Reincarnated As a Fox With System
99 Chapter 99: Bi Fang!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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99 Chapter 99: Bi Fang!

After thinking for a while, Tang Li Xue decided to combine these five senses enhancement later so she could lower the Skill Point cost even more.

'It would be better if I upgrade the other three senses enhancement since it already reached mastered level while waiting for these enhanced senses of touch and taste to level up and reach mastered level then I will combine them all into one. It would certainly save me a lot of Skill Points later.'

Tang Li Xue used nine of her Skill Points to upgrade [Enhanced Sense of Hearing], [Enhanced Sense of Smell], and [Enhanced Sense of Sight].

[Enhanced Sense of Hearing upgraded to Advance Sense of Hearing ability!]

[Enhanced Sense of Smell upgraded to Advance Sense of Smell ability!]

[Enhanced Sense of Sight upgraded to Advance Sense of Sight ability!]

Tang Li Xue could felt it that three of her senses were not only getting more sharper but also stronger.

Even the terrifying scream from Mandrake could no longer hurt her sharp ears now!

As for her current items and package, she decided not to touch them for now.

Tang Li Xue already learned her lesson from the previous time when she used all of her [Silver Lottery Ticket]. She was very disappointed when she got two [Substitute Doll] but it saved her life in the end and it even helped her to finish her quest.

She intended to open it all of her items, package, and tickets in one go when she used her [Greater Lucky Sticker] later before she evolves.

'Wait a minute... I have three [Substitute Doll] in total and I only used two of them, right?! Where is the last one?! Why I only remember that I used it to help me finish my quest?'

Tang Li Xue opened the quest backlog in her system window to check her last quest out of curiosity.

[Quest: (Sacrifice) Do whatever it takes to save your male concubine out of the danger!]

[Difficulty: Nightmare]

[Requirement: High Lucky Stat! May God always bless you!]

[Reward: Level +4(+1), Stat Point +120(+30), Skill Point +24(+6), 200(+50) Deity Coins, 1XSilver Lottery Ticket, 3X2 Times EXP Card, 1XPremium Armor Chest]


Tang Li Xue tried to recall who was her male concubine but she really cannot remember anything about it. She also faintly recall that she used her last [Substitute Doll] to save someone from the fatty uncle but cannot remember who he/she was.

'Oh, well... let's forget it for now since I cannot remember it anyway. This is all for now I guess... I don't want to waste any of my precious Skill Points for upgrading something unimportant like [Night Vision] or [Herbalism]. Hmm... Wait a minute, my [Shared EXP] also reached the Mastered level! Let's try to upgrade it!'

[Shared EXP skill already reached Mastered. Do you want to upgrade it EXP Augmentation to with cost 30 Skill Points?]

'30 Skill Points?! IT'S REALLY EXPENSIVE! Almost the same as that five senses enhancement combination cost! Sigh... should I accept it or not? But EXP Augmentation means I will get more EXP, right? Urgh... I really can't resist this temptation... Here goes nothing! YES!'

[Shared EXP upgraded to EXP Augmentation ability!]

Tang Li Xue swiftly opened the [EXP Augmentation]'s window to check the percentage of EXP distribution.

[EXP Augmentation Status:]

[Level: - %]

[Cultivation: 100%]

[Martial Soul: 50%]

Tang Li Xue: '?!'

'Pffft... The total EXP I will get from now on is 150%?! Jackpot! I... I win my bet! Hehehehe... BWAHAHAHA~~!!!'

Tang Li Xue was grinning happily tried very hard to stifle her laughter since Yaya still sleep comfortably beside her and she did not want to wake Yaya up.

Tang Li Xue tried to put all of her EXP percentages to cultivation but she failed to do so.

It looks like the maximum EXP she could get was only 100% but she can put the excessive 50% to another part for example like now when she put 100% EXP to her cultivation and the excessive 50% EXP to her Martial Soul.

Tang Li Xue did not disappointed with her current [EXP Augmentation] skill at all since she could put 100% EXP she get to her level and the excessive 50% EXP to her cultivation later after she evolve so she could get stronger faster!

 'Urgh... but my current Skill Points shrunk to 117 now... sigh... I hope I can trigger some quests later so I can acc.u.mulate more Skill Points. Okay, it's time for me to sleep too! Good night, Yaya!'

Tang Li Xue kissed the sleeping Yaya's forehead gently and went to sleep too beside her.

It was already their everyday habit that the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard would keep flying at night while Tang Li Xue and Yaya fell asleep in its grasp.

But the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard would take a nap when Tang Li Xue and Yaya hunted their prey in the morning.

As the strong [Rare] grade, the peak of demonic beast, Red-Eyes Winged Lizard actually did not need to sleep or eating that much anymore. However, it still needs to hunting and eating some strong demonic beasts every day to restore its long drying vital energy if it met with some strong demonic beasts in their way.

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's vital energy already sucked by the mysterious black chain for too long so it would need quite a long period of time to completely recover from its current condition.




They already continue their journey for almost two weeks but it was quite an uneventful week since they were not facing anything difficult in these two weeks.

Their new tiny glutton, Yaya ate so much preys every day that she managed to reach level 16 in these two weeks even though she finds it harder and harder to level up after that but at least she still leveling up faster than Tang Li Xue.

Yaya even managed to learn 2 new skills: [Wind Barrier] and [Gale Prison].

[Wind Barrier] were the skill used to parry any attacks targeting her for a certain amount of duration.

While [Gale Prison] was the skill used to restrain her enemy within a short period of time.

These two skills were extremely useful and made Yaya's attacks pattern became even more unpredictable.

Yaya always thought that she needs to get stronger faster so she could help Tang Li Xue hunt for her prey.

Yaya wanted to completely spoil Tang Li Xue.

In Yaya's mind, Tang Li Xue did not need to do anything.

Yaya would do anything for Tang Li Xue.

Everything Tang Li Xue wanted, she would only need to say it to Yaya and Yaya would do it for her.

Little did Yaya know that her rapid growth aroused Tang Li Xue's sense of urgency!

This is very bad... If this continues, Yaya would grow stronger than me. I am weaker than my own pet? Me? The Future Queen and the Deity Candidate with OP system weaker than my own pet? NO WAY! I MUST GET STRONGER FASTER!'

With her extra hard work, Tang Li Xue managed to increase her cultivation level to Rank 4 Qi Condensation Stage.

But that was not all, Tang Li Xue's martial soul, the [Flying Golden Fish] finally reached its maximum level capacity, level 11!

So after Tang Li Xue evolved into [Uncommon] grade demonic beast later, her martial soul could also immediately evolve into [Uncommon] grade martial soul!

The [Flying Golden Fish] also got one new passive skill called [Haste].

[Haste]: Increase user overall speed by 10%. (The effect would increase along with the martial soul's level)

Tang Li Xue really liked this [Haste] buff very much. It increased her movement speed, attack speed, and reaction speed by 10%!

Unfortunately, their peaceful day this noon was destined to be broken because of the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's bad habit like usual.

Tang Li Xue's group saw a big firebird that was currently facing against the human armies.

'Woah! What kind of beast is that? Phoenix? Luan?' Tang Li Xue watched the big firebird full of curiosity.

But she immediately denied it since Phoenix should look much more noble and brilliant.

'It also did not look like a Luan.' Tang Li Xue judged.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue could not see the big fire bird's status since she was too far away from where they fight.

Yaya also started to mimic Tang Li Xue and watched the fierce battle full of curiosity with her emerald green eyes while still sitting on the top of Tang Li Xue's head.

"That is Bi Fang. Its rank in demonic beast world is almost as high as mine but it already heavily injured and exhausted after fighting with another beast. That is why those impertinent humans dare to fight against it. Those cowardly humans would never fight with that Bi Fang if it still in its best condition! I hate those scheming humans very much! Let's go and help that Bi Fang!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard explained patiently and declared that it would help that firebird in the end.

Tang Li Xue could only roll her eyes when she saw that the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's back habit kicked in again like usual.

She did not want to see that many human armies got slaughtered but it was impossible for her to stop Red-Eyes Winged Lizard after it decided to do something.

In fact, Tang Li Xue already tried to stop Red-Eyes Winged Lizard from killing humans before but it did not want to hear Tang Li Xue's plea and even mocking her as a coward, cold-blooded beast, uncompassionate beast, or whatever it was.

So Tang Li Xue decided to stop caring what Red-Eyes Winged Lizard trying to do and let it do whatever it wants after that. She did not have enough strength to force it to stop anyway.

There were more than ten battalions of human armies that fought fiercely against the big firebird using some kind of mysterious formations.

Although the human's armies cultivation level was not that high, most of them only at Qi Condensation Stage, and some of them only reached Acupuncture Opening Stage but their formation was so formidable! They managed to repel all the big fire bird's attacks using it!


The giant blue pillar of light hit the big fire bird's body and blow it backward several tens of meters away.

Tang Li Xue observed where that giant blue pillar of light came from and found that it actually shot out by a cannon.

'That cannon feels familiar... Eh... Eeeehhhhhh... That cannon actually identical with the one Mo Chonglin equipped in his steel warship and he used that to shot at us before!'

But the firepower of that giant blue pillar of light from that armies' cannon was far too lacking compared with Mo Chonglin's cannon in his steel warship if not, that Bi Fang would surely be destroyed in one single shot!

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was not a fool. It would not barge like a late hero only to get blasted by that cannon too in the end like that Bi Fang.

Although, that giant blue pillar of light would not be able to hurt Red-Eyes Winged Lizard with its thick scales but it did not want to lose its prestige in front of Tang Li Xue and Yaya.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard decided to carefully analyze the human's formation so it could find the loophole and destroy all the human armies along with its formation in one move!


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