Reincarnated As a Fox With System
127 Chapter 127: Third-Party!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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127 Chapter 127: Third-Party!




The black-haired girl, Mei Lan was giggling in amusement and say: "That little white fox is really not bad at all! Although, it relies on that wind elemental spirit's power to win but to be able to wield it to that extent is already quite a great accomplishment!"

As the examiners, Zhiruo and Mei Lan have their own treasure to observe all the trial participants' movements without being noticed by them.

Of course, they also witnessed the fierce battle between Tang Li Xue and the [Demonic Blood Fox] clearly from the projection in front of them.

This projection actually came from the vision of several eagle puppets that flying above the forest.

"Their speed is quite fast for wind elemental spirit's cub and a savage beast. If that white fox evolves further into a demonic beast, it would surely reach Elite rank easily! Mei Lan, this white fox, I want it in my class!" The red-haired girl, Zhiruo proclaimed while pointing her finger at Tang Li Xue's figure in the projection that currently still running around to find the desolate place.

"Hehe... We will see it later which class it will choo..." Mei Lan halted her words and frowned when she saw the other projection.

There were many people in black-clothes jumped out of the lake near the forest area.

Zhiruo frowned and asking Mei Lan with doubtful tone: "These people are acting so suspicious. Who do you think they really are?"

"They should the people from Evil Sect. Immortal Sword Sect is developing too fast recently so they come here to ruin the Immortal Sword Sect's new disciple entrance exam as the warning." Mei Lan chuckled then answered lazily.

"Now what we should do? Should we cancel the second trial and change the location or should we just kill all of them?" Zhiruo pouted and asked Mei Lan again.

"Why we should do that? I think they are all come at the right timing. This second trial started to get a bit boring. With them joining in I am really sure it will become more lively and interesting!" Mei Lan was giggling happily and her mesmerizing obsidian eyes shone with anticipation.

Zhiruo rolled her eyes and corrected Mei Lan: "Do you mean it will become more dangerous and chaotic?!"

Anyone would think that Zhiruo was the cruelest one among these two since she was an instructor from Executor Class and her personality was also rude and always spoken what in her mind clearly.

On the contrary, every of Mei Lan's movements was always full of elegance. Her mesmerizing face and the way she acting, she was always radiating gentleness aura that soothing everyone's heart. She was also the instructor from the Inspector Class.

Unfortunately, everyone that trusted this first impression was making a really big mistake!

The red-haired girl, Zhiruo was actually a person... err... a fox with always looks hard on the outside but soft inside. She looks like a strict instructor but she actually always protects her students from behind and she would never put any of her students in any dangerous situation.

The black-haired, Mei Lan was the total opposite of Zhiruo. She looks like a gentle instructor that would spoil all of her students but in reality, she would always train all of her students in a cruel way.

She would even throw all of her students in any dangerous situation and would never help them in order for them to grow stronger. The mortality rate of Mei Lan's students was the highest among all the instructors.

Zhiruo started to pity all the foxes that choose to join the Inspector Class this year.




Tang Li Xue and Yaya fell asleep without realizing it after the effect of their [Divine Possession]'s backlash wore off.

Fortunately, no one interrupted their sleep this time and they fast asleep until the next morning.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya slowly opened their eyes and both of their stomachs were rumbling loudly.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya looked at each other then both of them burst out laughing.

Yaya used her [Air Bullet] to break open the cave entrance and both of them walked outside to breathe the fresh air.

After suffered the great pain and fell asleep in the stuffy cave for half a day, it was extremely comfortable for them when the air outside was filled their lungs.

'Let's go, Yaya! We will hunt for some demonic beasts first for out breakfast then we will start our search again.'

Tang Li Xue told Yaya their task today with her mind.

Yaya nodded her tiny head full of enthusiast and she was smiling happily at Tang Li Xue.

For Yaya, to always be with Tang Li Xue was her true happiness.

She was willing to get injured to help Tang Li Xue and also willing to starve as long as she would always be with Tang Li Xue.

Yaya and Tang Li Xue scoured their surroundings to find some demonic beasts to eat but oddly they did not manage to find any even after searching for two hours.

'This is really strange! It's reasonable if I can't find any human since all the other foxes also hunting for them but now... I can't even find any demonic beast for my meal?! You must be kidding with me!'

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and refused to believe if she really could not find any prey.

She activated her [Ethereal Form] this time and summoned out her martial soul, the [Flying Golden Fish].

Tang Li Xue also ordered Yaya to spread out so they now heading in different directions.

Tang Li Xue and her martial soul still did not find anything after searching for more than fifteen minutes but she suddenly got an urgent call from Yaya.

Tang Li Xue's mind and Yaya's mind were still connected even after they separated so they still could easily communicate with each other.

 Tang Li Xue hastily unsummoned her martial soul and heading toward where Yaya was, she even using her [Blink] skill rapidly.

'Yaya, what happened? Did you find our meal? Or some humans to catch?'

Yaya shook her head at first then nodded her head continuously after that. Yaya pointed her finger toward the nearby bushes.

Tang Li Xue stared at Yaya quizzically and peeked out her head from those bushes.

Then she saw... a group of black-clothed humans brought several bounded people with them.

'Eh... wait a minute... that black fox in their hands seems familiar...'

The group of black-clothed humans also brought an ox-sized three-tailed black fox. They tied its four limbs on the long iron stick and carry it like a captured boar.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya knew this black fox really well. Who else if it not their previous enemy, the [Demonic Blood Fox].

Tang Li Xue: '.....'

Tang Li Xue usually could read Yaya's mind so she could easily understand what Yaya's mean.

However, Tang Li Xue could not understand what Yaya was trying to say to her but now Tang Li Xue knew why Yaya could not explain everything clearly.

However, the current [Demonic Blood Fox] was vastly different from what Tang Li Xue and Yaya were facing before.

Its body and skin were shriveled up as if its blood was already sucked dry.

'Oi... Oi... thieves! How could you steal my prey from me just like that?! And you big bully, how could you let yourself get caught by those thieves?! Where is your pride as a big villain?!'

Tang Li Xue stared at the [Demonic Blood Fox] full of disappointment.

Tang Li Xue told Yaya to follow behind her quietly while she followed the black-clothed men from behind.

Tang Li Xue's plan was simple.

She wanted to steal those bounded humans to fill her living humans' quota and took back her prey, the [Demonic Blood Fox] from the black-clothed men.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya were trailing closely behind the black-clothed men for half an hour and they managed to arrive at the black-clothed men's encampment.

Tang Li Xue raised her vigilance even more when she saw the black-clothed men's number actually reached more than a hundred.

'Yaya, you wait here for now! I will go in and scout the situation inside first. Remember! Don't act rashly without my instruction!'

Tang Li Xue looked at Yaya that was hiding behind the tree while told Yaya to wait here with her mind.

 Yaya looked at Tang Li Xue full of worry but she still nodded her head while patted her chest and pointing at Tang Li Xue. Yaya was also trying to tell Tang Li Xue to 'take care of herself and be careful'.

Tang Li Xue nodded her head back to Yaya too and dashed into the black-clothed men's encampment.

Tang Li Xue easily sneaked into the black-clothed men's encampment without anyone realizing it.

Tang Li Xue guessed that all of these black-clothed people were not at the elder rank cultivation level yet. They were probably only at the Qi Condensation stage.

But the Qi Condensation stage cultivator from the sect and the Qi Condensation stage cultivator but not joined any sect yet has a huge difference.

For example, these sect exam participants, some of them had already reached the Qi Condensation stage but they still not learn any martial art technique yet because they did not have any martial art manual.

While these black-clothed men were already joined their evil sect since a long time ago and they already learned various martial art techniques. Their battle prowess surpassed the exam participants by miles away.

That was why the black-clothed men could easily subdue all the sect exam participants.

One of the black-clothed men held a sharp saber and ready to skinning the poor [Demonic Blood Fox] while the other black-clothed men brought their captive to their jail.

Tang Li Xue started to hesitate. Should she save her meal, the [Demonic Blood Fox], or follow the group of black-clothed men to where they held all their captives.


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