Reincarnated As a Fox With System
118 Chapter 118: Rainbow Fog Area!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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118 Chapter 118: Rainbow Fog Area!

'OH NO! Some of them are coming here!'

Several huge birds were diving down from the sky toward the black-haired girl and Tang Li Xue!

The black-haired girl turned her head a bit to the right side and glared at the group of huge birds that pounced to her.

Her stare was cold and unfeeling without any threat like bloodlust, killing intent, or pressure behind it.

However, the group of huge birds instantly felt as if they were flying into the depth of the abyss.


The dangerous feeling they got was so intense that they broke their own flying formation and flying away in the panic!

Tang Li Xue was baffled when she saw that the group of huge birds behind her started to scatter everywhere and some of them even crashed onto each other then dropped down into the muddy swamp.

Tang Li Xue did not understand why they acted like that but she was very sure the reason should be related to this black-haired girl.

 Tang Li Xue still did not dare to check what the black-haired girl did to make all of those huge birds ran away in panic so she decided to check the group of foxes situation behind her.

Their situation was very bad and the foxes fell one by one under the combined assault of the big crocodiles and the huge birds.

But it was also made several of them stand out from the other because they showed the extraordinary prowess above their peers!

Now Tang Li Xue knew that this trial was to test the participants' true combat prowess and their ability to adapt themselves in any unexpected situation and in this kind of harsh environment like this mud swamp covered by thick black fog.

The one with the strongest prowess amongst them was still the biggest bully, the [Demonic Blood Fox]!

Every time it attacks with its claws, it would create some sharp blood claws out of nothing and tore the big crocodile into tiny pieces before the crocodile could even get close!

When the huge birds dived down to attack the [Demonic Blood Fox], the black demonic fox immediately bit its sharp beak and crushed the hard beak using its fangs, it continued to bit the birds head then to its body until every part entered the demonic fox mouth!

The black demonic fox did not like to eat the crocodile since it covered in mud but the demonic fox could eat the huge bird without any problem and it even took its time to savor the birds' soft meat in its mouth.

Tang Li Xue felt disgusted when she saw how the [Demonic Blood Fox] ate but she must admit that this black demonic fox was really strong.

While every fox fought to keep their own lives, this black demonic fox was killing and eating leisurely as if it was eating snacks in the food bazaar.

The second strongest one was the two-tailed white fox with freezing power.

It cleverly increased its power output the moment the group of huge birds and big crocodiles approached it.

Its incredible freezing power froze everything in more than twenty meters radius in the solid ice!

No one from the group of huge birds and big crocodiles near it was spared! All of them were frozen solid and sunk into the depth of mud swamp!

'Uwaaaah... That white fox is quite strong for a [Uncommon] grade demonic beast! I wonder how can I defeat it if I don't use my Flame of Pride since my [Ethereal Form] is vulnerable to elemental attack...'

The third strongest among the foxes group is actually the most unexpected one! It was the two-tailed purple-colored fox as big as a rat. 

Tang Li Xue did not even realize this purple fox exist before but now it was showing its strange divine ability in front of everyone.

The two-tailed purple fox's eyes shone with mysterious purple light.

And now... the group of huge birds and big crocodiles that targeted the purple fox turned crazy and started to fight among themselves!

Their fight was so gruesome and bloody without any regard for their own lives and in the end, only one huge bird left.

The two-tailed purple fox calmly jumped onto the huge bird's back and they flew leisurely on the sky following the black-haired girl from behind.

'What the hell is that ability?! Mind control? Is that the true mind control divine ability?! It's so OP!'

Tang Li Xue dropped her jaws in surprise and disbelief.

However, no matter how strong these foxes were, they would not last long if these fierce battles kept going on for an entire day and night.

Fortunately, the black-haired girl still had her common sense and only forced the group of foxes to fight for a few hours before leading them toward the new section.

Tang Li Xue turned her furry head and looked at the rainbow fog area a few miles ahead of her.

However, Tang Li Xue still did not dare to lower her guard at all. No one knows if something dangerous would jump out from nowhere like in the black fog area before.

The rainbow fog was not only beautiful but it also glittering like stars on the skies and different from another fog area, everyone could see everything clearly inside this rainbow fog area.

When everyone entered the rainbow fog area, they could clearly see the grassy ground, the beautiful mountain range, the tall trees, and the clear river.

The air was so clean and fresh here. On contrary with the mud swamp before, there was no weird unpleasant smell at all.

Every fox were already extremely exhausted and many of them were wounded so they immediately sighed in relief when they entered this rainbow fog area.

The black-haired girl also decreased her running speed by a lot after they entered this area.

Everyone including Tang Li Xue thought the black-haired girl was actually want to let them take a rest here but once again they have underestimated the cruelness of this trial and the black-haired girl viciousness.

Every fox including Tang Li Xue felt their eyelid became heavier and heavier in each passing second after they entered this rainbow fog area.

Then they began to fell unconscious one by one...

Tang Li Xue also felt something was not right after she entered here but she only realized it after the other foxes fell unconscious.

'Oh no... This is bad! Is this rainbow fog poisonous? Or... it only makes us fell asleep? Damn it! I must do something before I...'

Unfortunately, it was already too late...

Tang Li Xue's vision went dark.





"150 joules. Clear!"

Tang Li Xue felt something cold pressed onto her chest and the defibrillator released the electric current gently onto her body.


*Beep beep.*

The ECG monitor suddenly released some sounds.

"Cardiac rhythm 130, autonomous regulation of cardiac rhythm… Blood pressure 120/74…" The nurse read out the figures on the monitor.

"Sob... Xue'er! Xue'er! Please! Sob... Please don't leave me alone! Sob... Sob..." Tang Li Xue heard a very familiar voice coming from near her.

Tang Li Xue felt her eyelid was really heavy and she could only open her eyes a bit but it took a very great effort for her to do it.

Then she saw... a familiar handsome teenager cried so loudly beside her bed.


Tang Li Xue tried to move her mouth to call her big brother but she could not utter any sound.

After that, Tang Li Xue felt the great fatigue flooded her entire body and she fell asleep.

Tang Li Xue did not know how long she fell asleep but she finally had some energy to move around her body for a bit.

She opened her eyes slowly and found herself inside the hospital room as usual. She could even smell the familiar disinfectant from her surroundings.

Tang Li Xue tried to get up but her body was so weak that even sit on her own bed need her to use most of her stamina.

"Eh... Xue'er! You finally wake up! Aiss... look at you! What a slacker!" Her big brother chided her jokingly while smiling full of gentleness then he reached her right hand and patting Tang Li Xue's head.

"Big brother, why are you doing here all day? Just go and do your job properly. There is no need for you to take care of me all day." Tang Li Xue puffed her cheek and pouted.

Tang Li Xue big brother's name was Tang Yun Hao. Although, they had a hard life but her brother was always acting overconfident, optimistic, and cheerful in front of her.

In fact, the one responsible for Tang Li Xue's current personality was her brother, Tang Yun Hao.

If Tang Yun Hao was the person with pessimistic personality, always grumbling, and cursing Tang Li Xue for being a burden, Tang Li Xue would definitely become a timid and introvert girl just like the other sickly girls.

"What are you talking about? Of course, I am here because I have already finished all of my work! Hehehe... Xue'er look at what big brother brings for you today!" Tang Yun Hao took out several plastic bags from below Tang Li Xue's bed.

"Big brother, you don't need to buy me any food from outside anymore. The porridge from this hospital is not that bad. You can save food money to pay for our debt." Tang Li Xue waved her hands weakly trying to reject what her big brother gave to her.


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