Reincarnated As a Fox With System
112 Chapter 112: Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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112 Chapter 112: Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline!

Tang Li Xue had two choices to save the Fox Sith now.

The first choice, she could use her [Sub-Profession Package] and selected [Physician] as her sub-profession but she did not want to become a [Physician]!

The reason Tang Li Xue still did not use this [Sub-Profession Package] until now because she still hesitated to choose between [Alchemist] and [Inscriptionist].

If she became an alchemist then she could concoct as many pills as she wants with her own hands... err... paws in the future! Her path for leveling up would become smoother since she only needs to find the ingredients later.

But according to the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard, the profession capable of making the Spirit Cannon and the Steel Warship like what fatty uncle has was an inscriptionist.

The profession that makes the most money in this Immortal World was not an alchemist but actually an inscriptionist!

It was true that the one that crafted the Spirit Cannon and the Steel Warship was not the inscriptionist but the crafter or blacksmith.

But all items without runes carved onto it were the same as the car without its engine or hairdryer without the machine inside it, no more than a pile of garbage.

The inscriptionist's job was to carve the runes to the items, it was the same as putting the engines into cars or motorbikes.

Almost all items in Immortal World need the inscriptionist to carve the runes into it like flying swords, talismans, protection amulets, Spirit Cannon, even spirit stones powered carriages like the steel warship, chariot, even the protection system in the building and safe room like what Tang Li Xue saw at Elder Lin's residence!

Heck... Tang Li Xue could even make a flying car, a fighting jet, or flying broom if she really became an inscriptionist!

In the end, Tang Li Xue decided to put her sub-profession choice on hold again since she could not even hold the inscriptionist's pen properly with her paws right now.

Tang Li Xue's last choice was to find some life-saving pills in Elder Lin's spatial ring.

'Hopefully, I can find something useful in this spatial ring... This is the spatial ring from the renowned alchemist in that demon sect after all, right?'

Tang Li Xue pulled out Elder Lin's spatial ring from her spatial pouch.

Usually, spatial storage items could never be able to store other spatial storage items but this spatial pouch she got from the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was different. It could actually store other spatial storage items such as Elder Lin's spatial ring inside it!

'Sigh... little guy, please hang on for a minute! I will find something to save you.'

Tang Li Xue began to rummage all the items inside the Elder Lin's spatial ring.

The space in Elder Lin's spatial ring was quite vast since Elder Lin was a very rich alchemist so of course his spatial ring was not too shabby but it was still not as vast as the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's spatial pouch.

Tang Li Xue frowned when she find countless of books about alchemist containing alchemist recipes and knowledge. It actually filled 95% of the space inside the spatial ring.

 Tang Li Xue groaned in disappointment while thinking: 'What a waste of space?! He should put more precious pills and heavenly herbs inside his spatial ring rather than these piles of papers!' 

There was actually an ancient cauldron that almost occupied the other 5% of the space. The old ancient cauldron was full of cracks and even missing some legs.

However, Tang Li Xue could felt some extraordinary aura emitting out from this ancient cauldron. Tang Li Xue was very interested in this ancient cauldron.

She was guessing that this ancient cauldron should be the former divine treasure too like her [Sun Dragon King's Pearl].

Unfortunately, this black ancient cauldron was unusable now and Tang Li Xue did not have any [Restoration Elixir] left.

Tang Li Xue started to panic when she did not find any pills after she examined black ancient cauldron but she quickly calmed down herself and carefully searching at every inch in the space inside the spatial ring.

She sighed in relief after she managed to find some pills at the corner of the space, below some stack of the alchemy ingredient books.

[Rejuvenation Pill]

[Effect: Heal the wounds, increase vitality, makes the consumer looks healthier and 20 years younger]

[Side Effect: This pill can only consume once, the second consumption would make the eater's body function deteriorate and look 20 years older.]

Tang Li Xue's mouth twitched a bit when she read the description.

'This is the youthful pill, isn't it?! Oh well... at least, it said something like healing the wounds so it probably could heal that black fox wounds and stop its bleeding...'

There were four [Rejuvenation Pills] in the bottle but Tang Li Xue did not dare to feed it all to the Fox Sith at once. She only took one pill out from the bottle and stuffed it into the Fox Sith's mouth.

'Now I can only wait and pray for it to works. Hmm... Let's check my current status! Hopefully, I got some great boost in my stats like when I assimilated with the Flame of Pride before!'

Tang Li Xue opened her system and checked her status window.

[Species: Moon Fox (Dantian)]

[Blood-Meridian: Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline]

[Grade: Common]

[Level 21 (Samaritan)]

[Martial Soul: Flying Golden Fish (Lv11)]

[Elemental Spirit: Blue Phoenix of Pride (Embryo)]

[Companion Pet: Yaya (Lv16)]

Cultivation Level: Rank 4 Qi Condensation Stage

Cultivation Technique: Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art (Crimson Phoenix)

Martial Arts: None

Divine Ability: [Sun Dragon Claws], [Sun Dragon Fangs], [Mirror of the Moon: Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)], [Innate: Strength], [Innate: Agility], [Innate: Toughness], [Ethereal Form], [Golden Body], [All Knowing Eyes (Basic)]


HP: 63,200/63,200

Strength: 300 (+1,100)

Agility: 300 (+1,100)

Toughness: 300 (+1,100)

Skills: Blink (Lv3), High Jump (Lv4), Night Vision (Mastered), Advanced Sense of Sight (Lv2), Advanced Sense of Hearing (Lv2), Advanced Sense of Smell (Lv2), EXP Augmentation (Lv2), Climb (Lv5), Mapping (Mastered), [Regeneration (Lv2)], Enhanced Sense of Touch (Lv4), and Enhanced Sense of Taste (Lv4)]

 [Special Skill: Fire Breath, Fire Bomb, Flame Arrow, Flame Cloak, Fire Dash, Fire Claw]

Stats Point: 852

Skill Point: 97

[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 1XGreater Lucky Sticker, 1XSub-Profession Package, 1XSilver Lottery Ticket, 3X2 Times EXP Card, 1XPremium Weapon Chest, 1XPremium Armor Chest, 2,176 Deity Coins, Level 20 Intermediate Gift Package]

Tang Li Xue saw some new things displayed on her status window screen.

'Blood... meridian? What the heck is this? Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline?!! Whoah... hahahahaa... It looks like I hit a jackpot and become OP in an instant! Eh... but my status doesn't increase at all... What a disappointment!'

Although her stats did not increase but she immediately realized that her [Rip] and [Sharp Claws] skill was missing from her skill panel but it was replaced by two new divine abilities, the [Sun Dragon Claws] and [Sun Dragon Fangs]!

Tang Li Xue tried to use the [Sun Dragon Claws] and swung her right paw downward.

A large dragon claw made from the condensation of deep-blue flame followed her paw's movement and smashed downward too.


The large dragon claw vanished after that only leaving a huge crater with the form of large dragon claw!

'Holysh*t! This... this divine ability is super awesome! Let's try the other one! [Sun Dragon Fangs]!'

Tang Li Xue opened her mouth then made a movement as if she was biting something and...


Tang Li Xue encased by the thick deep-blue flame and it instantly condensed into a large dragon's head that tearing everything in front of it apart with its big sharp scorching fangs.

The huge chunks of the cave wall in front of Tang Li Xue just vanished only leaving a deep teeth mark as if a big creature bit it.

Tang Li Xue was smiling so wide from ear to ear after she tried her new divine abilities. She was very satisfied with its powerful effect.

Now she felt that her near-death experience before was worth it!

But her mood suddenly turned gloomy when she remembered the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's request to never use her Flame of Pride in the Foxes Home.

'Doesn't it mean I cannot show off my true power in that place? Sigh... so boring!'

Tang Li Xue shuddered a bit when she recalled her near-death experience before.

Although she felt that it was worth it since she got two powerful divine abilities but she still needs to scold the mastermind behind that incident, the blue Phoenix of Pride inside her Dantian!

'Yes, I am doing this to educate the naughty kid! Definitely not to vent my frustration and anger...'

Tang Li Xue consciousness entered her Dantian but she found out that the blue Phoenix of Pride was turned into a cocoon right now!

It actually turned into an egg-like thing as big as a soccer ball and covered by the deep-blue flame mixed with a bit of dark-gold flame.

'Eh... what happened? Is it in the process to evolve? The elemental spirit can evolve too like a beast? Tsk! And here I am still stuck and not evolved yet until now...'

Tang Li Xue decided to held her anger for now and took a peek at the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] that still floating calmly at the center of her Dantian beside the blue Phoenix of Pride's cocoon.

Tang Li Xue did not dare to touch it but she still inspected it carefully full of curiosity. She sighed in relief after found out that the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] was no longer released that terrifying dark-gold flame.

Tang Li Xue was actually really afraid of this [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] now. She would have already tried to take this pearl out from her Dantian if not for the two powerful divine abilities she got from it.

Even now she still quite hesitated to let it stay in her Dantian but she has no other choice other than letting it be for now since the blue Phoenix of Pride still remains unconscious in its cocoon.

No one wanted to carry a bomb inside their body and in Tang Li Xue's mind, this [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] was no different than a nuclear bomb. No... The power contained inside it was surely countless times greater than a mere nuclear bomb from the lower plane!


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