Reincarnated As a Fox With System
131 Chapter 131: First Massacre!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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131 Chapter 131: First Massacre!

In the beginning, she never planned to kill any human even when the examiners said the second trial rules about taking human heads would get more points.

However, when Tang Li Xue triggered the [Divine Possession] to save Yaya's life and Yaya turned into green light then entered her body, she could see the miserable scene where Yaya used everything to protect her, Yaya even using her own body in the end.

Even at the last moment, what in Yaya's mind was not to run away and survive but how to protect Tang Li Xue and bring Tang Li Xue out from here to the safe place even if she needs to sacrifice her own life as the cost!


Tang Li Xue was angry with Yaya's selfishness!

Why Yaya need to bear the burden alone!

Yaya should tell her if she could not do it and they could think some solutions together! 

Weren't they a partner... comrades where they will share their life and death together?!

Tang Li Xue felt infuriated by all of these black-clothed men. How dare they hurt her and Yaya!

They just wanted to escape from this place... not fight to the death with them!

However, Tang Li Xue realized that Yaya also killed several of them before...

So amongst all, Tang Li Xue was furious with herself the most!

All of these have happened because she was far too weak!

If she was stronger, she did not need to use Yaya as bait and threw Yaya in danger.

If she was stronger, she could enter and get out from here unscathed even without Yaya's help and Yaya did not need to get hurt.

If she was stronger, she could defeat the [Demonic Blood Fox] alone so Yaya also did not need to fight with her and get hurt.

She must get stronger faster! But first, she needs to vent this terrible rage inside her heart first. She could not vent her anger to Yaya or to herself... so she could only vent it to her last option, all of these black-clothed men.

This was the first time Tang Li Xue kill humans with her own hands.

She really felt awful but when she remembered that Yaya also killed some humans for her before, she immediately steeled her heart and endured her nausea.

The 'Immortal World' name sounds beautiful but the cruelness within it was unfathomable.

All the humans here were different from her previous world, they could kill the other humans easily without feeling any guilt let alone she was a beast now.

If she could not adapt to this Immortal World's cruelness then she would certainly perish sooner or later!

Tang Li Xue already decided to stop caring whether it was humans or beasts now! She decided to split the people or beasts in front of her into three categories: close friends, strangers, and enemies.

She only needs to care about her close friends and protect them like Yaya and fake dragon.

She did not need to care anything about strangers.

But she would kill all of her enemies!

When all of these black-clothed men almost killed Yaya, Tang Li Xue already classified all of them as her enemies!

No one could understand Tang Li Xue's feelings when she reincarnated into this Immortal World.

Although she always acted proud, cheerful, and cocky at all times but deep down inside her heart, she was feeling really lonely and empty since could not talk to anyone and no one could understand her at all.

In this entire Immortal World, the fake dragon was Tang Li Xue's first friend but Yaya was the closest one to Tang Li Xue right now.

Moreover, Yaya also the only one that could understand her in this entire Immortal World so no one could imagine what Tang Li Xue's really felt when Yaya almost died in front of her before.

It could be said that Yaya was Tang Li Xue's reverse scale.

She never planned to kill the [Demonic Blood Fox] at first too, she only wanted to teach it a harsh lesson but after it hurt Yaya, she was determined to kill it!

Now, all of these black-clothed men were not only hurt Yaya but almost killed Yaya... so right now, Tang Li Xue was determined to slaughter all of them at all costs!

Tang Li Xue stretched her limb and she could already move her body as usual.

However, when Tang Li Xue tried to activate her [Ethereal Form], she failed to activate it.

'It looks like I still cannot use any of my divine abilities and my skills but I can already move my body, I can also see everything clearly with Yaya's eyes, and use all of Yaya's skills thanks to her blessing as a wind elemental spirit. So that darkness could affect all being except elemental spirit? Tsk... As expected from nature's favorite darling!'

[Divine Possession duration: 00:09:21]

'Ooops... I almost wasted one minute for nothing... let's finish this quick together... Yaya!'

The rain of unique skills from all the black-clothed men's martial souls targeted Tang Li Xue's nonstop when she was drowned in her inner conflict as human and beast.

 But Tang Li Xue's current speed when she was in her [Divine Possession] with Yaya was far higher than Yaya's own speed since Tang Li Xue' agility stats were several-fold higher than Yaya so she could leisurely dodge all of the attacks without even using much effort.

Tang Li Xue waved her right paw and several [Wind Blades] formed around her.

'Wind Blades? Hmm... It's not lethal enough and who knows how many wind blades I need to use to defeat all of these men!'

Several [Wind Blades] was shooting toward the group of black-clothed men with the speed far faster than Yaya's [Wind Blades] before.

Some black-clothed men did not even have any time to react and the [Wind Blades] cleaved them in two!

'Wait a minute... I always wondering since I am in the [Divine Possession] mode with Yaya, doesn't it mean I also have Yaya's [Wind God's Endowment]? What if I try to create my own unique wind elemental skill?'

Tang Li Xue tried to create several [Wind Blades] again but this time it was a bit different from Yaya's version.

'Let's see...for example like this! Let's call this [Wind Swords] then!'

Twelve sharp transparent swords were floating above Tang Li Xue. She got this skill inspiration from [Demonic Blood Fox]'s homing blood knives.

These twelve sharp swords were made from the compression of wind and air. Tang Li Xue could easily control all of them just like how [Demonic Blood Fox] controlled its blood knives to chase after her before.

The twelve [Wind Swords] flew toward the group of black-clothed men with speed faster than sound and penetrated many of the black-clothed men's bodies along with their martial souls at once!

Different from [Wind Blade] that could hit one target each time before dispersing, this [Wind Sword] could attack multiple targets each time according to Tang Li Xue's will!

Moreover, the [Wind Sword] did not disperse after it hit its target like [Wind Blade], the twelve [Wind Swords] flew back toward Tang Li Xue and hovering above her again after killing many black-clothed men at once!

All the black-clothed men were terrified with Tang Li Xue [Wind Swords]'s attacks so this time they did not dare to get closer to Tang Li Xue and decided to attack from afar with their martial souls.

'Hm? So you don't want to come closer to attack me by yourself anymore? Then I will come there to greet you!'

Tang Li Xue activated her [Gale Step], the surrounding wind wrapped her furry tiny body and Tang Li Xue could felt her speed increased significantly!

She flapped her two pairs of crystal-colored fairy wings and flew toward the group of black-clothed men with the speed that hard to be seen with naked eyes!

All the black-clothed men did not care and still ordered their martial soul to keep shooting in the direction where Tang Li Xue was floating before.

Tang Li Xue did not bother to dodge their attacks and used her will to order the twelve sharp [Wind Swords]. All the twelve [Wind Swords] flew to her front and formed the wall of [Wind Swords] to block the attacks in front of her.


The [Wind Sword] was very sharp, it was really great if used as offense weapon but it was especially fragile when used as a shield.

The twelve [Wind Swords] was full of cracks after received several heavy projectile attacks from the black-clothed men's martial souls and...


 The twelve [Wind Swords] exploded under their violent attacks and scattered back into passing wind.

Tang Li Xue was forced to stop her flight to dodge but unfortunately, it was already too late for her...

[Acid Spray]!


[Lightning Bolt]!

One by one of the lethal attacks smashed onto Tang Li Xue's tiny fragile body and not long after that, she was completely drowned by countless attacks, her tiny furry body evaporated into nothingness.

All the black-clothed men cheered in relief when they finally managed to eliminate their enemy.

Unfortunately, their happiness and relief did not last long when the giant tornado made from the compression of countless wind blades hit them from their flank!

[Cyclone Slash]!

Moreover, Tang Li Xue's [Cyclone Slash] was several times bigger and stronger than Yaya's version!

The tragic cries and screams resounded through the encampment as the giant tall tornado sweep the black-clothed men one by one.

Some of them wanted to run away but the strong sucking force from the giant tornado did not let them escape and pulled them back.

The giant tall tornado swallowed almost all the black-clothed men and their martial souls. The countless sharp wind blades inside it turned them all into mincemeat.

Tang Li Xue did not dare to see that disgusting and bloody scene so she looked away while thinking: 'Tsk... This [Wind Clone] is really awesome! Especially if we combine it with our amazing speed! Yaya, you should use it carefully next time since the surprise effect from it could be really lethal like what happened just now.'

Yaya nodded her tiny head in understanding inside Tang Li Xue's mind.

Although, her wounds were really lethal and she almost died before but she already completely recovered thanks to Tang Li Xue's [Regeneration] skill now.


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