Reincarnated As a Fox With System
110 Chapter 110: Protector!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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110 Chapter 110: Protector!


Tang Li Xue's white silver fur turned dark red as her blood kept flowing out from her every pore along with every impurity inside her tiny body.

The dark red blood kept dripping onto the ground below her feet, painting it with the same color with her blood but every time the dark red blood touched the ground it kept making sizzling sounds.


[Self-Healing skill has increased to Mastered]

[Self-Healing skill already reached the Mastered level. Do you want to upgrade it to Regeneration with 5 Skill Points?]

'Right at the time when I need it the most! Of course, YES!'

[Self-Healing ability upgraded to Regeneration!]

[Self-Healing] skill disappeared from Tang Li Xue's status window and changed into [Regeneration (Lv1)].

However, Tang Li Xue's heart dropped in disappointment and frustration when she found that the amount of her HP recover did not increase at all from her system's damage log.

+1644, +1644, +1644, +1644, +1644.....

'Urrrggghhh... Is this skill upgrade really that useless? Eh... but... isn't the rate of my HP recovery got faster than before?'

After observing it for a while, Tang Li Xue managed to find that this [Regeneration] ability effect was still healing her HP gradually like before and the amount also still 1% of her maximum HP but the recovery rate was twice faster than before.

Regeneration: Recover 1% of the user's maximum HP every 5 seconds.

Although, the skill improvement was very good since it enhanced Tang Li Xue's HP recovery twice from before but unfortunately, it was still not quite enough to counter the damage over the time she got from the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] in her Dantian.

-2344, -2315, -2289, -2271, -2253, -2215.....

HP: 19,846/63,200

Tang Li Xue did not realize it but the damage over the time she received kept decreasing bit by bit just like when the Flame of Pride tempered her body in the Elder Lin's safe room before.

Tang Li Xue felt that her consciousness started to fade away and her eyelid grew heavier every second.

'No! No! No! If I fell unconscious now then my [Golden Body] would be canceled! Without its damage reduction, elemental damage resistance, and health regeneration, my death would become certain!'

However, Tang Li Xue's body already reached its utmost limit even with the help of her [Regeneration] skill to counter the damage she received and Tang Li Xue would fell into a coma when her HP dropped under 10%.


Someone was forcefully broke into Tang Li Xue's handmade cave in this crucial moment.

The last thing she saw before she closing her eyes was a vague black shadow stood in front of her when her weak body lied down limply on the red ground full of her own blood but Tang Li Xue could not see it clearly since the cave was too dark without the Flame of Pride illuminating it.




The Fox Sith continued its journey to the Foxes Home but its heart was quite disappointed since it could not travel beside its beloved fox with beautiful silver fur.

However, its heart held a great expectation since it was very sure that the silver fox it loved so much also heading toward the same place as it was.

When the Fox Sith reached the forest periphery, it accidentally smelt the pungent smell of blood.

The Fox Sith did not really care about it. Its stomach was still really full since it already ate some prey an hour ago.

The Fox Sith ignored it and walked away but some thoughts flashed in its mind. What if that blood smell was coming from the beautiful silver fox's prey? Did it mean that it could meet with the beautiful silver fox again?

The Fox Sith's green eyes were glittering like a pair of stars when it thought about the beautiful silver fox.

The Fox Sith quickly changed its mind and ran excitedly toward where that pungent smell of blood was coming from.

Its two black tails swung back and forth excitedly following its current mood.

The Fox Sith managed to reach the secluded side of the forest near the periphery. There were some dense bushes under the shady tree but after the Fox Sith searched for a while, it did not find any blood or dead body here.

'So where did that pungent smell of blood came from?'

The Fox Sith thought for a while and deduced that there should be a hidden cave here so it carefully traced it with its sharp sense of smell.

The Fox Sith did not use its sharp claw but its powerful feet to kick the place where the smell of blood came from.


The thick soil that covered the cave entrance crumbled apart under the Fox Sith's powerful kick.

The Fox Sith entered the dark cave full of vigilant.

The Fox Sith was an adventurer so it never stayed in one place for too long and it always faced many kinds of dangers.

 It also already faced too many ambushes in its life that it was already grown tired of it.

All of Fox Sith senses' sharpness already trained and enhanced to an unbelievable level.

However, the one in front of its eyes right now after it entered the dark cave was not the fearful opponent it was always facing in its adventure before but the dying beautiful silver fox.

'OH NO! God, please don't do this! This is the first time I fell in love in my life after I adventured for so long...'

The Fox Sith's expression filled with horror, shock, and sadness the moment it saw the dying silver fox bathed in blood until the ground around her also painted with blood.

The Fox Sith thought that the beautiful silver fox should be dead by now since the amount of blood on the ground should be more than the amount of blood in her body.

In fact, without the [Regeneration] skill that kept recovering her blood and the [Golden Body] divine ability that increased the health regeneration by 100%, Tang Li Xue would already dead by now.

But the Fox Sith still refused to give up and hastily checked the beautiful silver fox's condition.

The Fox Sith sighed in relief when it felt that the beautiful silver fox was still breathing but it kept getting weaker and weaker every second.

The Fox Sith took out a tiny red fruit like a red berry from its leather pouch that was hidden under its red scarf and stuffed it into the beautiful silver fox's mouth.

This tiny red fruit was a miracle fruit that could recover injuries in one night. The Fox Sith got this miracle fruit with great difficulty and through countless dangers in its adventure to Ghastly Forest.

At that time, the Fox Sith always felt the reward it received that time was far too less compared with all the dangers it was faced.

Anyone can tell from the Fox Sith's battle style, it was the type to finish its opponent as quick as possible before it received any wound. If its opponent was too strong then it only needs to run away since its speed was so fast, no opponent could catch it until now.

In short, the Fox Sith never received any significant wounds other than a few scratches it accidentally got from the sharp twigs until now with its speed battle style.

However, the Fox Sith was very happy right now. It felt all the dangers it was faced before was definitely worth it if this tiny red fruit could save its beloved beautiful silver fox.

This tiny red fruit's true effect was actually enhancing the consumer's recovery ability by many folds for a few hours.

So currently, Tang Li Xue's [Regeneration] ability enhanced by several times and it made her HP recovery rate could exceed the damage over the time she received from the tempering effect of the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] in her Dantian.

Tang Li Xue's HP started to recover bit by bit thanks to the Fox Sith tiny red fruit's efficacy.

Unfortunately, the creatures invited here by the pungent smell of Tang Li Xue's blood were not only the Fox Sith and they would not be patient enough to wait for Tang Li Xue to recover before trying to eat her alive.

The Fox Sith felt really annoyed since it still did not have enough time to admire the beautiful silver fox's fur closely.

The Fox Sith stood up gallantly and turned its tiny black body to facing the cave entrance while protecting the unconscious silver fox behind its back.

The Fox Sith curved its mouth upward and waved its claws to provoke the group of black crows on the cave entrance.

More than ten of ferocious hungry black crows flew toward the Fox Sith. Their speed was quite fast that it leaving several black streaks on its flight path.

The Fox Sith did not get intimidated at all by ten or so black crows it was currently facing. It slowly put its crouching stance and its black furry figure instantly vanished the moment it dashed to meet the group of black crows.

Slash... Slash... Slash... Slash... Slash...

The Fox Sith cold sharp claws glinted in the dark cave as it swung its sharp claws several times in a row.

Several hungry black crows shredded into many tiny pieces as their dark pungent blood splattered everywhere in the dark cave.

The Fox Sith twisted its slender waist once more and swung its sharp claws again toward another group of black crows.

More than ten ferocious black crows turned into mince meats under the Fox Sith's sharp claws in a few seconds.

The Fox Sith swiped its sharp claws to the ground and the black crows' blood stuck on its claws splatter to the ground.

However, the Fox Sith's battle to protect its beloved one was far from over as the several other hungry creatures entered the dark cave again.


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