Reincarnated As a Fox With System
114 Chapter 114: Arrival!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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114 Chapter 114: Arrival!

Tang Li Xue held whole new respect to the Fox Sith after she knew its [Lord] qualification.

She stared at the Fox Sith full of admiration, the Fox Sith's green eyes also trying to steal some glances toward Tang Li Xue.

The Fox Sith's face blushed hard when its green eyes met with Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes and it immediately tried to cover its red face with both of its small paws.

'Sigh... but it's still a silly little fox in the end...' Tang Li Xue sighed while stored back the [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] into her system inventory.

Tang Li Xue jumped out from the bushes and continue her journey to her destination place while the Fox Sith kept following her closely behind her.

Tang Li Xue met with more and more foxes on her way and from their hostile expressions, she could deduce that even though they were the same kin but the law of jungle was still working like usual, the weaker one would always become the food for the stronger one.

Although Tang Li Xue was very strong but her presence in front of everyone was still a [Common] grade savage beast after all.

Thankfully, the Fox Sith's presence was so strong that all other [Uncommon] foxes did not even dare to stare at him and could only keep their distance from Tang Li Xue.

Now Tang Li Xue knew that this qualification thing was actually very important. The Fox Sith was the concrete proof of that fact, not even the [Uncommon] grade foxes with the [Elite] qualification dare to mess with this silly fox, they did not even dare to walk too close to it.

Thanks to Fox Sith, Tang Li Xue's journey was a lot easier.

According to the information Tang Li Xue got from the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard, she actually needs two more days to arrive at her destination place but she managed to arrive one day earlier.

However, her destination place was not like what she imagined before...

Since her destination place was called 'Foxes Home', Tang Li Xue always imagined that it was a fox village or beautiful forest.

But now... she stood in the middle of the wilderness and in front of her was the area covered by very thick fog if she entered it she would probably not even be able to see her own paws.

'Should I enter it or now?'

When Tang Li Xue started to hesitate whether she should enter the fog area or not, the usual silly Fox Sith patted Tang Li Xue's shoulder and tapped its own chest with a confident smile on its face.

It was clear the Fox Sith tried to tell Tang Li Xue: 'It is alright! Leave this to me!'

 Actually, the Fox Sith already faced many situations far worse than this so many times before. The fog area was actually the secret area covered by the concealment formation.

The Fox Sith confidently entered the thick fog, Tang Li Xue also put her trust completely on the fox sith and follow it closely beside it.

In fact, Tang Li Xue did not put her trust in the Fox Sith but she put her complete trust in its [Lord] qualification... The beast with [Lord] qualification would never be stumbled by this tiny hurdle.

Tang Li Xue even believes the Fox Sith should never lose in that cave before if it did not use its own body as a shield to protect her.

Tang Li Xue immediately felt the fog true horror the moment she stepped into it.


Everywhere was white!

No... everything was white!

Tang Li Xue could not even see her own snout right now!

Tang Li Xue subconsciously wanted to step back out from this fog area but she felt something soft and warm holding her right paw.

Tang Li Xue immediately calmed down and sighed in relief so the Fox Sith was still beside her and it even held her right paw now.

She began to walk slowly following where the Fox Sith pulling her to.

This situation right now was actually very comical since the Fox Sith held Tang Li Xue's right paw with its left paw so the two of them were walking using three legs.

Fortunately, no one could see anything inside the thick white fog or all the other foxes that see them right now would probably laughing at them.

After walking for more than ten minutes, the thick white fog in front of finally cleared up for a bit. At least Tang Li Xue could see several tens of meters in front of her right now.

 There were also more than fifty kinds of foxes here and all of them watching at her with a weird expression.

Tang Li Xue lowered her head in embarrassment and pulled her right paw away from Fox Sith's left paw while the Fox Sith felt lost and disappointed, it felt it did not hold Tang Li Xue's paw long enough.

Tang Li Xue and Fox Sith walked side by side and approaching the group of foxes vigilantly.

Tang Li Xue observed the foxes who present here for a moment.

All of the foxes were different from their color, power, even their size. Some of them as big as oxen but many of them only as big as the dog, several of them even as big as the squirrel.

The two of them instantly dumbfounded the moment they noticed there were two people who stood in front of the group of foxes!

'Wha...!!!!! A HUMAN?!'

Tang Li Xue opened her eyes wider in surprise and shock!

These two people wore the same type of white robes and both of them also wore fox masks.

Only their hair color was different, one of them has black hair while the other has red hair but both of them have long hair that reached their back.

Tang Li Xue could not see their faces but the two of them should be women from their slender body and... their ample breasts...

Tang Li Xue started to doubt if she fell into an illusion trap since no foxes tried to attack these two humans but that was until she noticed something strange about these two people.

'Is... Is that fox ears and tails?! Humans with fox ears and tails?! So are these two people humans or foxes?! Or... they are the beast that already reached spirit beast rank?!'

Tang Li Xue tried to use her basic [All Knowing Eyes] to identify their status, race, and grade but for the first time, her basic [All Knowing Eyes] actually failed to identify any of their statuses!

Tang Li Xue's body shuddered a bit in fear but she immediately calmed herself after she thought for a few moments.

Her [Identify] skill could even detect Yaya's mother status before and according to the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard, her current strength should above mid-rank spirit beast.

So the only reason her basic [All Knowing Eyes] could fail to see these two people status was only because they were currently wearing something to hide their status from any detection skill.

Tang Li Xue stared at the fox mask these two people wore for a while and deduced that the mask should be the reason why she could not see their status with her basic [All Knowing Eyes].

While Tang Li Xue was still in a daze, the Fox Sith patted Tang Li Xue's shoulder once again and pointed its paw at the quiet corner without any foxes.

 Tang Li Xue awoke from her daze and realized that she became the center of attention right now since she kept staring at the two people. She followed the Fox Sith in a hurry and sat beside it a bit far away from the group of foxes.

It looks like they were currently still waiting for more foxes to come but the thick white fog was the first trial for them and only the foxes that capable to pass the thick white fog would have the right to take the next trial.

Since Tang Li Xue has no other work to do, she decided to use her basic [All Knowing Eyes] to peek at all the foxes' status here one by one to kill her boredom.

Almost all of them were [Uncommon] grade demonic beasts and all of them actually held [Elite] qualification!

However, only the Fox Sith held the [Lord] qualification but it did not mean that the Fox Sith was the strongest fox here.

There were three [Rare] grade foxes at the other corner beside the group of [Uncommon] grade foxes.

Tang Li Xue did not find it weird when she saw the [Thunder and Lightning Caller Fox] among the group.

Tang Li Xue stared at the second [Rare] grade fox, it has beautiful white fur but different from Tang Li Xue glittering silver-white fur, this fox's fur has some frost mixed in it and it also kept emitting extreme coldness from its slender body.

There was the thick layer of frost on the ground tens of meters around it and the snow continues to fall from above it even the temperature here also became quite chilling because of her presence.

 [Species: White Glacial Frost Fox (Three-Tailed)]

[Qualification: Elite]

[Grade: Rare]

[Level: 22]

[HP: 196,800/196,800]

The last one was the least impressive since it only had [Normal] qualification but it should be quite strong since it still [Rare] grade demonic beast after all.

Its body and fur were black and look unimpressive but its demonic presence made all the foxes here felt afraid and uncomfortable.

All the foxes here were kept vigilant toward it since the fresh blood smell coming out from its body was too thick.

It means that this black [Rare] grade fox already slaughtered countless other beasts outside before entered here... and beasts around here at this time were only foxes!

 [Species: Demonic Blood Fox (Three-Tailed)]

[Qualification: Normal]

[Grade: Rare]

[Level: 17]

[HP: 178,500/178,500]

Tang Li Xue also felt that this black [Rare] grade fox aura was far too sinister and she really hate it.

Tang Li Xue also decided to keep her guard up around this sinister black fox in this trial.

'Eh... wait a minute... This... Isn't this mean that I am the only [Common] grade fox in this group?! Tsk... Now I know why they are looking at me so strangely.'


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