Reincarnated As a Fox With System
125 Chapter 125: Counterattack!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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125 Chapter 125: Counterattack!

The Blue Phoenix of Pride was still hibernating comfortably in its own cocoon inside Tang Li Xue's Dantian so Yaya's wind elemental power inside Tang Li Xue's body did not clash and blend perfectly in harmony with the Blue Phoenix of Pride's flame power like before.

This time, Yaya's wind elemental power completely filled every inch of Tang Li Xue's tiny body without any sign of the Flame of Pride's power interrupting it at all!

Tang Li Xue could also control Flame of Pride even if the Blue Phoenix of Pride was still in its hibernation but since she did not plan to use it anyway, she decided to seal the Flame of Pride power deep inside her Dantian so she did not accidentally use it when she fights against [Demonic Blood Fox] later.

Tang Li Xue peeked at her status window to see her current HP.

 [HP: 64,327/72,000]

Tang Li Xue's HP and Yaya's HP was actually added into one when they were in their [Divine Possession] mode.

Tang Li Xue almost wanted to laugh out loud when she saw that. She did not even need to activate her [Golden Body] divine ability to heal this tiny wound.

Tang Li Xue wondered if it also means that Yaya's fatal wound would be fully recovered if she could finish this battle with full HP later?

+936, +936, +936.....

Tang Li Xue's [Regeneration] ability already automatically started to recover her HP.


The [Demonic Blood Fox] howled out loud and startled the current absentminded Tang Li Xue.

The [Demonic Blood Fox]'s started to seep out from every pore of its ox-sized tough body.

If Tang Li Xue did not know the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s divine ability beforehand, she would think this [Demonic Blood Fox] tried to commit suicide now.

It was clear that the [Demonic Blood Fox] felt Tang Li Xue's aura and pressure had grown far stronger after she entered her [Divine Possession] form with Yaya so it also decided to stop playing around and get extra serious!

Tang Li Xue did not like to wait when her enemy transformed into its stronger next form like in RPG game so she instantly decided to bombard the [Demonic Blood Fox] with her attacks before it could finish what it was currently doing right now.

[Wind Blades]!

The surrounding air compressed and formed into several tens of sharp wind blades in an instant.

Several tens of sharp wind blades flew toward the [Demonic Blood Fox] at once with the speed far surpassing the sound speed.

The loud bang noises resounded nonstop just like the sound of several big firecrackers exploded.

The dust on the ground around the [Demonic Blood Fox] flew everywhere and obstructed Tang Li Xue's vision but Tang Li Xue somewhat knew that the [Demonic Blood Fox] would never be defeated that easily.

As if it was answering Tang Li Xue's doubt, several blood-colored sharp daggers flew out from behind the dust-covered area where the [Demonic Blood Fox] stood before.

Its target was obviously Tang Li Xue and all the blood daggers' speed also did not lose too much compared with Tang Li Xue's [Wind Blades] speed!

Unfortunately, in front of Tang Li Xue's eyes in her [Divine Possession] form, these blood daggers were moving at snail pace!

The higher one's agility stat, the speed boost one's got from it would also decrease.

For example, when someone increased their agility stats from 1 to 100, their speed might be increased by 100 times than before.

But when they increase the agility stats from 100 to 1,000, it did not mean they speed would increase by 10 times too! It would probably increase their speed by 2 to 3 times at best.


The reason was simple. It was because when someone moving faster, they would be facing air or wind resistance. When they reached sound speed, they would even be facing an invisible air wall.

In this Immortal World filled with dense spirit energy, they would even need to face the pressure waves from that dense spirit energy when they tried to move faster than sound speed!

In order to face all of that, someone would need proper strength to forcefully tear all of those obstacles!

But to use that great strength properly, they would need a strong body to support it since you could never use super strength with a paper-like body.

So agility, strength, and toughness stats were actually knitted so tightly each other!

But with Yaya's ability as Wind Elemental Spirit, she could easily bypass all of these restrictions and always move at her top speed!

All Elemental Spirits were the nature's most beloved darling after all!

Every time Yaya moves, she would never face any restrictions such as air friction, wind resistance, invisible air wall, or spirit energy pressure waves.

And Tang Li Xue also felt this effect when she was in her [Divine Possession] form with Yaya!

It could be easily imagined when Yaya's power combined with Tang Li Xue's massive stats. Especially her current speed, it was increased so explosively!

Tang Li Xue flew upward swiftly with her pair of crystal fairy wings only leaving behind several after images on her path and dodged those blood daggers easily.

But who knows that the several blood daggers also changed its direction and flew upward, following closely behind Tang Li Xue like the homing missile in her previous world!

Tang Li Xue tilted her body to the right and left easily dodged the several blood daggers' attacks many times but it still pursuit her again and again.

Tang Li Xue frowned. She decided to stop dodging and used her [Air Bullet] to knock the several blood daggers away.

[Air Bullet]!


The several blood daggers crashed violently with Tang Li Xue's [Air Bullet], it lost its momentum and spinning on the mid-air while flying backward then finally stabbing deeply onto the ground.

However, it did not take long before the several blood daggers pulled themselves out from the ground and flying again.

The [Demonic Blood Fox] walked out from the dust area while the several blood daggers flew back and hovering above its head.

Tang Li Xue squinted her emerald green eyes in shock, surprise, and disbelief.

The current [Demonic Blood Fox] was vastly different from before!

Its robust body was now covered in thick blood-colored armor from head to toe. There were many sharp blood blades attached to its four limbs along with its right side, left side, and even its backside.

There was even a dagger-sized sharp blood blade attached on the top of its head like a unicorn.

Even the tip of its three tails equipped with sharp blood blades just like a large scorpion with three tails.

The current [Demonic Blood Fox] was just like a heavy armored red chariot with sharp blood blades on every part of its body.

There were also twelve sharp blood daggers hovering above its head right now.

It was not surprising that all of Tang Li Xue's [Wind Blades] before was failed to penetrate the current [Demonic Blood Fox] heavy blood armor.

'Holysh*t! How could this bast*rd blood make those kinds of things?! Ok, you have great control over your divine ability but... but are the blood in your body even enough to make all of those things?! You are clearly cheating!'

Actually, the [Demonic Blood Fox] already stored its own blood little by little in its own space pouch since a long time ago. Of course, it did not use the one it got from the black-haired girl. It has its own space pouch since the very start.

Currently, it had many barrels of its own blood stored, enough for it to create several hundreds more of blood daggers.

Unfortunately, the amount of blood it controlled right now was its current limit when it wields its [Blood Manipulation] divine ability. The [Demonic Blood Fox] was not capable of controlling more blood than this for now.


The [Demonic Blood Fox] roared loudly and charged to Tang Li Xue!

The ground and surrounding trees and bushes were trembling violently on every step of the [Demonic Blood Fox] took!

 Twelve blood daggers hovered above its head also shooting toward Tang Li Xue at the same time!

Tang Li Xue raised her paws and pointed at the twelve blood daggers that heading toward her!

[Gale Prison]!

Tang Li Xue felt very annoyed by these twelve homing blood daggers a lot so she decided to use her [Gale Prison] to restrict these things' movement for now.

Twelve blood daggers were currently trapped inside the fierce giant tornado and could do nothing other than fly aimlessly inside it.

Then Tang Li Xue was looking at the [Demonic Blood Fox] that still running toward her and say in her mind: 'Let's see how hard that blood armor of yours really is!'

Tang Li Xue's [Divine Possession] has limited duration so she never planned to play around with the [Demonic Blood Fox] for too long.

She decided to use her strongest move to shatter the [Demonic Blood Fox]'s heavy armor and completely overpowered it!

Tang Li Xue raised her right paw high and forcefully swung it down using all of her strength.

[Cyclone Slash]!

Tang Li Xue's movement generated a giant tall tornado in front of her and it flew forward with such an unimaginable speed.

The [Demonic Blood Fox] stopped its sprint suddenly when it saw the giant tall tornado heading toward it.

Its sudden brake left some deep tracks on the ground but unfortunately, it was still too late for the [Demonic Blood Fox] to dodge the giant tall tornado!


The giant tall tornado compressed from countless sharp wind blades crashed heavily with the heavy armored [Demonic Blood Fox].

The [Demonic Blood Fox] entire body swallowed by the giant tall tornado and Tang Li Xue could hear rapid banging sounds made from the countless compressed wind blades crashed onto its thick blood heavy armor.

The giant tall tornado's speed did not drop at all even after it swallowed the [Demonic Blood Fox] and still flew forward, destroying everything on its path!

'Eat that you bast*rd! I hope you like my gift to reciprocate your intolerable bullying!'


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