Reincarnated As a Fox With System
113 Chapter 113: Combat Prowess Qualification!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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113 Chapter 113: Combat Prowess Qualification!

The Fox Sith's wounds were too severe so even though it already consumed the [Rejuvenation Pill] and its wounds stopped bleeding long ago but it would still need to rest for at least one night.

The pungent smell of blood in the cave became even heavier, it was already spreading everywhere, and kept inviting many hungry [Uncommon] grade demonic beasts into the cave.

So it was Tang Li Xue's turn now to guard the unconscious Fox Sith but Tang Li Xue was more than happy to do that since she could flaunt the two of her new divine abilities' prowess and practice how to use them properly in battle.

Moreover, Tang Li Xue would not be able to use it again after she arrived at her destination place since it would expose her Flame of Pride so this was her only chance to practice it.

That night, Tang Li Xue slew many [Uncommon] grade demonic beasts... So much that she gave up on counting it after fifty.

Tang Li Xue did not kill some of the demonic beasts with her [Sun Dragon Claw] and [Sun Dragon Fang] so she could eat it for her dinner and she also did not forget to leave some of it to Fox Sith since it would certainly be starving when it woke up later.

Of course, no [poor] or [Common] grade savage beast dare to come near their cave. In fact, all [poor] or [Common] grade savage beast would immediately run away the moment they saw or sense the demonic beast's presence.

 The next morning, Fox Sith's tiny black body shivered a bit and he immediately stood up at the same time as the moment it opened its eyes.

Its green eyes scanned its surroundings full of vigilance. Actually, the Fox Sith was never fell so deeply asleep like last night before. It would always keep maintaining 60% of its consciousness when sleeping so it could react instantly the moment someone ambushed it!

The Fox Sith fell into a daze when it saw the beautiful silver fox sat beside it and guarding it for the entire night without rest.

It was extremely touched and its green eyes turned misty. At this moment, the Fox Sith made an oath that this beautiful silver fox would definitely become its only life companion and it would be ready to do anything to achieve that!

 Tang Li Xue did not know that her choice to protect the Fox Sith last night would bring her endless trouble in the future!

Tang Li Xue calmly looked at the Fox Sith who just woke up from its sleep and pointed at the several preys she got last night with her right paw signaling Fox Sith to eat it.

The Fox Sith's mouth curved upward and its green eyes brightened up. It nodded its head repeatedly and ate some rabbit meats and lion meats in front of it happily.

After the Fox Sith finished its meal, Tang Li Xue walked out of the cave while the Fox Sith was still hesitating to follow her or not.

Of course, the Fox Sith wanted to travel with Tang Li Xue so badly but it also afraid that Tang Li Xue would be annoyed or irritated by its presence.

Tang Li Xue stopped for a bit at the cave entrance, she looked back at the Fox Sith and nodded her furry head to the Fox Sith as if approving it to follow her.

'Sigh... He helped me and protected me at the crucial moment yesterday so I can't just leave it alone and travel there by myself now, am I? Oh well... whatever! My destination is not that far anymore anyway so let's just let it tag along with me for now.' 

The unimaginable happiness was blooming at the Fox Sith's heart, it felt that its spring has finally arrived!

The Fox Sith hastily follow Tang Li Xue's step from behind and exit from the cave while grinning from ear to ear like an idiot.

The closer Tang Li Xue and Fox Sith were to their destination, the more foxes kin they met on their way.

'Hm... It looks like not only me and this silly fox that is heading there. Many other foxes are also heading there? But why? Is that place like... a real home or organization? Oh well... I will find it out later after I arrived there anyway.'

Every time Tang Li Xue looked at Fox Sith, it would always grin foolishly toward her. Its cool and ferocious self was nowhere to be seen so Tang Li Xue started to call Fox Sith as Silly Fox now.

Tang Li Xue could detect some foxes that have evil intent toward her since her beast aura was only at the [Common] grade savage beast now but they immediately deterred by the Fox Sith strong presence.

Do not look down at the Fox Sith because it was always acting silly in front of Tang Li Xue.

It always showed its thick bloodlust and strong presence against anyone other than Tang Li Xue and it was more than enough to scare away most of the weaker foxes or beasts.

Even though Tang Li Xue was strong enough to deal with all of them but it still did not wise to fight with all of them since it would slow them down, waste their stamina, and make them need much longer time to reach their destination.

Tang Li Xue nodded in approval while staring at the Fox Sith's back. She was really glad that she made the right choice to let this Silly Fox travel together with her.


Thunder kept rumbling and lightning kept flashing...

'Tsk... Will it rain soon? Should we look for shelter now?'

Tang Li Xue looked upward but the scene above her was making her truly baffled since it was really strange.

The skies above her were still bright but there was some lump of black clouds flying at an amazing speed to her direction.

When the lump of black clouds passed above her head, her topaz blue eyes managed to catch a glimpse that those black clouds were actually following something!

 [Species: Thunder and Lightning Caller Fox (Three-Tailed)]

[Qualification: Elite]

[Grade: Rare]

[Level: 25]

[HP: 224,700/224,700]

The huge blue fox with the purple pattern engraved on its body sensed someone looking at it and staring back at Tang Li Xue.

Its terrifying pair of purple eyes squinted in disdain the moment it saw the creature staring at it actually a [Common] grade savage beast.

The huge blue fox stopped staring at Tang Li Xue and continue its journey without slowing down at all, a [Common] grade savage beast was far from worthy for its attention.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief the moment the huge blue fox vanished from her sight. The pressure came from that huge blue fox was so powerful that it made her suffocating.

This was the first time Tang Li Xue felt the pressure coming from the [Rare] grade demonic beast.

Although, she already met with the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard and Bi Fang before and they were far stronger than this whatever caller fox but they never use their pressure to threaten Tang Li Xue before.

'Hmm... The pressure from that fatty uncle is stronger but the pressure from this blue fox is so savage, full of bloodlust and killing intent... It looks like my choice to hide my true strength is correct. That place should be full of strong people... err... I mean foxes. I should be more low profile later or I would face a lot of problems!'

After calmed down for a while, Tang Li Xue realized that her basic [All Knowing Eyes] actually could see [Rare] grade demonic beast current HP.

'And... What is this qualification?'

Tang Li Xue tried to peek at the Silly Fox's status with her basic [All Knowing Eyes] too.

[Species: Fox Sith (Two-Tailed)]

[Qualification: Lord]

[Grade: Uncommon]

[Level: 22]

[HP: 15,300/15,300]

Tang Li Xue decided to take some rest in the nearby bushes and the Fox Sith gladly follow her. It even guarded by her side really carefully.

Tang Li Xue took out her encyclopedia, the [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] from her storage system, and opened it.

Tang Li Xue easily found what she was looking for at the beast combat prowess qualification section.

And the answer was actually so simple...

Most of the [Uncommon] grade demonic beasts did not have any divine ability and that was also the reason why Tang Li Xue could easily win against all of them.

All of these [Uncommon] grade demonic beasts without any divine ability have average combat prowess so they have [Normal] qualification.

The [Uncommon] grade demonic beasts that have one divine ability were so rare and their combat prowess was so strong, their qualification was [Elite].

[Elite] qualification means that beasts' combat prowess and battle proficient was far above the [Normal] qualification beasts. They also have one more divine ability than the [Normal] qualification beasts.

In other words, [Rare] grade demonic beasts with [Normal] qualification usually have only one divine ability but that huge blue fox has [Elite] qualification! So it has at least two divine abilities!

'Th... Then what the heck is this [Lord] qualification that Silly Fox have?'

The beast with [Lord] qualification was the absolute cream of the crop. The absolute top food chain in their grade, the true genius, and their battle prowess was unmatched!

Only someone above their grade or the other beasts with the [Lord] qualification could hope to match their prowess.

The beasts with [Lord] qualification have more divine abilities than the [Elite] qualification beasts!

So the silly Fox Sith actually had at least two or more divine ability as its trump card!

Tang Li Xue gasped in surprise. She knew the Silly Fox was a quite strong beast in [Uncommon] grade but she would never think that it was that OP.


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