Reincarnated As a Fox With System
126 Chapter 126: Failure!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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126 Chapter 126: Failure!


When the loud roar started to reverberating, the tall giant tornado color started to turn into crimson red!

Tang Li Xue was startled when she saw that change and immediately raised her vigilance but she still kept observing to find out what was the [Demonic Blood Fox] trying to do.


The tall giant tornado actually broke apart after its color turned crimson red like blood.

Tang Li Xue guessed that the [Demonic Blood Fox] was somehow using its own blood to cancel her [Cyclone Slash]!

Tang Li Xue's guess was actually only half correct. The moment the tall giant tornado's color turned blood red, it already became the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s [Cyclone Slash].

The principle was the same as how the hacker took control of other computers but the [Demonic Blood Fox] used its own blood as the medium to take control of Tang Li Xue's [Cyclone Slash].

In fact, if the [Demonic Blood Fox] had the power to control the wind element, it could even control Tang Li Xue's [Cyclone Slash] and made it flew back toward her!

Unfortunately, the [Demonic Blood Fox] did not have any power to control the wind element so it could only break the giant tornado to free itself.

Tang Li Xue frowned when she saw the [Demonic Blood Fox] could actually break free from Yaya's best move.

While the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s twelve blood daggers also managed to break out from her [Gale Prison] by merging themselves into one giant broadsword and forcefully cut open the [Gale Prison]'s restriction.

'What a bother... Yaya's wind element ability is actually perfectly countered by this bast*rd [Blood Manipulation] divine ability! Its [Blood Manipulation] weakness should be fire or lightning element. Unfortunately, I cannot use my Flame of Pride now or this battle should be already over by now! Sigh...'

But it did not mean that Tang Li Xue did not have any other way to win against the [Demonic Blood Fox]. Tang Li Xue's eyes glinted coldly as she started to let out some faint killing intent.

The giant sharp broadsword flew above Tang Li Xue and it swung down with the speed that harder to see with naked eyes just like the flying guillotine blade which wanted to take the person's head.

Tang Li Xue flapped her crystal colored fairy wings and flying a few inches to the right side.

She easily dodged the giant broadsword's attack but the giant broadsword still refused to give up and attacked Tang Li Xue again and again monotonously like playing whack-a-mole.

Tang Li Xue was swaying her furry tiny body to the right and left and avoided all of its attacks leisurely but she started to get extremely annoyed by it so she waved her paw once again and sending the giant broadsword flying away with several of her [Air Bullets]!

Who knows after she was sending the giant broadsword away, the [Demonic Blood Fox] already arrived near her.

It wanted to use its sturdy heavy armored body that full of sharp blood blades and crashed it onto Tang Li Xue's fragile tiny body.

But how could Tang Li Xue just let that happen!

In front of the current Tang Li Xue's eyes, all of the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s movement was too slow.

Actually, not only the [Demonic Blood Fox], but she felt everything on her surrounding was moving at slow motion when she was in her [Divine Possession] mode with Yaya.

However, Tang Li Xue was miscalculated this time!

Tang Li Xue felt a chill down on her spine when she saw the [Demonic Blood Fox] sneered mockingly at her.

Tang Li Xue instantly knew. She made a big mistake this time!

The [Demonic Blood Fox] never planned to crash its heavy armored body with Tang Li Xue's tiny body since the very start!


Its thick outer layer blood armor actually exploded when the [Demonic Blood Fox] managed to approach Tang Li Xue!

The thick blood armor turned into countless tiny shrapnel and flying everywhere with inconceivable speed.

Tang Li Xue was currently only a few inches away from the [Demonic Blood Fox] so the[Demonic Blood Fox] was very sure that even with Tang Li Xue's current speed, she would never be able to dodge its surprise attacks this time!

Tang Li Xue's emerald green eyes were glittering even brighter as she was trying to catch every single movement of the blood armor shrapnel in front of her eyes.

She also realized that she would never be able to dodge everything with her current speed so she activated her [Gale Step] to boost her speed even more!

After avoiding six shrapnel with great difficulty, Tang Li Xue finally reached her limit when several tens of shrapnel flew toward her at once.

Tang Li Xue gritted her fangs and forcefully activated her other skill!

 [Gale Step]..... plus [Blink]!

Tang Li Xue's tiny figure started to flickering around leaving behind countless afterimages every time she moves. She dodged every shrapnel when it only a few millimeters away from hitting her fragile body.

Her current speed was so high that even the [Demonic Blood Fox] could not see Tang Li Xue's movement with its eyes. It could only watch Tang Li Xue's countless blurry after images with an expression full of shock and disbelief.

Tang Li Xue tiny figure appeared right in front of the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s face so suddenly after she managed to dodge every single shrapnel from its thick blood armor.

The [Demonic Blood Fox] was so shocked that it subconsciously wanted to retreat backward as fast as it could but how could Tang Li Xue let it do that!

The 7th layer of [Heaven Splitting Wave]!

Moreover, Tang Li Xue aimed her attack precisely right at the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s forehead!

Tang Li Xue's plan was really simple.

The [Demonic Blood Fox] still has the second layer of blood armor protecting all of its body parts right now and attacking its body parts was also useless since with its [Blood Manipulation] divine ability, it would never bleed to death. It could even mend any wounds or broken bones easily with this divine ability.

Since it was like that, Tang Li Xue decided to use her [Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)] to directly destroy its brain!

She refused to believe that if she destroyed the [Demonic Blood Fox] directly with her penetrative strike, it could still mend it with its [Blood Manipulation] divine ability later!

The [Demonic Blood Fox] had never felt its death so close before like now.



The moment Tang Li Xue's 7th layer of [Heaven Splitting Wave] hit The [Demonic Blood Fox]'s forehead, its entire body exploded and turned into a large amount of blood.

A large amount of blood splashed everywhere painted the surrounding ground and grasses with crimson red color.

Tang Li Xue instantly used her [Gale Step] plus her [Blink] skill again to take some distance and she managed to avoid any [Demonic Blood Fox]'s blood from touching her.

In fact, she really did not want its blood to touch her at all! Who knows if the [Demonic Blood Fox] could do something dangerous to her or track her location later if she touched it!

Tang Li Xue inspected her surrounding but she did not manage to find the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s corpse.

She did not even manage to find any of the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s trace.

'Dammit! It is run away?! Coward! And here I think that all bullies like that bast*rd is unafraid of anything before! Sigh... what a waste of time! Oh well... at least I managed to get two space pouches from it!'

Tang Li Xue peeked into one of the space pouches and saw many human heads stored inside it.

Tang Li Xue freaked out a bit and quickly closed the space pouch. She was really sure now that big bully definitely could not count since the human heads stored inside its space pouch was probably much more than fifty.

Actually, Tang Li Xue could finish her second trial now if she went back and hand over all of these human heads to the black-haired girl.

Unfortunately, she already triggered her system quest to catch fifty living humans to finish the second trial and she did not dare to disregard it so all of these human heads were useless for her.

Tang Li Xue checked the other space pouch and found many empty barrels that the [Demonic Blood Fox] used to store its own blood.

The [Demonic Blood Fox] should be using all of its blood reserves to breaking free from Tang Li Xue's [Cyclone Slash], to make that self-destruction heavy armor, and it even using the rest of it to escape before and now all of its blood reserves were completely exhausted.

Tang Li Xue threw away all the useless empty barrels but she took out all of the beast cores that stored inside it.

Tang Li Xue opened her own status window and checked how much longer the duration of her [Divine Possession].

[Divine Possession duration: 00:03:12]

'Oh... I still have more than three minutes? Tsk, that slippery bast*rd sure is the lucky one! If it did not escape just then, I am really sure it would never get any more chance later!'

If Tang Li Xue fight for several more rounds and stretch their battle for a little longer, exhausted the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s blood reserves first before delivering her finishing blow, the result would certainly be different.

The [Demonic Blood Fox] would never be able to use its [Blood Escape] ability after its blood reserves exhausted and Tang Li Xue's 7th layer of [Heaven Splitting Wave] would certainly hit its forehead and turned the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s brain into mush!

Tang Li Xue shook her head in disappointment and regret but there was nothing she could do right now since it was already too late for her.

Three minutes' duration was not long enough for her to find the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s current whereabouts.

Even if she managed to find its whereabouts soon, who knows if that cunning [Demonic Blood Fox] would have another life-saving skill to escape from her again?

Tang Li Xue did not have any more time for playing hide and seek with that [Demonic Blood Fox] since she would need to face the [Divine Possession]'s backlash after the three minutes duration was over later.

Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal Form] and used her remaining duration to run as far as she could and find a desolate area without any living being near it.

She dug a deep cave once more just like when she wanted to use her [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] before and covered the cave entrance carefully so no one could notice it.

After the [Divine Possession]'s duration was over, Yaya's tiny body separated with Tang Li Xue's body, and both of them were completely paralyzed in exhaustion.

Their bodies were trembling nonstop and they even felt great pain flooding all over their bodies.

Tang Li Xue's regret from failing to kill the [Demonic Blood Fox] was intensified and she could not stop herself from cursing the [Demonic Blood Fox] to ease her pain.

Tang Li Xue did not know that the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s current situation right now was far worse than her.

Not only it exhausted its own blood reserves it collected for a long time ago, it even needs a long time to recover from its weakened state after using its [Blood Escape] skill.

Right now the current weakened the [Demonic Blood Fox] was probably the weakest being here in this entire forest. Even the random beasts here could easily kill it if it did not move carefully.

The hatred and resentment in the [Demonic Blood Fox] for Tang Li Xue escalated by manifold, even the bloodlust and killing intent in its blood-red eyes got much thicker than before.

It swore inside its heart that it would never forget this humiliation and it would certainly return it to Tang Li Xue and the Fox Sith countless times worse along with the interest.


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