Reincarnated As a Fox With System
117 Chapter 117: Mud Swamp!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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117 Chapter 117: Mud Swamp!

The black-haired girl's speed did not decrease at all even after she entered the thick black fog area.

All of the black-haired girl's steps were still so light and leisure right now so all the foxes following behind her also thought there was nothing special about this thick black fog area only their vision became more limited.

However, the moment their legs stepped into the black fog area, they immediately realized that they were wrong!

Their legs sunk deeper and deeper into the ground. Some of the foxes did not react in time and tumbled then fell down. Their body sunk deeper into the ground.

'That is.....?! Mud swamp?! Sigh... the black fog here is too thick and no one can see the ground below them so clearly. It's not strange if they stumbled like that.'

Tang Li Xue widened her topaz blue eyes in surprise and she started to feel sorry for all the foxes behind her.

But she also felt fortunate that she could use her [Ethereal Form] divine ability to cheating like this. If not for it, she would probably have a great headache trying to figure out how to pass this black fog area that full of the mud swamp.

Now she did not need to worry about anything, she could even watching how her other competitors using their ability to pass this trial.

Tang Li Xue looked below, trying to take a peek on the black-haired girl's feet and she instantly baffled since her feet did not even sink into the mud swamp like the others.

'Damn! There is not even a trace of mud clinging on this girl's shoes! How the hell she do it?! Is this her divine ability? Or... is this the legendary light body technique from martial arts?' 

Tang Li Xue shook her head and decided to forget it for now. This black-haired girl was too bizarre and unfathomable. Tang Li Xue would probably overwork her brain if she thought everything about what this black-haired girl could do.

Tang Li Xue turned her attention back to the group of foxes behind her.

Tang Li Xue was surprised once again when she looked at one of the foxes froze the mud under its feet and in front of it then it ran freely on the top of freezing mud as if nothing hindered it at all.

'Hmm? That white two-tailed fox almost identical with that [Rare] grade [White Glacial Frost Fox] from before... Maybe they are relative or even siblings?'

Tang Li Xue turned her attention back to the big bully, the [Demonic Blood Fox].

The [Demonic Blood Fox] had a strong and robust body full of solid muscles, it easily bulldozed everything and even the mud swamp could not hinder its way. It kept proceeded without even decreasing its speed at all.

Tang Li Xue could only click her tongue in annoyance. This damn fox kept trying to bully her again and again. No... it kept trying to kill her again and again.

If she has some chances later she would definitely teach this damn fox a very hard lesson that it would never forget!


Tang Li Xue turned her gaze toward where the sound coming from.

A tiny orange-colored two-tailed fox. Its size was only as big as a Chihuahua.

However, its entire body was covered by the raging orange colored flames!

The tiny orange fox jumped high and the raging orange flames on its body exploded.

The explosion's recoil was propelling the tiny orange fox flying forward with unbelievable speed!

When the orange fox felt its flying speed starting to decrease, it kept using the same method again and again to propelling its body flying forward and to maintain its speed!

'A... Awesome! What a genius! To think it could use its flame power like this! Could I also use my Flame of Pride like that and flying to the sky? No... Even though my control increased greatly after I got Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline and I have not reached that level yet. I need more practice, more control, and countless trial and error to reach that level.'

Tang Li Xue could only watch the orange fox flying with envy right now but she was sure that with her Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline, she would only need to practice for a little while to reach the orange fox's level of control.

Every fox has its own way of using their divine ability to pass the mud swamp.

Even the fox with the most incompatible divine ability like the yellow fox with shadow clones divine ability has its own way.

The yellow fox actually used its own shadow clones as stepping stones! The shadow clones made the bridge from their body and the yellow fox calmly stepped on the shadow clones back.

The yellow fox only needs to cancel the one it already stepped and summoned it in front of it again and again making the completely endless bridge made from its own shadow clones!

The yellow fox's true body did not even touch any mud until now.

'...........It... It... It can even use shadow clones that way too?!'

Tang Li Xue almost stumbled down from the black-haired girl's shoulder because she was too surprised.

Tang Li Xue observed the other foxes and she was in awe when she saw they could easily handle this situation with their divine ability.

The other foxes need several hundreds of years to evolve from [Common] grade savage beasts to [Uncommon] grade demonic beasts so although, they were not smarter than Tang Li Xue but they have extremely rich experience!

Moreover, no one knew how long they stay as [Uncommon] grade demonic beasts and maybe they were already stuck at [Uncommon] grade for a few hundreds of years until now, so it was clear why they knew exactly how to use their divine ability and their control on their power also already reached perfection.

Half an hour later, the other foxes started to think they only need to pass this mud swamp for now so they relaxed their guard.

Tang Li Xue also started to get bored and yawned.

However, the situation quickly changed when everyone heard the screaming from one of the foxes!

Every fox quickly turned their attention to where the screaming sound coming from but did not see anyone or anything there!

The black fog was getting thicker and thicker. Everyone could hardly see anything in front of them now and the screaming sound made them raise their guard to the maximum.


A huge bird with a pair of bat-like wings dived down and opened its sharp beak! It wanted to bit the orange flame fox with its sharp beak!

The tiny orange fox immediately used its orange flame explosion to dodge to its right side.

The huge bird did not give up and kept chasing after the tiny orange fox!

'What the hell is that? A pterodactyl? Is it the only one? Or... are there a pack of them here?'

 Tang Li Xue could not see that clearly either even with her sight that already enhanced by [Advanced Sense of Sight] plus [Night Vision] skills that allow her to see through the dark.

She also did not dare to use her basic [All Knowing Eyes] to check the huge bird status when she was still stood at the black-haired girl's left shoulder.

What if the black-haired girl realized her existence after she used her basic [All Knowing Eyes]? Then the black-haired girl threw her away back to the panicked group of foxes behind her?!

The situation behind her was worsened considerably and she did not want to court death by making an unnecessary move.

While all the foxes looked upward full of vigilance while kept running to chase the black-haired girl but they already prepared themselves to dodge or counterattack if the other huge birds coming down and attacking them...


The loud sound of bones crushed creepily resounded, Tang Li Xue immediately turned her attention to where the sound came from.

Then Tang Li Xue saw a gruesome scene where one of the foxes was currently chewed by a large crocodile coming out from the depth of mud swamp!

Tang Li Xue trembled in fear and trepidation.


Several large crocodiles jumped out from inside the mud swamp and pounced on to several other foxes!

The group of foxes began to fight fiercely with the group of large crocodiles using their own unique divine ability!

However, the large group of huge birds dived down in the middle of the chaotic battle between the several large crocodiles and the group of foxes!

The large group of huge birds attacked everyone indiscriminately! They managed to catch two foxes with their sharp beak and pulled three large crocodiles out from the mud swamp with their strong claw's grip!

The large group of huge birds finished the two foxes and the three large crocodiles in only a few seconds! They were eating their prey's flesh and blood so greedily in the group just like a group of crows only leaving their clean skeleton behind!

Usually, the big and strong demonic beast was an individual being and they dislike moving in the group but these huge birds were different. Their individual strength was quite strong but they were still moving in groups like wolves and crows!

Moreover, their teamwork each other was perfect and they have the patience to wait for the right opportunity to strike!

This was the first time Tang Li Xue saw a group of demonic beasts that could cooperate with each other to this level.

'Is their first strike before only to probe our group's strength? Or is it trying to bait us? Oh My God... Please don't tell me these groups of giant birds have enough intelligence to think that far?!'


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