Reincarnated As a Fox With System
122 Chapter 122: Three Division Classes!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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122 Chapter 122: Three Division Classes!




The black-haired girl yawned in boredom while sitting on the top of the rock. She lazily took out an old book from inside her space pouch and flipped its page one by one with her slender fingers.

The two-tailed small purple fox sat obediently behind her without doing anything.

But not long after that, there was the violent space fluctuation near them, the two-tailed small purple fox quickly stood up and put its battle stance full of vigilance.

The circle of azure runes appeared on the ground out of nowhere, it shone brighter and brighter. The red-haired girl calmly walked out from inside the blinding circle of azure runes.

The bright circle of azure runes on the ground disappeared once again after the red-haired girl walked out from it.

The tiny purple fox sighed in relief after it saw the red-haired girl and it sat back down obediently near the black-haired girl.

The red-haired girl frowned when she saw the tiny two-tailed purple fox sat beside the black-haired girl.

"Mei Lan, what is this little fox doing here? All the foxes should take part in the second trial! Don't tell me you are poaching this little fox to join your class first! This is unfair! I want to poach some amazing ones for my class too!" The red-haired girl stomped her feet in anger just like a little kid.

"Sigh... Zhiruo, you are the one that said you did not want your new shoes to get dirty by any mud before so you push the job to supervise the first trial to me and now you are the one complaining about it?" The black-haired girl named Mei Lan did not even turn her head away from her book and answered the red-haired girl lazily.

"But... But... urggghhhh! Then I want this tiny purple fox to join my class!" The red-haired girl named Zhiruo pulled the tiny two-tailed purple fox toward her and embraced it in her bouncy ample bosom.

Mei Lan glanced at Zhiruo for a second and chuckled then she slowly explained: "That tiny purple fox has mind control type divine ability. What is the use of your Executor Class taking that fox? To make your assassination targets kill themselves?"

All participants including Tang Li Xue did not know that the Foxes Home was divided into three different division classes according to their purpose, mission, and specialized divine ability.

The Inspector Class, the Executor Class, and the Elite Class!

The Inspector Class aimed to educate the fox candidate with the divine ability to inspect. Most of the missions they would receive were about searching for missing fox's relatives, find rare materials or precious herbs or heavenly fruits, and solving some cases like the dispute between the demonic beasts or between the demonic beasts and humans. All of it was about helping someone, inspecting something, or finding some items.

 The Executor Class aimed to educate the fox candidate with the divine ability specialized to kill. Most of the missions they would receive were about the assassination, tracking enemies or traitors, humans' family or clan extermination, everything that related to taking anyone's lives.

The Elite Class was like its name, the fox candidate in this class was so powerful and omnipotent. They could do everything since their divine ability could cover everything too from assassination to inspection. But their number was so meager that they could only take the most important and crucial mission.

All the foxes in the Elite Class also got the best treatment and resources in the entire Foxes Home!

However, only the first foxes that the examiner chose to enter Foxes Home without any need to pass the trial would be eligible to join the Elite Class like the [Thunder and Lightning Caller Fox], the [White Glacial Frost Fox], and the [Fox Sith].

Tang Li Xue and the other in this second trial could only choose to join the Inspector Class or the Executor Class in the end after they passed all the trials.

If the first trial were to test every participant's true combat prowess, their ability to adapt in any situation, and their willpower then this second trial was held to assess the participant's attitude.

Most of the foxes have come from the wilderness and they did not mind killing any humans or beasts to complete any trials or missions.

However, it did not mean that all the foxes were like that! 

Tang Li Xue was actually not the only foxes that could not kill humans if the situation did not force them to do so.

Some of the foxes had a very deep bond with humans before.

The reason was actually very simple. They have been adopted by humans since they were a cub before and then the human along with his/her family raised that fox with love and care.

But the human's family that adopted the fox died in the end because of the various reasons from robbing, disease, or old age since the beast in Immortal World has a very long life span.

Even the human with high cultivation could only live for a few thousand years while any demonic beasts could easily live for many hundreds of thousand years.

Actually, most of the demonic beasts died because they were being hunted and killed by the human race rather than because of the disease or old age.

After its master died, those foxes decided to come here and join into the Foxes Home but they still held some deep bonds with humans in their hearts and they would never kill any human without any good reason.

This kind of foxes should never be allowed to join the Executor Class and could only join the Inspector Class!

So the foxes who were allowed to choose between the Inspector Class and the Executor Class later were the ones that bring back the human heads.

The foxes that bring back the detained living humans later could only be allowed to join the Inspector Class!

The black-haired girl, Mei Lan was one of the instructors from the Inspector Class.

While the red-haired girl, Zhiruo was one of the instructors from the Executor Class.

Zhiruo frowned when she heard the tiny purple fox had mind-control type divine ability and she immediately threw the tiny purple fox away in displeasure.

The Executor Class did not need any fancy or complicated divine ability users like mind-control. They only need something simpler and straight forward but more lethal like the fox with freezing divine ability or pure strength type divine ability like the [Demonic Blood Fox].

To put it simpler, the Inspector Class needs the candidate with the divine ability that can be used widely in any kind of situation while the Executor Class needs the candidate with extremely lethal divine ability.

"Okay, don't be angry. You can take that strong big black fox to join your class. How about it? Are you satisfied?" Mei Lan sighed and readily yield the [Demonic Blood Fox] to Zhiruo's Executor Class.

"I don't like and don't want that big stupid fox! It is already so old but its strength is only so-so! Its body is reeks of blood and it also nearly lost its mind in slaughter and madness! Even if it joins my class, I would certainly kill it sooner or later when it no longer listens to my instruction!" Zhiruo frowned in disgust when she remembered about the [Demonic Blood Fox].

All the candidates and instructors in Executor had killed countless people and beasts but they never did it for the hobby.

They did it because it was their mission and they would get abundant rewards after they completed their mission. They could use that reward to enhance their strength further and enabled them to evolve faster to the next rank.

The fox like the [Demonic Blood Fox] that killing for hobby and pleasure would easily drown in madness and it could easily go berserk at any moment was like a time bomb.

No one wanted this kind of fox to join their Class since it could stab anyone in their class at a crucial moment!

Mei Lan sneered at Zhiruo and softly warned her: "But you have to accept that big bad fox into your class whether you want it or not. If I am not wrong, that big black fox... have a big brother in Elite Class."

Zhiruo frowned deeper when she heard what Mei Lan told her. It was clear that Mei Lan leaked a bit of information about the [Demonic Blood Fox] to her secretly out of worry if Zhirou really made some reckless move to the [Demonic Blood Fox].

All of the Elite Class disciples have very high status and even Instructors could not do anything to punish them if they make any mistake.

Zhiruo snorted in annoyance and decided not to bring up the topic about the [Demonic Blood Fox] again since the Mei Lan already secretly warned her with a few words.

"You can take that small purple fox but I want the white fox in my class instead!" Zhiruo pouted and sat beside Mei Lan.

"White fox? The one with the ice type divine ability?" Mei Lan raised her head again and stared at Zhiruo with a mix of puzzlement and curiosity.

"Nope! I want the savage beast one, the silver-white fox! That little black fox's companion!" Zhiruo giggled and pointed more clearly.

"The savage beast one? Why? Hmm... Oh, I know it. Let me guess. That little black fox refused to enter the Elite Class and it wants to enter the same class as its sweetheart, right? That little black fox is really cute and loyal! Not bad, I really like it." Mei Lan lowered her head once again and back to read her book while guessed everything so easily.

Mei Lan was an Instructor from the Inspector Class so guessing something simple like this was not even a challenge for her. Actually, she even solved many cases far more complicated than guessing this before.

Zhiruo rolled her crimson eyes and puffed her cheek in anger when she heard Mei Lan's guess. Mei Lan actually managed to guess everything so spot on.

Zhiruo was an Instructor from the Executor Class so her battle prowess was very high. In the battle, she could probably defeat Mei Lan but in the term of wit and wisdom, Mei Lan clearly far surpassed Zhiruo by miles away.

"We will see about it later! That silver-white fox is the one who has the right to make the final decision for itself in the end." Mei Lan turned the book's page on her hands while lazily said it.

'Humph! We will see it then! I am really sure that silver-white fox would join my class later! Heh... Who wants to enter the complicated Inspector Class if they could kill anyone and eat it happily if they join the Executor Class?" Zhiruo stuck out her tongue to Mei Lan while said in full of confidence.


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