Reincarnated As a Fox With System
101 Chapter 101: Bi Fang“s Gift!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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101 Chapter 101: Bi Fang“s Gift!

"Oh? Isn't it too early for her to head there? She is still savage beast after all. I doubt that 'place' would let her in just like that. At least, she must pass all of their cruel trials first but it's too dangerous for her current level. Hm..." Bi Fang stared at Tang Li Xue doubtfully and pondered something for a few moments.

Tang Li Xue frowned when she heard 'cruel trials' words from Bi Fang.

'What the hell?! I must pass some trials first to enter that whatever 'home'?!'

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard only chuckled when it heard Bi Fang's doubtful words and it also replied full of confidence: "I have my own reason. I am really sure that she can pass all of those trials with her skills. Don't look down on her because she is still a savage beast. This little lass is smarter than most of the demonic beasts and she also already has her own divine ability!"

"She already has a divine ability even when she is still at savage beast level?! She really has huge potential! Now I know why you put so much attention to her." Bi Fang nodded while kept examining Tang Li Xue with its golden eyes.

Tang Li Xue felt a bit uncomfortable under Bi Fang scrutinized. Fortunately, it only took a few minutes then Bi Fang stopped observing Tang Li Xue and took something under its crimson wing with its beak.

Tang Li Xue understood Bi Fang's intention after it bowed its crimson crane-like head closer to her.

'It looks like this Bi Fang wants to give something to me? Food, maybe? Well... I am okay as long as it's something delicious! It would be perfect if it gives me a legendary fruit that can grant me another divine ability! Something like Golden Bodhi Fruit in that whatever Elder herb garden... Uwehehehe...'

Tang Li Xue swiftly stretched out her paws to catch Bi Fang's gift for her. But her expression turned dark the moment she saw what Bi Fang gave to her actually was not food but a crimson-colored broken shard.

The crimson-colored shard really looks beautiful like a ruby gem and its price should be very expensive but something that cannot be eaten in Tang Li Xue's mind was nothing but a useless item.

However, the moment Tang Li Xue touched the crimson shard, the Blue Phoenix inside her Dantian instantly opened its crimson eyes.

Tang Li Xue could felt it that her Deep-Blue Phoenix of Pride wanted to devour this crimson-colored shard so badly. It even wanted to fly out from Tang Li Xue's Dantian right away and snatch this crimson-colored shard from Tang Li Xue's paws.

Fortunately, Tang Li Xue quickly suppressed the Blue Phoenix and calmed it down on time so it did not fly out from her Dantian in the end.

The Bi Fang could see a glint of disappointment from Tang Li Xue's eyes even it was only for a moment, it giggled at Tang Li Xue's naive reaction and calmly explaining: "This shard may look useless like an expensive gem sold any human cities but it's actually worth more than that. The reason I can evolve into Bi Fang is actually thanks to this crimson shard."

Tang Li Xue: '?!'

Even the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard could not see anything worth from the crimson shard so it also started to listen to Bi Fang's explanation carefully.

"This crimson shard is the fortuitous encounter I got from an ancient ruin inside a volcano a long time ago. I also don't know where this crimson shard came from but it can help you refine your flame, make it gradually become purer and stronger." The Bi Fang explained while staring at Tang Li Xue gently.

"I can feel a powerful flame resting inside you and it also still in its embryonic form so this crimson shard should be able to make your flame stronger. I hope it can help you pass all your trials later." The Bi Fang tapped Tang Li Xue's furry head with its beak fondly.

Tang Li Xue was extremely touched after she knew this crimson shard's worth from Bi Fang's explanation.

'Wha... what a kind-hearted sister?! Sister Bi Fang, I... I can't accept this gift! This is too precious! You should use it for yourself so you can evolve into a higher grade beast using this shard!'

Of course, Tang Li Xue was still Tang Li Xue after all. Even though she said it like that in her mind, she already carefully stored the precious crimson shard in her space pouch.

"Is that really okay to give something that precious away to that little lass? I think it really is a waste to give it to someone weak like her. You should just use it yourself so you can evolve into a spirit beast faster." The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard said to Bi Fang while kept staring at it.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was trying to judge if Bi Fang did it out for an ulterior motive or just pure kindness.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard did not believe this Bi Fang was that generous. No matter how kind this Bi Fang, it would certainly not give its precious treasure away to Tang Li Xue without any string attached to it.

"Of course I would never give it away if I can still use it to make me stronger. Unfortunately, that shard can only help me to reach this far. I can no longer use it to refine my flame and make it stronger. Sigh... It is really unfortunate..." Bi Fang shook its head in frustration and regret.

"If only I have the other shards. No, it would still useless even if I have all the shards since I cannot fix it anyway. If only I find this divine treasure before it shattered into tiny shards like this, it should be able to help me reach spirit beast level or even higher..." Bi Fang still mumbled absentmindedly.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard nodded its scaly head after it heard Bi Fang's explanation. So that crimson shard could only help the flame-type beast to reach the top-rank of the demonic beast level. That was why the Bi Fang generously gifted it to Tang Li Xue.

Since in Bi Fang's hands, that crimson shard was nothing more than a memento that helped it to reach its current level, nothing more.

 Bi Fang and Red-Eyes Winged Lizard noticed the excitement shone from the deepest of Tang Li Xue's eyes after she heard all Bi Fang's words but they only thought, Tang Li Xue was excited because she got an item that can help her flame grow purer and stronger.

No one knew that Tang Li Xue actually excited for a different reason.

'Fix?! Divine treasure?! This crimson shard is actually a fragment of divine treasure?! What if... Just what if I used my [Restoration Elixir] that can restore any broken item to this crimson shard. WOAH! I... I cannot wait for it anymore!'

Tang Li Xue turned bloodshot but she held down the urge to use her [Restoration Elixir] to the crimson shard with great difficulty.

'Fuuuuuh... Fuuuuuh... calm down, Li Tang Xue... I mean Tang Li Xue. If I do it now in front of Bi Fang and Red-Eyes Winged Lizard, what if it is a success and it triggers their greedy nature then they forcefully took it from me in the end. I would not have any strength to fight them at all.'

An innocent person will become a great sinner if he/she has a precious jade and would be hunted like a criminal.

If you have the precious treasure then you also need great strength to protect it. If you did not have sufficient strength then no one could know that you have the precious treasure!

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was already locked up inside the Asura Demon Sect for too long so it wanted to know any news about whatever happened outside from Bi Fang. That was why Red-Eyes Winged Lizard kept conversing with Bi Fang after Bi Fang gave Tang Li Xue that crimson shard.

While Tang Li Xue impatiently waited for Red-Eyes Winged Lizard until it finished all of its business with Bi Fang. She did not even have any mood to hear what they were talking about.

After having a talk for a few hours, Bi Fang finally bid its farewell to Red-Eyes Winged Lizard and Tang Li Xue since it has some urgent business to take care of.

Different from the slacker Red-Eyes Winged Lizard that have nothing to do, Bi Fang actually had an important position in its firebird clan and she was actually doing some important errant right now but she got ambushed by the fellow demonic beast in its way and ended up facing the human armies after that.

"Little lass, it is really rare for you to be like this. Acting like a good quiet and obedient fox, kindly waiting for me to finish my talk with that Bi Fang without complaining at all." The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard squinted its red eyes and suspiciously stared at Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue's tiny furry body shuddered a bit when she heard the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's words and under its intense staring, she immediately put her most innocent expression and staring back at the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard with her clear topaz blue eyes.

'What are you talking about? I don't understand it at all! Actually, I can't even hear it at all!'

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard immediately snatched Tang Li Xue's space pouch on her neck with its giant claw. Its speed was so fast that Tang Li Xue did not have any time to reach at all.

"You are acting very strange after you got that crimson shard... I really don't like it when you started to acting so sneakily like this. How about I confiscated your space pouch for a few days? Wait a minute... THIS IS MY SPACE POUCH, isn't it? So I have the full right to confiscate it." The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard grinned mischievously when it saw Tang Li Xue panicked reaction.

'Dammit! This bast*rd fake dragon! Usually it's so dull, silly, careless, and lazy! How could it become so sharp today? Sigh... Should I tell it the truth or not? But this fake dragon also has its own golden flame. What if it try to seize the divine treasure from me later?'


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