Reincarnated As a Fox With System
121 Chapter 121: At Last... New Quest!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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121 Chapter 121: At Last... New Quest!

'Eh... Wait a minute... I almost forgot that I have that!'

Tang Li Xue pulled out a long black chain from her own extreme-rank space pouch and tried to identify its effect with her basic [All Knowing Eyes].

[Blood Sealing Chain]

[Description: The black chain made from the strange meteorite. Capable of sealing the strength of the being it bound. This black chain would drain their energy (stamina/Qi/vitality energy/spirit energy) nonstop to make itself harder and tougher.]

'Hehehehe... I took this black chain from the fake dragon's fortress before we escape out from the Asura Demon Sect. Sigh... Unfortunately, I could not take most of the black chains since it embedded into the fortress' wall.'

The black chain on Tang Li Xue's possession right now was used to bind the fake dragon's four legs before but she could not take the black chain that used to bind the fake dragon's body since the tip of the chains was buried so deeply into the fortress wall.

'Hmm... Should I wait for them to fall asleep before I ambush them? NO! I am afraid they would be attacked by the other demonic beasts or foxes before that! Oh well, I will attack them now but before that, I need to call a helper! Yaya, come out!'

Tang Li Xue pressed the \u003c\u003cSummon\u003e\u003e button on the Yaya status window in her system and Yaya's cute tiny figure appeared out of nowhere in front of Tang Li Xue.

Yaya opened her glittering emerald green eyes.

 At first, Yaya looked around at confusion but she immediately pounced toward Tang Li Xue and hugged Tang Li Xue's furry neck while giggling full of happiness.

"Ya? Yaya! Yayayaya~~" Yaya babbled with teary eyes while kept hugging Tang Li Xue as if she was saying that she misses Tang Li Xue greatly.

'Okay, I get it! Yaya really misses me. I miss Yaya greatly too! I am really sorry for storing Yaya inside there for a week but I did not have any choice before. Don't worry... I promise we will be always together from now on!'

Yaya flew above Tang Li Xue's head and circling her for a few times out of delight. Yaya hugged Tang Li Xue again and kissed Tang Li Xue's furry right cheek a few times.

Then Tang Li Xue patiently explained to Yaya that she was in the trial right now and she needs to catch fifty humans to pass the trial. Now, she really needed Yaya's help to do that.

Yaya pumped her tiny fist and puffed her cheek with a determined expression.

Tang Li Xue really wanted to laugh when she saw Yaya's cute expression but she reminded Yaya once again with her thought: 'Remember Yaya! You can hurt them but do not kill them! We just need to beat them until they faint. 'Let's go!'

Yaya nodded her tiny head repeatedly and followed behind Tang Li Xue.

'Hmm... System! I want to catch these group humans!' Tang Li Xue tried to trigger a quest from her system but she still got no reaction even now.

Tang Li Xue sighed in disappointment when she heard no reaction from her system then she was thinking for a while.

'Maybe my statement is too vague for the system to understand. Let's try it again and let's stage up the difficulty this time!'

Tang Li Xue decided to try it once more.

' System! I will catch fifty humans and successfully pass the second trial!'


[Quest: (Abductor) Catch fifty humans without killing them and pass the second trial!]

[Difficulty: Hard]

[Reward: Level +3(+1), Stat Point+45(+11), Skill Point+9(+2), 150(+38) Deity Coins]

'Uoooh! Finally! I successfully trigger a mission after so long! My first mission after I left Asura Demon Sect! But... surprisingly, it is a hard difficulty quest?! But why? Oh well... Since I already trigger it, I only need to finish it!'

Tang Li Xue did not know that she could finish this trial easily if she did not trigger the quest!

The quest from the system was always like this.

If the difficulty was too low compared with the host's overall prowess then it would never create the quest for the host since the quest's true function was to boost the host's growth!

Moreover, the system quest judged the second trial difficulty was 'Hard' for Tang Li Xue!

Tang Li Xue did not realize what she had done, she activated her [Ethereal Form], and her cat-sized body turned transparent but the group of humans could still saw Yaya so clearly.

"Eh... what is that? A beast? No, is that a fairy?! Hei! All of you, look at what I find!" One of the humans wore luxury clothes shouted to call his friends.

"Woah! You are right what a rare beast! Let's catch it! If we give it to the examiner, they will certainly be so happy and who knows if they accept us all as the inner disciples directly!" The other teenager stared at Yaya as if he was looking at a rare precious beast.

While all the people in this group distracted, Tang Li Xue jumped toward them from behind while canceling her [Ethereal Form].

Puufff... Puufff... Puufff...

Tang Li Xue's move was so swift and her tiny body turned blur because of her speed.

"UGYAAAAAH!!! My eyes!" The three people fell down and rolling on the ground while holding onto their bloody eyes.

Tang Li Xue's current speed was actually not even a half of the Fox Sith's speed but it was more than enough to deal with these new sect disciples that have cultivation at the Body Tempering Stage or the Qi Condensation Stage.

The other four turned their attention to Tang Li Xue but before they have any chance to retaliate...

'Four more to go! Yaya!'

Yaya released four of her [Air Bullet], easily knocked the other four people's heads, and make all of them fainted instantly.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya teamwork were really perfect and they did not even give any chance for these seven people to pull their weapons at all.

Unfortunately, before Tang Li Xue could relax...


The two-tailed yellow-colored fox jumped out from the nearby bushes and bit one of the unconscious humans.

It easily tore his neck with its sharp fangs and threw his head into its leather pouch!

'Wha...!!! Dammit! Bast*rd thief! Give it back to me you bast*rd! Yaya, seize that yellow fox!'

Tang Li Xue was too shocked and could only react after a half-second passed.

The two-tailed yellow-colored fox instantly activated its [Shadow Clone] divine ability and its dog-sized body splitting into ten!

Three of them pounced toward Tang Li Xue while the rest targeted the other unconscious humans.

Yaya waved her tiny palm and shot several [Air Bullet] toward several shadow foxes at the same time but it only managed to hit two of them while the other dodged it easily.

Poff... Poff...

The two yellow foxes burst out and turned into white smoke.

Tang Li Xue activated her [Golden Body] then jumped to the three yellow foxes in front of her.

The four of them trapped in the melee battle of a few seconds and Tang Li Xue easily defeat the three yellow foxes using her claws and fangs!

 Poff... Poff... Poff...

'All of them are only clones?! What an annoying divine ability?! Should I copy it using my [Mirror of the Moon]? Nope... without my Flame of Pride, I am currently lacking a powerful offensive skill! This [Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)] is a nice choice to cover my weakness. It has everything I need from the wide area of effect, penetrative effect, it even has a powerful attack!'

However, several unconscious humans would certainly be killed if Tang Li Xue used it now since [Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)] have a quite wide area of effect and she did not want that.

Tang Li Xue quickly stored the three blinded humans in front of her into her mid-rank space pouch. These three blinded humans were the nearest to her since they were her opponents before.

But the yellow fox and its shadow clones managed to claim another three heads so, among the seven humans, Tang Li Xue only got three of them, while the yellow fox got four human heads!

Actually, if the yellow fox was smarter, it could store more unconscious humans first into its space pouch and escape first before taking their heads later.

Tang Li Xue defeated three shadow clones while Yaya took down two of them. The rest five yellow fox and its shadow clones immediately ran scattered after it took four human heads from Tang Li Xue!

Tang Li Xue and Yaya swiftly chase the yellow fox and managed to kill the other three but all of them were only shadow clones!

The real yellow fox was already gone without leaving any trace for Tang Li Xue to track.

Tang Li Xue could only curse the two-tailed yellow fox and its ancestor in her mind.

'Wait a minute... why I need to catch fifty humans by myself? I could just do like what that yellow fox does! I can just steal or rob the other foxes' leather pouch later! I have my [Ethereal Form] anyway and I can easily sneak closer to any fox then silently took their space pouch before escaping again with my [Ethereal Form]!'

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone brighter the more she thought about it.

'I am not the one to kill those humans and take their head anyway so I don't need to feel guilty! I don't even need to hurt any human! Uwehehehe...'

Tang Li Xue's thought was really spot on but she clearly forgot something very important.

[Quest: (Abductor) Catch fifty humans without killing them and pass the second trial!]

'Oh... Sh*t! I really make a big blunder this time! Why the hell I make this kind of quest?! I should make a quest like [Collect twenty-five human heads without killing any humans and pass the second trial!] System.... Can I... Can I change the quest right now?'

Tang Li Xue facepalmed full of regret with her furry paw when her system did not reply to any of her requests.

But Tang Li Xue did not know if she requested for the quest like that, she would only get [Normal] difficulty quest with far lesser reward than her current quest.


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