Reincarnated As a Fox With System
103 Chapter 103: Yaya VS Blue Phoenix of Pride!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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103 Chapter 103: Yaya VS Blue Phoenix of Pride!

The red gas kept condensing and made the crimson marble growing larger and larger.

When the red gas completely vanished, the crimson marble already turned into a crimson orb as big as a tennis ball.

There was a faint golden light at the center of the crimson orb and if anyone was paying close attention to it, they would notice there were countless tiny golden runes that kept orbiting around the faint golden light inside the crimson orb.

Tang Li Xue was really fascinated by the crimson orb. She could faintly hear some roars coming out from the crimson orb from the time to time.

The countless tiny golden runes and the golden light inside the crimson orb slowly merged into something and the roars coming out from it was getting louder and louder.

'That is... A Golden Dragon?! Woah... Is that the real Golden Dragon sealed inside that crimson orb?!'

Yes, the countless tiny golden runes and the golden light completely merged and forming a majestic golden dragon. It was currently swimming around inside the crimson orb.

Tang Li Xue stepped forward and wanted to try touching the crimson orb with her tiny paw but before she could do that...


The overbearing Phoenix of Pride flew out from Tang Li Xue's Dantian and heading toward where the crimson orb was still floating.

Everything was happening so quickly that Tang Li Xue did not even have any time to react, much less stopping or suppressing the Phoenix of Pride like before.

'YOU! STOP IT! Dammit! This naughty flame! Yaya, stop that naughty flame from touching that red orb for me!'

Phoenix of Pride and Yaya could understand Tang Li Xue's thought easily but Phoenix of Pride was blinded by its hunger right now so it did not heed any of Tang Li Xue's order this time.

After spending time together for two weeks, it was not exaggerating to say that Yaya was the person who could understand Tang Li Xue the most right now.

Also... Yaya was very jealous of the blue Phoenix of Pride since it could stay close to Tang Li Xue all the time inside her Dantian, so she used this rare chance to teach the blue Phoenix of Pride a very harsh lesson it would never forget for its entire life!

Yaya was using her [Gale Step] and her green figure already flashed toward the blue Phoenix of Pride even before Tang Li Xue asked her to do it.

[Gale Prison]!

The surrounding air started to swirl violently and formed the small tornado that trapped the blue Phoenix of Pride inside it.

Yaya thought her [Gale Prison] was enough to trap the small blue Phoenix for a few seconds but unfortunately, she was wrong.

 The small tornado swelled bigger and bigger when it mixed with the deep-blue flame coming from the small blue Phoenix that trapped inside it and...


With Yaya's unmatchable speed as a wind elemental spirit, she decided to not give the blue Phoenix of Pride any chance to move or counterattack.

[Air Bullet]!

Different from the Gale Wolf that could only fire the [Air Bullet] one by one from its mouth, with Yaya's power to manipulate the surrounding air and wind, she could instantly shot tens of [Air Bullet] at once!

However, how could the arrogant blue Phoenix of Pride keep quiet after being attacked by Yaya?! It immediately decided to attack back!

[Flame Arrow]!

The blue Phoenix of Pride summoned out tens of [Flame Arrow] in an instant and shot it to meet all of Yaya's [Air Bullet]!


Each of Yaya's [Air Bullet] countered by the blue Phoenix of Pride [Flame Arrow] and exploded leaving nothing behind.


The blue Phoenix of Pride screamed full of anger. It opened its sharp beak and sprayed a large amount of deep-blue flames toward Yaya.

[Fire Breath]!

Yaya did not panic when a large amount of deep-blue flames almost touched her small green figure. She calmly activated her defensive skill, [Wind Barrier]!

The gentle wind was blowing and the large wave of deep-blue flames was splitting in two as if it crashed onto with some invisible wall.

While kept maintaining her [Wind Barrier], Yaya stuck out her tiny pink tongue to mocking the blue Phoenix of Pride.

Yaya slowly twirled her tiny fingers and several sharp [Wind Blades] formed above the blue Phoenix of Pride. The several sharp [Wind Blades] flew downward with terrifying speed like guillotine blades that ready to take anyone's head.

Tang Li Xue already personally retrieved the crimson orb with her furry paws but now, she was completely stupefied at how strong her two elemental spirits were.

 'Holysh*t! So strong! And... They are using all of their skills so smoothly too without any delay!'

If the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard heard what Tang Li Xue thought right now, it would probably mock her again.

All elemental spirits were nature's darling.

This kind of fight was no more than babies' squabble for elemental spirits!

If it was two adult elemental spirits that fought each other, the entire volcano area along with the several ten thousand miles nearby area would probably be razed to the ground. The entire topography would completely change and no creature living near this area could survive.

That was how terrifying these elemental spirits would become!

Even the weakest and lowest-rank of flame elemental spirit would have the strength to destroy this entire volcano.

Of course, it was if those flames elemental spirits still have their own consciousness because when the human forcefully assimilate with the flame elemental spirit, they would also erase the flame elemental spirit consciousness to make it easier for them to control but it will stop the flame elemental spirit from growing further.

All elemental spirits were overbearing and arrogant, they have very high self-esteem and they were looking down on all living creatures other than themselves like beasts and humans.

No elemental spirits would want to assimilate with any beasts and humans, all of them would rather self-destruct themselves rather than submitting to other species.

That was why humans usually chose to erase the flame elemental spirits' consciousness. Although it would stop their growth and limited their strength but at least they could control it like controlling a soulless puppet.

Fortunately for the Flame of Pride before, it was still too small and weak so Elder Lin decided to nurture it with his best resources. It was good if the Flame of Pride could submit to him and voluntarily assimilate with him but if the Flame of Pride still refuses to accept him then Elder Lin planned to erased its consciousness when the Flame of Pride grow stronger later.

Unfortunately, a certain silver fox ruined his entire plan and dream in one night...

Actually, it was still the biggest mystery why the Flame of Pride voluntarily accepted that certain silver fox as its master that night!

Of course, Yaya's case was different since she was basically imprinting Tang Li Xue as her one and only object that she can fully trust. 

While Tang Li Xue still gawked in shock, the fight between Yaya and the blue Phoenix of Pride escalated even more!


The blue Phoenix of Pride cleverly used its [Flame Cloak] to cover its entire body. The deep-blue flame that covered its entire body got thicker and denser.

The [Flame Cloak] completely turned into [Flame Wall] in an instant. It managed to burn all Yaya's [Wind Blades] to nothingness with its extremely high temperature in the end.

After that, the blue Phoenix of Pride canceled the [Flame Wall] but it used its dense deep-blue flame to active its other skill, [Fire Dash]!

The dense deep-blue flame was swirling around the blue Phoenix of Pride enhanced its speed by many times and made its current speed capable of momentarily contenting with Yaya.

Yaya felt that her pride as a wind elemental spirit was challenged by the blue Phoenix of Pride when it tried to use its speed to face her.

Yaya sneered mockingly at the blue Phoenix of Pride as if she was saying: 'How dare a fire elemental spirit to challenge me in the battle of speed!'

Yaya immediately activated her [Gale Step] to face the blue Phoenix of Pride and her small green figure instantly vanished. She moved too fast for the eyes to see so it made as if she has vanished into thin air.

When Yaya got closer to the blue Phoenix of Pride, she could faintly see that it sneered at her as if it was looking down on her intelligence.

The blue Phoenix of Pride actually condensed a [Fire Bomb] secretly when it defended itself from Yaya's [Wind Blades] with its [Fire Wall] before.

Usually, condensing a [Fire Bomb] would take some time and Yaya would surely realize it sooner or later if not for the [Fire Wall] that covered her vision and the Phoenix of Pride's provocation.

'Bad! I fell into its trap!' Yaya thought but it was already too late for her to keep her distance from the Phoenix of Pride so she could only be facing the blue Phoenix of Pride's attack directly.

Yaya swiftly raised her tiny right palm above her head when she saw the blue Phoenix of Pride throwing a condensed [Fire Bomb] toward her.

Yaya swung her tiny right palm down and a tall imposing cyclone shot out toward the blue Phoenix of Pride!

[Cyclone Slash]!

The [Fire Bomb] condensed from the high-temperature deep-blue flame meet with the [Cyclone Slash] that were condensed from countless sharp wind blades!


The earth-shattering and ear-splitting happened the moment the two attacks touched each other.

The entire deep cave almost fell apart. In fact, it would already collapse down if not for the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's golden flame barrier kept supporting it.


Tang Li Xue felt she almost lost her life when that huge explosion happened a few seconds ago.

She immediately shouted in her mind trying to stop her two elemental spirits from fighting each other again.


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