, how could I not give you anything after you join my class? The art contained in this book is perfectly suitable for you. Take it and master it as soon as possible!" Mei Lan patted Tang Li Xue's furry head while pushing the dilapidated book onto Tang Li Xue's paws.

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone in excitement when she was holding the dilapidated book with her both of her paws.

'Woah... I... I finally get a martial art book! Eh... but a martial art book is for humans... so how could this fox examiner know that I have a human's Dantian in my body? Wait a minute! This examiner never said something about a martial art book... So this book is probably not a martial art book?!'

Tang Li Xue was very disappointed when she thought this book was not about martial art techniques.

 Tang Li Xue wanted to open the book to check its content but all the envy, jealousy, and resentment stares from all the foxes made her very uncomfortable so she decided to check it later and threw it into her space pouch.

"Cough... okay, all of you already chose your class now! I hope all of you will devote to your class from now on and never think to change your class later since no one will ever allow it to happen! Do your best from now on and you will have a chance to be promoted to Elite Class later!" The red-haired girl, Zhiruo cleared her throat and encouraged all the foxes.

However, the next words that came out from her mouth made all the foxes here dropped into despair...

"Then let's go! We will change the location and begin the last trial!" The red-haired girl, Zhiruo turned around and shouted.


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