Reincarnated As a Fox With System
130 Chapter 130: Earth Locking Heaven Slaying Formation!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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130 Chapter 130: Earth Locking Heaven Slaying Formation!

Tang Li Xue felt a chill run up on her spine since she could not even move her body right now.

'What the hell is happening here?! Why I can't move?! I... I can't even see anything now!'

Tang Li Xue gritted her fangs and tried to forcefully move her limbs but she still could not make it move even one bit.



HP: 61,320/63,200

Tang Li Xue felt something blunt crashed onto her and her furry body was thrown several meters away.

'Ouch!!! Who's there?! Who dares to attack me at the time like this?'

In fact, not only Tang Li Xue was in this kind of perilous situation but also all the foxes that attacking this black-clothed men encampment.

The black-clothed men actually set this [Earth Locking Heaven Slaying Formation] to trap and massacre all the elite disciples from Immortal Sword Sect when they were attacking them later.

This [Earth Locking Heaven Slaying Formation]'s true effect was to seal all the senses and movement of the living beings inside it.

Of course, the black-clothed men did not affect by this [Earth Locking Heaven Slaying Formation] since each of them already used a talisman that capable of negating the effect of the formation.

Right now Tang Li Xue and all the foxes in the encampment were no different than punching bags to all the black-clothed men. They could not move and all of their senses were sealed.

'Dammit! I can't even use any of my skills and divine abilities now! Is this really my end? Will I really die here now? Come to think of it... those two examiners are really irresponsible! They should barge in now and save all of us at this timing! What are they waiting for?!'

Several black-clothed men already had pent up frustration because of the foxes' invasion so they started to take a stick and hitting the foxes' bodies repeatedly with it full of rage.

Actually, they really want to chop all the foxes into mincemeat right now but they remember that they could cook them as their meal.

These foxes' meat should be really delicious!

So in the end they decided to not kill them now and cook them tomorrow since they already have one big fox meat (Demonic Blood Fox) as their dinner before.


'Ouch... Ouch... Ouch... Stop it! Stop it! I give up so stop it now! Dammit, it's hurt! This is the violation of Human's Right... errr... I mean Fox's Right! I will sue you all for doing these to me!'

 -1345, -1534, -2132, -1866, -1563.....

Tang Li Xue's HP dropped continuously under the several black-clothed men's constant attacks but fortunately, it was far from fatal since her [Regeneration] was a passive skill so it was unaffected by the [Earth Locking Heaven Slaying Formation] sealing effect and it still automatically activated to heal Tang Li Xue's wounds.

+936, +936, +936, +936, +936....

HP: 47,690/63,200

Although all of their attacks were not fatal now but she would still die if they kept hitting her until her HP reduced to 0!

Tang Li Xue started to get anxious and her mind spun quickly as she tried to think about how she could get out of this perilous situation as soon as possible.

All of her divine abilities and skills were sealed!

All of her senses and movement were also sealed!

She even tried to summon her martial soul, the [Flying Golden Fish] but failed!

Tang Li Xue had a really great headache now. She almost thought that even her fate had been sealed too!

'Wait a minute... how about my dependable system? Please, let this works!'

Tang Li Xue tried to summon out her system window in her mind and the endless darkness in front of her dispersed a bit when the system window appeared in front of her eyes.

'YES! It's really working! Sigh... But I can't even move any of my paws so how could I tap on the system window? Hmmm... Eh... What if I try to tap my choice with my mind?!'

Tang Li Xue tried to open Yaya's status window and press the \u003c\u003cSummon\u003e\u003e button with her mind. Surprisingly, it really worked well and Yaya's tiny figure covered by her green leaf dress appeared in front of immobilized Tang Li Xue.

The black-clothed men were stunned silly by Yaya's sudden appearance for one moment.

Yaya slowly opened her glittering emerald green eyes and she stared coldly at the several black-clothed men that dare to hit her Tang Li Xue. Yaya's tiny figure started to emit an intense murderous aura.


Yaya instantly cast her [Cyclone Slash] and swung her small hand down forcefully.

All the black-clothed men around Tang Li Xue wanted to dodge but unfortunately, they were too late.

The two meters tornado compressed from countless wind blades chopped their bodies into countless small pieces.

After killing all of the black-clothed men around Tang Li Xue, Yaya swiftly approached Tang Li Xue full of worry and asked Tang Li Xue 'Are you alright?' and 'Are you hurt?' using her mind connection.

'Eh... Yaya, you aren't affected by this... whatever this is? So... I can still talk to Yaya using our connection! Quick, Yaya! Bring me away from here! Let's get away quickly before you are affected by this too!'

Yaya nodded to Tang Li Xue with a solemn expression.

Yaya carried Tang Li Xue's immobilized body on her back.

Yaya's tiny body was only as big as palm while Tang Li Xue's body was as big as an adult cat so the current Yaya was like a tiny child carrying an oversized sack on her back.

Yaya's current strength was not that high to begin with so her current speed also dropped significantly when she was carrying Tang Li Xue.

More and more black-clothed men came toward where Yaya and Tang Li Xue at when they heard the big commotion Yaya's made with her [Cyclone Slash].

Yaya flew toward the edge of the encampment but many of the black-clothed men unsheathed their sharp weapons and summoned out their martial souls to block her way.

 Yaya activated her [Wind Barrier] to protect herself and Tang Li Xue from their martial souls' barrage attacks.

Yaya also used her [Gale Step] to dodge some attacks but her every movement was not as free and unrestricted as she used to be since she was currently carrying Tang Li Xue and she did not want any of their attack to hit Tang Li Xue.

Yaya waved her palm and shot several [Wind Blades] toward the black-clothed men and managed to hurt some but their numbers were simply too many and all of Yaya's attacks were only like throwing a small fire into the ocean.

Even Yaya's [Wind Barrier] started to crumble under the fierce attacks of all the martial souls.

Yaya decided to use her strongest attack again to open a path for her and Tang Li Xue to escape!

[Cyclone Slash]!

Several black-clothed men that sprinting toward her with sharp weapons in their hands turned into mincemeat under Yaya's [Cyclone Slash]!

Yaya activated her [Gale Step] once again and dashed with her full speed following behind her [Cyclone Slash]!

All the black-clothed men did not dare to face Yaya's [Cyclone Slash] head on and ran aside but they and their martial souls did not stop their barrage attacks.

Yaya cast her [Wind Barrier] again to repel their attack but it immediately crumbled after received many of their attacks.

In the end, Yaya decided to use her tiny body to protect the immobilized Tang Li Xue while still trying to hold on and fly out from the encampment.

-1783! -2623!

[HP: 4,394/8,800]

'What?! What exactly happened outside? Why Yaya's HP begin to decreasing too? Yaya! Hello, Yaya! Tell me what happen?!'

All of Tang Li Xue's senses were still sealed so she did not know what Yaya did or what happened to Yaya.

Tang Li Xue only knew that Yaya was hurt from the battle log in the system window.

However, she started to get anxious when Yaya did not answer her call. Usually, Yaya was always a really nice kid and she would definitely answer her in any situation.

-2145! -1614!

[HP: 635/8,800]

Tang Li Xue: '!!!'

Tang Li Xue started to feel panic and helplessness. It was already too late for her to press \u003c\u003cStore\u003e\u003e button and put Yaya back into her system since she needs to open Yaya's status window first.

One more light hit and Yaya would really die forever!

 In the split second, Tang Li Xue decided to enter [Divine Possession] mode with Yaya!




Yaya's tiny body was full of wounds and her green leaf dress was tattered.

Yaya's beautiful crystal-colored two pairs of wings were broken and she crashed down onto the ground.

She felt her eyelid was very heavy and she really wanted to sleep so badly.

But she still gritted her teeth and crawled slowly on the ground with Tang Li Xue on her back. Her tiny hand grabbed Tang Li Xue's paw so tightly as if her life depended on it.

When countless attacks from the black-clothed men and their martial souls rained down onto the powerless Yaya, her bloody little figure turned into a green light and entered into Tang Li Xue's forehead!


Their combined attacks this time was so devastating that it left a deep large pit on the ground.

The black-clothed men sighed in relief when they saw their enemy turned to dust under their attacks and some of them already started to treat their wounds.


Horizontal... [Wind Blade]!

 A long compressed sharp [Wind Blade] flew toward the black-clothed men with unimaginable speed and severed many of the black-clothed men's heads at the same time!

Tang Li Xue flapped her two pairs of crystal-colored wings and descended down slowly.

She was staring at all the black-clothed men with her glittering emerald green eyes.

The immense pressure coming out from her tiny body made all the black-clothed men felt suffocating and hard to move.

The intense bloodlust and killing intent emitted out from her started to make all the black-clothed men shuddered a bit in fear.

They unsheathed their sharp weapons and summoned out all of their martial souls readied themselves to fight against the strong being in front of them.

'You all really like hitting us huh! Are you all already satisfied?!'

'Okay then! It's my turn now!'


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