Reincarnated As a Fox With System
111 Chapter 111: Awakening!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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111 Chapter 111: Awakening!

The most unfavorable situation for the speed battle style user like the Fox Sith was getting surrounded by its enemies.

But there were many ways for someone very swift like the Fox Sith to avoid this situation. For example, it could pretend to escape first before its enemies could surround it then killing the enemies that pursuit it one by one.

Unfortunately, the poor Fox Sith was forced to face the situation it hated the most right now but it could not pretend to escape like usual since it must protect the unconscious silver fox behind it.

However, there was no fear or panic in the Fox Sith's green eyes, only calmness when he was facing the group of hungry wolves that surrounded it.

The Fox Sith growled at the group of hungry wolves as its bloodlust exploding out at the same time.

The group of hungry wolves subconsciously took one step back under the Fox Sith's intense killing intent and they started to hesitate for a moment.

The Fox Sith would never let this chance go! It immediately dashed to the stunned group of hungry wolves and waved its sharp claws several times in succession.

The Fox Sith know that it would not be able to kill these hungry wolves in a few attacks like when it was facing the group of black crows before since these group of wolves was much stronger, faster, and tougher than any black crows.

The Fox Sith made its decision in an instant and aimed at the wolves' feet!


The Fox Sith severed five wolves' legs in a blink of an eye, its movements were swift and fluidic leaving no room for those wolves to avoid its attacks!

But some of the wolves have quite fast speed, they opened their jaws that full of sharp fangs tried to bite a mouthful of meat from the Fox Sith's tiny body!

The Fox Sith lowered its tiny body and executing the elegant sliding tackle to dodge the several wolves that trying to bites it.

Several wolves defenseless stomachs exposed above the Fox Sith when it was in its sliding tackle motion.

The Fox Sith twisted its tiny body so its position was facing the wolves' defenseless stomachs above it then swung its sharp claws as fast as it could to dissecting the wolves' abdomen.

Puff... Puff... Puff... Puff...

Another four wolves down!

Nine wolves either crippled or killed in only a few seconds!

The Fox Sith's movement and attack were so fluidic, clean, and fast as if it was already doing this countless time in the past.

'Oh no! They started to aim for my silver beauty! How dare you?!'

The Fox Sith gritted its fangs in anger when it spotted three wolves pounced toward the unconscious silver fox not far from it.

The Fox Sith kicked its feet to the ground and sprinting hastily to where the unconscious silver fox lied down.

Unfortunately, the other wolves would not let the Fox Sith do whatever it wants, four of them quickly blocked its path.

The moment the Fox Sith almost crashed onto the four wolves, it immediately jumped above their head and easily passed their blockade.

But the Fox Sith did not have enough time to stop the three wolves from attacking its beloved silver fox.

The Fox Sith gritted its sharp fangs in anger and the moment its tiny feet touched the ground, its black and small figure completely vanished from everyone's view.

The Fox Sith instantly decided to dash using all of its might and forcefully crashing its tiny body with the three wolves to stop them from attacking the unconscious silver fox in time.


The Fox Sith only crashed hard onto one of the three wolves but like dominos, the three of them crashed onto each other in the end and flew three meters backward.

The Fox Sith's tiny body also bounced backward after the crash, it was colliding violently onto the cave's wall behind it and leaving the deep crack on the wall.

The Fox Sith groaned in pain and shook its head to clear its dizziness as its tiny black body sliding downward.

The other four wolves that blocked its path before took this chance and each of them tearing some fleshes from the Fox Sith's shoulder and stomach.

The Fox Sith howled in pain and it immediately counterattacked with its sharp claws aimed toward the eyes of the two wolves that tear its shoulder's flesh.


The Fox Sith's sharp claws managed to blind the two wolves' eyes but the fight still far from over when the other two wolves joined with the other three wolves to attack it.

The Fox Sith's speed dropped significantly because of the injuries it suffered now and it was also very dizzy since its wounds kept bleeding and made it lacked suffer anemia.

Unfortunately, the Fox Sith did not have Tang Li Xue's [Regeneration] skill to heal its wound or resupply its blood.

'Is this the end? Sigh... To think I would fail to protect my first love at this moment... It seems my battle instinct has turned dull after not fighting for some time...'

The five angry wolves bared its sharp fangs to the heavily injured Fox Sith and pounced to it at once.

The five angry wolves were afraid that the Fox Sith would recover some of its energy so they planned to finish it quickly.


The large dragon claw made from the condensed deep-blue flames smashed the five hungry wolves that tried to attack Fox Sith to the ground and turned them into nothingness!

The Fox Sith raised its blurry vision tried to catch a glimpse at the one who helped it.

It managed to saw a beautiful fox with silver-white fur stood proudly in front of it bathing in the deep-blue flame. All the dirt and blood on its pure white silver fur already burned to nothingness by that extremely hot deep-blue flame so it looks so pure and untainted.

'Sigh... really... so... beautiful... '

The Fox Sith closed its eyes with a calm gentle smile plastered on its face. It felt that the last scene in front of its eyes was more than worthy enough for it to sacrifice its life.




Back to a few seconds ago...

Tang Li Xue's body trembled a bit when she started to regain her consciousness.

All her wounds were cured now thanks to the red fruit that the Fox Sith gave to her, which enhanced her [Regeneration] by several times.

Tang Li Xue's enhanced [Regeneration] skill finally managed to overcome the damage over the time she got from the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] and her HP also regenerated to full now.

Tang Li Xue slowly opened her eyes and the scene in front of her eyes stunned her greatly.

The three wolves pounced swiftly toward her baring their sharp fangs onto her!

Tang Li Xue tried to move her body to dodge but she felt her body was still weak and numb.

'Damn it! These annoying little wolves! How dare they attack me when I still unconscious?! And... Why my [Conceal] passive skill did not work?'

Tang Li Xue's [Conceal] passive skill was working but it only covered the smell of blood on Tang Li Xue's body, not the pungent smell of blood on the ground below her!

Right when the wolves' sharp fangs almost touched Tang Li Xue's spine, a blurry black figure jumped in front of her and crashed onto the three wolves to save her!

The blurry black figure flew backward after the violent crash and collided on the cave's hard wall then the several other wolves tear some fleshes from its body when its mind still flooded by the dizziness.

When Tang Li Xue saw the scene in front of her, the great rage was bubbling in her heart and invaded its mind!

The unimaginable anger even managed to put a tiny crack on the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's seal in her mind!

The scene of the back of the human figure that always wearing black clothes started to overlap with the black fox figure in front of her eyes!


Tang Li Xue slowly stood up as the deep-blue flame rising out from the deepest part of her body!

'The one who dares to attack my person... DIEEEE~!!!'

Tang Li Xue raised her left paw and swung it down violently!

The deep-blue flame on her body instantly condensed into the left dragon claw and swung down too like Tang Li Xue paw's movement!


The five wolves that attacked the black fox turned into nothingness the moment they touched the dragon claw made from the condensed deep-blue flame.

 Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in shock and disbelief too. She raised her left paw and kept staring at it dumbfounded.

'Wh... What is happening? What the hell is that? New ability?'

Tang Li Xue tried to control the deep-blue flame but different from before where she barely could control it, she could easily control the flame of pride now to the point of perfection.

The feeling was too wonderful as if she was controlling her own fingers!

Tang Li Xue wanted to open her own status window to check her current status but she still decided to suppress her curiosity and ran approaching the heavily wounded Fox Sith in front of her.

Tang Li Xue checked Fox Sith's condition.

 The Fox Sith was still breathing but its condition was not good.

Its wounds were quite severe but the main problem now was that it kept bleeding nonstop.

Tang Li Xue was having a great headache now since she did not know how to perform first aid and all of her [Recovery Pill] was already long used up! 


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