Reincarnated As a Fox With System
120 Chapter 120: The Second Trial Start!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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120 Chapter 120: The Second Trial Start!

"Hm, eleven foxes. It is more than I expected! Not bad, good job to you all! Congratulation, you all successfully passed the first trial!" The black-haired girl clapped her hands to congratulate all the foxes.

However, no one was happy or smiling right now.

On the contrary, their mood sunk down more and become even gloomier the moment they heard the guardian said 'passed the first trial'.

All of the surviving foxes hoped and prayed that the three colored fog area before was the only trials and everything would be over once they passed it but now they realized that it was only their wishful thinking.

The black-haired girl giggled happily from behind her fox mask when she saw all the foxes despaired expression.

Even Tang Li Xue started to feel that this black-haired fox girl was deliberately trying to kill all of them.

"You all don't need to worry. The second trial is actually far easier than the first trial and I am sure some of you will like it. Follow me!" The black-haired girl waved her smooth white palm signaled them all to follow her.

All of the foxes followed the black-haired girl from behind like before but this time, the black-haired girl did not run. She was only walking leisurely at her own pace, her body posture was also straight and full of elegance.

However, all of the foxes including Tang Li Xue did not dare to let their guard down even a bit.

No one could guess where this treacherous black-haired girl would bring them to. What if she brought them toward the demonic beast's nest like in the mud swamp before?

After walking for more than ten minutes, they finally arrived at the empty desolate ground but there was a large circle made from a long string of runes inscribed on the ground.

"Come closer! Why are all of you still so timid like a group of mice? This is only a teleportation array. Come here, I will bring you all to the second trial's location!" The black-haired girl explained with an impatient tone.

The group of foxes including Tang Li Xue reluctantly entered the circles of runes but they still maintained their maximum vigilance. Even the big bully, the [Demonic Blood Fox] did not dare to act recklessly anymore under the black-haired girl's eyes.


Tang Li Xue did not know what the black-haired girl did but the circle of runes immediately lighted up after all of them stood inside it.

The space around them distorted in an instant and their surrounding scene changed from the beautiful mountain range full of rainbow fog onto the dark lush forest.

The group of foxes became very dizzy and several of them even puked out everything in their stomach out.

The feeling was almost the same as seasickness but more intense.

Thanks to her [Regeneration] skill, Tang Li Xue was the one among the group of foxes to recover from that awful effect.


[The host successfully absorbed three types of mystic fog!]

[Gained the title 'Explorer'!]

[Explorer]: All stats +20% at the place where the host never visited before.

'Woah?! What is this? New title? Nice! I got something without even doing anything! And... What are these three types of mystic fog? Ah... I remember now! So these three kinds of fog are the requirement for evolving into [Mystic Moon Fox]... But I already decided to evolve into [Royal Moon Fox] so these fogs are actually not needed. Oh well... at least I have one more evolution choice now.'

While Tang Li Xue drowned in her own thought, the black-haired girl opened her mouth and talk.

"Listen, kids! Here is where our second trial would be held! Some of you should already know that this is Demonic Beast Mountain Range maybe some of you have even been here before. However, today is different from usual!" The black-haired girl did not care about the group of fox's pitiful dizzy state and explained hastily with her sweet voice.

"Today is the day of the Immortal Sword Sect recruiting their new disciple and this Demonic Beast Mountain Range is where their entrance exam being held. They will send all of their new disciples to hunt the demonic beasts here and they need to bring the beast cores back to the examiner as the proof." The black-haired girl continued but her speaking tone got colder.

"Since they are using the demonic beasts as the object for their exam then we will using those insolent humans as the object for our trial too! The human's head worth 2 points but if you cannot bear to kill, you can restrain them and bring them back to me for 1 point!" The black-haired girl waved her long-sleeved robe and ten leather pouches flew toward the group of foxes.

"You can place the human heads or the living humans inside that pouch. You can return here and give that pouch back to me after you get 50 points!" The black-haired girl explained again after each fox caught one leather pouch.

"Oh... I almost forgot. I only brought ten pouches since I think your number would never exceed ten after the first trial. So... you, the purple fox with the mind control divine ability! Come here! You don't need to join the second trial! Give your pouch to the other that doesn't have it yet!" The black-haired girl said while pointing her slender finger at the two-tailed purple-colored fox.

The rat-sized purple fox stunned for a while then it jumped toward the black-haired girl in happiness after it threw its leather pouch to the fox that doesn't have it yet.

'What the... Dammit! How could she do this?! This is not fair at all! That girl abused her authority! As an examiner, she should be impartial!'

Tang Li Xue already completely forgot that she herself cheated in the previous trial.

"Now go! REMEMBER! Only come back to me after you have 50 points! If not, you will be disqualified instantly!" The black-haired girl warned them with a stern tone.

The group of foxes immediately scattered and ran toward different directions after the black-haired girl gave her permission.

Tang Li Xue felt an intense stare full of murderous intent looking at her direction. There was no need for her to check it since she already knew it was certainly coming from the big bully, [Demonic Blood Fox].

Tang Li Xue did not care about that big bully and she instantly activated her [Ethereal Form]. Her tiny silver-white figure vanished into thin air.

She already decided long ago that she would give the big bully some harsh lessons if she has a chance later.

However, Tang Li Xue was still confused about the second trial's rules.

'So I can only get 1 point if I manage to catch human alive but I can get 2 points if I bring back only their head?! What kind of logic is this?! Isn't it usually the opposite? Sigh... So now I need to catch fifty disciples alive? Can this small leather pouch hold them all?'

Tang Li Xue looked at the small leather pouch and activated her basic [All Knowing Eyes] to identify it.

 [Medium-Rank Space Pouch]

[Description: Space pouch made from the demonic beast skin with the power of the space-elemental. The space inside was quite large but it can hold any living being and items without spirit fluctuation. Beware: This space pouch is fragile so never put any item with spirit fluctuation into it!]

'So it's a medium-rank one... Spirit fluctuation? So it cannot be used to hold spirit stones? What about the one I get from the fake dragon? Let's check it!'

[Extreme-Rank Space Pouch]

[Description: Space pouch made from the high-ranked demonic beast skin with the power of the space-elemental. The space inside was extremely large. It can hold any items but cannot hold any living being.]

'Woah! Extreme-rank?! Not bad! As I expected from my mount! It really is generous to me! But unfortunately, it cannot hold any living being like the medium-ranked one.'

Tang Li Xue stopped thinking about it and walked deeper into the forest.

There were many tall trees and lush bushes restricting everyone's vision.

Moreover, it was already night now so the forest was really dark.

Tang Li Xue met with several other kinds of demonic beasts on her way but with her [Ethereal Form], she could easily pass them without being found.

Tang Li Xue met with several headless corpses on her way too. She was certain that these corpse heads already taken by the other foxes.

She checked for a moment and found these headless bodies were frozen solid.

Tang Li Xue guessed these people were killed by the white fox with freezing divine ability she saw in the first trial before.

'Come to think of it... can all of these foxes count? Did they really understand how many people they need to kill to get 50 points? Oh crap! Since they cannot count, they would probably kill everyone they saw and took their head! I must hurry or I will not be able to get any humans!'

Tang Li Xue increased her pace and used her martial soul, the [Flying Golden Fish] to scout her path and prey!

Like usual, when Tang Li Xue was in her [Ethereal Form], her martial soul would also in the same state as her so her [Flying Golden Fish] was completely invisible too just like her.

She finally managed to find a group of disciples who wore gaudy clothes after a few hours of searching.

These people were camped and even barbequed some the demonic beast meats with a large fire. It was really a big mystery that they could stay alive until now with their reckless behavior.

However, Tang Li Xue raised her guard even more because these people wore those kinds of luxury clothes, which means they were coming from rich families!

Since they came from the rich families, it means their families could probably buy them some protection treasures to ensure they could pass their exams easier!

'Now, what to do? I could easily kill them but I don't want to! I only want to catch them alive! But I don't have the technique like acupuncture sealing technique or restraining type treasure like sealing rope!'


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